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Murder At 1600 (DVD) 11/04/2008

Could the President be a murderer

Christine (DVD) 09/04/2008

Meet Christine, Herbie's Evil Cousin

Walk The Line (DVD) 05/04/2008

Walk the Line said the Man in Black

Four Brothers (DVD) 01/04/2008

Brotherly Love

Zodiac (DVD) 27/03/2008

More signs than the Zodiac

The Terminal (DVD) 22/03/2008

Lost in Transportation

The Terminal (DVD) The Terminal is rather a strange film, it doesn't really have a strong plot, and it is more of a gentle, sometimes whimsical tale about a man who becomes stranded at JFK airport. The man in question is Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) who having come to America on a mission, which is divulged as the film progresses, finds himself in no mans land due to a coup in his homeland of Krakozia. With his country no longer recognized by America he is forced by the airports immigration department to stay at the airport for as long as it takes for him to be allowed in or return to home. But as time goes on, and having made the airport his home he becomes a permanent thorn in the side of immigration official Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci) who is trying to become the next airport commissioner. I have to admit that the whole concept of the film seems very far fetched but then sometimes life is stranger than fiction, especially when you learn that The Terminal was inspired by the true story of Merhan Nasseri, an Iranian refugee who in 1988 landed at Charles de Gaulle airport and due to the loss of paper work ended up living in the airport till 2006. Of course there are huge differences between Nasseri's real story and that which has been constructed for The Terminal but just the whole idea of having to learn to survive in such a limited world allows for some fascinating stories and indeed allows your own imagination to run riot. How would you go about sleeping, washing, paying for food and just ...

Father Goose (DVD) 18/03/2008

Goosey Goosey Gander

Tin Cup (DVD) 14/03/2008

Nearly a Hole in One

Catacombs (DVD) 10/03/2008

Some things are best left buried

Ground Control (DVD) 06/03/2008

Even Jack Bauer couldn't rescue this

Stepmom (DVD) 02/03/2008

Mother's Day, and Stepmom's Too

Rounders (DVD) 24/02/2008

Gambling on the cards

Reeker DVD 21/01/2008

Reeker - more like stinker

The Glenn Miller Story (DVD) 05/01/2008

In the mood

50 First Dates (DVD) 10/12/2007

Hawaii Oh Oh

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