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55 05/01/2002

Free shares and a great deal of money I like many other people are one of the tens of thousands of free shareholders in and if you have not signed up yet you really should. Well for the long term as at the moment the shares are worth very little, in fact, nearly nothing. So if you sold all your 1000 free shares at the going rate of 0.004p you may get £4!! (Before dealing costs!! of around £25.) The next payment date for the units to be transfered into shares is Feb 2002 and is likely to only generate pennys for pepole like myself, but it is money we would not normanly invest for small returns. If I remember rightly - shortly after they 'floated' their shares on the AIM Stock Market. Some early members had an allocation of 10,000 shares and were expecting a nice windfall. Most members though had an allocation of 1,000 shares and were still hopeful. This was just around the time the markets fell out of love with tech stocks and Internet stocks especially. The share price opened at around 0.5p i.e. a halfpenny! and have since dropped and not recovered. Since this time in the stock market crash, have started properly running as a business and gaining more and more sponsors and links through for their web site creating revenue which at first they did not have. This now nearly making almost breaking even in its operations, yet still has to convince the shareholder. I am convinced that this company will be profitable and am increasing my volume of extra shares to 1,000,000 as ... 11/12/2001

Cheers for the future If you love wine like my family and I do then this is the Number 1 site for you. offer a range of around 1700 bottles of wine whether you love champange, rose, red or white wines. There is a difference in price depending on your tastes of wine, and the location of where it is produced. I choose a 12 mixed bottled box of red and white wines for about £55. I thought that I would choose one that they recommend in which I did. This was the best decision I have made. * How do they decide on the mixed cases? * Well firstly, virgin wines ask for your opinions in relation to the wine that you have choosen as well as looking at which wines sell the best and working along side wine experts who then recommend the selection of wine for your tastes. You can choose a variety of mixed boxes to your preference of dry, medium, sweet wines or even a mixture of all. There is only one small negative aspect which is that they only sell the wines by the case of 12 bottles or more. Even with this, it can be turned into a positive feature that virgin offer, and that is only because other wine merchants dont sell mixed cases so you do not have to buy 12 bottles of the same wine. You can however buy the same wine by the case if you wish. The average priced bottle is about £5.49, however the standard of wine is magnificant. * The web site and how to order * The virgin wine site looks upto date and has the virgin imadge look with the redish colouring. The web site itself ...

Nescafe Hot When You Want 10/12/2001

Not the best from Nescafe

Nescafe Hot When You Want I purchases a couple of these nescafe hot drinks for a journey over to France and Belguim as I do long distance driving sometimes. I therefore thought I would try the revolutionary invention of the self heating coffee can which has been longly awaited for. I got two types, one coffee white with sugar, the other without sugar. I thought these would be handy although I still took a flask of coffee with me for the train journey on Eurotunnel. I personally class myself as a medium to heavy coffee drinker and I do love my coffee. My original expectations for this self heating can was quite high with the study into this can taking 3 or 4 years to get right. I personally did not think much to the nescafe hot, this could be as my expectations were not met by taste. * Taste * The taste was ok and is ideal for those that enjoy what I class as being a weak coffee. The taste was a fresh taste instead of the instant coffee taste which you get from the super market. The only thing I did not like was that the coffee tasted a bit creamy, this could be a matter of a couple of reasons. One being that full or semi skimmed milk was used, and I tend to drink fresh skimmed milk. Secondly, it could be the type of water used and the way in which it was heated. The aroma of this coffee is an inportant factor in determining a good coffee. The aroma was weak but you could tell it was Nescafe. Still room for improvement. * How long does it take to make? * This actually suprised ...

Sidari, Corfu 04/10/2001

Canal d' Amour in Sidari

Sidari, Corfu This year was the first time that I have been to Corfu and the third time I have been in Greece as I have only generally been to Spain of France. On this occasion, I decided that I needed a change of scenery to another island and went to Sidari in Corfu with once again Thomson Travel. I stayed in the Canal d’ Amour area of Sidari where there are little private beaches that fill up very fast. Talking to many people, this was found to be the nicest part of the island. I went this year on the 31st of August for a two-week holiday with my parents so I had the last week of high season and the first week of mid season. Between the two weeks of being there, there was a big difference with the amount of people. As I went during high season, the shops were not giving offers to encourage people to spend their money and the atmosphere was great to say the least (bearing in mind it was starting to quieten down), but as soon as the first week of mid season came in, there was a great influx of tourists going out of Corfu almost making the island deserted. This is when the holiday changed to bad weather set in making high winds, hail stones, rain, etc, etc but even due to this the atmosphere around Sidari was good enough to bear. This bad weather only lasted 4 days though. All I wanted this time round was to have a quite last holiday with my parents, and that is what I got. All the pubs, bars, and beaches literately everywhere was quite busy until about the time I was ...

Malia, Crete 19/08/2001

Is Malia really the in place

Malia, Crete Malia, stated as being the in place for 2001 is situated on the North East side of the island of Crete. I only choose Greece again due to the great time I had in Kos last year, but as I was going with a group of people, I let them deal with the booking this time round. They went down to the Traveltext place in Nottingham and booked through Summer Sun and were flying with Carrier Air 2000 (non of wich I have ever heard of). Summer Sun were not the best of operators but I shall write another article on that over the comming weeks, but I felt better when I found out who Carrier Air were owned by. They are a subsidary of First Choice Holidays. I went away with three others on the 10th of July for a two week holiday to the Demaglia Studios so I had the hot weather due to being in high season. Between the two weeks of being there, there was little difference with the amount of people, except in the second week, a majority of people were from the midlands area. As I went in peak season, I thought that there would be plenty to do, and a lot of people around to have fun with. I was wrong. There were people but not of a great standard who wanted to chill. The locals were aggressive and I personally did not like the area. The accomodation is ideal for those that like to walk. It was a 5 mins walk to our pool, 30 mins to the pubs and shops, 10 mins to the beach, so if you wanted shoping then your arms soon started to ache. *Night Life* The night life was ok and ... 29/07/2001

Ciao is great but competition is on the up I have been with since 19/11/2000 and I have found this site quite rewarding, not only do you get paid for things that you love doing, but for also telling people about them. If you get people to join ciao through an email, then you gain rewards through their earnings as well. The aim of Ciao and Dooyoo is to pre-warn people on what they should avoid doing and buying, and advise them on whether it is a good buy or not. I actually came accross this website by shear accident, and then came into Dooyoo by reading other articles written by others. I cannot remember how I came accross the site (I think though it may have been through At first, I thought it was a big con at the beginning, as who in the right mind will pay people to view their own opinions on a web site and still make money themselves. Since starting with Ciao, I have found that payment is prompt, but I am still to find this out with Dooyoo. I was actually in two minds whether to sign up for this web site as you write a article and you get paid? So what is the catch? There is none. I have earnt enough for a couple of payments (min £10) so far which I have requested to be put into my bank account through BACS and all I have done is write a few articles. Compare this to dooyoo, you must have at least 50,000 dooyoo miles or £50. *Financial matters* Both Dooyoo and Ciao pay about the same per article. For both sites, they pay 10p for every new article. The difference comes to ...

Ciao Terminology 29/07/2001

How to identify abuse

Ciao Terminology Now who exactly knows what abuse is and what types of abuse there is? Now after an opinion the other week by a sort of well-known “Tom Knowles” article called “Large Scale Member Abuse” on the 21/06/2001. It was the reading of this that has made me look into the matter, and that is by contacting Ciao abuse section and Dooyoo abuse section and well as including a lot of my own opinion in the matter. *How is ‘abuse’ defined* Abuse can be classed in a variety of different ways. This is as below (from Collins dictionary); Misuse Improper use Insult verbally Maltreat Insulting language. The Ciao and Dooyoo version of abuse is by rules and regulations are violated. Other minor abuse is by copying opinions and using them for yourself and by registering yourself under multiple account names for extra referral fees. Now tell me, who thought or new that abuse covers the above areas. Does that therefore include favouritism e.g. only reading your mates opinion and not anyone else’s unless you log out and then read which in fact results in the other writer not gaining there share of writing on opinion in reads. Well in fact, this does come into the use of abuse under improper use and maltreating the system!!!!! Now, you might as well sit back and relax and drink that nice cuppa. *Introduction * Lets start back at the very beginning and look at the whole situation. We have all joined up to either Dooyoo or Ciao or ...

Kyriad Hotels (France) 03/07/2001

A great choice for travellers through France

Kyriad Hotels (France) Kyriad hotels is a chain of hotels situated all over France, so if you are looking for a quite a cheap getaway I would highly recommend them. The standard of the hotel is excellent as I am about to state below. All the hotels are based on major roads & tend to be based either on the edge of a city or just outside. This is a budget hotel chain with no frills. You will find this chain of hotels near formula one hotel and near the Holiday or Travel Inn hotels (British owned by either Whitbread or Bass). Although I have already said this is a cheap budget hotel, the cost per night for a double room, you are looking at between £20 to £30 for the night. I have stayed in this hotel chain about 3 times now and the layout in each and the standards are about the same. Cheap does not mean a lesser product! This is explained even further as below. *Standards* Ok, who has stayed in hotels yet have hated the smell, looks, and hated the staff? Well I think most of you must have came accross this. Firstly, this hotel chain smells fresh and clean all the time, and any part of the hotel. Secondly, the hotel always looks new and referbished. There are no tears in the wall paper, and freshly painted. It looks as if the hotel referbs each room avery year and they are maintained absolutly well. *Rooms* The rooms consists of the following extreamily nice factors; comfortable beds, opening windows, complimentary sweets, adequate lighting, shelving; ... 23/06/2001

Can you win on a 10 pound flutter I have been with since November 2000 and I have found this site is excellent for a little bit of fun for the novice gambler, but beware though as it can be addictive and you can be led into the bigger bets or the bigger gambling sites. For all those new starters, they give you a free £10 to start betting with. So it’s actually worth signing up just for that really, and if you want a few more points, then join through ipoints! At present, you will get 60 ipoints when you join, although this has been reduced from 100 ipoints in November last year. You might be able to with the initial £10 (if you have any amount of luck in you at all. That stuff that I seem to be lacking), turn that 10 in to possibly hundreds, without ever using a penny of your own money. It really is as easy as it sound (getting the £10 anyway. Winning the hundreds is proving to be a little more difficult!!!). is pretty much the only site which gives you a free bet without having to deposit money first *Introduction* is a gambling site but with a big difference. You gamble against people, not against a bookmaker. This means people can set their own odds (although obviously favourable odds will be accepted by others more readily) and that you keep a larger % of winnings. What is more, you can use the sites current offer, a FREE £10 bet! This is good because you dont have to put any money into the site in order to obtain this cash. There is no ... 22/06/2001

Money for nothing I have been using mailround for nearly seven months now, and I am quite happy with the amount of money that I am starting to earn. As with everything though, there are good points and bad points, and with, it is even between them both. I will still stay with to say that I am earning a little money. You do find that some of the emails are not even being stamped as and when I receive them. Now you must be thinking, what is this bloke on about stamps? Well these stamps are small icons / banners on your emails that you have placed onto your email as and when you send and receive them. As you send emails, mailround icon comes up asking you if you want the outgoing email to be stamped, so if it is an important email e.g. a CV for a job then you would not stamp it, but if it was for a friend, then you would more than likely stamp it. *Where do the stamps get located?* The stamps become located on the top right hand corner of your email or sometimes at the bottom of the page. Not all the time does stamp your emails. If non of your emails get stamped, then you have to reinstall the program into your computer or it is because you have set the program not to stamp to that address. Sometimes only some of your emails get stamped, this is because that emails with attachments do not get stamped, or if the server was down at the time the email was sent, although this does not happen as frequently as it used to. I have also found ... 20/06/2001

Is it, is it wicked, no its dooyoo I have been a member of Dooyoo for about a week now, and you earn more money than on Ciao (well thats my opinion). I started using this site due to the write ups already made by other Ciao members. However, Dooyoo seems to lack that personal touch that you gain from Ciao, and it is not as easy to move from one article to another. Registration though is very similar to Ciao as you select a name and password, and then once logged in you can make your profile. There's an option to add your own picture immediately - no waiting for it to appear, simply upload either a photo of yourself or even a cartoon, in fact anything! You can then familiarise yourself with the site. Below is a guide to Dooyoo as Dooyoo is slightly more confusing in layout: The site itself has apparently been revamped and it looks good, but seems to be packed to bursting with features. The site itself will take a bit of time to work out in the long run, but easy when you get to know. Unlike Ciao having headings for each and every topic, Dooyoo does not. If you look up cars, then you get the latest car reviews. To get the views per make and model, you have to do a search. This is where you are confronted with three tabs on the home page: Tab 1 - Opinions This gives you a full rundown of all the categories you can write in. These are very similar to Ciao, with the exception of a food and drink category, which is great for us food addicts and alcholics (lol) and I’m sure would go down a ...

Nokia 6150 20/06/2001

Highly reccomend the Nokia 6150e

Nokia 6150 I was looking for an average phone that I could use both at home and abroad, and this phone at the time had only just come out into the market due to the popularity of the 702. I wanted to use it for both business and pleasure and with the types of selection on the menu, this just let me do it. *Problems with the phone* Due to this I had this phone from an Orange dealership, so therefore I am on Orange. I have had a couple problems with this phone since I bought it 2 years ago and it is used everyday for hours on end. The only problem that has occured is that the battery has become loose and that the LCD screen failed to work sometimes. *6150e menu* As with all orange phones, Orange puts blocks on certain functions in the menu guide. On the 6150e, there are the following in the menu; 1) Messages - options for text messaging and answer phone messages andthe iformation service, as well as for fax / data calls and the servicecommand editor 2) Call register - Includes phone numbers of recent calls, as well as call durration and costs. Costs are only given if pay as you go. 3)Profiles - Includes options for customising your own modes of phone use e.g. outdoor setting i.e. loudest ring, silent, meeting, etc. These setting can then be changed and personalised to indiviual tastes. Different caller groups are set up (a maximum of 5) with individual ring tones per caller group. 4) Settings - This includes settings related to calls e.g. speed dialing, ...

106 Century FM 20/06/2001

The best East Midlands Radio Station

106 Century FM I listen to the radio alot especially local radio unless I am travelling up and down the country as I do not watch TV. You would expect to hear music a couple of advert and the hourly news, and that is what you get with 106 Centry FM. I have now changed to listening to this radio station as all you hear is music, few adverts and the news on the hour. This is what I call a real radio station? 106 Century FM have been around for 4 years and have localted centrally in Nottingham on the outskirts of the City. Century Radio have a wide broadcast as they serve Nottingham, Derby, Linconshire, Leicestershire and can be heard further a field. This radio station listens to its listeners as the breakfast show is unique in music, talk, news and traffic reports from 5.30am. From 9am, there is the no repeat workday which is no repeat of any song Monday to friday 9 - 5 pm and if they repeat, and you are the first to notice, they give you £1000. At Lunch time, there is a popular lunch time phone in which has all sorts of talking and then back to the no repeat workday. During the day also, there are competitions which can run into a few thousand pounds. When 5 pm is reached, quality music is still played until 6pm when there is a football phone in until 8pm. When the football has finished, there is often prizes and give aways which you have to phone in for then at 8pm there is another phone in which is a bit like Gramham Torantons late night love on Independant Radio Stations but ...

Britannia Airways - BAL 19/06/2001

I have had better flights

Britannia Airways - BAL I have flown with Brittania Airways once June this year as I was a shareholder with Thomson Holidays. As soon as I got onto the plane (I think it was a boeing 747 (the big plane) I knew that I was not going to enjoy the flight. The staff were panicing, they looked untidy, and some were short tempered. The flight was slightly late departing by a few mins, passengers still walking about just before take off, and there was no control by staff to calm passengers. The staff looked very stressed. The inflight entertainment was normal tv, so I got fed up with adverts all the time, and everyday tv programmes. All I wanted to do is relax and chill out for when I got to the destination. I could not even do that. When the meals or drink came round, the meal trolleys hit me with the staff not even appologising and the distribution of drinks were in no order in giving out, with the staff talking quite, so if you were looking the other way, then you missed out on the round of drinks. The food was although of an adequate standard, and was still hot. The drinks trolley was expensive I thought, and therefore I could see why no-one bought anything. The flight was quite smooth thought, but on this occasion my ears hurt me, and I dont normanly suffer. A factor of this could have been that it was a big plane. Both times on the way there and on the way back, there was enough leg room, but this was only due to me being allocated next to the emergency exit or at the very front on the front ...

Proton GEN-2 Persona 16/06/2001

Cheap budget car but it is a life saver

Proton GEN-2 Persona I have recently been driving my dads car due to not being able to use my car, but I do not like to be seen in a budget car, but on this occassion I had to have the Proton. The car is nice to drive but the M reg persona that I was driving does not like the motorways that much. I tend to prefer the more up market car due to reliablity, saftey and security, now dont get me wrong, the proton has the reliablity and security but yesterday came to the test of the safety of the car. I was involved in a head on collision by a young lad that looks as if he has not been driving long speeding down a steep hill after storms. The roads were very wet still and this lad came down the hill between 40 - 50 mph in a 30 mph limit and lost control when he saw me comming up the hill. I had only just turned up the hill and was about 100 yards from the crossroads so my speed was about 20 - 25 mph when the impact occoured. This lad could not control the car then the brakes and wheels locked and then a head on collision. The Proton is about to be written off by the insurance company as the engine was seriously damaged. I and my passenger only came out of the crash with servere wiplash but the car was not in a good condition. The force of the impact traveled through the car and damaged the boot and put the car out of place. We could still get out the car as the doors could still be opened unlike the other car. The drivers door bacame entagled with parts of the engine going through the dashboard ...
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