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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for any rates. Sorry I don't have time to thank you all individually but they are all appreciated. x

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Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara 26/01/2012

Sculpting Another Masterpiece...

Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara I seem to always be on a mission when it comes to mascaras. I have a list as long as my arm of brands and types to try. I'm lucky to naturally have reasonably long lashes but they are also as pale as anything, so a good mascara has always been very important to me to utilise my long lashes and also give them some colour. On a trip to Asda a couple of months ago, I walked past the makeup counter, and like an addict to a drug, I couldn't resist the urge of buying yet another mascara when I know full well I have a few favourite brands that would be hard to beat, but I can't help think "but this one could be even better!" so I browsed and settled on the Max Factor Masterpiece MAX in black. I did not see the mascara in any other colours but the day I bought it the counter was quite empty, a quick search online and I can see it comes in blue and brown also. I tend to opt for black over any other colours for maximum effect, I think it is my way of compensating for the naturally blonde lashes I have. The mascara set me back £10 which is a reasonable price for a Max Factor product. Their cosmetics are usually of a pretty high standard and I trust them a little more than some of the cheaper brands. The mascara itself came with just a small sliver of plastic wrap around it to hold the security tag on it (I suppose mascara would be an easy option to steal for anyone with sticky fingers). The tube is a nice gloss black with gold detailing, with a band around the top, a little gold slice ...

Mattel Scrabble Original 20/01/2012

Qi and Xu...Remember them....Trust me!

Mattel Scrabble Original Scrabble is one of those games that most families are familiar with. It’s a nice fun bring the family together type game that is actually very good for your vocabulary and spelling also (2 things I’ve never been great at myself). The game comes boxed in a traditional styled green box with the game bored. This is a square with lots of spaces for the letter tiles you also get to be placed. The object of the game is to draw 7 letter tiles and using the little stands provided, work out what words you can make, these are then placed on the board and you receive a score. This score can be lifted by using the bonus squares such as the "Double Letter" or "Triple Word". This increases your score. All words must join much like a crossword, so you can use other players’ letters to help place longer words and get a higher score. When all the letters are used its game over and highest score wins. My Opinion What I love about scrabble is the fact it's one for those games you can pick up and play and it never changes. It's predictable and the fun is always the same. Whether playing with parents, children or friends. It's interesting to see what words others come up with and it really helps to expand your vocab. The board and tiles are easy to put away which is always useful when making room on the table etc as they all slot nicely into the box. I like the colouring of the board as it always reminds me of playing in my childhood. There are many different versions now of scrabble but ...

New Covent Garden Food Co. Our Best Chicken Soup 19/01/2012

Like A Bowl of Hugs!

New Covent Garden Food Co. Our Best Chicken Soup When winter approaches I find nothing more satisfying than a nice warm bowl of soup to take the chill out of the day. I've always been a pretty big soup fan with Heinz and Weightwatchers being 2 I used to eat quite frequently. I am however completely converted now to the New Covent Garden Co. brand and cannot see myself going back. The company themselves do a whole range of different soups and one of my favourites is the chicken. They do a range of vegetable ones, potato and leek being another of my favourites, as well as limited edition flavours at times with new spins on some traditional tastes. You can buy Covent Garden soup from most food stores and they are usually easy to spot as they come in nice little 600g beige cartons. Each pack usually has a picture of the main ingredient of the soup and the chicken one is no different with a nice picture of a whole chicken on the front. Priced usually at around the £2.30 mark that i've seen, they may seem slightly pricey, but the 600g carton is 2 servings, 300g is plenty and what I would call a big bowlful. They are also very often in offers and in the last month I have seen them both in Asda in a buy one get one free promotion and Morrisons for £1 a carton, which definitely makes it worth it. The chicken soup itself is just delicious. I actually have had a Heinz chicken soup since trying these and in comparrison it tasted chemically and not very nice at all. The Covent Garden soup is very thick, it's a creamy soup but is very ...

Asmodee The Werewolves of Millers Hollow 03/01/2012

Welcome To Millers Hollow...Where All Is Not As It Seems...

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB 02/12/2011

An Apple A Day...

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB I’ve owned an iPhone now for a good few years and recently decided to change to the iPhone 4S from my iPhone 4. It may seem like a silly upgrade really as my contract wasn’t up and I paid upfront for the new handset, but with cash back I acquired and selling my iPhone 4 I justified it in my head and decided to go for it. After all, I’m a fool for fun new toys. Now I am going to try and keep this review focused on the things I think are most important for people thinking of buying a new phone. Obviously iPhones have a lot of features but I will try and be concise but thorough. As I’m sure most people know, the iPhone 4S is the latest release from Apple. I have a black iPhone 4S 16gb which I got handset only (as I wasn’t due an upgrade) direct from Apple for £499. It is available from all the usual phone retailers and on contract and pay as you go. The phone itself is stylish and sleek. The black and silver casing is smooth and it has a nice large screen which is useful since it’s a touch screen. The volume controls and keypad lock button are easy to locate and use without knocking them by accident. To unlock the phone you simply press the round bottom button and swipe the screen to unlock. The touch screen is very intuitive and simple to master after a small amount of use. After a few minutes of really exploring the phone you get used to swiping, pinching and dragging the screen to use all features. It is very user friendly. Texting also makes use of the touch screen ...

Kon-Tiki Club, Puerto del Carmen 13/10/2011

Basic But Bright Boarding Abroad!

The Grimsdyke Hotel - Resturant, Harrow 03/08/2011

A Spot of Pigeon Old Chap?

Magimix Nespresso M200 Manual 12/05/2011

Throw Some Magic In The Mix!

Odeon Cinema, Hatfield 29/04/2011

Off To The Pictures

iQuarium (iPhone Application) 27/04/2011

I'm Gonna Get You Little Fishy!

Wrigleys Extra Cool Breeze 21/04/2011

Perfect Mastication?

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera 19/04/2011

Take Good Care Of My Lips!

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Mascara Waterproof 15/04/2011

Its blinking well good!

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Soft Bake Bars Strawberry 13/04/2011

My daily dose of "Healthiness"

Fired Up! (DVD) 12/04/2011

Get Fired Up!

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