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Nokia 8210 07/03/2001

Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210 I just love this phone, it is the right size and I know I'll have this one for a few years yet. If it gets scratched I can just change the fascia. Or if I get fed up with my ringtone I can change that too. One of the best features is the Profile option where you can assign different ringing tones to callers. I know exactly when to rush or not rush to my phone. This is the only make of phone that supports those funny animated text messages that seem to be a craze at the moment, I felt so left out when I didn't have a Nokia. Another fantastic thing about this phone is that you can transfer numbers from one phone to another 8210 via the infared beam at the side and play games between the two. But the most useful thing must be the built in modem that allows you to link up to a PDA and surf on the net wireless, which is so much better than that useless WAP service.

One 2 One 07/03/2001

My Favourite Network

One 2 One I have heard a lot of bad things about the one 2 one network, but what I must say it is the best I've tried so far. Okay it's coverage may not be as good as the other networks, but that isn't so much of a problem if you live and work in inner London as I do. Their customer service is great and you don't have to pay to ring them either. Your voicemail is free and so is checking on how much you have spent each month. They are now in the process of offering online services such as an itemised summary of calls made during each to your next bill. Unlike other networks where you can only change tarriffs once a year, one 2 one allow you to change once a month and the calls are cheap especially to landlines in the day. No other network has come near to these tarriffs. If you do live and work in a major city then try one 2 one. ...

Philips Nino 500 06/03/2001

A very good buy

Philips Nino 500 I recently purchased a Nino 500, the colour screen model. It was retailed originally at three hundred and forty-nine pounds,ninety-nine pence and has 16mbs . But because Philips are no longer making these models anymore I got it for sixty-nine pounds. I must admit this is the best thing I have bought in a long time. It has an infared port so I can transfer notes from any other wince operating system PDA. I have also downloaded a browser and can surf the net with the help of my Nokia 8210 mobile. I can also pick up my e-mail from my own personal account. Another great thing about this is that it comes with a rechargable battery, docking station and software. It is so great. I'm truely happy with it and what a bargain it was.

Ascom Avena 122 10/09/2000

Good reliable product

Ascom Avena 122 I'm so chuffed with this dect phone as it was originally priced at £89, but now you can get it for £49.99. It's been reduced because they have brought out a newer version which doesn't look as good as this one. The phone and base is very small and neat so it looks quite trendy and modern. It comes in a navy blue and dark grey design and stores up to 20 numbers. Of all the dect phones on the market it is the only one where your outside range is up to 500mtrs all other phones only go up to 300mtrs. Standby time is approximately 3 days and 9 hours talk time. Other features also include loudspeaker from the base station and caller id facility. There are several other DECT phones on the market at this price but they don't look as good or have as many key features as this.

Homebase (Shop) 10/09/2000

Good advice

Homebase (Shop) I went into Homebase the other day to buy a drill, for some DIY jobs around the home. Previously I had visited all the other various DIY shops just to compare prices and get advice on what sort of drill I would need for my various tasks. To cut a long story short I couldn't find anyone to talk to about drills in the other major DIY stores and when I did they didn't know much at all. But when I went in Homebase they found me their 'tool specialist' and he ask me all the right questions, and by doing this he found out that I actually did have a drill but it didn't drill through my thick solid walls,( hence the reason why I was buying a new drill). He then explained to me that it is not necessary the drill but the drill bits you use. So he advised me to buy masonary drill bits which cost around £2.50 each. Which worked perfectly, thus saving me around £20 on a new drill. Great!!!!!!

Nokia 8146/8110 23/08/2000

The original 'Matix Phone'

Nokia 8146/8110 Why oh why did Nokia change the design for the 7110, we all know that the 8146 is the orignal Matirix phone with just a click release,(just look at the movie). Although the 7110 sports some great games and features it's just an ugly looking phone. the 8146 or rather the Banana phone is so durable I still see people using them today and they still look good and up to date. Where as the 7110 looks dated already. It's a pity because Nokia lost out on so much by not re-releasing the 8146 just after the movie. It was so hot then everyone wanted that phone.

NEC DB-2000 23/08/2000

A Manufacturing Fault

NEC DB-2000 Although this phone has a quite robust appearance and some great feautures it has a fault. This is due to the battery click on the back of phone. More or less everybody I know with this phone ( and that's a lot of people) have returned it for that common problem. Soon after this fault was realized it became free on every network that was supplying this phone, and that was not due to its popularity like the 3210 Nokia. It will take up to a week or more to get it fixed under the manufactures warranty but it is likely to brake again because of the weak link their.

Sony Ericsson T10S 23/08/2000

So many faults

Sony Ericsson T10S This phone may look good but it is in fact not very good for durability. I know many people who have brought this phone back to our shop during their contract term for all the same reasons. Firstly the ariel always seem to brake or come lose. Then the flip brakes or falls off and finally the back and forth arrow buttons tend not to function and move out of place. The other disadvantages are that you cannot see you text messages clearly and hath to to scrolling along qiute often. 23/08/2000

Soooooo Unorganized!!!!!!!!! I purchased a Phillips TV through this site because if offered one of the best prices in this area. However I was deeply appaulled to find out that their customer services was not entirely how they project themselves. We were told that once our order was confirmed our TV would arrive within 5 working days. 7 days later we were told that it was on its way and would be with us any day now. 9 days later we were told that they was a problem with the warehouse and that it had left the warehouse that particular day and we would recieve it within a couple of days. We waited 2 more days and still nothing, plus they had taken the money from our bank account a few days after we had made the order. In the end I asked what was really going on and I quite frankly I was getting rather angry with this whole situation. They said there had been a mix with 'Phillips' and that they had let them down and would not be getting anymore of those TV's until 3 weeks time, and I could wait until they got them in. I said no thank you and I would like my money back. Although they tried to convince me that they could find me anything else I was interested in, I declined because they had lied to me and deceived me.

X-Men (DVD) 20/08/2000

You've Got To See This

X-Men (DVD) This has to be one of the best action movies this year. But there is clearly one hero in this film. All of the characters stay true to their original cartoon roles and the special effects are magnificent. Whoever did the casting for this film should be proud as they are all very well suited. I hope they do a sequel to this as there are so much more ideas and storylines that could evolve around all characters. I think the film works well as it does not feature any 'A' list movie stars and features one or two unknown names, therefore injecting a sense of freshness to the whole movie. ...

Portobello Road And Market, London 16/08/2000

Unique and Fresh

Portobello Road And Market, London A lot of buyers and stylist go here to pick up clothes and idea for the latest music vids or pages. You may also find the odd popstar or so browsing undercover. The indoor shopping arcade is small but very unique and host some of britains best and freshest small labels. I just wish there were more like this around London that had a simular idea, the only other place is camden market. If you venture here you must check out the 'Leather Man', a stall that deals strictly with leather and suede jackets and trousers etc.

Regent's Park, London 15/08/2000

A Hidden Section

Regent's Park, London There is a section of Regents Park that is really beautiful. It's the rose garden section and it looks great in summer. A lot of people who have registry weddings go there to take their photo's. Just around the corner from this section is the duck pond which has to large swans aswell, one white and the other black. To the right of the pond is a long path that goes behind some bushes, keep following that path and it will take you up onto an open space with a bench that looks down onto a small waterfall. It's a great lovers spot and not many people know about it.

Swiffer 15/08/2000

Good for wooden floors

Swiffer I brought this product because my hoover would not pick up entirely everything from my wooden floors. I was totally amazed by how great it works. It literally does pick up all dust including hairs and has a great swivel action to twist into corners. It came in a small box and you simply screw the limbs together in order to make the stem of the broom. It only cost me £8 approx. It's ideal for anybody who has a dust allergy problem and/or wooden or lino flooring. This one of my best buys this year. I hardly use my hoover.

Philips Genie Duel Band 15/08/2000

A Little Gem

Philips Genie Duel Band I brought this phone on a 'line in advanced package' with BT and have converted it into a 'pay as you go' phone on One2one. It is such a good phone and has a lot of the features that the standard nokia phones do not have. It is also very light, has voice dial, an organiser and vibra call, aswell as being dual band. Text messaging is also very clear as it has a very large screen with a scroll up device. The only downside is you can't download tunes or logo's onto this phone, or change fascias. But for practicality it is one of the best.

The Thomas Crown Affair (DVD) 15/08/2000

How Smooth Is He?

The Thomas Crown Affair (DVD) To tell the truth I didn't have much hope in this film, the only reason I went to see it was because Pierce Brosnan was in it. It turned out to be one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I won't give too much away but there is a bit of a twist towards the end. This is the kind of film that you would watch on a Friday night curled up with a bottle of wine. Pierce Brosnan not just a gentleman but an exciting one too, the kind of man that you would like to meet when you are older. There are some very romantic scenes throughout the film with a 'tongue in cheek' humour aswell in places. A good soundtrack and a truely romantic film.
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