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Asda Café 18/04/2007

This asda better not be it

Asda Café Well I am going to try and be neutral in this review but it will be difficult because Asda cafe at our local Asda is not the best and it would struggle to be on any recommended list. Now I am basing this on the Ashton under Lyne Asda cafe, so if your local one is any better then I am sorry but I can only judge by mine. The plus side to the cafe is that they are conveniant. When are in the middle of shopping and you are start feeling a bit hungry and trust me with my wife shopping is an adventure. It is 5.00pm and we have just spent two hours in the supermarket shopping and spent £60.00 on stuff that according to my wife we need. So feeling a bit hungry and tired and in need of a rest, we decided to get something to eat. We grab a tray each look at the menu on the wall and order a tuna jacket potato for my wife and chicken and chips for me. "Sorry no tuna" said the young man but we do have beans. Disappointed my wife has beans with her potato. With two "medium" sized cokes it comes to £7.25. Ok this is not bad. Sitting down is a bit like an obstacle course, trying to push a shopping trolley and a tray of food around a cafe is not easy. Having finally sat down we tuck in. The beans tase like the smart price range, the chips taste like they have been reheated. The chicken is dry. So my time in an Asda cafe was not great. And I realise that at five o'clock in the afternoon the range of food is not going to be great. But this a supermarket cafe surely ...

Ambrosia Creamed Rice 02/04/2007

Rice one mate

Ambrosia Creamed Rice I have read a few reviews and some talk about childhood school meals and how much they enjoyed and how good their memories are of rice pudding. Well I have got to say my school memories of rice pudding are not great, because the school authorities i n Blackpool decided that what a wonderful thing it would be if they could put prunes with the rice pudding. So my primary days of rice pudding are not great. Any way I am digressing a bit. Rice pudding itself is an aincient recipe dating back to persia in the middle ages. In fact there is the seventeenth century nursery rhyme pop goes the weasel which makes reference to rive pudding. Ambrosia themselves was founded in 1917 in the west country. Now they are owned by Premier Foods. And their rice pudding is still made at the Devon dairy. The package. The can we buy is the 425g size. It has sea blue coluor at the bottom half and turns into a sky blue at the top. It also has a picture of a dairy farm on the front giving an impression of a country taste. Ingredients :- Full cream milk. This is a good start I love full cream milk this is what makes it creamy in texture and taste. Skimmed milk. This is put in to make sure it has a longer life as skimmed milk does not go of as quick. And it is also better for you than the full cream milk. The total milk content is about 73% in total. Whey This is an excellent source of protein. Sugar. This is the only negative in ...

Member Advice on Bullying 30/03/2007

Bullied to bullying

Member Advice on Bullying This review turned out to quite an emotional one to do and caused me to take a serious look at my life. And I hope nobody judges me on my past because I do that myself a lot. In my life I can look at various incidents where I have bullied and been bullied. First of all my dad was a very heavy drinker and his answer to everything me and my brothers did wrong was beating us up and my mum. I was one of six children in the middle and as a result I learned that the way to get noticed was to be the loudest, and the one thing my brothers did was wind me up. At primary despite my father I was very happy got on with all the other kids and took part in everything and always helped the other kids. Things started to change when my mum and dad got divorced and my mum moved us out of town into another town. And this was when I started to get bullied. I was the new kid in the school and felt that the best way to fit in was not to rock the boat. But the school bully and his gang decided that was not happening. First time in the playground he started making fun of me and not wanting to make a fuss on my first day I did nothing but just walked away and did not tell the teachers. This was a mistake because all I did was give this kid more ammo to do it again. Every day it got worse and more and more kids joined in thinking I was a soft target. As I got into my teens I developed acne and this was like steriods to the other kids. I got called volcano face, zit face and many ...

Fresh Kiwi 21/03/2007

Fruit of the Maoris

Fresh Kiwi I am not sure if i can make a little green fruit sound interesting but I will try. I was first introduced to the Kiwi fruit when I was in Australia by my ex girlfriend, who was always eating fruit but she swore by this one. I buy mine from asda and they cost about ninety eight pence for six fruits. But I did do a quick price comparison on the internet. Asda - 98p for 6 Tescos - £1.00 for 4 Sainsburys - 99p for 6 A few other stores that I have not mentioned also sell them for around a pound, give or take a few pence. Brief History The kiwi fruit actually originates in China and was introduced to New Zealand by a lady called Isabel Frasier who took some seeds, but it was a man called Alexander Alison who first grew it in New Zealand. It was originally called the Chinese gooseberry. The New Zealand government decided that they would change its name to Kiwifruit has part of a marketing strategy in 1959, however it was not until the 1970s that it became commonly known has the Kiwifruit. The major producers of the Kiwifruit these days is not the New Zealanders and it is not even the Chinese. It is actually the Italians which did surprise me and I think will surprise a lot of people. In fact the Chinese are not even in the top ten of producers but the New Zealanders are second. The look. Admittedly when you first look at the fruit it can be off putting. It is part of a cultivar group. It is about 5cm long and about 5cm in ...

A Fistful Of Dollars (DVD) 15/03/2007

Fistful of fun

A Fistful Of Dollars (DVD) After doing some research I could only find Fistful of Dollars at Virgin and Hmv. You can get the special edition elsewhere but my review is about the widescreen version. The prices are RRP - £18.00 Virgin - £15.99 Hmv - £6.99 delivered. DVD DETAILS Play Scene selection Us theactrical trailer - This was the trailer that was used in 1967 for the American market three years after its 1964 release in Europe. Language - English and Italian available. Subtitles - English and English hard of hearing Filmed on location in mostly Spain as are a lot of the spaghetti westerns. Has with most dvds that have films from the older films the dvd menu is pretty basic and admittedly not much of a selling point, but trust me you do not need gimmicks when the film is this good. Shown in widescreen along with my home cinema system it is just like watching at the cinema ( without the expensive refreshments). Brief background. Fistful of dollars was the first film within the spaghetti western family of films to be aimed at the american market. At first Sergio Leone wanted either Henry Fonda or Charles bronson to play the lead role of the man with no name. But a close friend suggested he try a little known actor called Clint Eastwood. Most of the production team gave themselves English and Americanised names so as to make it more appealing to an American audience. The main cast and crew. Director Sergio Leone - Changed his name to Bob ...

Beko WMA10 10/03/2007

A clean start

Beko WMA10 Beko a British based manufacturer making various appliances, from washing machines to cookers to fridges. At the time of buying this washing machine our finances were restricted so we were looking for something cheap until we had a bit more cash to buy a decent washing machine. We got ours about two years ago from choice catalogue and it is now paid off. We paid £220 for ours , and I have looked in various major stores and cannot find this model but I did find a few online companies selling them from £150 to £200. The online companies are Appliances4you , appliancestogo, and gillmans. I am not an expert so will run through the specs and give my opinion on each one if I can. Spin Speed 1000rpm. you can get upto 1200rpm but we got the slower speed so is not too great. Max Load capacity - 5kg- Not the biggest and it does annoy my wife especially with the amount of washing we do. Wash speed 52rpm not sure if this is good or bad you can decide for yourselves Energy effiency class - b Wash dry performance -b Spin dry performance - c In terms of these performances not the best but it does do the job. It also has various auto functions such as half load, unbalanced load control, wash water intake, water level control, spin speed selection., auto wash temperature - these features are good for me for those times when I have to do the washing, because I only use one program. In terms of maintenance it is very easy , the drum is ...

10 Best-looking Celebrities 08/03/2007

Non stop gawping.

10 Best-looking Celebrities Ok I am little bit bored and thought I would have a go at this. now my criteria for a beautiful lady is this. Looks are important but what makes them sexy is how they carry themselves in public and sometimes less is more sexy than more. 10. Mae West. Born - 17 august 1893 in Brooklyn New York. Died - 22 November 1980. Height - 5' 1" or 1.55m Measurements - 39/27/39. This screen siren had no problems courting controvesy and in many ways was before her time. The tabloid newspapers today would have loved her. But she does not get the credit she deserves has she was also a playwright and a screen writer. quotes - " Its better to be looked over than to be over looked" " Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me" 9. Ursula Andress. Born - 19th march 1936 in Bern Switzerland. Height - 5' 5" or 1.65m. Measurements - 38c/25/36. This sex kitten starred as the first bond girl in Dr No, had her voice dubbed in Dr No. But I think they made a mistake as her accent is very sexy. 8. Jaclyn Smith. Born 26th octobet 1945 in Houston Texas. Height - 5' 7" or 1.70m Measurements - 34/24/35 The reaction I get when I say her name is who is that?, she was Kelly Garret in the original series of Charlies Angels. Most people remember farrah fawcett but to me jaclyn was the one on my wall. 7. Sharon Stone. Born 10th March 1958 in Meadville Pennsylvannia Height - 5' 8" or 1.74m Measurements - 36b/25/35 Admittedly ...

Joe Kidd (DVD) 28/02/2007

Do not kid with the kidd

Joe Kidd (DVD) The dvd is distributed through Sony pictures. And the dvd can be bought at most major stores, but I did check out the following Hmv - £5.99 DELIVERED Virgin - £9.99 Amazon - £4.97 Woolworths - £7.99 The dvd menu is pretty basic with the following. Play Scene selection Audio language Subtitle languages. This film was made in 1972 by Universal studios, and was a malpaso production company film. Done through technicolor and panavision. Director John Sturgess The director of this film has got a good record when it comes to directing films and just some of his films include the following Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Gunfight at the ok corral, Ice station zebra, marooned and also bad day at blackrock for which he received a oscar nomination for for best film. Later on he made The eagle has landed. The writer - Elmore Leonard, The writer is more known for his tv in the eighties although none of these became classics, but two of the movies he wrote were Moonshine wars and Mr majetsyki. Producer - Sydney Beckerman Again just like the writer not an all time great in terms of producing films but he did produce Red dawn, The scicillian and Marlowe. The actors who played the main roles were - Clint Eastwood - Until this film came along Clint was beginning to shape his career and it was pretty obvious to many at the time that it would be successful. At the beginning of his career he did a lot of b movies but ...

Hang 'Em High (DVD) 25/02/2007

hang em high(dvd)

Hang 'Em High (DVD) This film was made at the united atrtist studios but was released on dvd by MGM. In terms of the dvd menu it is pretty basic with just the following :- Play Scene Selection Language selection And that is it when I bought this dvd about rwo years ago it cost me £5.99, but I have seen it in many shops such as hmv, virgin and woolworths from £4.00 to £10.00, so I would recommend you do shop around. Produced by leonard Freeman Also written by Leonard Freeman and directed by Ted Post. You will see the following actors in this film :- Clint Eastwood Inger Stevens( the love interest) Ed Begley Pat Hingle as judge fenton And also starring Dennis Hopper. This film is based in oklahoma which at the time is a territory and not a state, and without giving too much away is a motivating factor to Judge Fenton. There basically 3 stories in this film which work well together, the first part is where inger stevens is looking for the killer of her husband and every time a marshall brings someone into town she goes to see if one of them is the killer and she becomes the love interest. The other part is asks without actually asking is the morality of habging and even any forms of public executions, as you will see it became more about public entertainment than a deterent. Any way the main story Jed (clint) who has bought some cattle of a local rancher and just after he leaves the owner is murdered. Jed is tracked down by a lynch mob and accussed ...

BBC Radio 2 23/02/2007

It will surprise you

BBC Radio 2 Ok if you told me when I was in my twenties that I would be listening to radio 2 I would have laughed and told you not to be so daft because there was no way that I would listen to radio 2. But things certainly change because I actually enjoy listening to radio two these days. The only reason I started ;istening to radio 2 was because I had no choice but to listen to this radio station. Where I work there is a radio playing through the intercom but I cant pick it up in the area that I work. So I bought myself a little radio hoping to play century fm but the only radio station I could get due to all the metal in the building was radio two. At first I was embarrassed to admit that I listened to radio 2 and would turn it down whenever anyone would pass. Brief History Radio 2 was first launched in 1967 along side radio 1, and although two different radio stations they were sharing a lot of the same programs, such as Jimmy Young, radio two was also where terry wogan first started to make it. The 1970s was the decade that stereo was being developed and radio 2 was one of the first to use it. In 1979 radio one and radio two parted sharing some programs and radio two became the first channel within the BBC to broadcast twenty four hours, and that includes Tv. Not much happened in the 1980s but Radio 2 did become more involved in children in need. The 1990s was a challenge for all radio stations. Radio two became the first station to transmit solely on the fm ...

Binatone E3300 19/02/2007

wheres the phone

Binatone E3300 The binatone e3300 digital cordless phone is cheap. it cost us about forty pounds from mail order to get two phones. But I have seen the same model in woolworths and argos for about ten pounds cheaper. The sets we have were made in china, the model number is 2107, the power input is AC9v 300 mA. They both come with a charger unit. The main set is connected to the phone line and then the second set can be put any where in the house. we put ours upstairs for ease of access. Asda have got these for £27.99 for a set of two and £37.99 a set of three. Great universal sell them at £30.00 for a set of two and for a set of tree they are £39.99. The phones are supposed to have a rang of 300 metres but to be honest I have not tested it yet. The furthest I have been with mine is in the back garden and they worked ok. Both sets have the same functions which are as follows- Caller display. This will display the number only, does not give you the name of the person who is calling, so you do need a good memory of numbers to name. Address book. Again with the display is limited in that it only holds ten numbers but my wife puts in the numbers we use most. Last number redial. As you would expect remembers the last number you rang and allows you to redial, but this pretty standard so not much to shout about. It remembers the last ten numbers you have dialed or who as rang you. It does have a feature so that you can program it to do the above things, but also ...

What is the best way to combat racism? 18/02/2007

Educate not legislate

What is the best way to combat racism? I honestly believe that there is a difference between racism and ignorance, but I do accept that ignorance can lead to racism. I need to tell a true story about a very good friend to show the difference. I will call him john (not his real name). John was raised in a small village where everyone was anglosaxon and never met anyone from a different country or culture not even scotland. So the only reference he had was what other people told him either through family, friends or what he learnt in the play ground. For eighteen years of his life he was in every aspect racist and at the time not ashamed of it. Before I continue the question to ask here is he is he racist or ignorant. When he was eighteen he was forced to move to london for work, and in his first job his desk was next to a young korean girls. This meant for the first time in his life he had to mix with other cultures, to the point where slowly over six months his attitude changed. He realised how wrong he was and was ashamed of his past. In fact his attitude changed so much he dated this korean girl, married her and has got four kids. So back to the to my point that his attitude changed because of a form of education and by mixing with other cultures he did realise how much a like to him they were. Now to me a true racist is someone who has experience of other cultures and yet still has this attitude and most likely change. But my friend had no experience and only knew what he was told by ...

Top 10 Foods 02/02/2007

Add some pounds

Top 10 Foods First of all before I start on what I like lets get the rubbish out the way, the ones that make me cringe at just the thought of them, ok here goes. 1) Marmite, how the eck did anyone come up with this concoction and then decide to put it on bread. This should not be food but put on the united nations list as dangerous substances. 2) Celery. this is offically classed as a veg I believe, "why". It is just a stem of a plant, in my opinion it is just a weed and should be confined to the compost heap. 3) Sprouts, this is an evil veg, that is used as a punishment on children. My mum use to insist on putting it on my plate and insisted on me eating it. Even now when I go over to visit in sundays she puts it on my plate, but the sad thing is that I still eat it. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------- --------------- --- Anyway thats the ones i do not like out of the way. These ones I love and would recommend to anyone although your doctor may insist on caution. but what do they know. 10). Mash potato. This has got to be the most versatile food, you can have it on a roast dinner with gravy . or there is this one haddock, mash potato, colly flower, peas and parsley sauce. 9). A Fry up. This is what eggs were invented for, not poached, or boiled but fried with beans, mushrooms,bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried tomatoes and fried bread. 8) Spaghetti bolognese. There are two schools of thoughts on how to eat this you ...

Blackpool in general 30/01/2007

what the locals know.

Blackpool in general Blackpool is one of those places that you think you know but what many people do not know is that there are plenty of free things to do but first the paid things. Hotels This is the only town other than las vegas that house its own population in its own hotels. If you want a beach view you will find hundreds along the front from st annes through to fleetwood you will find these faily expensive. So I would suggest you try coming off the front and go to ones on the back streets or even b+bs are usually reasonably priced. But my suggestion is try self contained holiday flats this way you can eat what you want and it is a lot more cheaper. And lets be honest most of the time you will be eating out. Food and eating out. Blackpool is choc full of chip shops,burger bars and other fast food outlets. These are ok if there is nowhere else but there is. Now the locals will not like this but if you can get away from the front there are better tasting and you will pay the sorts of prices you pay at home. Jusy a couple of examples are on topping st lots of restuarants here from italian to french. For chippys try these, The cottage on newhouse road, Yorkshire house chip shop on waterloo road. Also inland there are the usual kfc, macdonalds, pizza huts etc, to go to that will not be as packed as the ones in the tourists areas. Please do not tell anyone I told you, just between you and me. Places to go out at night. There are lots of shows in blackpool but I would ...

Member Advice on Domestic Violence 25/01/2007

It is not just the partner that suffers.

Member Advice on Domestic Violence My mum and dad were both good people who would help anyone especially my dad, he would help the old lady across the road with any repairs she needed, he was regarded as the best builder in town, people would ask him for advice. But there was a secret that he was hiding from the world and this shows how good he was at acting. It all began when I was just five years old, my dad was an heavy drinker and he was happy as long as he could get his beer. But one night he came home from work and "asked" my mum for five pounds so he could go to the club, My mum only had five pounds left and she wanted it for bread and milk, well he decided to hit her a few times, until she gave it to him. This was my first visual memory of my dad hitting my mum, this went on for years well about another five years, before my mum was forced to leave town to get away. It took leaving town because even after they split up he would still come around. but the reason my mum realised she had to get out was not her being beaten but when her children started to get hit. I remember one night he grabbed my brother tooked him in the bathroom locked the door so he could not get out, and beat him. This happened to us regular but mainly my eldest brother. I honestly believe that through all that my mum loved my dad and honestly hoped he would change and kept making excuses for him. She even joined al-anon hoping to find ways to "help him". the daftest thing is even now it is not the violence she hates about ...
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