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Lego Creator 31017 Sunset Speeder 09/09/2015

A racer with speed from Lego

Lego Creator 31017 Sunset Speeder Lego Set 31017 Sunset Speeder Lego is very quickly taking over our small family and our home. The amount of sets my two son's now have are difficult to count. Birthday's and Christmas are now filled with new sets and new builds from Lego. As with all Lego fans they are particular sets that take your eye and become favourites. In our house Lego City and Lego Creator are the firm favourites between both my son's. The Creator range does tend to be slightly more difficult than the City range and for most sets the age range is set higher for this. My youngest son who is now 6 years old but is a very young 6 in his educational ability admires his 7 year old brothers Creator sets. My eldest son has been doing quite difficult Creator sets for the last year and a half with not much difficulty I think it all depends on the individual child, We decided to treat my youngest son to a Creator set and came across The Sunset Speeder which is a car which my son loves and the age range is the lowest you would find with a Creator set at 6 years +. The wonderful thing about the Creator sets is they are a 3 in 1 design giving a child that bit more variation. The Sunset Speeder This particular set is a smallish set for the Creator range it contains 119 pieces of Lego the pieces ranging in size but most of the bricks are quite simple bricks and pieces. As always with the Creator sets the 3 designs do not use all the pieces included it depends on the design. The set includes two ...

Despicable Me Sea of Minions Duvet Cover Set 06/09/2015

No more counting sheep to fall a sleep count Minions!

Despicable Me Sea of Minions Duvet Cover Set Despicable Me Duvet Cover set A Minion fan really can't be without a Minion duvet cover! The Despicable Me Sea of Minions duvet set has been designed well and is aimed at a good size age range. My son is 6 years old but this set would be perfect for older children, teenagers and even adults if you like the little yellow characters! A bright eye catching design was always going to be a hit with my little man and being six now I have enjoyed moving away from some of the baby style duvet covers he had before. A bright fun design hit the mark for us and would be perfect for many more. The Set We bought this single duvet cover set for my son as he had just got a new bed and we had redecorated his bedroom. He loves Minions and has many items of their merchandise. As you can imagine with something so popular they are many designs with Minions on but this one caught my eye straight away. The design is as the title says a sea of the bright coloured minions. The minions are covering every inch of the cover, squashed among each other pulling many different faces! Now I am not all up on the Minions but both my son's can name many of the Minions on the cover and say all the ones they know are on the cover. There are eyes looking at you in all directions. Now this may sound quite scary but not these eyes they are comical and friendly looking, perfect to send you to sleep. So it is a cover made up of mainly yellow with a spot of blue here and there and lots of eyes! The pillow case is ...

Despicable Me Minions Hide & Sleep Cushion 03/09/2015

Bringing a little comfort too Minion fans

Despicable Me Minions Hide & Sleep Cushion A bit of Minion comfort You can't hide from the little yellow fellows called Minions these days they are every where and loved by all ages. The selection of Minion products have increased over time as it has become more popular. A recent addition to their merchandise is this wonderful little hide and seek cushion. Children of all ages enjoy the comfort of soft things but this item brings a little extra fun. It was an ideal purchase for my youngest son aged 5 years as he still like his comfort and is a huge Minion fan! The Cushion itself This hide and seek cushion is a small cushion so don't be expecting a full size cushion to lay your head on. It is an ideal thing that can be moved around with little fuss. It roughly measures when closed up 26cm by 18cm and is quite plump for it's size making it nice and soft for your little one to lay their head on. It is extremely light to hold a less your child decides to fill it with marbles!! Three sides of the cushion have the zip running around the side. The zip is bright yellow to fit the sea of Minions covering the cushion. It is a good strong thick zip which is perfect for small hands to be opening and shutting it. Too the top of the cushion is a small thick yellow loop which can be used to hang your cushion up with. My son hangs his on his little pod by his bed. As you would expect the sea of Minions covering the cushion make this a very bright and eye catching cushion which does get a bit of attention when my son has it out ...

Lego Creator 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop 18/08/2015

The Lego shop that changes it's face, three times!!

Lego Creator 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop Lego Creator 31036 Bought for my son to sit alongside his Lego Creator 31026 Bike and Cafe shop we both had high hopes for this set. Another set from the Creator range my son was very happy to receive this. The great thing about this particular range is there is more than one way to build it giving it more versatility then other Lego sets. Three designs to choose from all looking slightly different. As always the set comes with a feature design which in this case is called the Toy and Grocery shop. The other two designs are a post office or a news stand. All lovely looking designs to join my son's ever growing Lego world. It was the main design that attracted me to buying it for my son. A lovely looking two storey vintage looking building that would compliment the Biker's shop and cafe. The Build The Toy and Grocery shop was the first of the three designs that my son built. An 82 page thick instructions booklet to work through the largest booklet of the three. As always with Lego the booklet is well thought out and simple to follow with a small box in the top corner containing the pieces you need for that part and the amount and then the rest of the page is taken up by a large picture of the construction so far with the new pieces add. This particular set is recommended for ages 8 to 12 years due to it's complexity although my son wasn't quite 7 when he received it. I with all Lego use the age range loosely it depends really on your child and their construction ...

Playmobil 5418 Folding game - Stables 09/08/2015

An all in one fold-able Playmobil Stable

Playmobil 5418 Folding game - Stables Playmobil 5418 Country Pony Farm Play Box. This Playmobil set is a wonderful little set that is perfect for boys or girls and is excellent to take on the move with you. Although it is quite a small set there is plenty included to to entertain the horsey imagination in your child. The compact feature of this set makes it even more usable and gives your child more opportunities to play with it. Bought for our youngest son for his fifth birthday he has a years worth of play with it and still loves it. It has become a firm favourite with not only him but his three year old cousin and even his seven year old brother is seen playing with it from time to time. The Pony Farm Box The main part of the Pony Farm is the play box that holds all the contents and transforms into a magical stable for the horse. It is a pretty looking box when closed up and contains a little white lock on the front which is opened by a small white key. Although it can be opened with a nail when this is lost, something we have learnt from experience! The key does click into the bottom of the box for safe keeping but you know children. When all closed it measures roughly 15 cms by 12.5 cms and 11cms in depth. So it does fold up nice and small to carry with you. Then the box opens up and peels back to reveals a fun stable for your child to enjoy. It is made up of three compartments the main middle one being the largest and has a fold down white fence and gate. The little white gate opens and shuts. It ...

Lego Creator 31035 Beach Hut 08/08/2015

Fun at the beach with Lego Beach Hut!

Lego Creator 31035 Beach Hut Lego Creator 31035 Beach Hut The Creator Range The Lego Beach hut is one of many little gems in this fantastic fun range from Lego. The Creator range is a fantastic range by Lego that makes building those Lego creations that bit more fun. It is no longer once it's built it's built now it can be re-modelled into another slightly different creation. This makes this range not just a shelf sitter once it is done. It is more versatile then some of the other ranges Lego do, for example The City range of which my son also has many of. 31035 Beach Hut This simple smallish set is for age range 7 to 12 years. As always with Lego this is only a rough guide. My eldest son has been building these sets since he was five years old. The complexity compared to the City range has been upped and there are smaller more difficult bits to build within the designs. But as always the instruction booklets are pretty straight forward to follow. As it says on the tin, sorry box this particular design is of a beach hut and runs along the theme of being by the sea and surfing. The set contains about 286 pieces and the pieces range in size but are generally on the very small side. The set comes with some lovely little detailed bits like a small bucket, a wooden ring above the door of the hut, a bird to sit on the roof of the hut, a small red mug, money, a surf board, two minifigures, a flag and more. Even though the set is relatively small Lego have still managed to get plenty of detail into it. ...

Fireman Sam Quad Bike with Sam Figure 11/02/2014

A quad without a rider.

Fireman Sam Quad Bike with Sam Figure The Fireman Sam quad bike is one of numerous Fireman vehicles my youngest son aged four and a half years old has. It is probably his least favourite of the lot yet he still includes it in his fire fighting rescues. Like the rest of the Fireman Sam vehicles from Character they are quite simple products yet because they are Fireman Sam they are loved. The Fireman Sam quad is quite a small vehicle well after all it is a quad so you can’t expect it to be bigger than Jupiter the fire engine can you! The little yellow, red and black quad measure roughly 10.5cms in length and is about 7cms wide. It is a good looking quad with its fun looking handles, large mirror off the side, small sit on seat and a little black box on the back that opens up. It is quite small but a few miniature tools could fit in there. On the back of the quad is a small tow hook so maybe if you have other vehicles or a trailer you could attach it to the small hook. This particular quad also comes with a Fireman Sam figure that is wearing a yellow helmet. The figure has moving arms and legs and bends at the waist to sit on the quad. The quad is a great size for young children (this toy is recommended for children three years plus) to push around. It has free style wheels so a simple push and it wheels nicely across the floor especially on our wooden floor. The tyres on this vehicle are nice and chunky and strong so a bit of force for a small child would be fine. The quad is made from plastic and is well made ...

Fireman Sam Bessie Vehicle 10/02/2014

The old girl Bessie.

Fireman Sam Bessie Vehicle Bessie is one of many Fireman Sam vehicles my youngest son has in his collection. The not so familiar character from Fireman Sam but certainly not one to miss. My son has become a bit of a fan of this old style looking girl. Bessie appears in Fireman Sam as Officer Steele’s project. She is a lovely looking girl and as well as my son I can’t help but like this vehicle too. Bessie is a red old style fire engine she is fun looking and very different to Jupiter that Fireman Sam and his crew drive these days. This toy is a decent size for young children to push along the floor and comes with free style wheels so it is easy to roll along. Bessie goes really well along our wooden living room floor. The open back is something my son likes and often piles it up with things. On either side of the back part is long thin lift up cupboards to store thin tools in. There is also a fire hose that wheels out. The end of the hose is made of plastic and is red the rest of the hose is thin yellow string. This means reeling it in is nice and simple for your child and they do so by turning the handle. Bessie feels light to pick up and is easy to move about. Bessie measures roughly 16cms in length, 7cms in width and at its highest point is about 7cms. She is made to measure for your child to use the little Fireman Sam characters. My son has Bessie as part of his set and uses many of the characters to push around in it. Bessie does not need batteries which to me is perfect. She makes no noise ...

LEGO 10664 Creative Tower 08/02/2014

A tower full of bricks.

LEGO 10664 Creative Tower The number one toy in construction for me has to be Lego. I feel it was a fantastic invention for children and adults too! I remember it from my childhood and I loved it. Maybe back then it was seen a bit more of a boys toy but me and my sister had a huge tub of it we managed to fight over as we always needed the same parts for our constructions. Over the years Lego has evolved and large sets have really taken off like Lego City for example. But there is still something about the basic brick that gets children excited. In my house with two boys and an over sized child we have the Lego City sets but we also have a nice collection of basic bricks. But why is it no matter how much Lego you have it is never enough. At Christmas we managed to get the Lego Creative tower for a bargain price to add to the collection. The Lego Creative tower number 10664 is a large cardboard tub of Lego bricks in lots of sizes and colours. The box holds a massive 1600 bricks in total so there is certainly plenty here to play with. The bricks come in a tall cardboard box with a plastic lid. The box measures roughly 47.5cms in height and is 22cms by 22cms. It is a little disappointing the main of the box is cardboard as over time I can see the box will begin to break. The lid is handy shaped like a small red four pin brick it is handy for the children to use when sorting bricks. On one side of the cardboard box is the contents of the tower on another side is a picture of masses of bricks and on ...

Beko WMB 61631 04/02/2014

A very versatile, not bad looking machine that really works well

Beko WMB 61631 Beko washing machine My first washing machine a Hotpoint lasted me seven years before dying on me. After getting me through the baby stages of my two little boys it had simple done its duty and had enough. So it had to be replaced just after Christmas as well! My second washing machine the Beko WMB61631S has been in residence for two years now and has settled in well. Appearances This particular model of the Beko washing machine is available in the classic white or in silver. You do pay a small amount extra for the silver but as all my other appliances are silver I opted to pay that little bit more. From looks alone it looks a decent enough washing machine I mean what can you say it is a washing machine after all. It does have more to the control panel along the top than my previous one which was a very standard one. The control consists of a large soap drawer to my left then a control dial in the middle and then to my far right is the black electronic screen which lights up with orange figures when in use. Underneath it are five rectangular buttons and to the side are little lights and a start/pause circular button. All in all I wouldn’t go quite as far as saying it looked really stylish but it does fit well in my kitchen alongside my other appliances. The Beko WMB 61631 This Beko washing machine is 1600rpm spin speed washer with a maximum load capacity of 6KG. It comes with eleven programmes and an A+ Energy efficiency class. So on paper to me who only knows ...

New Look Hudson and Rose Black Joggers 03/02/2014

Slim fitting joggers with style

New Look Hudson and Rose Black Joggers Hudson and Rose Black Joggers Sometimes you find comfort has to come before style and comfort is something I love when I am at home. I am often found wearing my pyjama bottoms or an old pair of jogging bottoms but they are not something I would be seen out in. Well no further than me car to get something out of it! These days there are many different type of joggers you can buy and they are actually ones you are happy to be seen out in further than the gym. Some joggers are no longer gym clothes but people are happy to be seen shopping in town in them. I recently found a nice pair of joggers in New Look and they have become something of a favourite with me. The Hudson and Rose black joggers from New Look are a nice simple slim fitting design. The joggers are made from 100% polyester and have a lovely soft feel to them. The joggers have an elasticised waistband which is comfortable and practical and I haven’t felt it is too tight either. At the top of the joggers is a circular simple print with ‘Hudson & Rose Track and Field’ written round it all in white. The contrast of the black joggers and the white print is nice. And down the opposite leg to the one with the circular print is ‘H&R 1969’ written towards the bottom of the leg again in white. I like the small amount of detail on these joggers I feel it gives them a bit of style and breaks up the colour black without being too over the top. The back of the joggers is pretty much plain apart from a very small rectangle ...

Nikko Radio Controlled Angry Birds Vehicle 29/01/2014

The green pig goes whizz!

Nikko Radio Controlled Angry Birds Vehicle Angry Birds have become a household brand many children recognise and want merchandise with the little bird’s faces on. My eldest son loves the game Angry Birds and loves anything Angry Bird. My youngest doesn’t play the game but has caught onto the merchandise from his older brother. Last Year for my youngest son’s birthday he received what looked great fun a remote control Angry Bird green pig in a car. The Nikko Angry bird vehicle will appeal to any angry bird fan and even children that are not familiar with Angry Bird’s. What is there not to love about this product? The vehicle is nice and chunky and measures around 20cms in length 11.5cm in width and at its highest point is about 14.5cms. It is ideal for younger children as there are no small parts and everything has a nice smooth feel about it. The vehicle is made up of three colours. The body of the vehicle is a light brown, the pig that is sat on the top is green and the wheels are black. Everything about this product is simple. Even the remote control itself is very simple. A light brown body with a green topping and two yellow buttons and small ariel are what completes the control. This remote control car is very simple to use it has two small switches underneath the vehicle itself. On one side is the switch for on, off and sound. When the switch is in the on position the vehicle can connect with the remote but there is no sound when it is in the sound position not only does it connect with the remote it also ...

Letterbox Tap Tap Art 27/01/2014

Tap Tap a creative picture

Letterbox Tap Tap Art Tap Tap Art Tap Tap art is the perfect way for your child to tap into their creative side without making too much of a mess. As long as you don’t mind standing on the odd tack this artistic piece is right up yours and your child’s street!! Your child can create funny pictures with this set and have lots of fun with it whilst continuing to improve their hand eye coordination skills as well. Both my son’ s aged 6 and 4 years old enjoy this simple fun and I have to admit I do too. What the set includes Tap Tap art consists of a piece of cork board, some wooden shaped pieces, some bronze tacks and two hammers. These items put together make for some great fun! The cork board is a nice thick piece of cork that measures 24.5cms by 17.5cms. It is quite a robust piece of cork but as you would imagine with any cork it could be picked at if you let your child do so. The set includes a total of 126 pre-drilled wooden pieces. The wooden pieces come in many different shapes and sizes and are all brightly coloured. Within the set the wooden pieces are either red, blue, green or yellow. Even though there are few colours that doesn’t stop the creativity in making some great pictures. The wooden pieces rage in shape they are some long thin pieces, circles of different sizes, semi circles, squares, moons and much more. To attach these shapes to the cork board the set comes with some bronze tacks that fit nicely in the pre-drilled holes and can be hammered into the board. The ...

Orchard Toys Spotty Dogs 25/01/2014

A lot of spotty fun with Spotty dogs

Orchard Toys Spotty Dogs In our house we have numerous Orchard Toys games. I love their range they are educational yet my children find them fun. Everything about them is appealing to a young child in their fun and bright appearance and the fact they are also learning along the way is a bonus for me. One particular game is quite simple yet helps your child with their counting is called Spotty Dogs. This particular game belongs to my youngest son who is four years old. The Orchard Toys Spotty dog game is recommended for children aged 3 years to 6 years old. The game is very simple but quite fun to play. The game comes in a small bright box with dogs on the front with their bones. The box is roughly 19.5cms by 14.5cms and 5cms in depth. It is a perfect sized box to store away and unlike many games on the market doesn’t come in an oversized box for the contents! The games consists of a small rules book, a strong cardboard spinner with numbers up to six on it and 24 small rectangular cards. The cards are again made from strong cardboard like the spinner. On one side of the card is a lovely picture of a dog. There are many different types of dogs on the cards some are stood up and some are laid down. Each dog will have some spots or no spots at all on their back. The pictures of the dogs are appealing to the children and do make it fun. On the other side of the card is a red basket with a certain number of bones in it. There are either no bones at all, 1 bone, 2 bones or 3 bones in the basket. There ...

Fireman Sam Travel Art Easel 23/01/2014

A plastic easel with little going for it.

Fireman Sam Travel Art Easel The Fireman Sam Travel Art easel is a compact product that as the name suggests is ideal to take on the move. My youngest son received this product last year as a birthday present. He loves Fireman Sam and as the boys do a fair bit of travelling in the car it seemed an ideal thing to keep him amused. There is plenty included in the set to keep a young child busy. This travel easel is a plastic compact easel that folds down. On one side of the easel are two clips that paper can be slid up and under to hold it in place and the other side is a black board. In-between the two sides of the easel are two compartments that slide out and are ideal for your child to keep that pencils etc in. This compact easel is a decent size measuring roughly when up 34cms by 33cms and 26.5cms in depth. Incorporated at the top is a handle to when it is folded flat you can carry it. This travel set along with the compact easel comes with 12 coloured chalks, 12 felt pens, 8 wax crayons, 12 coloured pencils, a chalk easer (basically a small sponge!), 1 pencil sharpener and 5 sheets of Fireman Sam colouring pages. The pens, pencils and chalks all come in cardboard sleeves but over time we have lost these as we often to with these types of products. When the easel is folded flat it measures roughly 34cms by 33cms and 7cms in depth. It can easily be stored in the car and as it is folded all the bits of chalk and crayons are held inside keeping them safe. The product is very light so carrying it ...
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