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Sony NEX-3 30/11/2011

Sony NEX-3 Best Camera I've Owned

Sony NEX-3 I'm a bit of a camera enthusiast, and I have to say the NEX-3 hasn't disappointed. It takes some of the clearest photos and has the most accurate auto settings I've ever used (making it a great camera for beginners as well). I actually prefer it over my Nikon D80. It works wonders in low light. It also has a full manual mode which separates it from over cameras of it's size. I personally think that for everyday photography it performs better than a fullsize DSLR, and is also 1/2 the size and weight. The only complaint I do have is it's battery. I know you're supposed to let them die completely before recharging, but I've never done that and never really experienced any problems. With this battery it's a MUST. I had to replace mine after only 6 months and it cost me $100.
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