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since 26/07/2000


Suzuki SV650 16/08/2000

My first bike

Suzuki SV650 Bought this bike a month ago and i`m very impressed with it. Been running it in but couldn`t resist giving it a squeeze- and it flies!! Don`t have much to compare it to being my first bike but this is what i know- Gets 150 miles out of a tank that makes it about 50mpg. Handles really well. Taking corners faster than i do in my car already- this is the confidence it inspires in me. Don`t even feel i`m pushing it yet. Looks great. I got the blue one and it is always turning heads. A bit different from the sports bikes and better than a commuter. Very comfortable riding position. I`m 5'8" and it is the perfect size. Easy to get the head down when you need to. Wind isn`t that bad anyway even at 100mph. Hard to say what the 0-60 is but i kept up with my friend`s Nissan Skyline, so it can`t be that bad. ...

Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 26/07/2000

Good little car

Mitsubishi Colt 1.6 Good looks attracted to me to this car initially. Got a good price on a 2 year old (depreciation high for the first few years being Japanese). Fast, economical and very reliable. Only problem i have had was with the airbag. Left the car for a week and came back to find "srs" light on. Due to high costs of Mitsubishi servicing i left it being assured it won`t go off when i`m driving normally. Apart from that it has never let me down. I have done over 30000 miles now and it is still as sharp as when i got it. Top speed i have got is around 115mph. 0-60 in around 11 sec (i have never hammered it to get a real good time). Fuel consumption around 40mpg. Looks the business with a cool spoiler on the back. Still uncommon on the roads so it is a little bit "exclusive" if i can use that word. A few "lads" starting to realise this is a hot little car. ...
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