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Something Nice - Andrew Lawston 10/05/2012

This is indeed something very very nice.

Something Nice - Andrew Lawston Something nice is an anthology of short stories written throughout the last ten years of Andrew Lawston's life. This collection is incredible easy to read and Is perfect if you are on a commute to work or if you want to read a story before bedtime. To yourself, not to the children. Within this anthology is 10 incredible short stories. All stories entice the emotions and provoke the reader to keep reading, gripping their attention. Within the stories, the characters are easy to relate to enabling you to understand their emotions as they go through their story. I love how the writer is able to write about different circumstances, meaning there is something for everyone within this anthology. My favourite story is `Too much Love can kill you' this touches my heart, you'll have to read it to find out why. All the other stories have touched my emotions (I found myself gasping, cringing and crying at different stories) and made me want to read on, especially the ones left on a cliff-hanger. Andrew's writing techniques are imaginative, creative and thoroughly enjoyable and I still wonder where his inspiration has come from. The author mentions that his influences are Phillip K Dick, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, the League of gentlemen writers and many more. These stories allow room for the reader to digest what's happening and think for themselves. I love the way that in the book the author has stated what time in his life he was when he wrote that story, more to the point ...

Flymo Venturer 320 09/04/2011

The Normal trim?

Flymo Venturer 320 I have a decent sized garden at the back of my flat and often the grass tends to get high and i'm not going out there with scissors and chopping it all. I've tried that- it's rather tedious, although it was hedge cutters and not scissors, so a bit quicker, it still took me all weekend though. Therefore i decided it would be a good idea to get a lawn mower. I'm quite green fingered and was raised to help Dad in the garden on Sundays and from then a passion for gardening blossomed, pardon the pun. I bought this product from Argos just over a year ago and it's magic. It came boxed up and the Boyfriend and myself had to put it together, thankfully it came with a set of instructions. The instructions consisted of a step by step guide that got the job done and the mower made in under 15 minutes, just think of the things you can do in 15 minutes! What is it that i like about this product? I like the colour. Orange is a good colour. Also with some lawn mowers you get it just cuts the grass but doesn't collect it then you have to spend ages raking it all up. Not with this one, the lawn mower compresses the grass as it cuts it and puts it into the black storage section at the back. When it's full, simply slide it out and put the grass on the compost heap. This product is simple to use! You start the motor by holding one one lever that can be located on the handle, while doing that you can find button in the centre that needs to pressed in order to turn on the motor. ...

Russell Hobbs 15082 09/04/2011

Oi, Polly- give us a cuppa'

Russell Hobbs 15082 I haven't had the best of luck with kettles since moving in with my boyfriend over a year ago and to me a kettle is a necessity. I need a kettle in the house, i could not stay there if there was indeed no kettle. I've tried many other kettles, cheap ones admittedly such as a tesco value kettle and an Argos value kettle and they both seemed to break within a few months. To be fair they did take a lot of use, i like Tea. But this is beyond the point, a kettle should last you a long while and not 3 months. Therefore after i had my university bursary come through i thought 'Enough of the cheap stuff- I need a decent kettle'. So i went out and bought the Russell Hobbs 15092. It's pretty fair to say that i haven't looked back since! What is it that i like about this product? I'm a huge fan of colour. I love lava lamps and fireworks. If you give me a kettle that turns blue before i get a cup of tea i will be as fascinated as a female geek with a shiny laptop and trust me i know how fascinated they get- i am one. I think being able to see the water boiling is a great thing, the light makes it more noticeable and makes it a show almost, you'll start to call people around for Tea just to watch your kettle. This kettle is just fantastic in lots of different ways. You know when you get home from a long day at work and first thing you do is put they kettle on. Well sometimes it can feel like hours since it's boiled, i know with my other kettles that i have actually thought that ...

Milky Way Magic Stars 06/01/2011

The stars that are made of pure Magic!

Milky Way Magic Stars Magic stars are a product from Milky Way which is part of the Mars Group which also includes rather yummy chocolates such as galaxy products. Magic stars were originally a children's chocolate however many grown-ups also love the product, I know I sure do and I turn 20 this year. Made from milk chocolate they are perfect for children and they come in a small 33g bag. Having bags so small meant that parent's didn't have to worry about their children developing childhood obesity from having one bag, after all one bag does only contain 183 Calories which isn't entirely bad for a snack when they get back from school. However, what is worrying is the amount of fat that is provided with one serving! There are 11.5g of Fat in each bag, for a child over 4 years of age they are only allowed up to 65grams which after one snack doesn't give you a lot to play with! However Magic Stars are free from artificial colours and they contain no preservatives which make them even better for the little kiddies and for 34p they can afford to buy it themselves with their 50p pocket money. These magic stars are indeed made out of chocolate so aren't suitable for Vegans, Dairy Intolerant people. They also contain traces of Almonds, Peanuts, Sesame and Hazelnut so therefore is not meant for those that have allergies to nuts. However, those that just love chocolate and don't have any allergies then dig in. I adore these Magic Stars and recently developed an addiction to them after I saw that ...

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel 03/01/2011

Clean clear and under control, Advantage spot gel!

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel I tend to move around the country a lot which makes my skin bad. Different water pressures cause havic with my acne and cause horrid breakouts. So when i saw this bad boy in Boots i decided to buy it and see whether it actually works or not. For some reason i felt like i could trust the product before i actually bought it, and being over £4 for a tube it's good to feel drawn to it straight away. As soon as i got home i applied the treatment cream to the areas that were mostly affected, such as my jawline and cheekbone areas, because i wanted quick results i washed my face before hand in order to open the paws a bit more. As soon as the treatment cream went on i felt a sort of tingly sting. Which, i don't know about you but my father always told me that if it stang then it was working! I was amazed to read on the tube that you can put the product on top of make-up products and it would still work it's magic! You can even use it under make-up which is brilliant if you feel like you have to stay in because you look bad, put this on and within four hours you will definately look and feel better just as it promises! Four hours after i applied the cream i felt as though i could see a difference, my jawline definately improved and almost got rid of my spots completely! I would definately say that i am happy with the results. It doesn't itch as some other products do, especially with sensitive skin like i have. The product came in it's own little purple box with ...

Samsung L810 Steel 29/12/2010

Not as strong as steel, but samsung is good.

Samsung L810 Steel Samsung steel was the first phone i recieved when i went onto contract. I went from having a motorola Razr to this one. And as sooon as i picked up this phone in July 2009 it soon became my favorite. It's a good little phone and it does everything that you want it to, for a normal user, not a user that will check where they are in the world every five minutes via GPS. One thing i will say about te phone is that it is quite strong. However, there was this one time where i went to the toilets in a pub in Richmond hung my bag on the coat hook and my phone fell out of my bag, and they screen was a little bit smashed which i had to get fixed, i would put this at a disadvantage however it did fall from more than 4 feet, so i can imagine why it would break! And may i mention it was on a tiled floor. However, since the repair the phone has been dropped on many occasions and hasn't smashed therefore it's quite a stong little phone. From the main menu there are many different options such as: Messaging Entertainment Web Email Applications My Files (this is where you view photo's and music etc) Call Log Settings Organiser and Tools Mobile TV Music As you can see this little device has a lot to offer. Although some of the features i haven't used due to the amount of money that i can imagine that i would be charged, such as the Mobile TV and the Email. I have occasionally used the web for things and it hasn't affected my bill too much. The phone has a Micro SD card ...

Vodafone 527 22/08/2010

The perfecty back up phone.

Vodafone 527 I recently bought this phone as a back up simply because my recent phone died and therefore i have had to send it away to be repaired. Boo for me really. At first i was rather confused as to how to use this product, i had been used to using a complex phone so didn't really cotton on to how simple the device was. It is really simple to use, perfect for those people who want a phone just to call their children or grand-children and that is all, It doesn't have a lot of applications compared to other phones. For example it doesn't have maps or the internet on this little mobile device. However it does have everything that you may actually NEED and use and not charge anymore to your account every month just for checking your emails erratically. The Main menu: The main menu shows up 9 icons; My files settings contacts organiser and tools camera entertainment browsing calls messages. Obviously this is all you need for a phone. Messages\; You are able to send text messages mms messages and apparently emails. I have attempted to send an email but it had always failed to connect to my email provider in order to do this, therefore don't quote me on this aspect of the phone. The messaging part is pretty good. You can have predictive text which i really just find annoying and therefore have changed the settings so that i can have the ABC feature in order to say what I want and not what the phone tells me i want to say. There are messaging settings which ...

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) 02/01/2010

Powerforce! Powering up to XL

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) At this point in his career Mr Evans is seeing to be doing rather well for himself. This particular showing of his 2005 XL tour is held in Cardiff. As usual he is able to connect with the audience in order to grip their attention and make them laugh so hard that they piss themselves. I was recently given this fun-filled product as a Christmas present of 2009. Now, since this DVD was released there have been others of Evan’s comedy stand up shows (Look back to my review on Lee Evan’s Big Live in O2.) I certainly watched this tour in awe, I wasn’t particularly sure on what to expect. However, I knew one thing for certain… He was going to be good. I think this DVD release was the one that actually sparked the fuse on Lee Evan’s fame. Although he was famous before with the amount of publicity he received with this tour DVD this was certainly the one to make him big. Why, I feel as though it was only yesterday I was sat in the classroom twiddling my hair, when this dude came up to me and showed my this particular DVD and literally said ‘This Bloke (and pointed to the DVD) Is amazing!”, However, I never really believed it until I saw it with my own eyes. This particular DVD talks about many different points in his life, in day to day life, however, I know one thing is for certain, if you have a similar sense of humour to mine you will think that this DVD is the cat’s pyjamas. One particular moment that I will credit Evan on, is how he seems to make sense with all of his ...

Sparkleshark - Philip Ridley 24/10/2009

Beautiful, But not beautiful enough, the script of Sparkleshark!

Sparkleshark - Philip Ridley Sparkleshark is a play whichis written by known playwright Phillip Ridley. Based in on a rooftop in East London, the play beings together kids from all sort of friendship groups in order to make up a story. The play was made in the early 90’s. I recently came across this play when working in my local theatrical group, the play consists of a number of characters: Polly- the nice one with the naff surface. Wishes to keep the peace. Engages all the characters into the story telling. (15years old) Jake- the ‘geek’ the one with the imagination however, leaves his story for someone else…(14) Russell- the ‘turbodreambabe’ the ‘hottie’ of the lot. (The one all the girls fancy- apart from Polly.) (15) Carol- ‘the wannabe’ always copies Natasha, has something for Russell and makes it obvious. (14) Natasha- the ‘glam one’ Polly’s ‘fashion mentor’. Shane’s ex. Buzz and Speed: These two are Russell’s slaves as it were, does everything for them and supports them. (14) Shane: The depressed one, the ‘emo’ of the lot. Went out with Natasha, doesn’t say a lot. (16) Finn- Polly’s ‘baby’ brother, even though he is huge and very strong, stinks and is strong- but doesn’t talk proper English. (14) The play has a feel-good attitude to it and gives across the message that all children can get on with each other. No matter what social group they are in or how old they are. Jake writes story’s with Polly finds incredibly magical and is sort of attracted to him ... 20/10/2009

All abord The train line! My friends and I decided to go to Cardiff to see the Dr Who exhibition, well… I decided to drag them there. So as soon as we decided when we wanted to go I decided to look at train prices etc. I looked at various other sites such as and many others. However, I actually decided to buy the tickets off of this site. Simply because they gave me the cheapest options! I was able to put in search options for the actual day I wanted to go, which was 4th November 2009. The site actually told me which times would be the cheapest for me, and I was happy to see that the site accepted my railcard, whereas the national rail didn’t. I clicked the times I wanted and made sure that I then got the right stations etc, I then went to book the tickets. I thought that a return fare from Salisbury to Cardiff for £11 was incredibly amazing! So I booked it! Incredibly easy to book! Although I did have to register my details with the site, which is a tad bit annoying but there again it means that If I wish to use the service again then I can! I booked the tickets a mere 2 weeks in advance, booked them on the Sunday and they arrived on the Tuesday! When I booked the tickets they gave me an option on how I would like to receive the tickets. If I was travelling within a short time there is an option where I can pick them up at the railway station that you are leaving from, just make sure that you have the card you paid them with! Otherwise there may be a bit of a tiny problem. The ...

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Bags 20/10/2009

Oi Polly- Put the kettle on! We want a cuppa tea!

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Bags Ok, so- it’s 5pm, I’ve just come home from a very long day at work. First things first- the kettle goes on. Awaiting the boiling of the kettle I then do my normal aftershift abseiling, metaphorically speaking. Now, I must say- I do like my tea. I’m an English bird when it comes to tea. Although I do like coffee too, if this has any play in the argument at all. That’s if anyone moans at all. The ‘mixing’ process The kettle’s boiled teabag and milk in cup; come on hot water. As soon as the water is poured into the cup I can see the browney redish (is it me or is the colour of tea kind of unknown? liquid mixing with my semi-skimmed milk. Already the aroma of the full English tea was brewing, so I go and place myself on the sofa with my feet up. It’s funny to see what impact a cup of tea actually has on you. the extra info Ok, so it tastes like tea. It's hard to say how that tastes- erm, it leaves a slight tingle, not bitter neither sweet. Erm, hot. Ok, so this tastes like regular pgtips but a little bit stronger and creamier. That's all I can say! Twinings, darling. I believe that the blokes of Twinings have come a long way since opening their own tea house in 1706. When people think of them they are usually being assosiated with making the different cup of tea such as the ‘Lady Grey’. However, it seems as though they fancied a change! And as a twining follower myself I certainly like the change! I think that it is good to see they have made a tea product that can suit ... 09/10/2009

You're wrong- it's not Moonpig! SO! Hallmark online, eh? Introducing!!! Well, as soon as I saw this was Product of the week I opened up a new tab on my internet browser and typed in the web address. I was automatically met with pictures of cards which can be personalised… Moon pig gone mad? Well, it’s obviously NOT moon pig, however, I can’t help but notice that is copying the idea a bit with personalisation cards. But there again, I don’t know who did this first- was it Moon pig or was it Hallmark? I certainly know that Hallmark have been around for much longer. Dealing with our everyday needs when it comes to those moments where you might have forgotten your wife’s birthday (note to many, don’t try that at home). So, what do they do? Erm, well they do Cards, for all sorts of occasions; including Birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Christmas cards- including those ones that you always say you will send like a picture of you and your loved ones (like in friends). I was actually surprised to find that they do e-cards. Alright then- how much will it cost me? For just one card, the smallest you can get costs about £1.95 Regular: £2.90, large: £5.80. Now unlike in the shop I had realised that when you buy more cards the price doesn’t come to what it should do! So, this must mean one thing- you get discounts for buying more! Genius, eh? If only everything else that you buy worked out like that! Although, I think they may make up the money by post and packaging which of course isn’t ...

Dove Burst Bodywash 22/09/2009

The God they called....Dove

Dove Burst Bodywash Introducing Dove BodyBurst! And as we can see Dove has surprised us, yet again with another fabulous product which makes us feel good about ourselves. Even on our fat days- and admit it girls, we ALL get them… I have been using the Dove brand for a while. Well, I say I’m been using it but I never purchase it, I usually just nick my mother’s shower gels. So this one must be PRETTY special for me to go and buy it… Where do I get me one of they? I recently purchased this product from my local boots. I bought it for just under two quid and what a two quid well spent! I got this product cheaper as it was an introduction offer, sort of thing. This product comes in a nifty sized 250 ml bottle which is a hard bottle so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when squeezing out the last few drops. It doesn’t have a hook so you can hang it up- but what brands do that these days apart from the occasional Radox ones and lets face it, we wouldn’t use it even if it did- well… I wouldn’t. Who would use it? Well as they say on the adverts- Beauty has no age. Therefore I assume that a person of any age can use it. Although I wouldn’t recommend young kiddies use it, or it being used on babies. They have their own brands- stick to them. I say this because I feel that the fragrance may be a bit too overpowering for them and if you’re trying to get them to sleep then having them move and smell strongly of nectarine that won’t work so well. However, the dove label is aimed at ...

Nestlé Kit Kat White Chocolate 17/09/2009


Nestlé Kit Kat White Chocolate Introduction Well, here we are yet again talking about an old childhood classic chocolate bar being- made-over as it were. Now instead of this old time fav having a tempting milk chocolate coating they have now gone and put something more irresistible on, this would be the white chocolate coating. This product could just be summed up into one word: Yummmmmy. However, I’m going to expand on this a bit. The Bar itself With the wafer crispness in the inside and the smooth, melts in your mouth white chocolate coating i think only one thing is left to be said: Kit Kat you done it again. I know I’m going on about the white chocolate being the bee's knees, and all that but I’m talking from a perspective that prefers white chocolate to any other. As soon as you unwrap the little fingers from it's enclosed space the aroma of light white creamy chocolate entices you, this is the moment when you know it's too late- you can't turn back. Nothing will get in your path- and you must eat those two crispy fingers (I am obviously talking about the two finger packs, if you hadn't already established that). The white creaminess inside the bar coinciding with the wafers is absolutely divine and the wafer biscuits were indeed as crisp as biscuits should be. So, what sort of audience is this for? Well, all sort of ages really. I think this sort of chocolate bar could be given to a small child, or even possibly to a baby, obviously is its well mashed up. White chocolate is ...

Acer Extensa 5220-051G08Mi 15/09/2009

Acer Laptop, power not to the top.

Acer Extensa 5220-051G08Mi I purchased my laptop at Christmas via the Park catalogue, it arrived in November 2008. Since then I have used this for my work, entertainment and job seeking. It’s a pretty basic laptop if you ask me, well I may be a tad bit off of hand here as this is indeed my first laptop, therefore I have no other experiences on how other laptops work- but I’m gunna give a review a try all the same which may be a bit tricky, so iff this isn’t to your liking- I did warn you. Memory I feel that the storage is very poor, with only 80 GB which is divided into two sections, one of which is almost impossible to get to the other contains everything that keeps the laptop working. I feel that this is not enough. It’s not good for those that use the laptop for entertainment purposes. For example, I used to have loads of memory left however, after I installed Sims 3, this was not the case. Meaning that I now have to buy an external hard drive because of the lack of memory. I know many of you will say this is your own fault for installing the game on, however, I feel that a laptop is made for all purposes, meaning that it should have a good amount of memory on. Battery Life I feel that the battery life is pretty good with an average of 2 hours once fully charged, however it never lasts 2 hours. The good thing about it is you can charge it while you are using it- I understand that with some other laptops this can be a bit of a problem, however with this one it is perfectly fine. One thing I ...
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