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Something Nice - Andrew Lawston 10/05/2012

This is indeed something very very nice.

Flymo Venturer 320 09/04/2011

The Normal trim?

Russell Hobbs 15082 09/04/2011

Oi, Polly- give us a cuppa'

Milky Way Magic Stars 06/01/2011

The stars that are made of pure Magic!

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel 03/01/2011

Clean clear and under control, Advantage spot gel!

Samsung L810 Steel 29/12/2010

Not as strong as steel, but samsung is good.

Vodafone 527 22/08/2010

The perfecty back up phone.

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) 02/01/2010

Powerforce! Powering up to XL

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) At this point in his career Mr Evans is seeing to be doing rather well for himself. This particular showing of his 2005 XL tour is held in Cardiff. As usual he is able to connect with the audience in order to grip their attention and make them laugh so hard that they piss themselves. I was recently given this fun-filled product as a Christmas present of 2009. Now, since this DVD was released there have been others of Evan’s comedy stand up shows (Look back to my review on Lee Evan’s Big Live in O2.) I certainly watched this tour in awe, I wasn’t particularly sure on what to expect. However, I knew one thing for certain… He was going to be good. I think this DVD release was the one that actually sparked the fuse on Lee Evan’s fame. Although he was famous before with the amount of publicity he received with this tour DVD this was certainly the one to make him big. Why, I feel as though it was only yesterday I was sat in the classroom twiddling my hair, when this dude came up to me and showed my this particular DVD and literally said ‘This Bloke (and pointed to the DVD) Is amazing!”, However, I never really believed it until I saw it with my own eyes. This particular DVD talks about many different points in his life, in day to day life, however, I know one thing is for certain, if you have a similar sense of humour to mine you will think that this DVD is the cat’s pyjamas. One particular moment that I will credit Evan on, is how he seems to make sense with all of his ...

Sparkleshark - Philip Ridley 24/10/2009

Beautiful, But not beautiful enough, the script of Sparkleshark!

Sparkleshark - Philip Ridley Sparkleshark is a play whichis written by known playwright Phillip Ridley. Based in on a rooftop in East London, the play beings together kids from all sort of friendship groups in order to make up a story. The play was made in the early 90’s. I recently came across this play when working in my local theatrical group, the play consists of a number of characters: Polly- the nice one with the naff surface. Wishes to keep the peace. Engages all the characters into the story telling. (15years old) Jake- the ‘geek’ the one with the imagination however, leaves his story for someone else…(14) Russell- the ‘turbodreambabe’ the ‘hottie’ of the lot. (The one all the girls fancy- apart from Polly.) (15) Carol- ‘the wannabe’ always copies Natasha, has something for Russell and makes it obvious. (14) Natasha- the ‘glam one’ Polly’s ‘fashion mentor’. Shane’s ex. Buzz and Speed: These two are Russell’s slaves as it were, does everything for them and supports them. (14) Shane: The depressed one, the ‘emo’ of the lot. Went out with Natasha, doesn’t say a lot. (16) Finn- Polly’s ‘baby’ brother, even though he is huge and very strong, stinks and is strong- but doesn’t talk proper English. (14) The play has a feel-good attitude to it and gives across the message that all children can get on with each other. No matter what social group they are in or how old they are. Jake writes story’s with Polly finds incredibly magical and is sort of attracted to him ... 20/10/2009

All abord The train line! My friends and I decided to go to Cardiff to see the Dr Who exhibition, well… I decided to drag them there. So as soon as we decided when we wanted to go I decided to look at train prices etc. I looked at various other sites such as and many others. However, I actually decided to buy the tickets off of this site. Simply because they gave me the cheapest options! I was able to put in search options for the actual day I wanted to go, which was 4th November 2009. The site actually told me which times would be the cheapest for me, and I was happy to see that the site accepted my railcard, whereas the national rail didn’t. I clicked the times I wanted and made sure that I then got the right stations etc, I then went to book the tickets. I thought that a return fare from Salisbury to Cardiff for £11 was incredibly amazing! So I booked it! Incredibly easy to book! Although I did have to register my details with the site, which is a tad bit annoying but there again it means that If I wish to use the service again then I can! I booked the tickets a mere 2 weeks in advance, booked them on the Sunday and they arrived on the Tuesday! When I booked the tickets they gave me an option on how I would like to receive the tickets. If I was travelling within a short time there is an option where I can pick them up at the railway station that you are leaving from, just make sure that you have the card you paid them with! Otherwise there may be a bit of a tiny problem. The ...

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Bags 20/10/2009

Oi Polly- Put the kettle on! We want a cuppa tea!

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Bags Ok, so- it’s 5pm, I’ve just come home from a very long day at work. First things first- the kettle goes on. Awaiting the boiling of the kettle I then do my normal aftershift abseiling, metaphorically speaking. Now, I must say- I do like my tea. I’m an English bird when it comes to tea. Although I do like coffee too, if this has any play in the argument at all. That’s if anyone moans at all. The ‘mixing’ process The kettle’s boiled teabag and milk in cup; come on hot water. As soon as the water is poured into the cup I can see the browney redish (is it me or is the colour of tea kind of unknown? liquid mixing with my semi-skimmed milk. Already the aroma of the full English tea was brewing, so I go and place myself on the sofa with my feet up. It’s funny to see what impact a cup of tea actually has on you. the extra info Ok, so it tastes like tea. It's hard to say how that tastes- erm, it leaves a slight tingle, not bitter neither sweet. Erm, hot. Ok, so this tastes like regular pgtips but a little bit stronger and creamier. That's all I can say! Twinings, darling. I believe that the blokes of Twinings have come a long way since opening their own tea house in 1706. When people think of them they are usually being assosiated with making the different cup of tea such as the ‘Lady Grey’. However, it seems as though they fancied a change! And as a twining follower myself I certainly like the change! I think that it is good to see they have made a tea product that can suit ... 09/10/2009

You're wrong- it's not Moonpig! SO! Hallmark online, eh? Introducing!!! Well, as soon as I saw this was Product of the week I opened up a new tab on my internet browser and typed in the web address. I was automatically met with pictures of cards which can be personalised… Moon pig gone mad? Well, it’s obviously NOT moon pig, however, I can’t help but notice that is copying the idea a bit with personalisation cards. But there again, I don’t know who did this first- was it Moon pig or was it Hallmark? I certainly know that Hallmark have been around for much longer. Dealing with our everyday needs when it comes to those moments where you might have forgotten your wife’s birthday (note to many, don’t try that at home). So, what do they do? Erm, well they do Cards, for all sorts of occasions; including Birthdays, weddings, Halloween, Christmas cards- including those ones that you always say you will send like a picture of you and your loved ones (like in friends). I was actually surprised to find that they do e-cards. Alright then- how much will it cost me? For just one card, the smallest you can get costs about £1.95 Regular: £2.90, large: £5.80. Now unlike in the shop I had realised that when you buy more cards the price doesn’t come to what it should do! So, this must mean one thing- you get discounts for buying more! Genius, eh? If only everything else that you buy worked out like that! Although, I think they may make up the money by post and packaging which of course isn’t ...

Dove Burst Bodywash 22/09/2009

The God they called....Dove

Dove Burst Bodywash Introducing Dove BodyBurst! And as we can see Dove has surprised us, yet again with another fabulous product which makes us feel good about ourselves. Even on our fat days- and admit it girls, we ALL get them… I have been using the Dove brand for a while. Well, I say I’m been using it but I never purchase it, I usually just nick my mother’s shower gels. So this one must be PRETTY special for me to go and buy it… Where do I get me one of they? I recently purchased this product from my local boots. I bought it for just under two quid and what a two quid well spent! I got this product cheaper as it was an introduction offer, sort of thing. This product comes in a nifty sized 250 ml bottle which is a hard bottle so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when squeezing out the last few drops. It doesn’t have a hook so you can hang it up- but what brands do that these days apart from the occasional Radox ones and lets face it, we wouldn’t use it even if it did- well… I wouldn’t. Who would use it? Well as they say on the adverts- Beauty has no age. Therefore I assume that a person of any age can use it. Although I wouldn’t recommend young kiddies use it, or it being used on babies. They have their own brands- stick to them. I say this because I feel that the fragrance may be a bit too overpowering for them and if you’re trying to get them to sleep then having them move and smell strongly of nectarine that won’t work so well. However, the dove label is aimed at ...

Nestlé Kit Kat White Chocolate 17/09/2009


Acer Extensa 5220-051G08Mi 15/09/2009

Acer Laptop, power not to the top.

Acer Extensa 5220-051G08Mi I purchased my laptop at Christmas via the Park catalogue, it arrived in November 2008. Since then I have used this for my work, entertainment and job seeking. It’s a pretty basic laptop if you ask me, well I may be a tad bit off of hand here as this is indeed my first laptop, therefore I have no other experiences on how other laptops work- but I’m gunna give a review a try all the same which may be a bit tricky, so iff this isn’t to your liking- I did warn you. Memory I feel that the storage is very poor, with only 80 GB which is divided into two sections, one of which is almost impossible to get to the other contains everything that keeps the laptop working. I feel that this is not enough. It’s not good for those that use the laptop for entertainment purposes. For example, I used to have loads of memory left however, after I installed Sims 3, this was not the case. Meaning that I now have to buy an external hard drive because of the lack of memory. I know many of you will say this is your own fault for installing the game on, however, I feel that a laptop is made for all purposes, meaning that it should have a good amount of memory on. Battery Life I feel that the battery life is pretty good with an average of 2 hours once fully charged, however it never lasts 2 hours. The good thing about it is you can charge it while you are using it- I understand that with some other laptops this can be a bit of a problem, however with this one it is perfectly fine. One thing I ...
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