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since 11/10/2005


Sunkist 30/01/2008

So what exactly was sun kissed here then?

A Fish Called Wanda (DVD) 16/08/2007

Wandaful, Wandaful Comedy....

Zanussi-Electrolux ZNB 3450 28/06/2007

Keeping Cool And Looking Good....

Zanussi-Electrolux ZNB 3450 After making do with a small under the counter fridge with a tiny freezer compartment for twenty years while raising five children, my parents waited until this year, when it is just themselves in the house and me when I’m here on holidays from uni, (but that may be a while now that I’ve finally finished, depending how the old jobsearches go) to go and invest in a lovely new big fridge freezer. And making do it was too, in it’s declining years, there was a knack you had to learn as to opening the freezer compartment without making the handle fall off. And when you did get it open you discovered that half of the tiny volume was occupied by the accumulated frost anyway so whatever you were planning to put in wouldn’t fit. But that was the price my mother paid for having to have a fridge which fitted snugly under the kitchen workbench and could have the matching door attached to allow it to blend in with the surrounding cupboards. It did the job for those twenty odd years but now as my parents are themselves in their twilight years, bending down to find out what was making that funny smell in the bottom of the fridge was becoming more and more difficult, the old aches and pains are catching up with them. And so it was with much glee that me and my brother took my mother off to Currys about a year or so ago to buy a new fridge freezer, with the only essential being the fridge should be on the top to minimise the necessity for bending over to have a rummage for a midnight ...

Zooplus 18/06/2007

Zooplus gets an A plus!

Top 10 Chat Up Lines 06/04/2007

The Idiots guide to landing a lady

Lexmark X5250 01/04/2007

All-in-One, All-in-All Okay...

Belkin Wireless G Plus Notebook Card Network adapter 01/04/2007

Where's the wires then....

Belkin Wireless G Plus Notebook Card Network adapter So here I go again with another review of a technological product which in today’s ever evolving world will no longer be needed, as every laptop made now seems to have built-in Wi-Fi capability. However if like me you paid a substantial amount of money for a laptop a few years back, and it serves all of your needs ably still and should continue to do so for some years to come then you may feel the need to get into the burgeoning wireless age which is currently encroaching upon us. The necessity for me to go wireless stemmed from the fact that my room is positioned so far from the nearest telephone socket. To run a wire from my mothers’ bedroom all the way to my desk was a dodgy proposition, firstly because of the considerable distance and secondly because it would have involved lifting loads of carpets or running it mazily across doorframes and the logistics of such an operation had me and my brother flummoxed. So we thought we’d go down the ol’ wireless route, cutting them pesky wires out of the equation. So we got in our BT broadband wireless router and connected it all up via the Ethernet cable first off to get connected to the network. Once that was completed, (not the easiest of tasks due to the pathetic customer services of BT refusing to do anything about my lack of signal until I made threats to get my local MP involved, another example that idle threats get you everywhere) the next stage of the operation was to get connected in my room with no wires at all. My old ...

Corpus Christi College, Oxford 31/03/2007

My Wee College

Corpus Christi College, Oxford I have been a student at Corpus Christi College for just under four years now, studying Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. I am now entering my final term and as such should really be studying instead of spending this much time on ciao; but I think I'd like to write about the place whilst my experiences of it are fresh in my mind and I think now the end is sight I'm getting a little nostalgic for it already. So I thought I'd put down my opinions of it now while the idea is still in my head. I hope it can be of benefit to those who may be thinking of applying to Oxford and are unsure of what the atmosphere would be or which college they should go for. Also I hope that some younger readers who may not have even thought of applying will think about doing so, you by no means have to be a genius to get in, some of the very thickest and stupidest people I've had the displeasure to meet, I met at Oxford and worryingly they did fine. I myself only applied at the last moment, the day before the deadline, cause a friend of mine had decided to apply. It's probably the luckiest thing that ever happened to me, as if I hadn't, I would have went to Queens, never thinking of what I had missed out on. I would have still had a great education I'm sure, I don't think that other universities are that much behind Oxford or Cambridge really, but the crazy mix of people I have met and the opportunities afforded to me have been so much more than I would have had in Belfast. I was the first in ...

MacArthur Park - Richard Harris 29/03/2007

They'll never have that recipe again...

MacArthur Park - Richard Harris It was whilst watching a documentary on the life of Richard Harris a few years ago that I first heard of MacArthur Park. I guess it is a largely forgotten novelty these days, with Harris being mainly remembered as an actor (unfortunately mainly for being Dumbledore when he had so many better roles. The album came about mainly from a slight to Harris when he auditioned for the role of King Arthur in Camelot opposite Julie Andrews on Broadway. He was told he couldn't sing and the role instead went to Richard Burton (another legend). Harris was annoyed by this and as such tried extra hard to claim the role for the 1967 movie Camelot, something he did and to no small acclaim. Although not the greatest of singers he could use his acting and oratorical skills to express great emotion in his voice. This is one of the lynchpins of this album, despite not having a mindblowing range, he can sing a love song like he really means it, and this is very necessary, because when you listen to the lyrics, at times you wonder how anyone had the courage to publish or indeed sing them. This is down to the much mocked and maligned writing skills of Jimmy Webb, who penned all the songs on this album. His main forte it seems to me was as a composer and the music is actually a very accomplished feature of the album, the string section constantly plucking at the heartstrings, like in all the great romantic movies of the sixties. You know what I mean. It also has some fantastic little experimental ...

reveals yourself in 100 questions... 28/03/2007

Become a cokane addict...

Cookworks MK17DOB 27/03/2007

Cookworks works, at half the price

Cookworks MK17DOB The Cookworks MK17DOB, for me, is a great example of how simple no fuss products can be well made for a small price without sacrificing quality. I often feel that with the larger name brands, their less expensive options are usually vastly inferior to their higher price models; the specifications being much reduced and the quality of design and materials used being less than satisfactory at times, usually breaking fairly soon. The larger companies seen to want to breed the notion that the quality of a product should correlate to it's price, hoping to reinforce the idea that you pay more, you get more. That's why as a student I have always ignored any big brand name electronics companies for the little things like kettles and toasters. I knew the ones I could stretch to afford would be rubbish anyhow. So I always stuck to the idea that I may as well go for the cheapest I could get and went down to Argos, and bought the cheapest they had. This is invariably Cookworks for kitchen appliances and when I made my first investment in a Cookworks kettle, I couldn't help feeling that even at the low, low price of a fiver, I was still getting ripped off. However, when I got it home, it did exactly what it was supposed to and never let me down for three years. No faults, no leaks, just a relatively fast working, reliable kettle. Lovely job. When I moved house I left the kettle where it was and I am assured it's still going strong. However when I returned a year later to accommodation ...

Werner Herzog Box Set Vol.1 (Box Set) (DVD) 23/07/2006

Kinski and Herzog, The Great German Double Act

Logik LDR1 29/12/2005

Logik... It Makes Sense.

Black Tie White Noise - David Bowie 22/12/2005

One For The Fans, Bowie Virgins Look Elsewhere!

Volkswagen Bora 1.9 S TDI 14/12/2005

A Golf With A Boot, It Can't Be Bad!

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