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Should smoking be banned in all public places? 23/11/2003

we pay tax on our fags

Should smoking be banned in all public places? well iam 35 year old female ,why shouldnt we smoke in public places we pay tax ,on our fags so why shouldnt we smoke where ever we want to.i have heard all the reasons why we shouldnt but what about the reasons why we should or be able to ,smoke where ever we please .we are the ones killing ourselfs ,but do pay a lot of tax on the fags,where would the tax office be with out us smokers, haha. i have ashma i know the risks iam taking but actaully a doctor told me to carry on smoking because i did give up for about 2 months , when i suffered one ashma attack after another it was the shock to my body that gave me the ashma attacks,so the doctor advice me to smoke about 5 aday ,thats like telling a child to take one sweet out of a big bag of sweets.iam i only smoking five a day? what do you think ,i smoke about 40 aday ,and making the tax office richer every day that i do smoke 40 aday ,and no i carnt really afford it ,so why do i do it ,why shouldnt i i dont drink ,i dont go out doors,because i have a phobia of going out.smoking does help me i suffer from deppression and have done for sometime smoking takes takes the edge of my nerves. but i have found the worse people to complain is people who have given up smoking,my sister used to smoke , and all i hear from her is dont smoke near me ,dont smoke in my house ,if she comes to my house do you have to smoke now. but i have a friend that has never smoked and it dosent bother her at all i could smoke anywhere near her ...

Member Advice on Separated Families 30/03/2003

Love and war between family's.

Member Advice on Separated Families I was 10 when my mother and father divorced. My father moved from Birmingham to north wales, i broke my heart . I Loved my dad very much more then my own mother. I had put up with so much abuse of her when my dad was at work.Those days we didn't have child help groups or any one we could phone, all tell, no one would of believed me. I lived mostly at my Gran's house, but my mother would always come back for me. When she needed house work done or something else. After she had locked me in the house at the age of 14 and went out to the club with her boyfriend and my younger sister, i ran away i jumped out of the bedroom window. I was heading for my Gran's house why i thought she will only come back for me. I had hid in a ally way there i cut my wrists i could see no way out.Some one had found me i went to the hospital .The nurse came in and said your mother is here ,i screamed and said if you let her in here i will pull out these stitches ,thats when i got help. They asked me about my dad ,i told them he lived in north wales ,they got in touch with him. He came up for me and took me to live with him. After a couple of years i missed my Gran moved back to live with her. It's been 26 years roughly since i have seen her or spoken to her. (MY MOTHER). Until last week when i received a letter from the salvation army asking me would i consider getting in touch with my mother. As she wanted contact and she had been trying to find me. I had agreed, what did she want after all ...

Everything that starts with G ... 07/01/2003

Gas fires that can kill.

Everything that starts with G ... Is it the flu? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Headaches,shivers,light headiness,dizziness,vomiting. I had all these symptoms at Christmas. I stayed cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket with my fire on ,nice and cosy with the lemsip.I only felt a bit better when i had to go out doors the fresh air great.As soon as i got back in front of that fire i felt worse. I have a dish with water in it under the fire.when i bent down to change the water i noticed the dust and thought to my self the flames are too orange it must need a clean.Then i noticed the colour around the fire place. It was like a staining.I bought some Carbon monoxide detectors a few months ago from Woolworth's for around £7.00. So i got one from under the kitchen cupboard and read the instructions put it up .With in 5 minutes the colour changed telling me i was been poisoned by carbon monoxide.called out the gas people.I then sought out medical advice from my doctor. I bought this testers but never put them up . What you think is the flu it might not be. Even if you notice some different colouring around the fire place could be telling you something. We all should be carefully, and get our fires checked. THE SIGNS: ~~~~~~~~~~ Flu like symptoms. Discolouring around your fire place. Orange flame (dust can cause a orange flame but still get it checked). ADVICE: ~~~~~~~ If you notice any of this things are the same with you check it out and seek medical advice.

Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X (PS2) 07/01/2003


Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X (PS2) Resident evil code x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ I bought this game at the price of £19.99. (I had the very first game resident evil a few years ago on the playstation).This game is far more harder better graphics, even the sound is good. But i must warn those who don't like blood and gore ,don't buy this game ,because there is a lot of blood and fighting in this game. THE GAME ~~~~~~~~ You play the character as Claire Redfield, you start the game in a prison cell, on a isolated island. She is looking for clue's to her brother's (Chris Redfeild)whereabouts.She gets some help later on in the game of Steve Burnside ,who seems a bit of a tearaway at times. Claire has to fight and kill the walking dead and solve lots of puzzles some hard and some easy.There are also bosses to kill. She is fighting against a corporation called umbrella. Who is to blame for the zombies that are walking around. I would have to say out of all the resident evil games this is the best because the 3d effects shows moving shadows, flicking lights. Real fmv cut-scenes(SHORT MOVIE CLIPS). You can even unlock hidden games and game modes even though i haven't found all the hidden game modes i know they are there, some where i saw my son do this game. My view ~~~~~~~ The game is made by capcom. recommended age on the game is 15 years old,but depending on your child ,i would carefully think about it i would say maybe 15 or 16.(you could always rent the game first) Graphics are first ...

Silent Hill (PlayStation) 31/12/2002


Silent Hill (PlayStation) SILENT HILL 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This game starts when James sunderland receives a letter from his dead wife.She has been dead for three years .The letter (says mary his dead wife) is waiting in their special place.Silent hill. So james must return to find the answers to many question's like how could he receive a letter from his dead wife. THE GAME ~~~~~~~~~ Action level. Beginner: you mainly get the storyline,drama and puzzles with some fighting(the book says without fighting but you do some fighting). Easy: very easy to fight monsters and simple controls Hard: this is hard still trying to get through.The monsters are stronger, faster. Riddle level. Easy: Riddles are very easy you also get hints to help you through the game Normal: Standard not hard but not easy. Hard: very very hard . Characters: ~~~~~~~~~ James, who is looking for answers. Maria, who looks like james dead wife. Mary, deceased wife of james. Angela, very strange girl. Eddie, very simple minded, Laura, cheeky little girl who knows a lot about James and mary. How i found the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ I found the graphics much better then the first silent hill game. They have added 3D graphics into this game with great sound effects. I bought the special 2 disc set .The first disc is the game .The second disc is the making of the silent hill game which includes trailers,maker biographies and much more. I bought this game second hand for £15.00 great value. The game is not ...

Are monarchy and democracy incompatible? 17/12/2002


Are monarchy and democracy incompatible? This is a hard one do we need a royal family?. All they seem to do is have long holidays aboard.Make long speeches, do we even listen to the speeches? ,i don't.When the queen came to wales a few months ago i was put out because i couldn't get to do my shopping as the roads was blocked.But i found my self stood right by the railings talking to others who was waiting to see her .What the hell, i might as well see what all the fuss is about. I waited and blow me there she was she got out of her car came over shook peoples hands only those hands that held out flowers. What what about the people that didn't have flowers they were lucky to get the royal wave.Well sorry queenie but you will not find me waiting in queues again for hours .I know it made a lot of people that day happy to see her ,but why ?what has she done for this county.Ok she makes rules for the houses of common but what does she know about normal everyday lives.She has everything done for her she doesn't have to worry about where her next meal is coming from. When have we seen her go up to a homeless person or a person that is down and out .The real queen was lady DIANA know that is what you call a real queen she would help the normal everyday person .She even shook hands with people who had aids would the queen? (don't think so). Yes i do think we should have a royal family but they need to think more and act more .If they where to follow lady di shoes ,then we could perhaps praise them. ...

Member advice on Asthma 17/12/2002


Member advice on Asthma Asthma is a condition that affects your breathing. One of signs is wheezing .The muscles in the walls of small air passages to the lungs tighten up so much it is hard to breath. Asthma can be triggered by house dust, pollution in the air caused by fumes from cars or factory's.It can also be triggered by dog or cat hair .Also by duck feathers in pillows or you could have a nervous asthma where attacks can accrue from your nerves.It has been known for some foods to trigger attacks. I have had asthma since i was 16 years of age it just came on me out of the blue .Different things can trigger me off ,and yes i still panic when i have one of this attacks. It really does feel like you are choking you can breath in but it is hard to breath out you gasp for air .(very frighting in deed). If you have asthma you will use a inhaler there are a number of different ones there is blue ,green,brown yellow,red ones . I have a blue one and brown and green. Basically you can not go anywhere without one of this as they are your life savers. The blue one is called a ventolin inhaler(salbutamol). The ventolin is a aerosol spray that you need to inhale,though your mouth where it needs to reach your lungs.Each puff provides 100 micrograms of active drug to relax the muscles in the walls of the small air passages into the lungs.The ventolin will open up the air ways and helps to stop the tightness and wheezing. DOSAGE ADULTS one to two puffs to relieve symptoms of wheezing ...

Member Advice on Self-harm 17/12/2002

self harming to suicide

Member Advice on Self-harm What is self harming?. Self harming is a way of releasing guilt,anger,sorrow,feeling useless,and just feeling alone.I have taken overdoses in the past ,i have lost count of how many.I have also cut my self a couple of times ,why ,my-be guilt and feeling useless and at times very sad . It is very hard at times for anyone feeling like this to ask for help.I really don't know why it is hard to ask.But i found the courage to go to my doctors few months ago in tears and asking for help i told my doctor how i felt very suicidal. She asked why do i feel like that ,"i don't know". My doctor asked where was all my tablets?. Because of what i had done in the past my boyfriend keeps them and only gives me the required dose daily.So i told her he is still in charge of them ,my be thats why i went to the doctors because when you are so down and now where to turn to or talk to thats when i usually end up feeling like this. So my-be thats why i ended up at the doctors because couldn't get any tablets. THE OUTCOME. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The doctor suggested i saw a social worker i agreed but i didn't think it would help. I find it hard to open up to any one.She talked to me and suggested i saw another doctor from the mental health team.What am i mad i asked ,no she replied ,he will be able to help .Believe it or not still waiting to see him (it's been 4 months now). SIGNS TO LOOK OUT FOR. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ 1. Some one that is depressed. 2. They will start to collect tablets and ...

Member Advice on Home Study 15/12/2002

not been able to read and write

Member Advice on Home Study I went to school in birmingham. I hated it i never enjoyed school,i would never learn or listen,i would miss days at a time then days turned into weeks.I would copy work form friends books asked my friends to do my form filling etc. My mother didn't care if i went or not, she used to keep me off school so i could help her around the house. I left school at the age of 14 because i had moved to wales and didn't bother to go to school. At the age of 18 i had my son.You see i could not read or write i knew a few words like cat, dog, bus, but i bluffed my way though for years getting friends or family to read letters and to fill out forms.I tried and gave up .When my son got to the age of 7 he asked me to help him with his home work i looked at it didn't have a clue .I shouted and said i haven't got the time I'm to busy wait till your dad comes home.I went into the kitchen and cried it wasn't his fault.So the next day i went to the library and looked at books took books out and started to learn all over again .One day while sitting in the library a friend came in saw what book i was reading a child's book . I said i was getting it for my son ,but some how she knew and said you can't read can you .no i replied and she helped me though it .As you can tell i now can read and write.As you can probably tell i still make mistakes but it has been nine -10 years now since learning to read and write . I love reading and writing now.I know should not off left it for so long ,but i ...

Everything that starts with F ... 13/12/2002

everthing that starts with f

Everything that starts with F ... Everything that starts with f: For me it has to be fish . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ I was given a fish tank, just the glass tank no lid. So what do i do know?. I have never had fish before. I knew i needed a pump ,under gravel filter, gravel,a heater if i was going to keep topical fish. I bought: a heater £15.00, pump £13.00 under water filter £4.00, gravel ,£2.20 air stones £1.80,a castle £2.99,plants £5.00(not real one's),Light( for the home made lid)£14.00. So i set everything up it was now ready for the fish. So i bought:1 Sucking Loach,2 Neons 2 Black Widows,1 Scissortail, 4 Serpae Tetra, 5 White Cloud Minnows,1 Red Tailed Shark, 2 Glow Tails, 1 White Molly. Placed the fish in the tank ( not all at once gradually).Within a week the water had gone cloudy it was hard to see the fish, so i went to the pet shop asked them why is it going cloudy. I was over feeding them, on the tub it says feed 2-3 times a day ,the lady said yes that's because the makers wants you to buy more and more. She said i needed some filter aid £2.99. I used the filter aid and it did clear.Within a couple of days my 2 Neons where dead.Then the loach jumped out and killed himself. At this point i got some advice, have you put some tap safe in the water?. No i haven't . so i bought some tap safe £1.39. I did a water change added the tap safe cleaned the tank. Fish look happy now ,until i spotted the white spot on them ,back to the pet shop bought the lotion £2.99. Now feeling it on my purse, ...

My Dream In Life 12/12/2002

My dream in life.

My Dream In Life Well where shall i start. Ok here goes my dream is that i could be happy for christmas day.As i put up the christmas decorations ,i watch the lights twinkle,i then place a wooden letter J on the tree .The letter j is for jonathon my son who is 17 this year, and then i realise he will spend christmas with his dad, what is the use of me having christmas .I used to love christmas getting all the presents together placing them at the tree watching my son open his presents on christmas day. I haven't had my son for christmas for 4 years now,not since my marriage broke down.My son lives with his dad i gave the choice to my son and he wanted to live with his dad and i let him go it was the hardest thing i ever had to do.So i think that is the dream i would love to come true, have my son for christmas watch him open his presents play games have dinner eat sweets watch films.Even writing this is bringing a tear to my eyes. For me christmas used to mean a lot because you have christmas day then boxing day is my birthday then on the 28th is my sons birthday so i also miss out on his birthday. If I'm lucky might see him in feb i hope . I will make the most of christmas at least i can spoil my partner. WELL I WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. sORRY IF THERE ANY SPELLING MISTAKES . ...

Apex AD1100 11/12/2002


Apex AD1100 INTRODUCTION ************* This dvd player will allow you to enjoy full-length motion pictures with"at-the-movies" picture cinema quality sound.This player also supports cd, and mp3. This player also has several unique features, including an s-video output(for greater picture clarity). Parental control (to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content),and kodak picture cd compatibility (so you can show photos on your t.v). The dvd comes with remote control. RCA cables(1 each in yellow,red,and white). AD-1100WB Owner's manual. 2 AAA batteries. scart lead. Functions on the remote control: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ 1. Power 2. Number keys 3. Shift 4. Volume 5. Ttle 6. Subtitle 7. Audio 8. Previous skip 9. Rewind 10. Play/enter/stop 11. Zoom 12. Repeat 13. Slow 14. Dsplay 15. Open /close draw 16. Set up 17. Menu 18. Goto 19 Mute 20.Forward 21. Forward skip 22. Pause/step 23. Shuffle 24. Angle 25. Program 26. Direction keys Specifications ~~~~~~~~~ Power supply AC230V~ 50Hz Power consumption 20VA Mass 3.0 kg External dimensions 320x81x320 mm(W/H/D) Signal system MULTI/NTSC/PAL Laser semiconductor laser, wavelengh 650 nm STYLE ~~~~ Plain looking it has not got any digital display.The colour is silver. What happened to me *************** ***** I couldn't believe my eyes.DVD PLAYER £69.99.With a three year guarantee.If you have any problems they say money back or ...

Martian Gothic: Unification (PlayStation) 31/10/2002


Martian Gothic: Unification (PlayStation) MARTIAN GOTHIC UNIFICATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ In 11.000BC: A Martian meteorite crashes into the Antarctic ice. 1984: Martian meteorite labelled ALH 84001 discovered in Antarctica. 1996: NASA announces the existence of alien microfossils in meteorite ALH84001: 2009: First manned mission to Mars.Establishment of vita 1 base to investigate Martian bacterial life. August 8,2018:last message from vita 1 base:"If you send a manned craft, warn the crew to stay alone.Stay alive." The story so far ~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 17,2019: A Deadly Game Begins........... A three-member investigative team lands on Mars and derelict Vita 1 base, each going in by a different airlock, obeying the secondary mission directive; 'Stay Alone'.They are prepared, at worst ,to confront the aftermath of a bacterial outbreak, but what they find inside the base is the stuff of ancient nightmares............... ... WHAT I THOUGHT OF THIS GAME. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I bought this game while i was in asda i wanted something different from the games i usually play.I liked the look of the case and the story on the back of the case. The game is just like resident evil ,but it is set on Mars. You really do need to use your brain on this game.Plenty of puzzles for you to work out. It took me about 3 weeks to work it out and complete. I paid £7.00 for this game well worth the money. Plenty of things for you to work out. I found the game hard, but i enjoyed it. You have to play all ...

Temazepam 20/10/2002

The real truth of sleeping pills.

Temazepam THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT SLEEPING PILLS I have been on temazespam for about 4 years now,i can not do with out them i have to take two each night sometimes more.They are very additive .I have asked my doctor for help to get of them he said"to do that i would have to give you another additive drug and i want do that ".I couldn't believe my ears i am addicted to a drug and he more or less told he could do nothing, well i have found some info about sleeping pills read on if you dare. INSOMNIA Is hard to conquer, when you have lost the ability to sleep of your own accord.You lie awake for hours ,counting sheep,tossing and turning pounding the bedroom floor. I know i'm still like this even though i take 2 to 3 tablets a night.The cause of insomnia is worrying so your brain is still active worrying about your fears ,what you did yesterday etc. Try and relax, i know it is not easy but you must try. If you are worrying the brain keeps on working it will not shut down ,that is what stops you from sleeping.YES the tablets will help but in the end they will cause many more problems. SIDE-EFFECTS 1.Indigestion 2.Lowered resistance to infection 3.Circulatory & respiratory problems 4.Poor appetite 5.High blood pressure 6.Kidney & liver problems, and 7.Mental confusion. MY ADVICE IS: All sleeping pills should only be taken for a couple of weeks.I now suffer from high blood pressure bruising to my legs and arms caused through these drugs and yes even ...

Member Advice on Depression 20/10/2002


Member Advice on Depression Symptoms of Depression ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ 1Persistent sadness or unhappiness. 2.Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities . 3.Irritability . 4.Sudden change in appetite. 5.Disruption of normal sleep pattern . 6.Physical discomfort. 7.Difficulty thinking or concentrating . 8.Thoughts of suicide or death. 9.Exhaustion 10.Low self-image 11.Destructive self-criticism 12.Shame 13.Guilt 14.Manic behaviour I will be honest the 14 signs above i have copied these from a site,( don't know the person who wrote the signs to look out for, but i would love to thank him or her for writting about the signs to look out for. To try and help those reconise the signs as i only have about 10 of these signs.I have found the site very helpful . I have been a suffer from depression for a very long time, continuing to suffer from sadness guilt,attempting suicide on a good few occasions, is it a cry for help? did i mean to try and kill my self? i don't honestly know,but i do still get thoughts of killing myself.Iknow it a chemical imbalance in my brain. Its the imbalance thats can cause depression in most of us.Even sad events can cause depression .most of us at some stage in our lives have suffered from some sought of depression .Some of us will suffer more then others.Anti depression tablets can help but some will cause side affects. If you or member of your family start to show any of the signs above(THAT I HAVE ...
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