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Emirates Airlines - UAE 05/04/2006

emirates-the way to go!

Emirates Airlines - UAE I recently flew from London to Brisbane using Emirates Airlines. My first choice for airline would always have been Virgin but I was unable to get a flight directly to Brisbane with them so looked for alternatives. Emirates offer an admirable selection of flights to Australia and frequently go from Heathrow. However I managed to find a flight from Gatwick with them which was more suitable for me. From check in to destination arrival , I have to say I was very very impressed with them. The good points I have listed below 1. All the ground and airline staff were friendly and approacable 2. Efficiancy at check in and through transfer/connections was excellent 3. Although travelling in economy class I found the seating to be particularly favourable and more roomy than other airlines I have flown. 4. Planes were clean and well presented and the food choice was excellent and jolly tasty. A choice was given on the menu and I can honestly say I have never been fed so much by an airline in my loife 5. The website allows you to prebook a preffered seat and check-in online 12 hours in advance of the flight which was superb 6. A frequent flyer program is available and I managed to accumulate enough points on my return flight to upgrade next time so you dont have to be a 'business' traveller to benefit from this scheme 7. Very competitive flight prices and a varied selection of destinations All in all Emirates provide a superb service and I shall certainly be looking to ...

Microval Contraceptive Pill 04/09/2004

Microval-suits me sir!

Microval Contraceptive Pill I had been on combined pills for several years and had to switch to a minipill due to my foul habit of smoking! Microval is a progesterone only pill containing levonorgestrel. The pills come in pack of 35 (weird) and a pill must be taken at ther same time EVERY day. There is NO pill break with Microval Advantages 1-I so far have found it to have a good contraception value 2- My periods stopped completely. I have heard horror storiesof people having horrific problems with menstrual cycles but I was extremely happy to stop having periods altogther 3-No side effects. I have been on this pill 8 months and no side effects at all 4-It is a low dose pill suitable for older women and smokers Disadvantages 1- The pill has to be taken at the same time every day-if you forget one , you only have 3 hours ttime gap to take it. This is not suitable for those with erratic lifestyles or on shift work I found that the easiest thing was to set the alarm on my mobile and always have a packet in my handbag or car just in case I am not at home. So far this has worked a treat 2- I suppose that I shoudl comment on menstrual upheavel as minipills have a reputation for this. I was lucky and had no hassle at all although my doctor did advise to give the pill a few months to settle into your body General Overview A good pill, but you must be contious of taking it at the same day

Marvelon Contraceptive Pill 04/09/2004

To marvelon or not to marvelon???

Marvelon Contraceptive Pill Marvelon is a combined pill containing oestrogen and the progestin desogestrel It is one of the newest low dose contraceptives although risk of thrombosis with this style of pill is slighter higher than prveious generation pills. Pills come in packs of 21 or 28 and they are taken every day for 3 weeks with a 1 week break I was on this pill for 15 years and have to say had no problems with it at all The advantages I found with Marvelon were that 1-there was a 12hour leeway in which to take the pill so if you forgot to take it ,you had 12hours with which to remember!!! 2-No side effects for me, dont think it made my periods any lighter though 3-Contraception was good -I did not fall pregnant in 15 years! 4-I was able to run 3 packs together concurrently and so enabled me to alter when I decided to have my period which was superb for holidays etc Disadvantages were really the higher risk of thrombosis and I eventually had to come off this pill as it is NOT suitable for smokers All in all, I would recommend this product and had I not been a smoker ,I would still be using it today

Ford 04/09/2004

Dovercourt Ford ,Colchester

Ford Having purchsed 5 brand new fords in the past 15 years from my local Ford dealership in Colchester, I happily went along to the garage to purchase number 6-The dealership had changed hands since my last visit but not detered, I went along cheque book in hand ready to buy myself a new Puma Shock horror-the sales staff were extremely disinterested in me as I had turned up in casual clothing and tried to hurry me out of their new showroom with great haste. I virtually had to beg for a brochure and when enquiring about a Puma was told brusquely that there were none available in the country. With this in mind , I contacted another branch of the company in South Woodham Ferrers who managed to obtain me the vehicle within two weeks! Aftersales-even worse I had a problem with my drivers window getting stuck after a few months and was unfortunate enough to return to the Colchester dealership to get this rectified. The service department initially told me there was no problem with the window-although it did promptly jam up again 10 minutes after collecting my car I then rebooked the vehicle in and on the 2nd occasion was told they had still found no fault I did point out to them that I found this hard to believe as they had not even removed the interior door panels to check the window regulator system On both occasions the car was returned to me 4 hours later than promised with no updating phone calls, no explanations and no apology After 15 years of my custom-I shall never ...

Ford Puma 1.7 04/09/2004

To Puma or not to Puma

Ford Puma 1.7 Having been a confirmed Ford driver for many years, I was pleasantly suprised by the introduction of the Puma. I initially test drove the big brother the Cougar and was suitably unimpressed. NOT so with the Puma. The handling was superb-held the road like a dream. Engine performance was very good and acceleration was superb.All in all it makes for a very sexy fun drive. One thing that totally amazed me about the car was the amount of boot space available.I had images of fitting a small handbag in the rear, but was shocked to find several large suitcases can easily be accomodated. The interior finish was good and very comfortable sports seats add to the complete satisfaction. This car easily walks over the Tigra and I recommend it to anyone. Once driven you will fall in love with it!
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