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Max Factor Lipfinity Everlights 11/04/2005

Lushious lips that can last.

Max Factor Lipfinity Everlights I must admit I am one of those women who feels undressed unless I have some make-up on ... not a full face I just need a little of something. I came across lipfinity lipstick when I was looking for something long lasting for my wedding day. I was thrilled and have been a fan ever since. This lipstick is great for special occassions or nights out but a little to full on for every day use. Fortunately Max Factor have realised this and bought out a new range "Lipfinity EverLites." Lipfinity EverLites enables you to have both a long lasting colour and a fantastic glossy look. The Lipfinity range is different from normal lipsticks in terms that you get 2 tubes, one base coat that is a semi permanent colour and one moisturing top coat. It comes in a range of subtle colours that are great for everyday wear. There is are about 15 different shades (at least there are in my local Boots which doesn't have a big selection of make-up). Applying the lipstick. First of all you apply the base coat. This has lovely creamy texture to it which glides on then starts to dry immediately. You need to wait for about 1 minute for it to dry properly to ensure that the colour has set. Once it is dry you need to apply the moisturising top coat which is like vaseline that glides over the top and adds a hint of gloss. The colour really does lasts for up to 10 hours - even after eating, drinking and snogging BUT only if you remember to keep reapplying the moisturising top ...

Pilates - System 21 - The Ultimate Mind And Body Workout (DVD) 01/04/2005

Easy exercise - no sweat!

Pilates - System 21 - The Ultimate Mind And Body Workout (DVD) I must admit to being rather lazy but every now and again I do feel motivated and want to do some form of exercise. Joining the gym or going to classes is far too committed so I love the idea of being to do exercise in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it. I have bought a few exercise dvds. I find that the actual workouts last for approximately 60 mins (which for me is far too long to fit in the day - not forgetting to add an extra 30 mins recovery time!) and after a few months I just give up. Pilates - System 21 - The Ultimate Mind and Body Workout is a DVD that I am sticking with. The actual routine takes approximately 30mins. After finishing the routine I feel refreshed and relaxed ( this is not a typical after exercise feeling for me!). I definately feel more supple and my posture has improved since doing the dvd. I cannot comment on whether this video would be effective for weight loss. What is pilates system 21. Pilates system 21 is apparently different from pilates because it is concerned with quality not quantity - or so says Chris Hocking the creator and presenter. It will improve your posture, figure and give you a strong and flexible body, as well as helping you relax. After the lesson you should feel like you have more energy, refreshed and invigorated. The best way I can describe these exercises is gentle stretches and movements of neck, arms, shoulders, back, stomach, bottom, legs and feet. Each exercise has up to 10 repetions. All ...

TRESemme 23/03/2005

TRESemme - TRESohno

TRESemme Salon quality, professional performance??!! I love going to the hair dressers, walking in with my hair a frizz and leaving with fantastically shiny, sleek hair feeling like a million dollars so I was very keen to try out TRESemme Shampoo and conditioner. THE PRODUCTS TRESemme has a whole range of hair products including shampoo and conditioners, styling products and perms and treatments. SHAMPOO and CONDITIONERS TRESemme seem to have thought of everyone and have a shampoo and conditioner to suit every hair type. Vitamin E Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner dry and damaged hair to restore moisture and health Colour Revitalising with Vitamin E and Aloe shampoo and conditioner colour treated hair to enhance colours vibrancy Healthy Volume shampoo and conditioner hair that lacks volume to build body Natural with Vitamins A, C and E shampoo and conditioner all hair types for strong, healthy looking and shiney hair Anti-breakage with B12 and Gelatine shampoo and conditioner fine thin hair to thicken hair and improve condition Deep cleansing shampoo all hair types to remove build up and pollutants Remoisturing conditioner all hair types to improve condition Multi vitamin 2in 1 normal hair to keep hair soft and managable They come in 500ml bottles. Black bottles for shampoo and white for the conditioner. I love this - how many times have I been in a hurry and bought a conditioner, got home and then ...

Tomy AquaDraw 27/01/2005

Aquadraw - a must for babies learning to draw.

Tomy AquaDraw This truely is an amazing product. After buying this for my neice I discovered what a wonderful thing this is so had to go straight out and buy one for my son (or rather myself!) As every parent wants to encourage their childs creativity I bought the lot and set down to do some scribbling with my 14 month old. He had a great time ... eating the crayons and finding it fascinating taking the lids off pens. A rather frustrated mummy put everything away ( much to little ones annoyance) and decided to try again the next day. A few weeks later he understood the concept of scribbling - but could not get his head round the idea of scribbling on paper ... need i say more! Enter aquadraw from Tomy! This consists of a large drawing mat 90cm x 90cm and 2 pens. The pens look like standard chunky felt tip pens but they don't contain any ink so therefore leave no stains. The pens need to be filled with water then scribble away. What is fantastic about these pens is that if he draws on anything else it is only water! I'm not too sure how it works but I'll try to explain it. The mat is plastic backed so no water can escape, the top a white cloth with a blue sheet in between. Once water is put on the white fabric turns transparent so the blue shows through - just like a blue felt tip pen. You can scribble away to your hearts delight. After about 10 minutes as the water dries obviously the picture disappears. ( I guess that's not too great if you have just created a masterpiece!). ...

Breville TR25 13/12/2004

Yummy toasty sandwiches.

Breville TR25 Fed up having to pay ridiculous prices for toasted ciabatta's in cafes I was delighted when I saw the Breville Cafe Style Sandwich Toaster and popped it on my Christmas List. I have had my toaster now for 2 years and am still impressed with it. * How does it work* The toaster is extremely easy to use, just switch it on and wait. Once the plates are hot enough a green light illuminates: pop in your sandwich and hey presto a few minutes later you have a lovely toasted sandwich. This toaster has an unique floating top to it so the lid sits lightly on the sandwich, whatever the thickness without squashing it. Alternatively there is a height adjuster which you can use to stop the top plate from touching your sandwich -great for melting cheese on toast. *What is it like" The toaster has 2 flat non stick plates, one top and one bottom. These are large enough to toast 2 sandwiches at a time (using bread although if you're anything like me it does one large ciabatta!) The plates measure 29cm x 20cm. It looks extremely stylish as it has a chrome finish. Although the plates are not removable it is extremely easy to clean. Just give the non stick plates a quick wipe over with a damp cloth. *Storage* The toaster has a clip which fastens the two plates together for storage. It stores away very neatly. It stands upright so takes up very little cupboard space and has clips on the back so the lead can be wrapped around and held in place so there are no loose wires or ...

Tomme Tippee 24 Disposable Breast Pads 12/12/2004

Tommee Tippee BEST Pads

Tomme Tippee 24 Disposable Breast Pads These really are the best disposable breast pads around. Unfortunately I tried a number of different makes of breast pads without much luck. First of all I tried Boots own brand; these were extremely bulky and uncomfortable. The edge of the moisture proof backing rubbed on what was already very tender skin. So I tried Johnsons nursing pads which looked like they would be much softer on my skin. They were softer but unfortunately they were so effective at keeping your skin moisture free that the material of the pad dried and stuck to me ... agony! Then Tommee Tippeebreast pads. These look very discreet and are very comfortable. The pads look like they are made from paper but they are very absorbent: any milk is soaked up and the pad has a gel like feel to it. The pads are individually wrapped for hygiene reasons - a bit fiddly but great because you can just chuck spares in the nappy bag when you go out. They are shaped so that they sit nicely in your bra.There is also a sticky patch on the back so they do not fall out when you feed the baby. The pads come in a box of 24. You can buy these pads from any where that sells a good range of maternity products (eg. boots, mothercare etc). I paid £2.69 for mine at Boots. ...

Grobag Sleeping Bag 09/12/2004

Thanks for grobags!

Grobag Sleeping Bag As a typical paranoid new parent I spent the first few weeks convinced that my little one would either freeze in the middle of the night or end up under the blankets; not to mention deciding on how many blankets were needed in the first place. Then I discovered grobags and my nights changed. Little one was safely zipped up in his little bag ready to sleep through the night. He obviously picked up on my relaxed state and believe it or not has been sleeping through the night (with a few teething problems!) since 5 weeks old. These bags are great. As I mentioned earlier there is no need for fussing with blankets. The grobags come in a range of sizes babies from 7lbs 0-6 months 6-18 months 18 - 36 months 3 - 6 years Grobag have just brought out some new designs so there is a good selection to choose from. There are different tog ratings to suit different seasons 2.5 1.0 0.5 Every grobag comes with a little room thermometer and a guideline to show you what your baby should be wearing . I have both a 2.5 and 1.0 tog grobag but the thermometer implies that they both cover the same temperature range so really all I needed to do was alter what little one wears at night. The grobag web page does recommend that you use the 1 tog bag for day time naps but I have never put my little one in his sleeping bag during the day. The grobags are machine washable and can be tumble dried. Little one has been using his grobag for nearly 12 months now and it is still in good ...

Baby & Toddler Meal Planner 09/12/2004

No jars of food!

Baby & Toddler Meal Planner Argh !!! Little one has only put on 3/4oz this week ... Panic. With the Health visitors recommendation I decided to start weaning. Being on a budget and thinking it was the best for my baby I decided that I would never buy a jar of baby food and cook every thing myself. One month later and the novelty was beginning to wear off. Having never really cooked before I was finding this really challenging. My husband used to do all the cooking but as he goes out to work every day and I stay at home I had no excuse but to get on with it. Off to see the health visitor again and this time I left with the advice of buying Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. Next stop the book shop. Wow this was the best £12.99 I had spent in a long time. This book is set out very clearly and explains every thing you need to know about your babies diet and includes over 200 easy to follow recipes. The recipes are sorted according to the stages of weaning. First stage - first tastes and easy to digest foods Second stage - introducing protein and finger foods 9 - 12 months - more adventurous and tasty foods toddler - basically these are recipies that can be eaten by all the family. At the end of each chapter there is a daily meal planner. Personnally I did not use these but I did find them useful as a guideline for the type of meal little one should be eating. After each recipe there is a little smiley face,sad face and sometimes a freezer symbol. The smiley and sad ...
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