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Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Disneyland Paris 16/02/2017

Fun for all the family!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Disneyland Paris Last May, I surprised my, then, six year old daughter with a trip to Disneyland Paris with my mum tagging along too. Although she didn't know we were going until the week before, we spent the final week before going researching what rides we wanted to go on and in what order to best maximise our time in the parks. One ride that looked good was this Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride. Information This ride is suitable for children and adults alike and you can be any height to go on this ride. It can be found at the start of discovery land which is just to the right as you reach the castle. The ride is easy to see as there is a huge Buzz Lightyear sign above the entrance and a Toy Story inspired shop right next door. You can use the Disneyland fast pass service on the ride to skip a little of the queue. The little booth to the right of the entrance houses the fast pass booths where you will find three or four machines where you scan your Disneyland ticket and it pops out a ticket with a time to revisit to miss some of the queue and speed up the queuing time. There is also a Disneyland Paris app which you can download before you go, this shows wait times for the various rides around both parks in real time so you can have a quick check of the app to see what the queuing time is like before visiting the ride. Getting on the ride We went on this ride a few times whilst we was at Disneyland and whilst we opted for the fast pass tickets the majority of the time, the last ...

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, St. Austell 12/02/2017

Even for a garden novice, this is a beautiful place to visit

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, St. Austell Before I get started, I am a total novice when it comes to gardening and plants, I couldn't tell you what a weed is and my knowledge of flowers goes as far as daisies and daffodils. So if you wanted to know the specifics of the delightful greenery featured in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, please know I won't be going into huge details about these and it will be a more family friendly review! --------------- --------------- ----------- I feel quite lucky to live in Mid Cornwall, although our local town is a complete dive, we are never far away from a beach and have some lovely visitor attractions near by. One of these attractions is the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Although I have known of the place, I hadn't visited until a couple of years ago. Last year they offered a locals pass, for the price of one admission, locals received a card to visit for free for a year. Since receiving the card, me and my daughter have been on numerous occasions throughout the year. Getting there and opening times/prices To get to the Lost Gardens of Heligan you have to travel to St Austell then take the B3273 towards Mevagissey, after driving through the little village of Pentewan there is a right turning and brown tourist signs to direct you. It takes approximately 10 minutes from St Austell. As far as public transport is concerned, I really would take a taxi rather than a bus. On one visit, me and my daughter were meeting friends at Heligan but the car was in the garage being fixed so decided ...

Lego Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster 08/02/2017

Who needs Alton Towers when you can have this in your bedroom!

Lego Friends 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster I think we can all figure out what was at the forefront of my daughters mind when it came to thinking about birthday presents for her seventh birthday, yes... Lego! The set she kept banging on about was this Lego Friends amusement park rollercoaster (Lego product number 41130), it was very pricey but I managed to find it on sale so she had what she wished for luckily! Availability As this is a fairly new set to the Lego Friends range it is very much widely available to purchase from places that sell Lego such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Toys'R'Us etc. It has a RRP of £99.99 but you can often find it on offer at Amazon. I think I paid around £63. Lego Friends If you read my reviews you will know that Lego has a variety of different ranges to purchase from from City and Star Wars to Minecraft and Elves. This Lego Friends range is based around a group of friends and their adventures in the fictional place of Heartlake City. There are many sub ranges from the Friends range including pop star sets, jungle sets and most recently, amusement park sets. The box for this set is huge, the front features a picture of the set once complete and all the different bits you make with it and the back explores these pieces in more detail. The age recommendation is found on the front of the box and is 8-12 years. Inside the box you will find a bag of track pieces and then 8 numbered bags of Lego along with a humongous instruction manual. The instructions are typical of Lego with the ...

Mattel Barbie in Princess Power Super Sparkle Doll 04/02/2017

Superhero Barbie

Mattel Barbie in Princess Power Super Sparkle Doll My daughter is a massive fan of Barbie and for her seventh birthday she received this Barbie Super Sparkle doll from one of her friends. Barbie comes in all shapes and forms these days, it isn't just a simple doll. This princess power super sparkle doll is based on the Barbie movie, Barbie in Princess Power, where Barbie discovers she has super powers. Availability You can pick up this Barbie from most places that sell Barbie toys, Toys'R'Us, The Entertainer and Amazon for example and can cost from £10 to £15. The doll After getting the Barbie out of the packaging, there was a little bit of construction needed to get it looking right. The skirt part needs attaching to the two plastic hooks on Barbie's back, sounds simple in principle but actually getting the hooks in the right place was quite a task and I had to put it down for 5 minutes before getting rather stressed with it. Looking at the instructions again and realising how it is meant to look after it is attached, helped and I managed to fix it on second time round and Barbie was ready to be played with. The doll looks quite classic in terms of Barbie dolls. Whilst in the princess type form the doll has gorgeous, long blonde hair with a dash of pink through it, a lovely hot pink tiara and the trademark pretty face. The top of the dress is hot pink and moulded into the Barbie doll so that it can't be removed, it is topped with silver and has diamond detailing. The bottom half of the dress is a light pink ...

Ravensburger Disney Princess Happy Princesses Puzzle 31/01/2017

A tricky puzzle

Ravensburger Disney Princess Happy Princesses Puzzle My daughter used to be a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles but it seems to have subdued a little now. One of the puzzles she used to enjoy playing with was this Ravensburger Disney Princess puzzle. The puzzle As with all jigsaw puzzles, the box features a picture of the finished article so there is something to reference against as you as building the puzzle. The box is a good size, 25cm x 18cm x 4cm. It features 112 pieces and once completed it is approximately 45cm x 38cm so a good size. Each puzzle piece is a good size, a couple of centimetres squared mainly, with the sticky out bits added on top. This makes them a lot easier to handle and to try and find a place for them. My daughter had this puzzle when she was around five and has never had any problems in holding and moving the pieces. Slotting them into place isn't a problem either. The picture of the puzzle is quite sweet and fits the Disney Princess theme perfectly. The five most popular princesses are featured, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White and Ariel. These are surrounded by swirls and hearts and pretty girly patterns which is quite nice in theory. However, the lack of distinguished blocks of colour and patterns makes the puzzle quite difficult to complete. My daughter has always needed me to help her with this puzzle despite her best efforts at trying to complete it herself. The pieces for the princesses are quite easy to find and put together but when it comes to the part between that and the edge ...

Lego Friends 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride 25/01/2017

Space ride to the moon

Lego Friends 41128 Amusement Park Space Ride My daughter received some money for her seventh birthday and despite getting Lego for her birthday, she chose to spend it on even more of the stuff! As you can imagine, our house is full of it! She bought this Lego Friends amusement park space ride (Lego product number 41128). Lego Friends Lego comes in all different shapes and forms now to cater for everybody, kids and adults, boys and girls. There are many different ranges to buy from including this Lego friends theme. There are a variety of different sets to buy in the range from simple city type buildings to pop star sets and amusement park sets. The range is centred around a group of girlfriends and their lives in Heartlake City. Space ride The packaging features the normal purple Lego Friends branding.On the front if the box you will find a picture of the finished product, a picture of the figure included and the age recommendation of 6-12 years. The back of the box shows the set in more detail. Inside the box you will find one instruction booklet and two numbered bags of Lego. The instruction booklet is very easy to follow as it has clear pictures showing you where to put a few bricks at a time. The pictures are bright and stand out against the pale purple background. At the end of the book there is a list of all the Lego included and a couple of advertisement pages showing you more sets from the Lego Friends range. Construction At the start of my daughters Lego building play, I used to spend a lot of ...

Lego Friends 41127 Amusement Park Arcade 21/01/2017

It's just missing the grabby machines

Lego Friends 41127 Amusement Park Arcade After receiving some money for her birthday, my seven year old daughter decided to buy more of the ever growing Lego Friends sets. One set she bought was this Lego friends amusement park arcade one (Lego product number 41127). Lego Friends My daughter has been into this Lego Friends range of Lego toys for some time now and over the years it has become wider and wider in terms of different types of sets available. When she first started to play with them, most sets were based around Heartlake City, the place where the friends hang out, it has since evolved and there are pop star sets, jungle sets and now even amusement park sets. Arcade set This is one of the smaller sets you can buy so comes inside a small cardboard box baring the usual purple Lego Friends branding. It has a picture of the finished set on the front alongside the age recommendation of 6-12 years. There are pictures of the set in more detail on the reverse of the box. Inside you will find an instruction booklet and one bag of Lego. The instruction booklet included is very clear, each page has a couple of numbered steps showing you a couple of bricks and where they have to go. The pictures are very bright and colourful so stand out against the pale purple background which makes it very easy to follow. At the back of the booklet there is a list of all the Lego included and a couple of advertisement pages which show more sets from the amusement park range. Construction My seven year old is an avid ...

Lego Friends 41056 Heartlake News Van 18/01/2017

Tonight on the 6 o'clock news...

Lego Friends 41056 Heartlake News Van One of the Lego sets my daughter received for Christmas is this Lego Heartlake news van (Lego product number 41056). Lego Lego comes in various different ranges these days to cater for children and adults alike. My daughter is a huge fan of the Lego Friends range which centres around a group of girl friends and their lives in Heartlake City. There are a lot of different sets to buy from this range from regular city buildings like shops and cafes to more out there sets like jungle and pop star ones. Heartlake news van As with all Lego Friends sets, this comes in the normal purple branded cardboard box which has a picture of the finished product on the front along with the age recommendation of 6-12 years and the figures you get included. The back of the box shows each part of the set in more detail. Inside the box you get two numbered bags of Lego and two instruction booklets. The instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow, they tell you when to open each bag and each time you do it shows a picture of what that bag will build. Each step in the book has a picture and a little box showing you what pieces you will need to put on the build for that step. The pictures are clear and colourful so it is easy to see where to put each piece. At the back of the second instruction book there is the normal Lego advertisement showing you more Lego sets that are available to buy and also a list of all the different pieces you get in this set. Construction With most ...

Lego Friends 41135 Livi's Pop Star House 13/01/2017

Fit for a pop star!

Lego Friends 41135 Livi's Pop Star House One of the presents my daughter received for Christmas was this Lego Friends Livi's Pop Star House (Lego product number 41135). After my mum bought her the Pop Star Tour Bus for her birthday, she wanted to buy her the house to go with it. Lego Nowadays Lego comes in lots of different sets opposed to the simple box of bricks I used to play with back in my day. There are different ranges to please everyone from Lego City and Star Wars to Minecraft and Elves. The majority of my daughters Lego toys come from the Lego Friends range. Lego Friends is a range based and a group of girl friends and their lives in the home of Heartlake City. There are various different sets to buy from the normal city type sets to these pop star ones. Livi's Pop Star House This set comes in a nice big box so it looks like a great present to open! It is slightly different from the usual Lego Friends purple box, this has a purple, pink and yellow funky looking design with a picture of the finished set and the age recommendation (7-12 years). The back of the box shows the house in more detail and the figures having fun inside. Inside the box there are three(!!!) instruction booklets, five numbered bags of Lego and a couple of baseplates for the build. As with all Lego instructions, they are simple and very clear to follow. At the start of each Lego bag, the instructions show a picture of what each bag will create by the end of it. Following that there are step by step pictures to guide you along ...

Lego Friends 41110 Birthday Party 10/01/2017

Let's all go to the party!

Lego Friends 41110 Birthday Party One of the presents my daughter received for her seventh birthday was this Lego Friends birthday party set. (Lego product number 41110). Lego Friends Birthday Party Lego Friends is a range of Lego sets based around the fictional city, Heartlake City, it revolves around a group of Friends and their everyday lives. There are a variety of different sets available to buy from normal city shops and buildings to pop star sets and also this range of birthday party sets. It is Daisy the rabbits birthday and Andrea is throwing her a birthday party. This birthday party set is the main one of the range but there are other pocket money type sets also available to buy. What you get The set comes inside the usual Lego Friends packaging with the box being mainly purple in colour with a picture of the finished product on the front along with the age recommendation of 5-12 years. The back of the box shows the set in more detail, the various different elements and some figures in play with the set. Inside the box you get a small green baseplate, two numbered bags of Lego and the instruction booklet. As with all Lego products, the instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow as each step only has a few bricks to add to the build at a time. The colours are clear and bright meaning each brick is easy to see and it is easy to figure out where each piece goes. There are 191 Lego pieces in total. Assembly As this set is recommend for children from the age of five, I guessed ...

Hasbro Play-Doh DohVinci Deco Dough 07/01/2017

Refill for Doh Vinci play

Hasbro Play-Doh DohVinci Deco Dough My daughter has nearly always been a lover of the original Play Doh and since she is getting older I thought the Doh Vinci range of Play Doh may suit her better. She had a few tubes with a set I bought her but wanted to get her more colours to add to the set. This is a standard set of Deco dough tubes and unfortunately you don't get the styler with it so it is pretty much useless unless you have any other sets. The dough comes in special transparent plastic tubes with a white lid. After the lid is removed the tube that holds the dough is approximately 5 centimetres long and only around 2cm in diameter so the amount of dough included is considerably less than the standard Play Doh tubs. To use this dough you need a styler, as I previously mentioned. To use the dough you simply open up the styler pen and it clicks into place, by putting another bit of the styler against the back of the tube of dough you are ready to go. Simply squeeze the styler and the dough will come out of the tip of it and so you can make your creations. The consistency of the dough is very much similar to 'normal' Play Doh, although this Deco dough is meant to be a bit firmer so that it can dry out overnight and thus creating a hard creation to keep. It takes a lot longer than overnight to dry out usually which is a bit of a shame. One thing I absolutely adore when it comes to this dough is the resounding resemblance the smell has to normal Play Doh, I could sit there sniffing it all day! The one thing ...

Hasbro Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Merida 05/01/2017

Merida Doll

Hasbro Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Merida After visiting Disneyland Paris early last year, my daughter was more infatuated than ever in all things princess. So much so, she asked for yet another princess doll for her seventh birthday. After finding this Merida doll on sale at Amazon, I snapped it up as I knew my daughter would love it. Merida In terms of Disney Princesses, Merida doesn't fit the normal, big dress, flawless hair bill. She is Scottish, has unruly red hair and prefers holding a bow and arrow rather than a handbag and lipstick. I think she is very understated and deserves to be up there in the most popular lists. The film she stars in is Brave, a modern Disney film. It doesn't feature a prince charming with a kissing scene at the end and it is refreshingly different. The doll itself is very much like other fashion dolls like Barbies in the way of the size and shape. This doll is approximately 28cm tall and has a pale skin colour. The most noticeable feature of the doll is the striking red, curly hair. Sometimes if you buy a cheap doll the hair has a plastic type texture to it but that cannot be said for this doll, it is soft and bounces back in to place. There are lovely blue eyes and pale pink lips and cute little freckles like Merida has in the film. Although the face isn't an exact replica of the princess in the film, it still looks nice and not scary looking like some dolls can be. The outfit that this Merida doll has on fits well with the Brave theme and the doll. It has a lovely blue ombre ...

Lego Storage Head 22/04/2016

Fab storage solution

Lego Storage Head When my six year old daughter first started to collect Lego, she had nowhere to store the extra pieces so when browsing our local Home Bargains and spotting this Lego storage head, I thought it would be perfect. Storage head There are two different size storage heads available to buy, large or small. This review will be about the small normal Lego head. There are also a variety of different designs available to buy too, a normal Lego boy, an angry face, a girl face and even a pumpkin. The storage head measures approximately 20cm high, 16cm wide and 16cm deep, although it is described as small it does have a good size. It is in the shape of a Lego head and is round around the centre of the head. The top can lift off the main body of the storage easily with the Lego circular handle (like the shape on a normal Lego brick) and placed back on without any clips or anything to keep it in place. It looks exactly like a mini figure head being bright yellow in colour and with the same type of face, you certainly can’t miss it. When you open the head up and see inside, there is also a raised circle at the bottom of the head, this makes the heads stackable, so if you have more than one of these storage heads, you will be able to put them on top of one another to save a little more space. There are also Lego storage bricks available to buy so I would imagine the heads would stack on to these too. The raised circle doesn’t take up too much of the precious room inside. The main ...

Mattel Monster High Picture Day Lagoona 17/04/2016

School picture day Lagoona Blue

Mattel Monster High Picture Day Lagoona My six year old goes through quite a lot of fads with toys, her Barbie’s have been played with regularly for years and when she asked for these Monster High dolls instead of Barbie’s I did wonder whether they would be as liked and as played with as her precious Barbies. After receiving a couple of dolls for her birthday and being a hit, I gave some relatives the idea of Monster High toys for Christmas. One of the dolls she received with this picture day Lagoona Blue. Monster High Monster High is relatively new to the UK market, originating from America, we are receiving another hit toy series from across the pond. It revolves around a high school especially for monsters. There is a TV series, movies and lots of associated toys mainly fashion dolls but some others too. The characters in the series all have their own personalities and styles to match. Lagoona Blue is a sea monster and is 15. She is a popular character around her school peers due to her friendly nature and feels strongly about environment issues that relate to the sea. Picture day Lagoona Blue There are quite a few different designed dolls for the individual characters of Monster High. The picture day series of dolls centres around the dolls being glammed up for the always important school picture day. Lagoona Blue comes packaged inside the normal dark coloured cardboard box with a transparent plastic window so you can see exactly what you are getting. After cutting all of the ties you are left with ...

Disney Princess Annual 2016 - Egmont Publishing 13/04/2016

A nice starter annual

Disney Princess Annual 2016 - Egmont Publishing When I was younger, I used to get a new annual every year from my nan. Now my daughter is growing up and taking an interest in reading and activities, I started the tradition off with her and bought this Disney Princess 2016 annual. Disney Princess 2016 Annual The book is a hardback and is A4 in size. The front is as you would expect seeing as though this is a Disney Princess product being pink and purple and covered in the most popular Disney Princesses. It has glitter detailing on the dresses which is slightly raised to give it a more premium feel. The front page has the normal ‘this book belongs to…’ section then the book goes on to give you a contents page which has never been used by my daughter! The book has different sections for each princess, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Palace Pets, Tiana, Aurora and Ariel and at the end of the book there is a little board game style game to play, then the answers for all of the questions in the book. At the very back of the book there is an advertising page showing the Princess magazine you can buy that is released every two weeks (yeah, thanks for that!). Although the Disney Princesses all have separate sections of the book, these sections are very similar. The first page has an ‘all about me’ page which gives you some facts about the princesses, Ariel, for example, has three special friends, Flounder, Sebastian and Scutter. Next there is a drawing page where you draw something about that princess, using Ariel for ...
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