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Morphy Richards Turbosteam 40660 Iron 03/01/2006

Morphy Richards Turbosteam iron

Morphy Richards Turbosteam 40660 Iron Our iron packed up over Christmas, we have previously used Morphy Richards stuff because we have found them to be reliable and do a suitable job whoever gets the short straw and has to do the ironing! Since this is my 1st review of 2006, my girlfriend has been given the all important job of testing out this new little puppy. Today being bank holiday Monday, we thought it was safe enough to explore the outside world again and hey ho hey ho it's off to Asda we go!! (I know a song about that!). Why o why don't Asda put irons with the electrical stuff? we searched for ages but eventually was told they were in isle 19! (Shame on us for not knowing!). There was a fair choice, from shop brands for the super dooper cordless models. I managed to fend the girlfriend from going down this avenue! I'm sure that one day we will opt for a cordless model, but for now I was happy to spend a little less money! (Still getting over Christmas). The decision was made to pay £23.99 for a Morphy Richards turbosteam iron, we could have paid less for an Asda brand, but decided to stick with the devil that you know, having previously encountering a horror story with a cheaper brand (will tell you later in another review). So the Morphy Richards was ours now all I had was to set the scene for a new review. The scene being girlfriend does some ironing and I do a review about it! The Packaging --------------- ----- The Iron comes in a distinctive white and black box, with the "Morphy ...

Garfield - The Movie (DVD) 28/12/2005

Garfield the squashed nose

Garfield - The Movie (DVD) I once rented this film out one dreary sunday afternoon for my children to watch. The result is they loved it so much that I bought it for them. Now I'm not usually the biggest fan of childrens movies but I can honestly say that this one i really enjoyed. Bill Murrey provides the voice of Grafield, and he preforms in magnificently!, you would really struggle to find another actor that has brought the charicter to life. I truly think that he has made the role his own, with his display of humour and style that would be hard to replace should there be a sequil if he is not in it. Every now and then, the CGI effects in Garfield: The Movie are less than perfect--which makes you realize of how astonishingly seamless the rest of the effects are. When Garfield's owner Jon (Breckin Meyer) agrees to take in a homeless dog so as to flirt with a sexy veterinarian (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Garfield does his best to oust the dog from the house. But when a greedy television performer (Stephen Tobolowsky) kidnaps the mutt for his own nefarious purposes, Garfield sets out on a rescue mission. Garfield the movie is not a fantastic story, yet there's something wonderfull about the finished article. Bill Murray, who voices the fat cat, has mastered a comic style that is both fasinating and funny. About the story --------------- ---- Based on characters created by Jim Davis, this family feature tells the story of Garfield (featuring the voice of Bill Murray) a supremely spoiled pet ...

Asda Gold Roast Instant Coffee 28/12/2005

Asda freeze dried decaff gold roast

Asda Gold Roast Instant Coffee To keep my reputation of doing normal reviews, I searched around the house for a product to do a review on, something that was semi interesting and useful for a day to day person to behold and be upstanding at it's marvel……but I couldn't find one so I decided to have a break, made a cup of coffee and then eureka!! We recently bought some Asda decaffeinated gold roast coffee, for the princely sum of £1.40. With further investigation I can tell you that a 100gram jar of the same type costs the same at Tesco and Sainsbury's, with Morrison's bringing up the rear, priced up as £1.59. With a lot of branded coffee's pushing the £5.00 barrier, Christmas looming, to keep the price of our shopping bill down we opted for a cheaper brand. My thoughts on this product --------------- --------------- ------- When we first made the coffee as suggested, there does not seem to be much flavour, maybe it's because it's not a brand name, and it's cheaper than most brands. It just doesn't have the full on coffee flavour. I think that if you are a real coffee fan then you probably would not buy this anyway, but for the money it's not that bad, but if you like your freeze dried with more flavour; maybe you should opt for a more branded version. The packaging --------------- ----- The jar has a distinctive red screw on cap with a sealed foil top to keep the freshness in. What is freeze dried coffee? --------------- --------------- ------- Freeze dried coffee is produced by ...

Campbells Meatballs in Bolognaise Sauce 15/12/2005

Campbells Meatballs, Good to eat!!

Campbells Meatballs in Bolognaise Sauce When I write a new review, I tend to go for things out of the ordinary…so with this in mind I've got just one thing to say to you lot!!....MEATBALLS! 54p buys you a 410g tin of the best brand in the meatballs history! Before I start let me reiterate a few obvious quality's being a man. Firstly WE CAN'T COOK! Now this may come as a surprise to you lady's out there, but I for one have started to master the craft….I would boldly put my neck out there and say that I actually do enjoy preparing a meal now and again for my girlfriend and I. She will actually eat it when she has come round after the shock of me cooking! But hey I'm trying my best here! Secondly, it is sooo easy these days to fall into the "quick and easy" trait of just chucking something from a tin into a pan and heating it up. Time doesn't always allow meals to be prepared because of lack of time. We men tend to take advantage of this "easiness" category of use and speed more often than not! Thirdly the point I am trying to make (well done for sticking with it this far!), is that it doesn't hurt to do both now and again, arguably If I am honest, and being a guy, I would slightly (only slightly!), lean to the easiness side, but my conscience is clear ok! "Meatballs", in particular fall into the "easiness" category because Campbell's, seem to be the Rolls Royce of the meatball industry! (If there is such a thing?)….anyway I digress, sorry. When I have my 2 girls over to stay with me, I always have a ...

Casio MS 8 TV 05/12/2005

Casio MS-8V Calculator

Casio MS 8 TV Working in the motor trade, there are many tools that you need, a telephone, a computer and a good calculator! Mostly I put it down to my age, but a lot of the calculators on the market call for the user to have a PHD in physics! I for one when using a calculator look for ease of use. I'm not the type of guy who needs a computer to tell me what the time is in New York or the exchange rate in Zambia! The point I am trying to make is that, for the job I do (Parts Manager at a franchised car dealership); I need little more than a calculator to add, subtract, divide and multiply. The Casio MS-8V does the job rather well, and that's good enough for me. I don't want to belittle my job as it can get a bit stressful at times, so the ease of use of the calculator makes MY job easier. The Design --------------- - The casing is of a robust design, black in colour and generally gives a sturdy strong appearance; the look of a calculator gives the impression that it can take some stick. It hasn't got wings attached but sometimes calculators do need them! especially if the figures don't add up. The buttons are nice and large. I have fairly large fingers, so guys like me appreciate just pressing one button at a time; I think it adds to the ease of use as well. Power -------- This particular calculator is solar powered. In case you needed to know the battery inside the case is a solar cell battery 1.5 volt. Should you ever need to replace it (I doubt it) the battery ...

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel 24/11/2005

Gillette the best shave a man can get?

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel Ahh shaving!, well here is a subject for you. There are so many products on the market at the moment, shaving foam, shaving gel, coolshave, conditioning, regular, sensitive, shave shave shave. We are a nation of shavers!, but hey, that's cool! (no pun intended!). So here we go….mmm where to start?, well I guess the name. Gillette. It's a VERY popular brand name, David Beckham endorses it, so it must be good eh!?, I for one when it comes to shaving would go for a reliable brand name that you can trust. Don't ask me why, but Gillette to me implies freshness and cleanliness, but maybe I'm going mad!, I will let you be the judge of that. The product I chose was Gillette series Gel for sensitive skin. It came in a 200ml can, priced at £1.99 (on special) at Asda stores. The Packaging. --------------- ------ An aluminium can of 200ml, in silver with a clear plastic cap. The nozzle covers the top end of the can which is made of plastic. It has a plastic push down nozzle to allow you to access the gel. The distribution --------------- ---- When pressing down the nozzle, there almost seems to be a dampened effect to the release of the gel, it's almost like there is no urgency in it. Just like the product promises in the adverts, it gives a smooth splodge of the stuff in the palm of your hand. There doesn't seem to be any gas in the can either, unlike shaving foam, you always seem to get tooo much, but the gel's amount always seems to be just right. The ...

Goodmans GDVD157 10/11/2005

Goodmans DVD One not to miss

Goodmans GDVD157 I needed a new dvd player and decided to go to a well know stockist of quite a few brands. Untimately I was looking to keep the cost down, somthing that has all the toys with a fraction of the cost. The unit in the end was purchased from Currys. I came accross a goodmans GDVD157, on first view the unit looked modern, I liked the general look of it. The price was £36.99, which is a very good price for a good DVD player. I liked the fact that it was CD, CDRW, MPEG, JPEG, and VCD compatible. One feature I liked about this unit is that you can play your downloaded pictures from your computer, save them to disc and play them on your dvd player. it plays them as a slideshow, holding each picture for a few seconds, then moving on to the next one. You can still pause the picture should you require to do so. Playability ------------ Generally I was very impressed with the unit. The images are very clear. The on screen menus are simple to perform. You can switch the screen size while your film is playing and zoom in the picture should you require it. All the options are easy to understand. You can forward and reverse scene by scene, or use the old fashoned fast forward or rewind. You can even play a scene in slow motion!, why you would use this is beyond me but it is there if you want it. Packaging -------------- The unit comes in a brown box, which has polystyrene reinforcements to each end. this supports the DVD inside the box and allows safe storage and ...

Gucci Rush for Men 09/11/2005

Gucci the rush is on!

Gucci Rush for Men When I go to get a new aftershave you are always surrounded by too many diffrent smells. the air is a blanket of perfume and aftershave. This does not always help with the buying process but its something we all have to get on with in this day and age. I have tried a lot of aftershaves over the years and have always found that I always buy the most popular at the time. I guess this is a pathetic attempt to be up with the latest trends. I like to think I am anyway. So here I was inside a well know supplier of aftershaves and toiletries in general. Standing at the fragrance counter, you were amazed at the vast array of brands availible. Not having a clue which one to go for I decided to ask a lady who worked there, a seasoned professional I thought. Someone who deals with perfumes and aftershaves on a regular basis. In hindsight, I don't think this was the best Idea that I had ever had, but sa la vie as thay say. I was brought 2 popular brands, Kourus and Gucci rush. In hindsight again I would like to think that the lady was on comission to sell thease brands.....and I fell for it like a fish to water. Firstly kouros was an old brand tried and tested, popular, but I knew this already, the Gucci rush I hadn't heard of. This was rare I thought!, not many would have this one! Having written off the Kouros, which was like the preverbial Xr3i of the aftershave world! (everyone had it), I opted for the Gucci rush. Thinking that I was the most hip man in the county! ...

Colgate Original Toothpaste 09/11/2005

Extreme clean!

Colgate Original Toothpaste From when I was a little boy we have always had a tube of Colgate in the bathroom cabinet. Colgate over the years in my opinion is the countrys leading toothpaste brand. It's almost like your brain is washed along with your teeth, to make you automaticly think......clean teeth....with colgate, sufice to say time for bed....Colgate time! Colgate gives you everything you need from a toothpaste. Ultimatly very very clean teeth, which provides you with a dazzling smile. On a personal note I have not had to have any dental work for years. You can see the dentist dissapointed after filling out my "come back in 6 months appointment card". Now that to me is a good advert for Colgate. I know I am one person in millions and millions but if colgate can do it for me then there is no reason it cant help others keep their teeth clean and in tip top condition. There are lots of Colgate brands on the market and I am sure they are all fantastically good. I tend to always go for the regular Colgate fluoride toothpaste. One of the deciding factors (other than it being colgate) is the price. Just 99p for the 100ml tube is an absolute bargain, and one that keeps going from strengh to strengh (including your teeth). There follows some details about the product:- The Pacaging --------------- --- It comes in the distinctive red box with the white colgate logo on it. Straight away you can see that "Colgate" mean business as on the box it tells you Cavity protection. This to me ...

Nokia 6230i 08/11/2005

6230i the little cracker from Nokia

Nokia 6230i My phone contract was coming to an end, and I was searching around for a new phone to have. I currantly owned a Sansung E700, which was a good phone, a flip phone....which (ahem) sometimes made you want to call on the starship enterprise to beam you up scotty!! (trust me it's a man thing!). I was looking for something diffrent, the market was so huge!, there were wap enabled phones, video phones and praise the lord normal phones! Phones that let you just call person you wanted to speak to...ahh life was so simple then. I just did'nt know what way to turn. If I'm honest I was being slowly pulled towards Nokia, their phones are always so simple to use? and I had previously used Nokias, and never had any problems with them. So that was it, it was going to be a Nokia. The only trouble was which model? Having scanned to websites, I'd decided on the Nokia 6230i. When the phone arrived the first thing to hit me was how small and light the phone was. Now that to me is a deffinate plus. The last thing you need is a phone that is bulky and heavy. Assenbly of the phone was easy, you just have a battery and a sim card and a cover to put in. trust me if I can do it anyone can! Nokia have jazzed it up a bit with a silver front and new design keys (the old one was all black). Another thing I like about this phone is they have moved the wap enable button (it was tooo close to the exit key on the old one!) So we have some plus points, the lightweight phone, the small ...
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