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Short Stories 14/01/2007

Passion (erotic fiction)

Short Stories PASSION You look at me with a passionate look in your eyes. I turn to you and return the look from behind the shoulder length shiny black hair which had slid over my left eye. We slide closer. My right hand wonders onto your left thigh and glides gently up and down. I then feel your hand come over onto my thigh and go slowly to the inside of my right leg. You message lightly starting at my knee eventually reaching my groin. We turn and look at each other and leant towards each other to kiss. As we grew closer your sweet scent caressed my nose and I was alive with desire. Then our lips touch. So soft and warm. We hold our lips together for a few seconds and as we pull them apart you hear the light popping sound of our moist lips parting company. I reach to take your top off. Gently lifting it over the back of your shoulders so it slowly and seductively slides down your body and lands on the couch. Your chest is bare and I can't help but take my hands and start massaging you up and down and round and round in gentle sweeping movements. I stop only to take my top off so you can return the favour. We can resist the temptation no more and we lie down. Me on top, you below. We kiss more while we rub each others chests. We start to lower our hands slowly and teasingly down each others bodies, from the chest past the waist and ten finally to the crotch. You sensually rub your fingers over my clit which starts to stir feelings within. I start using my hands to pleasure you ...

Poems of Love 01/12/2006

From a Damsel to her Knight - **Updated**

Poems of Love These are written for my boyfriend: WITHOUT MY ROCK There is no time - it has stopped Dead like my will to carry on My rock has vanished And so has my heart I have become no more than an empty shell With nothing but a shadow of myself My sole has gone My spirit dead Life goes on but I am not here Every night I am with my rock But every morning we must part Forever he will have my heart I am forever longing for the day When I am reunited with my rock and heart For my chance to be again With the help of my rock A LIFE LOST My one true love has gone Left me here all alone Now where to go I do not know With my love dead My life I dread Please tell me how To stop the pain now He's my knight Who gave my life light He's gone I'm going back Until everything's pitch black I sit here alone and scared For life without him I'm unprepared Now that his coffin's been nailed I feel like I've failed Ten months have gone by I still want to die I love him so That's how far I'd go I have lost much more than a friend I wish my life would end To once again with him be So I can again be the real me NOW YOU'RE GONE All I want to do is cry My love is dead and gone At 17 you don't just die I need a reason Your cheeky smile stays in my head Wanting me to play I wish I was dead So with you I can stay I always saw the bad things You showed me the good When I was stuck with all the bad things You knew ...

Once - Nightwish 09/11/2006

One like this only comes along Once in a lifetime

Once - Nightwish **ALSO POSTED ON DOOYOO UNDER MY ALIAS CORNIXREGINA** Well I first bought this album because I heard "Nemo" on Kerrang TV and fell in love with it as I had never heard anything quite like it before. DARK CHEST OF WONDERS - As an opener I expect something to grab me and this did. The fast riffing of the guitars along with the booming symphonics instantly give you an adrenaline rush and then the singing kicks in and makes it in my opinion one of the best songs on the album. WISH I HAD AN ANGEL - This one is just as racy as the 1st track but there is more too this one as this one sees the introduction of male vocals in the form of the bassist Marco. This is also one of my favourites. NEMO - This was the first Nightwish song I ever heard so I will alwas have a soft spot for it. This one is slightly more easy going that the first 2. One of the highlights of this song for me is the brilliant guitar riff towards the end of the song. PLANET HELL - This one starts of with symphonics but then kicks in with great guitars and Marco's powerful voice and altho he isn't classically trained like Tarja (female vox) it's the perfect compliment to her voice CREEK MARY'S BLOOD - This one is slightly different but i like it. it features John Two-Hawkes doing traditional native american vocals and flute work which you would think would work along side classical vocals and rock guitars but it does THE SIREN - Starts with great string/violins and really conveys the feeling of ...

Poems of anger and rage 04/11/2006

Revenge ii

Poems of anger and rage *WARNING THIS POEM IS VERY GRAPHIC - READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* This was witten after someone attemped to rape me and then emotionally blackmailled me because I fought back. So lets say this is my way of getting revenge legally. REVENGE ii I'll take my hand Force it into your mouth Like you did to mine with your tongue But once I'm finished You won't have one left With my hand I grab your tongue Stab my nails in and pull You try to scream But I have control over your tongue At first it resists But then it gives way First a little tear Then almost completely out Blood floods your mouth Tears stream down your face A look of terror and pain in your eyes One last yank And your tongue is out With it comes blood Bits of muscle And scraps of skin They splatter me I'm covered in crimson First stage complete You can now No longer scream First stage over What will I do next? My eyes look around You look scared Pain still fresh in your eyes Blood still flooding From your mouth Now mixed with acid And tonight's dinner As your stomach Rejects the blood that went down You grasp at me for help That gives me my next idea I grab your arms One at a time Holding firmly with both hands Pain and heat emerge I give a Chinese burn But I don't stop I keep twisting until A snap I hear And feel which Lets me know Your wrists have broken I let go of your hands Let them drop See the bones Jutting out Broken through Your paper-like ...

Do you believe in life after death? 01/11/2006

To stay or not to stay that is the question

Do you believe in life after death? **Also posted on dooyoo under my alias cornixregina** MY EXPERIENCE I have always liked to think that there is life after death even from a young age but my opinions intensified on this issue when I was 20. On 19 November 2003 I found out that my 17 year old boyfriend died suddenly but peace fully in his sleep. A post mortem was done and no reason was/has ever been found for his death. I was told by his mum that he had ordered flowers for my 21st birthday but she had cancelled them because his funeral was on my birthday. There were lots of people there and he got buried with his mobile because he always had it with him. I laid a single red rose in when he was buried as well. The day after the funeral while I was staying at my dad's the flowers Steven had ordered arrived at my dad's place and not my own despite his mum saying she had cancelled them. I got on with life and when I felt I needed Steven I would text him and that helped me get through times when I was at the stage of giving up but unbeknown to me I was about to lose him again. Xmas Day 2004 I sent out my usual merry Xmas text to everyone. I got a few replies almost straight away including one it seemed from Steven as his name came up with the text. I called the number the next day for it to be answered by a 12 year old boy claiming he got the phone for Xmas. After doing some more phoning it was discovered that Steven's number had been prematurely or maybe even mistakenly reissued to another ...

Top 10 Concerts 06/09/2006

10 top gigs, 1 sore neck

Top 10 Concerts **Originally posted on dooyoo under my alias cornixregina** Top 10 now this is going be tough because I've been to over 30 in the last 8 years. Also not sure how I can put it in a fair order as I have seen new and old bands alike so here I go (information provided depends on my memory): ~ Nightwish - with support from Paradise Lost ~ Hammersmith Apollo - London - 25/09/05 ~ Set List (may not be in order): Dark Chest of Wonders Planet Hell Ever Dream The Kinslayer Phantom of the Opera (musical) The Siren Sleeping Sun High Hopes (Pink Floyd cover) Bless the Child Wishmaster Slaying the Dreamer Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan Nemo Ghost Love Score Creek Mary's Blood Wish I had an Angel ~ This is my most favourite for 2 reasons. The first of which stands for every Nightwish gig I have been to and that is that Tarja's voice cannot be fully appreciated until it is heard live and then it leaves you in total awe especially when you hear her hit the top notes in Phantom of the Opera. My other reason is because this was the first time that they brought their pyrotechnics across to the UK with them and although Nightwish's shows are brilliant without them, they just made it complete and it was like watching one of their DVDs. They did a good mix of songs from all their albums and some interesting covers. This was also the band's last UK gig before they sacked their singer on 21 October 2005 after the last show of their mammoth 15 month long "Once world tour" promoting ...

Limmericks 06/09/2006

am I a vampire from Duns?

Limmericks These two Limericks are ones I have written myself. One when I was quite young and it was written for school and the other one more recent: and was written for no particular reason. I don't know if they will be up to much as I am more accustomed to writing poetry but here they are anyway: Man from Duns There was a man from Duns Who was dreadfully obsessed with guns "I'm sorry" he said With an apple on his head When he was shot by a couple of nuns Newly Awakened Vampire There was a newly awakened vampire Who everybody thought was a liar If she never had Drank someone's blood They wouldn't have believed she was a vampire I hope you have enjoyed reading them and comments are always welcome Toni ...

Shepherds Bush Empire 05/09/2006

Great venue for those with limited mobility

Shepherds Bush Empire **Originally posted on Dooyoo under the alias cornixregina** I travelled down from Scotland for the HIM gig on 25/09/05 in this venue and as a wheelchair user I wasn't really expecting much as most of the venues I had been to up until then the wheelchair spaces were at the back with poor view due to us being classed as "fire hazards". When i got there however I was amazed. The staff couldn't be more helpful and when they led us to where the wheelchairs went my jaw just about hut the floor. I was the closest I had ever been to the stage (we estimated it at about 40 feet away). The disabled toilet was just metres behind where the wheelchair area is which is great. Even better however was that if you had to use the toilet the staff kept an eye on your space and anyone who went into it were asked to move upon your return. The bar and merchandise areas were nearby too so if i wanted anything I wasn't left alone for that long as it was quick and easy for my carer to get to. The sound system could be better but I was that taken away by being so close to the stage that the slight disappointment with sound went straight out of my mind. The exit is a fire exit which is level access and it is also situated right behind the wheelchair area which is really handy becayse you can bypass most of the crowds to get out. I travelled to and from the venue in taxis and there was a place where you could get taxis not that far from the exit from the venue. Like I say I ...

Fallen - Evanescence 05/09/2006

Don't let the fallen slowly vanish from sight

Fallen - Evanescence **Originally posted on dooyoo under my alias cornixregina"" This is one of the very few albums I have bought on the basis of one song and the only one I've bought even before the first single was released and I don't regret it. I first heard "Bring me to life" in the film "Daredevil" and knew this band were for me. GOING UNDER - Stars with vengeful vocals and a crunching guitar baseline which gives way to a catchy chorus that you can't help wanting to sing along to. BRING ME TO LIFE - Haunting piano and violins give way to pleading vocals. Then the guitars kick in shortly before the catchiest chorus you will ever hear. Hence why this their debut single from the album was number 1 for 4 weeks. EVERYBODY'S FOOL - acoustic guitar and strings pave the way to crunching guitars and vocals with a spiteful edge to them but despite the spite there is sorrow too. MY IMMORTAL - The most touching song on the album, makes you want to cry. Sung with so much emotion. One of the slower songw using just piano, strings and voilins for backing (although the single version varies slighly) HAUNTED - haunting music give way to haunting vocals which flow nicely into a slightly faster chorus. Shows off great drumming and one of the singers highest notes which leaves you with a feeling of power. TOURNIQUET - a floaty start to have the guitars kick in with a feeling of someone yearning relief from ther problems. Sung with emotion as always IMAGINARY - Amy's haunting and ...
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