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Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes 28/12/2012

Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes

Atrium Platinum Hotel, Rhodes Atrium Platinum Hotel in Rhodes Location Ixia is quite a derelict area, where there are only a few other hotels, but no bars or restaurants within close proximity. So I was confined pretty much to eating at the hotel, although the hotels food was really good. The hotel is located in Ixia which to be honest did not have much around the immediate area. However the hotel is only a 25 minute walk to Rhodes old town which is beautiful. The Rhodes old town is slightly medieval and has historical heritage which I think is a must see. There are also buses running regularly from outside the hotel, should you prefer not to want to walk. By bus It is about 10 minutes from the hotel to Rhodes old town. The hotel is 20 minutes’ drive from the airport but fortunately not on the flight path, which meant that we did not get any aircraft noise. Booking Process/Price Paid A recent search on the hotels website shows a price of 109 euros a night, I booked through lowcostholidays website and at the time paid £900 with flights (Easyjet) staying for 7 nights which were included in a package deal. This was the first time I had spent so much money on a holiday, but felt it was a well-deserved break and had read excellent reviews prior to booking. For this amount of money, I felt that the hotel needed to be quite special and it definitely came up trumps. After I had paid my money, I received a booking confirmation included in an e-mail Pdf file. My stay included half board accommodation, which ...

Blacksite: Area 51 (PC) 25/12/2012

A good campaign

Blacksite: Area 51 (PC) Area 51 The game is one I bought to play on the PC and despite it being a FPS made back in 2007, I have to say that this game is actually half decent. For me the negative reviews on seem to be related to freezes due to the Graphics cards, but this is a fairly good game. I regularly play First Person shooter games because a lot of these types of games tend to be fast paced, action packed provide me with some excitement. The downsides are often that the gameplay Is repetitive. I do however find playing different campaigns interesting. During the campaign there are 3 levels of difficulty of this game. Also, people can play this game either on the Keypad and mouse or a game controller. I found that at times when I was playing the game that I had to use a combination of both. The Game story This is a FPS. The game takes place in Iraq and you are a soldier fighting against the Iraqi army. You are joined by other soldiers but really you have to go about shooting and killing everyone that is in your way. At the very beginning of the game you are fighting firstly outside a military base, then you have to kill the Iraqi soldiers then move inside the building and then fight within another military camp base. Whilst this game for me personally was quite entertaining, but the gameplay was reasonable but felt that it was a bit monotonous. As mentioned earlier you start the game fighting Iraqi insurgent soldiers, but once you progress to get to Rachel Nevada, and at other ...

Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee 10/12/2012

Nescafe Azera

Nescafe Azera Barista Style Instant Coffee This product for me is interesting because I started liking Kenco Millicano instant coffee, and Nescafe Azera came in second place as a brand that had me noticing it after Kencos product. In terms of quality, I would say that they are almost equal as both products do use good quality ingredients inside their products. In this day and age of premium coffees and going out to drink premium coffee, it was down to trust that I had in buying these instant coffees, as if they were rubbish, I doubt that I would ever have bought any products of instant coffee again. I do have a reliable ground coffee machine, but recently the balance has tipped back into me buying instant coffee all over again. The store this product was bought from and the price was Tesco Express, costing £3.45. The size is just 60 grams, against 100 gram size packaging for Kenco Millicano costing £3 from Sainsburys. In terms of value for money you are better off buying Kenco Millicano but from a taste perspective I found Nescafe Azera to be slightly better. Waitrose have this product at 60grams costing £3.29. Nescafe Azera has a orange round plastic top with a silvery outside tin. The good thing about the packaging is that the product is easy to open, and when using the product for the first time, the product has a removable seal at the top. The product claims to be Barista style instant coffee, and from my early experiences of this product, it definitely lives up to the manufacturers statement. The tin also ...

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3) 01/12/2012

Call of Duty Black Ops II PS3

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3) Having spent the past few months playing games on my PC and PS3, within this time I focused on playing First Person shooter games and I have to admit that I was pleased with the new released titles such as the game I am reviewing, along with the summer release of the game Spec Ops, and older titles such as Battlefield 3. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 In my opinion this is an excellent sequel to the first Black Ops game. The game is similar to other FPS games such as Battlefield 3. Having played Black Ops the original and liked it very much, I decided to buy this title on the PS3 console. It has proved to be a good choice and compares well to other FPS. I would perhaps, rank this game within the very best FPS games available. The game begins in Myanmar in the year 2025. The objective of the game at the beginning apart from killing enemy soldiers is to rescue Woods, and then recover a Celerium device. The Celerium device is within a high tech scientific laboratory. What surprised me was from one minute being at Myanmar jungles and parachuting, was to then be in the labarotary. The story then moves to Afghanistan and different other war maps. The name of the soldier who you are is Alex Mason. Gameplay I remember one of the first levels being introduced to a jungle scene and one where I had to follow my friends and then take part in a parachute jump. This was at the beginning of the game. The game then moved into combat against enemy soldiers. As I soon discovered you fight and ...

Need for Speed: The Run (PC) 05/08/2012

Need For Speed- The Run

Need for Speed: The Run (PC) I found this game by Electronic Arts to be interesting but in my view proved not to be ground breaking. This is part of the Need for Speed series of games. The way in which I came across this game was I felt some need to buy and play this game based on convenience to experience arcade style driving. At an early stage of the game I noticed the great graphics and beautiful scenery. However in the menu section I noticed that the choice was so limited and extra stages were locked. I thought to myself that this was not so good a choice of game, but I decided to continue playing this game to achieve the game achievements and make an educated conclusion based on my experience of this game. Whilst playing this early on I ran FRAPS which records the frames per second being played during the game. This utility software tool showed that this game is locked at 30 frames per second. This means that the gameplay is the same throughout. It also means that people with good graphics cards will not see better gameplay than those with cheap or mid range GPU's.I mention this major point as it will potentially put some people from buying this game. If I had known this before purchasing, then I myself, probably might not have bothered. Need for Speed The Run In this game you are a young guy called Jack Rourke, and you soon meet a nice lady called Sam Harper. She communicates to you via some form of link laptop or Tablet. The main aim of the game is to drive in fairly short stages from San ...

Britwic Tango Demolition Bar 15/07/2012

Tango Demolition bar hits the Ground

Britwic Tango Demolition Bar Tango Chocolate 105grams of chocolate for 99pence. I purchased this chocolate product for this price at a 99pence store in Watford high street. It seems good value for money on this basis alone. This was an impulse purchase. Packaging The outer wrapper is black with orange and brown graphics. The wrapper is quite distinctive with an easily recognisable logo from the Tango orange fizzy drink. On each vertical side of the wrapper there is a vertical orange panel with orange dots. The packaging states demolition bars but this is in very small print. This part is easy to miss. The packaging states that there are 3 bubbly milk chocolate orange bars with Tangy fizz. The graphics also show an orange which has been partly peeled. Also there are pictures of the chocolate bar unwrapped. Back to the point of the demolition bar, on the opposite side diagonally there is a drawing of a detonator which to be honest is rather indistinguishable and confusing. There is also a yellow triangle with small print stating that illustration (not actual size). It is only when you get to the side of the outer packaging that you notice in quite big font the words a ‘taste sensation detonation’ font in orange. This is in my opinion is rather a weak link in terms of the detonator picture and reference to the demolition bars. On the base of the packaging, there is a bar code and a QR code and details of their website and Facebook connections. Finally there is the nutritional information and details of ...

BenQ XL2420T 24 in 04/07/2012

BenQ XL2420T

BenQ XL2420T 24 in This is a review of my monitor I purchased in April 2012 on for £270. This monitor product was only released I think during February 2012. I have to say that I am pleased with this monitor despite a few problems that I experienced early on. The monitor whilst high priced, is a super sized screen which I use whilst surfing the Internet on my laptop. I use my laptop keyboard to type and this monitor shows the Internet screen.The colours are really well textured. The design of the monitor is really good because the bezel is quite small and this gives me almost a full viewing experience on this 24 inch monitor. It was very easy to install, but I had to purchase a Startech Mini DisplayPort to Dvi converter to get the full 1080pixels. The lag times are faster than the Samsung Samsung S23A700 and the performance is also better. When using the HDMI cable I can watch in High definition 720p but not full HD. Another selling point of this monitor is that it is 3D vision ready if you have a 3D compatible graphics card as well as the Nvidia glasses. Using this monitor for gaming as well as live sports streaming is good as the screen is responsive with 2ms response time and has an instant motion feature. The monitor is also wide screen. The box contained the monitor and stand and a nice base. The screen is matte coloured and this means that there is not much reflection on the screen at all. This might appeal to some but people who like glossy screens might think otherwise. I ...

Crysis (PC) 04/07/2012

Crysis (PC), Adapt Engage and Survive, a great battle game

Crysis (PC) Around 4 or 5 years ago I wanted to play Crysis on my old computer but could not do so until I recently where I spent a lot buying a Dell m14x laptop. This is an seriously good Sci-Fi first person shooting game. The game is made by Crytek , Electronic Arts. The graphics are excellent and in my opinion the gameplay is reasonable. I played and tested this game on my Dell M14x and had observed frame actual gameplay on high settings of 40-60 frames per second. Any game that plays on a PC and reaches less than 30 will cause unplayable games with too much lag. Having played this game in parts using Intel 2000 Graphics, the integrated graphics on the CPU, the performance was much lower at around 10-15 frames per second and almost unplayable. However, this game has to be up there with the best of PC gaming titles, it is amongst the best shooting games in my opinion. Regarding my own testing of this game I know from looking at my loaded and saved playing sessions that this game took me over 30 hours to complete. It was far longer than watching a box set DVD collection. Based on the Pound spent for hours ratio, playing this game proved really good value for money and cracking entertainment. The story Effectively the story of the game is you are Nomad, a US soldier and you are in combat against the enemy. The game states that the Korean peoples army have invaded an island on the Phillipines sea and have control of the island. My involvement in the story is to kill the enemy ...

Travelodge Kingston Upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames 13/06/2012

Not Fit for a King

Travelodge Kingston Upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames The Kingston upon Thames Travelodge The hotel is located less than 5 minute walk from Kingston railway station. Location and Surroundings The hotel is located on old London road, next to the Wilkinson store. On that road there are a couple of restaurants including a Thai and Italian restaurant. Just around the corner is the main ring road, with Kingston town centre close by within a few minutes’ walk. First Impressions The hotel is accessed from walking from the side of the Wilkinson building, through two sets of double doors which leads to the small reception area. The reception desk is straight in front of you as you walk in and there is a 2 seater sofa to the right of the reception desk. It is fairly small and if there are more than 6 people at the reception, I would have found it hard to move around. The Room The rooms are of a good size, and are decorated in a uniform manner throughout. The walls are beige and dark blue carpet. I have found that when I have stayed there (around half a dozen times), that the carpets tend to be on the worn side, and the walls could benefit from a recoating of paint. This is to say that the walls are beginning to look a bit tatty, and some walls have holes in them, partly due to customers have punched or kicking the walls. Also I have noticed that the windows in every room I have stayed in, the window were always missing a handle. So presumably these have been removed, again arguably by guests, and also some of the ...

Miele S 6210 13/06/2012

Miele S6210

Miele S 6210 Please note that the Miele S6210 product that I bought was a nice blue colour not red as shown in the Ciao picture. I bought this from Argos for £180.I have owned this for around 6 months now. I thought this was a fairly expensive purchase but I noted that the Dyson products were selling for a slightly higher premium so I decided to go for the German manufactured Miele. I also noted at the time of buying that Miele have a standard 2 year guarantee that can be extended to 10 years if registering the purchase online. In some respects at first I was a bit dubious of what this product could actually do in terms of cleaning, but it was just within minutes of first using this product I soon notice the differences between cheaper vacuum cleaners and I must admit with the Miele S6210 vacuum cleaner I was definitely impressed. From start to finish I am impressed because it is largely easy to use. The main vacuum cleaner head is a bit big for stairs but the product came with a smaller head size which made cleaning the dust an easy and effortless job. The main selling points of this vacuum cleaner are that it has a telescopic frame which means that the length of the tube can be made bigger which means that this would be suitable for people of all heights. This really is a genius feature that makes it easy to extend the length of the hose and thus making it much more convenient to use. Secondly the cylinder bag vacuum cleaner is easy to open and dispose of. The vacuum cleaner has a ...

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse 07/06/2012

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse When I purchased this gaming mouse from Amazon for £30 I was interested by reading other peoples reviews on this product. I thought to myself that a responsive and fast mouse was well within my budget and I decided to order this. When it arrived I was quick to plug the mouse into my laptop USB and see how it felt. At first I was a bit disappointed as I was moving the mouse a little bit, and then the mouse was slow to move. However, much to my initial anger, I then read the booklet that came with the packaging and visited the Razer website, where I downloaded and installed the mouse driver. Soon I was able to customise my mouse purchase and see what features it had and see what this mouse was made of. Now to the box where at the back of the packaging says that the mouse has a 7 foot cord, along with a mechanical polling rate switch. Also the mouse has a scrolling wheel with 24 individual clicking positions as well as 3 ultra large non slip buttons. The buttons in my view are excellent as you can click anywhere on the button and it registers the click as is normal. The mouse has a 3.5G infra red sensor which I can not see other than the scroll wheel itself. In my opinion I think that the design of the mouse is very standard and nothing of great interest springs to mind. The distinctive features is that it the mouse has a blue led light which illuminates when the mouse is plugged in. The rest of the mouse and the device itself is black. Perhaps, the disadvantage of this ...

Hewlett-Packard 8600 Plus e-All-in-One N911g 06/06/2012

Officejet Pro 8600 N911g

Hewlett-Packard 8600 Plus e-All-in-One N911g The Officejet Pro 8600 N911g is a really good printer by all stretches. I have used this printer for the past 2 months now and am impressed by this printer. I would say, as an introduction that it is the best printer asides from laser printers that I have ever used so far. It looks the part and performs to a very high standard. The printer does have some disadvantages but on the whole the Photosmart Pro 8600 meets my needs very well. My previous printers have not always printed out professionally enough and have had issues at some stage. My printer is colored black and rests safely on a small coffee table. The printer does not look too big and is fairly compact based on its performance. I have found it effortless to install new cartridges inside the printer lid/tray.On the top of the device there is a scanning area where you can scan documents. The installation of the printer was done through a CD which was easy to install, which enabled me to set up the printer and allows me to print wirelessly from my laptop. Regarding the print speeds they vary as you can print simple pages quite quickly, but if you increase the resolution, for example the print quality then this will add to the wait for your pages to be made. On the whole I have found it useful in so far as that I can confidently print out drawings and pictures and know full well that what I am printing out creates a positive impression with myself as well as other people in my house. A main feature of the printer is ...

Krups Nespresso CitiZ & Milk XN 7106 21/02/2012

Krups Nespresso CitiZ & Milk XN7106

Krups Nespresso CitiZ & Milk XN 7106 IntroductionI have owned this machine for the past few months and I am delighted with my purchase. As a regular coffee drinker I wanted a reasonably strong coffee without being too full bodied and I am impressed with the range of coffee from Nespresso. This machine is a mid range Nespresso machine that cost me £140 from website. I think that this was an excellent purchase as I also redeemed a voucher over the winter which gave me a £40 Nespresso coffee capsule rebate which I used to re order some additional capsules at no extra cost to myself on one particular occasion. In short, the advantages of this machine are that the machine itself is not that expensive. The design of the machine is quite compact and does not take up as much space as my Delonghi coffee machine. The Nespresso Krups machine also does not require much cleaning at all. To make a cup of coffee requires me having enough water in the tank at the back of the machine and a Nespresso coffee capsule. After around a minute I am able to press either of 2 buttons to make my coffee and within 20 seconds I will have an excellent flavored cup of coffee. Regarding the cleaning all I need to do is to remove the tray and place the empty capsules in my kitchen bin. That is all that is needed in terms of cleaning. As I use filter water into my machine I have not as yet needed to de-scale my Nespresso Krups machine. From my experience I have ordered the replacement capsules from the Nespresso website and also ...

Asus RT-N56U 21/01/2012

The Asus RT-N56U wireless router

Asus RT-N56U The name of this router is a diamond wireless router. So far it has exceeded my expectations and is highly recommended. This is a simple plug and play device that allowed me to connect to the Internet with the minimum of set up. This is a router that I purchased from for £112. In the past 2 months of usage I have to say that this wireless router is a good one. This wireless router is made by Asus who are specialize in routers, laptops and other electronic items. I can connect my laptop,PS3 and smartphone using this wirless router. Before I purchased this router I did some research in comparing other wireless routers and having read that this is product is recommended from expert reviews on the techradar website this made my decision to buy more easier. I would have ended up buying an equally known brand but with less performance. My wireless laptop now has better network link speeds and was simple and straightforward to set up. I am also pleased with the regular and stable connection and broadband speed. I am now able to surf the Internet faster and have a better reception and better hardware than my previous Belkin wireless router. The network link speed on my laptop shows at 300 mbps on the 2.4ghz setting and even better 450mpbs on the 5GHZ module. The key feature of this wirless router is that you can choose to connect your laptop or wireless device on either the 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ frequency. Regarding the key performance and our households overall ...

Ruislip in General 07/01/2012

Ruislip in General

Ruislip in General IntroductionI wanted to write a review about my home town of Ruislip. This area is located in the borough of Hillingdon and is also located quite near main shopping centres of Uxbridge. The area has good transport links as it takes 10 minutes to get to Uxbridge and is around 30-40 minutes to get to Baker Street in London. The Ruislip underground station has the Picadilly and Metropolitan line services. This helps the residents and commuters get in and around London very well indeed. Also an important point to mention is that Ruislip is 15-20 minutes drive to London Heathrow airport. Ruislip is within the London borough of HIllingdon and from what I have seen of neighbouring towns in my opinion I feel is amongst the best towns to live in. I have walked around Ickenham and South Harrow and I feel that Ruislip looks better and has more to offer than other nearby towns. In my opinion the town of Ruislip is an excellent and relatively quiet place to stay and visit. Ruislip does indeed have quite a comprehensive range of faciltiies in the area which include shopping at Ruislip high street, the Ruislip lido where there is a man made reservoir and home also the Carvery, there is a Premier Inn hotel and the Plough and Orchard pubs. In terms of dining there are a good number of restaurants, some of which I have previously reviewed. Also there is a leisure center in Ruislip/Eastcote village which has a gym, and swimming pool. For those people wanting to play a round of golf there is a ...
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