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Everything that starts with C ... 06/11/2005

Is nobody make candle ?

Everything that starts with C ... English version: Ok ! Today I will try to explain you how make candles. Not that it is difficult to make it but It's really hard for me to explain it in English !! What do you need to make candles : - wax candle (of course !) (4€27) - "une mèche" The thing to ignite the candle (not the light, the thing which burn, i don't know how we say) (2€26) - a candle-holder - a casserole - a can How do : 1- You disolve the wax in the can wich you have put in water in the casserole ("au bain marie") 2-You can put colours and fragrance in the wax Be carefull ! The wax mustn't boil up ! It's really dangerous because the wax could be burn ! You can buy expensive colours for your candles, but me, I find a Crikivi's alternative. I put some gouache in the wax, you know your old box of gouache, when you were younguer ? It not really easy, you have to integrate the gouache to the wax whith a knife for exemple, you mash the gouche in the can. It take time and for some colour it doesn't work but it's cheap ! For the fragrance, it's really expensive too. I use some essential oil but it doesnt really work. The candle smell good, but when it burn, there is no scent. Now, your wax is ready, you must to dunk "une mèche" in the wax, and you dry out it. You put your "mèche" in the midle of your candle-holder and you cut it at the good length. Now you put the wax in the candle-holder but you don't fill it all. You let cool : there is now a hole in the midle. You fill ...

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC) 02/02/2005

But where has humor gone ?

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC) Hello, I will try for my second review to write with better English. English version: First I have to say that this game is the succession of broken sword and broken sword 2. In this previous game it was about saving the world helping by a really great Britain humour very very "screaming" (sorry, I don't know if it is the good word). There are two heroes, George Stobbart a handsome American (in the French game he have a very cute English accent... Mmmm, in France women are crazy about this accent, so do I!! Stop dreaming and let's continue the review) the second one is a pretty French woman Nico Collard (I remember: "Collard j'écoute" the sentence she says every time George phones her. May be in the English game "Collard I’m listening"). Our two heroes travels all over the world to find clues. These games are "point and click" games in which you have to solve puzzles. During the game, you have to look around to find things to do or to take and often it's only to make jokes! Humour is ever-present and there is humour for all type of taste. As a conclusion, they are masterpieces. Unfortunately, not broken sword 3. For the first time, the game is in 3D and to do this it would be better to keep it in 2D. No "point and click" any more, you play with the keyboard and it's really hard to play. It is the end of the research, when you can use an item, a twinkling star appear on the item. Humour is really infrequent: During the game I may smile only two or three times ...

Spathiphyllum 19/01/2005

What about adopting one ?

Spathiphyllum For my first review, I will translate my first French review. And I may do this for my others reviews... but may be not (!)I will see! But I would like you to correct me, that's why I am here, so don't be afraid about correcting me. (Oh my god...It is harder to write in English that I thought! Excuse me for my bad English!) English version: Once upon a beautiful day during the springtime... I was in IKEA and I saw lovelies and pretties flowers really cheap!! (about 10 francs so now nearly 1.5 euros) but also really little. What a windfall!! I take one to put in my bedroom (yes, at this time I was still in my mother house). So what was the result? Any... In spite of my good cares the plant doesn’t grow. So I decide to put the plant really near my windows because my bedroom is very dark. It was a good choice the plant became twice more big in one year but it don't make flowers, the second year it is a big plant which do three flowers! I was so happy! But, a tragedy came... My studies are finished so I leave my mother's house for my apartment. All my plants are in my car and during the dog days (it was the hottest summer for the France since many decades!), and I move in my new flat. After tow hours in my cars my plants were in pitiful conditions. They were limped and burned... I cut all my plants and with a lot of water Spathiphyllum became better...the day after... But it was the begin of misadventures. My mother's house has got wet air, my flat got dry air so even ...
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