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Far Cry 2 (PS3) 13/07/2017

great games again

Far Cry 2 (PS3) Quite a mixed reaction the community gave this game. Perhaps few expected high results as the first Far Cry did very well. Either way, this game has no connection between the first game and we should not be comparing apples and oranges. First off, from a basic FPS game standpoint the game does a terrific at the gunplay. Combat is smooth and consistent meaning there is no clucky feeling when shooting guns and the AI do their job well of getting cover and flanking you. Plenty of guns to chose from such as the accurate m16 to rocket launchers. Sound quality is very nice and each gun as a distinct fx. Birds will chirp around trees and distant explosions are muffled. The open environment itself is something to witness. I've played throughout the whole game and did not find two locations that were identical. Everywhere you go has a unique look and artistic feel to them. One moment you are running through dense jungle foliage, next you are out in the wide open plains. One complaint is the 'dead' water. Water is not dynamic and does not seem to have any life form such as fishes or alligators. One of the biggest areas everyone looks at is the multiplayer portion. How can I say this nicely? Well let's not, because multiplayer is perhaps is the worse part of the game. The biggest flaw is that you cannot join games that are already in session. That already cuts the ability to join servers in half (perhaps more, but I'm being considerate) my total time online is 45 mins total. Other ...

Pebble 2 Smart Watch 13/07/2017

great watch for that price

Pebble 2 Smart Watch A beautiful little watch. One of its advantages is waterproof. No, it's not 'waterproof'. You can go swimming with it. Anyway, let's take a look at the watch: Pros: 1) price. Even if I bought it at £95, it would be a big deal. It's better if it's half price. 2) a lot of third party applications or even games for use. 3) the alarm is strongly and strongly vibrating. 4) when it lights up, it is bright, but subtle. But it won't blind you, it can be used as a quick light to find things in the dark easily. 5) pedometer or sleep tracker seems to be quite accurate. 6) battery life. Depending on how many notifications that comes with vibration alerts you receive every day, how long you'll light the screen, etc. The battery will last about 4-5 days. To recharge it, you don't have to worry about removing the watch from the bezel as it is integrated .Well, it's going to be charged quickly, too. It may charge all within an hour. Cons: 1) for Android, the microphone is not working. Not a big deal, because the microphone near your phone can pick up what you say, and may likely with higher fidelity than this could. 2) future support. This is the only thing that will make me hesitate to suggest buying this watch. Fitbit recently bought the ball, and as of now, there is no plan to update the software / firmware in the future. I'm ashamed, as I said before that, this watch gave the buck a lot of punch. Up to now, Android's latest software update is November 22nd 2016. Not to say ...

Pokemon Go Plus 13/07/2017

nice accessory

Pokemon Go Plus There is very limited audience when it comes to this accessory. It's not necessary to improve your experience, but it makes it easier if you don't want to catch someone's attention when playing pokemon. Examples might be: 1.You live or close to a rough neighborhood and don't want your cellphone stolen, especially at night. 2. Take public transportation, and don't want to take your cellphone out. 3. You're a little shy of playing Pokemon in the public and you don't want to be teased and bullied. 4.Collect Pokemon / Pokestops when driving. It is not recommended to stay in a traffic jam or stop light / sign, because it may distract attention and cause potential accidents. Or what the best reason I like to use it is that I play Pokemon in the office. If your desk / workspace is right on the top of a pokestop, and you're tons of speaking all day long without looking over your shoulder for your boss, that is especially good especially in 8 hours. 5.In addition to keeping it hidden, it saves your battery life because you don't have to constantly pump it out of the illuminating screen. It is also great if you want to get some steps in for egg hatching or for use of the buddy system without having your phone out. 6.The disadvantage of this product is that there is no screen. You don't know what your exact catch unless you take out your mobile phone or unless you live in a population of pokestops or in the office of I mentioned before. You will lose tons of Poke Ball if ...

Motorola Moto E3 13/07/2017

smart phone with good quality

Motorola Moto E3 I really want the 2gb Ram/16gb model,but it is not available. With the advent of business travel, I want to get a feel for the cellphone. So I have to get the 1gb/8gb model. The packaging is so neat and tidy.The unit comes in the ultra thin package compared to the previous Nexus 6/Moto E packaging, however is well protected. When unpacking and flipping the mobile phone over,the first thing I noticed is that instruction on the rear panel of the mobile phone on how to cover and remove it in order to obtain the best water resistance. I also ordered a blue cover. It's coming up next week. Although the rear cover is removable, the battery is not replaced by the user - So it could be a factor that I carry an external battery while traveling. The device itself is not like a budget smart phone.When it comes to overall build quality, It has better leapfrog development compared to some recently released devices such as HUAWEI P8 Lite,or Alcatel idol 3. It is also much more refined than last years G and this years Moto E. I really love the back cover with texture, although this device adds a case. This display seems to fit the 720p resolution, it feels that it is a huge downgrade over something like the Idol 3 or iPhone 6. The performance, while it does not seem to lag behind in any way does not meet the requirements of the afformentioend equipment;.Not that I feel bad performance, but when benchmarking/gaming, you definitely notice a performance delta between the Moto G and ...

Samsung Galaxy S8 13/07/2017

amazing phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 It is a gorgeous mobile with industry-leading screens, excellent and reliable (front, rear) cameras, all day batteries, waterproof and dustproof, fast wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0! The disadvantage is that it won't receive software updates in time, and the location of the fingerprint scanner is a small setback. It's hard to choose your next cellphone, because there are a lot of good choices today, and potentially good handsets will be available later this year . Now you may have seen one million reviews of S8, but it won't make decisions easier. Here are my suggestions: Cons: 1. The edge screen is beautiful, but annoying in two cases. It creates little visual distortion ,less than S7 edges though. It's also difficult to hang your phone in the air and face down , because the phone is prone to cause side touches.Maybe a case solves the problem , but I don't love to put a case in such a beautiful phone . 2. Samsung is not very good with software updates. If you get a great deal of pleasure from trying new Android in time, it's impossible for you. That is to say, new software updates often slow down on the phone. 3. The location of the fingerprint scanner has been mentioned many times. Yes, I hope it's in the front. No, it's really not bad on S8. We have called Iit "muscle memory". It took me two days to correct the new location. Now I have no problem. If you really hate it, try to use recognition or iris scanners, they are very good . 4. The glass back of the ...

LG G5 SE H840 13/07/2017

lg,the way to go

LG G5 SE H840 Generally speaking, it is a good mobile phone. I have Galaxy S4 and S5 before,there are two main reasons why I give this cellphone a go instead of S7. One is the promotion through the Verizon and 360 degree camera , and second is modular. Two is the concept that stirred my interest, and with Google's "Project Ara" work. Pros: - The camera is surperb. The wide angle lens really makes my shot prominent from other mobile phones, and the processing speed is very fast, so the blur is minimal. I can't emphasize this enough as on the S5, when the phone took photos, the pictures would come out blurry because of my natural and minimal dithering hand. The pictures I took on this camera are all very clear. -Fast charging, yes,it is very fast, long battery life. - It comes with a removable battery that you can exchange is an underrated advantage. I don't know why the manufacturer is discarding away this. - It has a large number of application storage. If you have a lot of music like me, the SD slots up to 2 TB is good. - The power button position is smart and well designed. Fingerprint locks are very fast and I like tactile responses. This is very meaningful ergonomics, and other mobile phones should pay attention to. - It is always showing good and simple notifications, not just the first party applications. Cons: - The usb-c charger is probably the way to come, since other Android based devices use the mini USB charger. If you carry an extra battery, then you're ...
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