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Little Britain - Live (DVD) 15/01/2007

I give this one a yes Mr prime minister :P

Little Britain - Live (DVD) This DVD is an extra of the little britain series that are available. The main actors: David Walliams and Matt Lucas act in the Blackpool Theatre. These two actors perform many scetches on subject they might find their viewers might find funny. In one aspect of this DVD you may find it funny because of the quick jokes and the kind of humour you may be into. If you like to laugh at other people and comments. This DVD takes the "piss" out of many well known people in the UK and may be seen as funny to certain people. In another aspect you might find this DVD quite vulgar, you may not like the jokes given in this DVD and find the fact that laughing at other people is an "immoral state of democracy and puts a bad reputation on the modern days society" (lol I thought I'd paraphrase that as i thought it would be what Andy Pipkins would have said) Some scetches are more funny then others (although my favourite is the fat fighters lady) I can think of a few scetches and describe their meaning for you. The first one I can think of is Margery Doors, She is a fat fighters lady who is the spokesperson, she's always putting her fat fighter team down and shouting at them, she takes the mickey out of the asian lady. (this could also be a reason why you would find it offputting) Another would be prime minister, when Sebastian, the prime minister's aid is in love with the prime minister and acts really camp. Although Sebastian gets naked in the DVD, another reason why this might ...

Final Fantasy X (PS2) 28/11/2006

I'm a final fantasy fanatical fan!

Final Fantasy X (PS2) Ok well I LOVE fanal fantasy, although this is one of the worser ones compared to how good the others are. The main plot is to attack and defeat monster in an active time battle mode to level up your characters and become stronger therefore advance on within the game! This game is mainly aimed at young adolescent boys, simply because of the fact that in the game you can change the woman's dress spheres and looks in order to suit what you want them to look like, it' pretty darn silly the fact how Squaresoft have made the main characters all women. However all techniques and graphics within the game are awesome! When playing this game you're going to think " hold on, why does this sound so silly I havn't got a clue what's going on" This is because this game is a sequal to the game "Final fantasy X" and carries on the story from there. Although this game does give some idea on the past story, it doesn't explain too well all the details therfore missing out on all of the information. it's simple you can level yourself up and in doing so you can wear different types of armour and weapons. You cannot but different weapons anymore in this game (which is pretty bad as i love having massive weapons) I also dislike the fact that the game doesn't have as interesting storyline compared to it's original predecessor there should have been as much heartbreak and secrets as the first one. Anyway I'm not getting into anymore detail about that game as It's not a walkthrough ...

Dell Dimension 2350 28/11/2006

It's still my current computer

Dell Dimension 2350 The specs on this computer are really worth the money now for it. The computer has now been brought down to about £250 in the shops so it's quite good as a first off computer for people who want to learn how to use and computer and browse the internet and so forth. The 60GB HDD drive is awesome to hold your own data on however I now have two hard drives in this computer (so that means you can add on hard drives!) and therefore you can increase the size of your memory. The processor being at 2.2 Ghz is good for simple tasks such as browsing and downloading data onto your computer. You can instal a better intel celeron processor if you want to do more complicated tasks such as downloading at a far more faster speed off different sites. The RAM is adequate for the use of this computer too. again it's only for simpler tasks more RAM is good for when burning CD's onto disk a lot. A big disadvantage to this computer is the fact that you cannot change the motherboard or the case as the motherboard is specially made for that case. Which is PANTS! It has a floppy drive and is easy enough to find the turn off/on button! :P the monitor needs to be made into a flat screen! but if the whole package is £200 - £250 then I guess you cannot moan. The mouse and keyboard are really cool with the look, feel and theme to this computer you can add on any small changes to the computer, like adding a DVD rewriter for example and maybe a different hard drive. The RAM type is DDR so ...

Bonkers, Vol. 4 [Silver Edition] - Various Artists 24/11/2006

very good music, made me go bonkers!

Bonkers, Vol. 4 [Silver Edition] - Various Artists I have got this album on my computer as I downloaded it for free ages ago, however I do not know the names of all of the songs because they all show up on my windows media player as track 1,2,3 etc although if i did have the track song list I would have put them all down. DJ Hixxy is a very endearing to listen to her music is absolutely fantastic if you really enjoy listening to music that has a DJ beat to it. If you like to rave and make a fool of yourself on the dance floor (not me i swear it!) then listen to her songs. there's one song of hers I've listened to called love comes and it made me want to scream out loud with happieness. FOR PEOPLE WHO: this album is only reccomended to people if they enjoy listening to music that is fast, hardcore and happy. if you're looking for a deep thought track and a reason for the music title then don't bother. this music is just to make people feel "happy" with themselves. NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO: This album isn't reccommended for the people who like slow music and a meaning behind the tunes. this is not a love track (obviously!) and if you like the up to date versions of the bonkers albums then this might be just the ticket to learn the origins of the bonkers albums! ...

Creative MuVo TX 256MB 256 MB 23/11/2006

it's an excellent Mp3 player

Creative MuVo TX 256MB 256 MB in my opinion I would say that this is one of the best Mp 3 players I have had! it's quite small and compact. I think it's great with the fact that you can hang it over your neck, although the multiple wires due to the earphone wires get a bit annoying! The earphones themselves are really nice to have although they could be made better by joining them with the neck wire. the play time with alkaline batteries lasts up to 18 hours if you have the volume on low, however I always have it on megahigh which makes it last about 7 hours maximum! :P although my recommendation is to have rechargable batteries! It's easy to flick through the music, being able to choose through the differnt folders of music you might have on there. Although it's not as easy as going through the music on an apple mac or the more bigger version of the creative kind. I actually like this MP3 player, I use it all the time whenever I get out and running for errands and going to college as it takes me over an hour and i need something to enjoy listening toor I get really bored. Children would like this as a great present!

BenQ A62 23/11/2006

it's an "ok" first phone

BenQ A62 I must say that I use this phone right now. I am not happy with it as it's not got any of the things any of the up to date phones have. it's games are minimum, however it is alright as a child's first phone. I would recommend this to parents that want to buy their children a first phone just to see if the child can look after a phone and use it properly. although it's networks work really well (orange). The phone is small and compact and you can keep it in your pocket. it rumbles when it's ringing and when getting a text. Parents are only recommended to buy this phone if it's at a low price! it's battery time does not satisfy my expecatitions although the charge time does. ...

Samsung Digimax V4000 23/11/2006


Samsung Digimax V4000 To be honest I actually love this camera, I have one of my own and it's never given me any trouble. it's quick and easy to use and is small and compact! it takes AA batteries and is even better if you decide to use recharable batteries for the use of this camera. you can change the quality of the picture, therefore giving you either more or less sizes to add onto it's internal disk drive. It's easy to take the pictures from the internal memory and put them onto your computer. I've took about 200 pictures of myself (vein I know!) and they are all about 300kb in size, infact the picture that shall be uploaded is took by this camera. would recommend to anyone just loving to take photos!
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