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Glade Scented Candles 06/01/2013

Glade Candles

Glade Shake n Vac Magnolia & Vanilla 05/01/2013

Glade Shake N Vac

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration 05/01/2013

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo

Addis Clip Storage Containers 05/01/2013

Addis Clip Storage Containers

David Beckham Intimately Beckham for Her Eau de Toilette Spray 04/01/2013

Intimately Eau De Toilette

Asos Waffle Knit Top 04/01/2013

ASOS Waffle Knit Top

Argos Davina Air Flow Exercise Mat 04/01/2013

Air Flow Exercise Mat

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Salon Results Leave in Conditioner 03/01/2013

Charles Worthington Hair Healer

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo 03/01/2013

Glad Hair Day Shampoo

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum 03/01/2013


Alberto Balsam Conditioner - Blueberry 03/01/2013

Alberto Balsam Blueberry Conditioner

Lonsdale Wrist Grips 02/01/2013

Lonsdale Wrist Grips

JML Snuggie Blanket 02/01/2013

JML Snuggie

JML Snuggie Blanket My babe of a boyfriend must be one of the most thoughtful men alive - I was really surprised when I opened this on christmas day and I was a bit confused at first as to what it actually was lol, turns out he'd saw my eyes light up when I saw the snuggie advertised on telly and he knows that I'm always cold due to my anemia and stuff so he decided to buy me one as one of my 'silly' presents from him, and I love it!! I've wanted a snuggie for ages, mainly because we have a leather sofa which is absolutely freezing unless we have a throw on it and because I always really feel the cold, especially during this time of the year when the weather is dire! My snuggie has a leapord print design and it's really nice and girly, but I think there are several other designs and colour choices available to choose from. I have no idea where my boyfriend bought mine from or how much he paid but after having a quick look on Amazon I can see that the average price on there is around £8.00 for a genuine JML snuggie and the recommended retail price is stated to be £15, which I think is a bit overpriced considering that a warm fleecey dressing gown is around the same price and much more practical and no where near as silly looking!! So.. what is a snuggie? Well it's basically a large fleecey blanket with arm holes in it so that you don't have to keep pulling the blanket down when you need to reach for something. The arm holes are massive though and I find that they get in the way quite a bit, ...

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 02/01/2013

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum I received the 50ml bottle of this for Christmas and I love it! I've got to admit I was initially secretly slightly disappointed when I saw which perfume it was as I'm not a fan of lady gaga and thought that this would smell really weird and overpowering but I actually think it smells amazing! The perfume is available in three different sizes - 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. I have the 50ml which retails at around £32.00, so it's definitely one of the pricier celebrity perfumes around, but I do think it's worth it. The perfume comes in a pretty cool bottle - it's a kind of egg shape with golden claws surrounding the lid's cap and overlapping onto the bottle. This lifts off to expose the spray nozzle which is a shiny gold colour and it dispenses the liquid in a fine mist. The design is nice for a change as most celeb perfumes come in quite girly bottles and this one really stands out amongst my other perfumes. The bottle is transparent meaning that the dark black liquid is easily visible and it really does look stunning. I was curious at first to see if it was actually black when sprayed onto my skin but it's completely clear. A weirdly intriguing fact about this perfume is that it's actually based on the molecular structure of blood and semen, which I think is pretty gross but I can assure you that it doesn't smell like either! Lady Gaga describes the scent as being the kind an expensive hooker would wear (lol!) and it's definitely quite an unusual but expensive fragrance. Although ...

Benefibre Powder Food Supplement 19/12/2012

Benefibre Powder

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