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Glade Scented Candles 06/01/2013

Glade Candles

Glade Scented Candles ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I absolutely love scented candles so I decided to buy a few of these to try after seeing that they were half price in my local Tesco's. ~*~ Price ~*~ Each candle has a recommended retail price of £4.00, but as I said above I managed to get all of mine half price which I'm really pleased with and I would quite happily pay the full RRP when it comes to buying some more due to how long each candle lasts. ~*~ Availability ~*~ These candles are really widely available and they can be found in Wilkinson's, discount stores and a majority of supermarkets. ~*~ Fragrance ~*~ There are absolutely heaps of different fragrances available. There's the usual fresh & fruity scents as well as some foody and spicy scents. I currently have three different fragrances which are: ~ Magnolia & Vanilla ~ Spiced Apple ~ Warm Orange & Spice All of the fragrances smell absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly natural - I can't wait to try out some of the other ones and there's even a chocolate & honey fragrance available, which sounds amazing! There is a fragrance to suit everyone and I like that they have different candles for different seasons, eg light and fresh scents for the summer months and spicy, warm scents for the winter months. I actually had the spiced apple scent burning over the Christmas period and it made the house smell really warm and cosy. Even though we burnt it almost every night for a solid week, there's still quite a bit of wax left and the smell is ...

Glade Shake n Vac 05/01/2013

Glade Shake N Vac

Glade Shake n Vac ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I'd seen this in my local Poundland a few times but wasn't sure if it would actually be any good due to how cheap it was, but in the end I decided to buy it to try and I'm so glad that I did - despite being very cheap it is by far one of the best carpet fresheners that I've used and I pick a few bottles of it up whenever I'm in Poundland now! ~*~ Price ~*~ I buy this this from Poundland and obviously pay just £1.00 per 400ml bottle, which is amazing value for money! Prices do vary as this is quite widely available, but a range of discount stores sell it for £1.00 or sometimes even cheaper, so it's very affordable. ~*~ Product Claims ~*~ The manufacturers say that this is able to eliminate lingering smells including tobacco, pet & cooking odours that can get trapped in carpets. They also state that this will leave your carpets smelling fresh & clean after using it. ~*~ My Opinion ~*~ As I said above, this is definitely one of the best carpet fresheners that I've used and I am really impressed with how effective it is considering the very low price. The product is incredibly easy to use and I've never had any problems with the powder getting stuck in the carpet fibres or leaving any marks or stains and it doesn't clog up my vacuum either. It doesn't leave the carpet feeling gritty or anything either - the powder vacuums up very easily as it is a very fine powder. The results are always pretty much instant - I just sprinkle a generous amount all ...

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration 05/01/2013

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo Hello Hydration ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I'm always trying out new shampoo's & conditioners and I usually just buy whatever's on offer - I'm not fussy! Herbal essences is a brand that I'm familiar with but don't often buy because in my opinion it is quite overpriced, but I decided to but the 'hello hydration' shampoo from this range after seeing that it was on offer. ~*~ Price ~*~ A 400ml bottle of this shampoo retails at around £3.80, so it's not the cheapest shampoo around and I don't think that I would pay the full retail price when I have cheaper shampoo's which have pretty much exactly the same effect on my hair. I bought my bottle of it from Co-op and paid around £2.00 and it is also available from Boots and Superdrug. ~*~ Product Claims ~*~ The manufacturers claim that this shampoo will 'quench the thirst' of dry and damaged hair. They describe the 'shine and moisture' formula as being rich and replenishing and the shampoo contains coconut and orchid extracts. ~*~ Packaging ~*~ The bottle is the same unique shape as the rest of the Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner bottles. It is a tall rectangular shape with a slight curve and it is made from sturdy plastic. The bottle a bright shade of aqua blue which has a pearly finish, which I really like and it is very eye catching. The branding is good with the product and brand name written clearly on the front. Information such as directions for use, a brief product description and a lengthy list of ingredients can be found on the ...

Addis Clip Storage Containers 05/01/2013

Addis Clip Storage Containers

Addis Clip Storage Containers ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I cook a majority of mine and my family's meals from scratch, so food storage containers always come in handy for freezing leftovers. I bought three of these containers quite recently after seeing that they were on offer in Homebase. ~*~ Price ~*~ I paid just £1.00 for each of the 300ml containers that I bought, however this was a sale price and the recommended retail price is around £3.00 per box. While I do think that this is quite pricey for a basic plastic food container, it is still an affordable price and I think that the retail price reflects the quality as the containers are very sturdy and durable. ~*~ Available Sizes ~*~ These food containers are available in a few different sizes inclding 240ml, 330ml, 1.3 litres and 1.9 litres. There are also some much larger ones available, but these are best suited to storing paperwork, clothes, shoes etc rather than food. ~*~ My Opinion ~*~ I firstly like that the design of these containers is nice and simple, yet they still look good quality rather than cheap and flimsy. The containers are a simple square shape and they don't take up very much room in my kitchen cupboard as they can be stacked up. Although I am able to stack them up, they're not easily stackable and it takes a little time because of the bulky clips which overlap onto the edge of the lid on each one, making them balance a little when stacked on top of each other. The containers are made from a good quality feeling plastic which ...

David Beckham Intimately Beckham for Her Eau de Toilette 04/01/2013

Intimately Eau De Toilette

David Beckham Intimately Beckham for Her Eau de Toilette ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I bought this perfume as part of a gift set around a year ago in the 2012 January sales. I didn't particularly want or need it, but seeing as it was reduced by a few pounds I decided that it was a bargain and ended up buying a few of the gift sets with the intention of giving them away as presents, but I ended up keeping one for myself. ~*~ Price ~*~ I bought this as part of a gift set which came with the 30ml perfume, a body lotion and a shower gel and I paid around £20.00 if I remember correctly. A 30ml bottle currently retails at around £15.00 and there's also a larger 75ml bottle available as well. ~*~ The Bottle ~*~ The glass bottle is incredibly simplistic and not particularly eye catching or unique, however it looks reasonably good quality and it doesn't look out of place amongst my many other perfumes. It's basically a short, squat square shape with a cubed shaped lid and a golden spray nozzle along with the perfume name written in golden writing on the front. ~*~ The Smell and My Opinion ~*~ As I mentioned above, I've had this perfume for around a year now and I've barely touched it because I really don't like it, but I can't bring myself to throw it away so it's just sat on my dressing table! The smell is just really overpowering and not at all what I was expecting it to smell like. I was expecting a girly, summer light fragrance which would be versatile enough to wear whenever I wanted. It's a very generic floral fragrance which ...

Asos Waffle Knit Top 04/01/2013

ASOS Waffle Knit Top

Asos Waffle Knit Top ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I've got a bit of a weird obsession with jumpers and I ended up buying quite a few new ones when ASOS had a massive sale on a few months ago. I bought this mainly because it was so cheap but also because it looked really nice and simple, so I thought it'd be a good wardrobe staple and ideal to just throw on with a pair of jeans. ~*~ Price ~*~ The retail price for this jumper is £28.00, however I managed to get mine for £11.00 in the sale. Would I pay the full price? Not in a million years! This is a basic acrylic jumper and an almost identical one can be picked up in Primark or H&M for a fraction of the price. ~*~ Design ~*~ As I said above, this is a really basic jumper. The neckline is scooped and quite wide which I like as I hate jumpers with a high and narrow neckline. The sleeves are really long which I also love because they're long enough to cover my hands which is great in the winter!! They look nice rolled up as well and the jumper is really versatile due to how simple it is. The waffle knit design is quite neat and the finish is nice. I prefer a cable knit pattern because the waffle knit has got tiny little gaps so I need to wear a vest underneath else a lot of my skin is visible through the jumper, but this isn't an issue. ~*~ Styling It ~*~ This is so easy to style! It looks great with anything. I've recently worn it over a maxi dress and it also looks great with a maxi skirt, shorts & tights, disco pants, jeans, jeggings and so on. ...

Argos Davina Air Flow Exercise Mat 04/01/2013

Air Flow Exercise Mat

Argos Davina Air Flow Exercise Mat ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I'd been needing a new exercise mat for absolutely ages and decided to buy this around six months ago when it was on offer in Argos. I didn't buy this because it's Davina branded or anything, I chose it purely because it was the cheapest available that looked to be of decent quality. ~*~ Price ~*~ I paid around a fiver for mine as I managed to get it on offer, but the retail price is currently £9.99. I think this is a reasonable price considering that the mat is good quality and durable. ~*~ Design ~*~ This is quite a basic looking exercise mat which I like, and it's the usual exercise mat sort of shape! There's only one colour available as far as I know which is a nice shade of blue. The lack of colour options doesn't bother me at all although I'm not keen on now light the colour is because any marks show up easily which means it started to look grubby quite quickly seeing as I have a baby toddling around as well as five dogs!! I try not to leave it down when I'm not using it though due to it being a spongey type of material which can easily get stained and after around six months mine is looking a little worse for wear as it has several marks on it, however it is still useable and in one piece, just a bit dirty looking! I've tried wiping it down which is a pretty pointless task because of the type of material it is, but seeing as I only use it at home it doesn't really matter that it looks a bit grubby!! It luckily doesn't hold smells (eg ...

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Salon Results Leave in Conditioner 03/01/2013

Charles Worthington Hair Healer

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Salon Results Leave in Conditioner ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ One of my favourite Youtube beauty guru's recently mentioned this in her monthly favourite's video and seeing as it was on offer at the time in Boots I decided to try it as it sounded amazing! I have quite dry, slightly damaged hair as I straighten it daily and this seemed like an ideal way to keep it moisturised and looking healthy. ~*~ Price ~*~ A 200ml tube of this retails at around £5.50, which I know sounds quite overpriced for quite a small tube of conditioner, but it's definitely worth it! A tube lasts for ages as a little goes a long way so it is good value for money despite initially seeming expensive. ~*~ Packaging ~*~ The packaging is really simplistic and it looks quite expensive in my opinion. The plastic, squeezable tube is a handy size and it holds 200ml of product. It stands on its flip top lid and the tube is an off white colour with a black lid and black and red font on the front. The back of the tube has information such as a brief product description, a list of ingredients and information on now to use the conditioner. ~*~ Product Claims ~*~ The manufacturers describe this conditioner as being a lightweight, intensive moisturiser which they claim nourishes and repairs hair. They claim that hair is left feeling soft, silky and nourished throughout the day after using it and it is best suited to dry hair. It is marketed as a conditioner, but it's basically a hair treatment. ~*~ My Opinion ~*~ The main thing that attracted me ...

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo 03/01/2013

Glad Hair Day Shampoo

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo ~*~ Spoilt! ~*~ My mum knows how much I love Soap & Glory's range of skincare products and along with lots of other presents and a huge S&G gift set she also bought me a few 250ml tubes of the glad hair day shampoo & conditioner as stocking fillers - best mum ever! This review is of the shampoo, but I will also be reviewing the conditioner at some point. ~*~ Price ~*~ As I said above, I relieved this as a gift so didn't purchase it myself, but I am aware that the retail price is around a fiver, which I think is extremely overpriced for a reasonably small tube of shampoo and its definitely not the best value for money, which is why I'd never tried it before - I'd seen it around but the price had always put me off. ~*~ Packaging ~*~ The packaging is quite unusual as the shampoo comes on a squeezey tube rather than an average shampoo bottle. I actually like the design though as the tube is easy to grip with wet hands and easy to squeeze too. The tube has got the usual, instantly recognisable S&G colour scheme - bright pink with a black and white picture of a smiling, vintage looking woman on the front as well as loads of information about the product. The packaging is really bright and girly and it makes a nice change from a generic looking bottle of shampoo. The only disadvantage about the packaging though is that I can't take this to the gym with me for when I have a shower after working out because the flip lid pops open if the bottle is squeezed hard so it would make ...

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum 03/01/2013


Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum ~*~ Awkward! ~*~ Opening this on Christmas Day and having to pretend that I loved it and was really grateful must of been one of the most awkward things ever! I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift at all so why my Uncle decided to buy me it is a bit of a mystery - it must of been on offer or something! ~*~ Price ~*~ I received this as a Christmas gift so I am unsure how much my bottle of it was, however after having a quick look online I can see that a 30ml bottle (the size that I have) retails at around £20.00, which for a popular celebrity perfume is a reasonable price in my opinion. ~*~ The Bottle ~*~ In my opinion, the bottle is a bit of a Britney Spears Fantasy clone, as it's the same shape and very similar in design minus the gemstones - this is just a plain purple glass bottle with the perfume name written on the front in golden writing and Taylor Swift's name written underneath it in handwriting style font. The bottle has a chain around the lid, which is quite tacky looking in my opinion. The chain is golden and it has several charms attached to it including a bird and a bird cage. The lid itself is also golden and it has a raised pattern on it. I personally don't like the design of the bottle, at 21 i think it is a bit childish and it reminds me a bit of the Disney princess perfume bottles. I think a younger girl would really like it, although my mum said that she thought the bottle was pretty so some people might love it and some might hate it. ~*~ The Smell & My ...

Alberto Balsam Conditioner - Blueberry 03/01/2013

Alberto Balsam Blueberry Conditioner

Alberto Balsam Conditioner - Blueberry ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ My local Tesco often has the Alberto Balsam shampoo & conditioner on offer so I almost always pick a few bottles up when I'm doing my grocery shopping. I've tried a few of the different scents, with one of my favourites being the blueberry scented conditioner, it's lovely!! ~*~ Price ~*~ A generously sized 400ml bottle of this conditioner retails at just £1.00 and it is also on offer quite often - Tesco are currently running a 2 for £1.80 promotion on all of the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner but even when it's not on offer its still very affordable and incredibly good value for money. ~*~ Packaging ~*~ The packaging is really simple - a rounded cylinder shaped bottle made from sturdy plastic. The bottle is quite bulky and due to the shape I find it quite hard to grip when I have wet hands, but this isn't too much of a disadvantage. The bottle has a black flip lid which comes in handy and the dispenser hole prevents too much product from coming out at once. ~*~ My Opinion ~*~ I love the scent of this conditioner and although it definitely isn't quite as nourishing and softening as my more expensive conditioners, it does leave my hair feeling smooth and quite silky and it always looks clean and healthy after using it. I have quite dry hair as I straighten it daily and although this isn't very moisturising it is not at all drying. The conditioner is thicker than I expected but it is still a little runny and it smells nice and fruity with ...

Lonsdale Wrist Grips 02/01/2013

Lonsdale Wrist Grips

Lonsdale Wrist Grips ~*~ The Purchase ~*~ I actually bought these around a year ago now, if not a little longer. At the time I'd only just started taking an interest in fitness, and I certainly wasn't at the fitness level that I am now. In fact, if I'm honest, I was a bit of a couch potato and pregnancy gave me an excuse not to move very much! I bought these because I thought that they'd be ideal to use while lazing around watching television and they seemed like an easy way to keep my arms toned. ~*~ Price ~*~ I can't remember exactly how much I paid for my wrist grips, but I remember them being really cheap, which was one of the reasons I decided to buy them - I seriously can't resist a bargain! The current retail price is very inexpensive - around £3.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a branded item and the product can be used everyday so you will get your money's worth. Sports Direct are actually selling this for just £1.99 which is even better value! ~*~ Design ~*~ The wrist grips are incredibly basic in design and the small size of them means that they're easy to store when I'm not using them. The grips are basically like long handles and they're joined together with a lightweight piece of metal. The grips are a good length so I can easily grip them without them being fiddly or too small for my hands and they padded with a soft foam like material which is nice and dense so it's not so soft that it feels squidgy or anything! ~*~ How It Works & My Opinion ~*~ Well, using the ...

JML Snuggie Blanket 02/01/2013

JML Snuggie

JML Snuggie Blanket My babe of a boyfriend must be one of the most thoughtful men alive - I was really surprised when I opened this on christmas day and I was a bit confused at first as to what it actually was lol, turns out he'd saw my eyes light up when I saw the snuggie advertised on telly and he knows that I'm always cold due to my anemia and stuff so he decided to buy me one as one of my 'silly' presents from him, and I love it!! I've wanted a snuggie for ages, mainly because we have a leather sofa which is absolutely freezing unless we have a throw on it and because I always really feel the cold, especially during this time of the year when the weather is dire! My snuggie has a leapord print design and it's really nice and girly, but I think there are several other designs and colour choices available to choose from. I have no idea where my boyfriend bought mine from or how much he paid but after having a quick look on Amazon I can see that the average price on there is around £8.00 for a genuine JML snuggie and the recommended retail price is stated to be £15, which I think is a bit overpriced considering that a warm fleecey dressing gown is around the same price and much more practical and no where near as silly looking!! So.. what is a snuggie? Well it's basically a large fleecey blanket with arm holes in it so that you don't have to keep pulling the blanket down when you need to reach for something. The arm holes are massive though and I find that they get in the way quite a bit, ...

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 02/01/2013

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum I received the 50ml bottle of this for Christmas and I love it! I've got to admit I was initially secretly slightly disappointed when I saw which perfume it was as I'm not a fan of lady gaga and thought that this would smell really weird and overpowering but I actually think it smells amazing! The perfume is available in three different sizes - 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. I have the 50ml which retails at around £32.00, so it's definitely one of the pricier celebrity perfumes around, but I do think it's worth it. The perfume comes in a pretty cool bottle - it's a kind of egg shape with golden claws surrounding the lid's cap and overlapping onto the bottle. This lifts off to expose the spray nozzle which is a shiny gold colour and it dispenses the liquid in a fine mist. The design is nice for a change as most celeb perfumes come in quite girly bottles and this one really stands out amongst my other perfumes. The bottle is transparent meaning that the dark black liquid is easily visible and it really does look stunning. I was curious at first to see if it was actually black when sprayed onto my skin but it's completely clear. A weirdly intriguing fact about this perfume is that it's actually based on the molecular structure of blood and semen, which I think is pretty gross but I can assure you that it doesn't smell like either! Lady Gaga describes the scent as being the kind an expensive hooker would wear (lol!) and it's definitely quite an unusual but expensive fragrance. Although ...

Benefibre Powder Food Supplement 19/12/2012

Benefibre Powder

Benefibre Powder Food Supplement Although I know that I'm getting all the minerals and nutrients that I need whenever I am juice fasting, the lack of fibre did concern me a little as I am well aware of how important fibre is in a diet. As a result I ended up buying this to mix into my juices. There aren't that many fibre supplements around and I struggled to find a fibre supplement in powder form as most are in capsule and tablet form. I personally prefer my supplements in powder form if possible which is why I chose this one. I bought mine from amazon purely because it was really cheap on there but it's also available from Boots as well as a few websites. I paid £3.39 for mine which is an absolute bargain in my opinion! Amazon say that the retail price is £6.12, but it can be purchased for £5.25 in Boots so this is a really affordable way to get more fibre into your diet. The powder comes in a plastic tub which reminds me a little of the ovaltine packaging weirdly enough! The colour scheme is green and there is lots of information on the tub including what benefits taking the fibre has and there's also a picture of a spoon with the powder on it which I found handy as it shows what the powder looks like. The back of the tub has nutritional information etc and the tub is easy to open as it has a screw top lid. I have the 155 gram tub but it's also available in a slightly larger 245 gram tub. I find the 155 gram tub enough for me as I only take it when I'm juice fasting which is usually 3 days a month ...
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