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Member Advice On Tooth Extraction 23/05/2006

Rule #1 - Don't Piss Off The Dentist.

Member Advice On Tooth Extraction Inspired by AimeeLouise18's root canal review, I thought I'd write a little about the teeth I've just had taken out. I apologise in advance because I've just realised how long and rambling this review is, sorry if you get bored! ► Why I left it so long. Like most people, I'm absolutely petrified of the dentist, and have put off going there for seven years. I used to be registered with our local dentist, but when that closed down six years ago, I was relieved not to have the six-month check up reminders coming through my door every few months, which just meant that I no longer had to think up an excuse not to go. The local dentist was re-opened by a different person a couple of years ago, and I kept putting off going in there to register, knowing I'd regret it one day, but not having the courage to go through the requisite check up before registration. Well, the day came when I regretted it. I've had two badly decayed teeth at the back of my mouth for years - they were filled once, by a lovely, gentle dentist, who was so gentle that she was no good. After having these two problem teeth filled, they hurt like all hell for about two weeks afterwards. Within one week, the first filling had come out, within two months, the second filling had come out. I couldn't face going back there for more fillings, so I just put up with them. I knew one day that I'd have to have them out, but as they rarely caused pain, I decided I'd put up with it. Cut to last October. I'd ...

Dickie Roberts - Former Child Star (DVD) 20/05/2006

"Devil Rabbit, Devil Rabbit!"

Dickie Roberts - Former Child Star (DVD) What a pleasant surprise this film was. I watched this at 3am the other night, during a bout of insomnia. It was just starting on Sky, and I thought it looked so rubbish that it would send me straight to sleep. How wrong I was! ◄ Cast ► Dickie Roberts - David Spade (Saturday Night Live, The Benchwarmers) Sidney Wernick - Jon Lovitz (Rat Race, The Stepford Wives) Cyndi - Alyssa Milano (Charmed, Pool Girl) Grace Finney - Mary McCormack (The West Wing, ER) George Finney - Craig Bierko (Cinderella Man, Scary Movie 4) Sally Finney - Jenna Boyd (The Missing, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants) Sam Finney - Scott Tera (Daredevil, Eight Legged Freaks) Rob Reiner - Himself (Director of When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride) ◄ The Plot ► The film begins with an E! True Hollywood Story about Dickie Roberts (David Spade) an, um, former child star who now works as a valet parker in Hollywood. When Dickie's childhood role that shot him to fame was cancelled, Dickie's mother walked out on him, leaving him to grow up on his own. Now a 35 year old adult, Dickie is desperate to be famous again, believing that his real mother will come back if he could only be on TV again. After a few failed attempts at publicity, Dickie gets word that the most anticipated film of the year - Mr. Blake's Backyard - is about to be cast, and he thinks that if he could get the leading role, it would be exactly the break he needs. Dickie goes to see the film's director, ...

Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner 18/05/2006

Good Morning, Nobody.

Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner Did you know that chick lit mystery is the next big thing in the literary world? The shelves of the local bookstore that are currently lined with books about single, shoe-obsessed women living in the city, will soon be lined with books about single, shoe-obsessed women, involved in murder cases. I have to admit that this is the first book of this kind I've read, most of my books are typical chick lit fluff that involve nothing more than an array of blind dates, and a lot of fashion-related name dropping. I wouldn't actually have read this one, but because I'd enjoyed Jennifer Weiner's previous books so much, I thought I'd give it a go. ◄ The Story ► Once upon a time, Kate Klein was a hotshot reporter, living the enviable single city girl life in New York. That is until she had her heart broken by sexy commitment-phobe Evan McKenna. Seven years later, after marrying her rebound guy Ben, Kate is now a mother of three young children, living in the small suburban town of Upchurch, Connecticut, where she doesn't fit in at all. The other mothers are all perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfectly dressed, perfectly manicured, and unlike Kate, none of them have ever found Playdoh in their pubic hair. But Kate knows she will never belike them. She longs for her old life in New York; she misses the city, her friends, and most of all, she misses Evan. Kate knows that when she married Ben, she settled for second best. She will never love him in the breathtaking ...

Just Like Heaven (DVD) 16/05/2006

"Who Put SpongeBob In The Pasta?!"

Just Like Heaven (DVD) This sweet and touching little film is the latest in a long line of hit romantic comedies for it's two lead cast members Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Personally, I couldn't wait to see this, it sounded like exactly the kind of film I love, and I was right. ◄ Cast ► Elizabeth Masterson - Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Walk The Line) David Abbott - Mark Ruffalo (Rumour Has It, 13 Going On 30) Darryl - Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, The Benchwarmers) Abby Brody - Dina Waters (The Haunted Mansion, Freaky Friday) Jack Houriskey - Donal Logue (ER, Blade) ◄ Plot ► The film begins with Reese Witherspoon as Dr. Elizabeth Masterson, struggling for a promotion at the hospital she works in, Elizabeth is regularly clocking 26 hour shifts, and doesn't seem to have time for anything other than work. When her sister Abby finally manages to set her up on a blind date, Elizabeth is rushing to get there on time after staying late at the hospital again, when the unthinkable happens and she is in a car crash. Now the film moves on to Mark Ruffalo - still grieving from the death of his wife, David Abbott moves into a lovely little apartment in San Francisco, unaware that he has an uninvited guest. Drinking his days away on the couch, David is shocked when he comes face to face with Elizabeth who claims the apartment belongs to her, and then disappears into thin air. Fearing for his sanity when this happens more than once, David thinks the ...

A Cinderella Story (DVD) 06/05/2005

"I Want My Salmon!"

A Cinderella Story (DVD) As you may have guessed from the title, this is a modern day version of Cinderella, a fun and upbeat movie starring Hilary Duff and One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray. ► Cast ◄ Sam Montgomery - Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire, Cheaper By The Dozen) Austin Ames - Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill, Freaky Friday) Fiona - Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde, American Pie, Joey) Rhonda - Regina King (Legally Blonde 2, Miss Congeniality 2) ► Plot ◄ Hilary Duff plays Sam Montgomery, a high school student who lives at the beck and call of her botox-obsessed stepmother Fiona and her two brainless stepsisters. Fiona now owns her late husband's diner, which she forces Sam to work at day and night. Because of this Sam gets picked on at school, where the gang of cool kids have nicknamed her "Diner Girl", but Sam dreams of getting away from it all and attending Princeton University. Her days are made a lot brighter by an online relationship with a boy known only as Nomad, whom she met in a Princeton chatroom. Sam and Nomad regularly text and email each other, and it is revealed to the viewer quite early in the film that Nomad is in fact Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray) the most popular boy in school, he's student body president and captain of the football team, and one of the cool kids whose clique make fun of Sam. After a month's online relationship, Nomad asks Sam to meet him at their school's Halloween dance. Sam nervously agrees, but when Fiona ...

Catwoman (DVD) 26/04/2005

A Girl Like Me Always Lands On Her Feet!

Catwoman (DVD) Mention the film Catwoman and you'll be met with a groan, followed by the inevitable question "is it as bad as it sounds?" Well, it's not that bad at all... Actually, I think it's a brilliant fun watch and it did not deserve all the bad press it had! ► The Cast ◄ Patience Phillips/Catwoman - Halle Berry. (Gothika, X-Men) Detective Tom Lone - Benjamin Bratt. (Miss Congeniality, The Woodsman) George Hedare - Lambert Wilson. (Sahara, The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions) Laurel Hedare - Sharon Stone. (Basic Instinct, Total Recall) Sally - Alex Borstein. (You'll know her as the voice of Lois in Family Guy!) Orphelia Powers - Frances Conroy. (Maid In Manhattan, The Aviator) ► The Plot ◄ Patience Phillips is a shy, meek, quiet graphic designer, working for the huge cosmetics company Hedare beauty. Patience's latest assignment is to design the ad campaign for Hedare Beauty's next big thing - the launch of a revolutionary beauty cream that claims to reverse the effects of aging. One morning, while trying to rescue a stray cat from a ledge outside her apartment, Patience's life is saved by passing police detective Tom Lone, but in a rush to get to work on time she drops her wallet, enabling Tom to track her down and ask her out for a date. But Patience will never make that date, because that very night is when her problems begin. Her uncompromising boss George Hedare has given her a deadline for her latest designs, and knowing that she'll get ...

See Jane Date - Melissa Senate 21/04/2005

You Have To Kiss Alot Of Frogs!

See Jane Date - Melissa Senate I know this may come as quite a shock, but apart from watching films, I do occasionally read books as well! Admittedly, they're rarely 5,368 pages of hard hitting historical stories, usually more like 279 pages of Red Dress Ink fluff. A bit like this one… This is probably my favourite book - See Jane Date by Melissa Senate, and yes, this was made into a film that I've already reviewed! As usual, it's easy to say that the book is better than the movie, they always are. You can fit more into a book, be more detailed, explain things better, and introduce more characters. In this case, for me at least, I only bought this book because I enjoyed the film, and since reading it (four times!) I still love the film just as much as I did before, but now I love the book as well. ► The Plot ◄ Meet Jane Gregg, a 29-year-old assistant editor for Posh, a small firm specializing in publishing C-list celebrity memoirs. Jane lives in a cramped studio apartment in New York, so small that her furniture consists of a pink plastic table and a futon that she has to fold out to sleep on every night and fold back up the next morning to sit on. While her annoying next door neighbor, known only as Opera Man, because he has a rather noisy sex life and a rather worrying obsession with opera, both at the same time, becomes increasingly irritating, the best thing about her apartment is that her best friend and co-worker Eloise lives downstairs, and if Jane opens her garbage ...

See Jane Date DVD 17/04/2005

My Only Other Option Is To Buy A Dozen Cats!

See Jane Date DVD Time for me to introduce you all to a film that I'm guessing not many people will have heard of, this being an excellent time to write a review as it's showing on the Hallmark channel this Saturday. Described as the American Bridget Jones's Diary, although I don't see the connection myself, and starring Buffy's Charisma Carpenter, this is a perfect sweet and fluffy, girlie chick flick. --- Technical Stuff --- Year: 2003. Time Running: 97 Minutes. Genre: Romantic Comedy. Director: Robert Berlinger, who previously directed TV shows like The Bernie Mac Show, Cold Feet and Dharma & Greg. --- Cast --- Jane Grant - Charisma Carpenter (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel) Natasha Nutley - Holly Marie Combs (Charmed) Amanda - Sadie LeBlanc (Get Over It, Loser) Eloise - Rachelle Lefevre (Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind) Dana - Kim Schraner (Common Ground, The Ties That Bind) Aunt Ina - Linda Dano (US Soap Star) --- Plot --- The film centres on Jane Grant (Charisma Carpenter), a thirty-something New York career girl, who's single. A fact she is constantly reminded of by her well-meaning friends. All this is fine, until Jane is invited to be bridesmaid at her cousin Dana's wedding, and the invitation reads "To Jane Grant and Guest." ("It's not sweet, it's mocking. It's saying I'm barely older than Britney Spears and getting married at the Carlton, and you have no one with an actual name to bring to my wedding!") Horror strikes as Jane realises that she has ...

Election (DVD) 12/07/2004

You Look Like You Could Use A Cupcake!

Election (DVD) Before the days of Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon starred in some dark and obscure movies, this being one of the lesser known ones – Election, co-starring Matthew Broderick and Chris Klein, and from Alexander Payne, who went on to write and direct About Schmidt. From the poster, which features a picture of Reese winking with Matthew Broderick in her mouth, this looks quite a happy, cheery teen movie but it’s definitely of the dark comedy genre, and is more a political satire than the teen movie it’s made out to be. ■■ Technical Details ■■ Year: 1999. Cert: 15 Time Running: 103 Minutes Director: Alexander Payne. ■■ Cast ■■ Tracy Flick – Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Pleasantville) Jim McAllister – Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Godzilla) Paul Metzler – Chris Klein (American Pie, We Were Soldiers) Tammy Metzler – Jessica Campbell (The Safety Of Objects, Junk) Diane McAllister – Molly Hagen (The Dentist, The Shoot Divas, Don’t They?) Dave Novotny – Mark Harelik (Jurassic Park 3) Linda Novotny – Delaney Driscoll (Citizen Ruth) Principal Walt Hendricks – Phil Reeves (About Schmidt) ■■ Plot ■■ Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick, the over achieving high school girl who’s on every school club or council going, and always gets the best grades, although she’s lonely and doesn’t have many friends. But there’s a darker side to Tracy as well, she had an affair ...

10 Best Chick Flicks 06/07/2004

Never Trust A Man With Small Ears!

10 Best Chick Flicks We all have them, don't we? Those days when all men are useless and you'd rather a hot water bottle and a bar of chocolate! I know I do, and the only effective cure I've found is a good chick flick that any ordinary bloke just wouldn't see the attraction of! I absolutely love chick flicks, I'll watch anything described as a romantic comedy or anything with a gorgeous man in it, like, y'know, Owen Wilson... [10] ♦♦♦ Kate & Leopold ♦♦♦ Ah, Hugh Jackman. He's old enough to be my father but scarily attractive. Put him in any film and I'll watch it. Put him in a film with Breckin Meyer and it's bound to be on my top ten chick flicks list! Kate and Leopold stars Meg Ryan, the above mentioned Hugh Jackman and Breckin Meyer, and Liev Schreiber. Meg Ryan plays Kate, a single career-driven woman who shares a flat with her brother (Breckin Meyer) and has her ex-boyfriend, Stuart, as an upstairs neighbour. However, Stuart (Liev Schreiber) has found a crack in time - if you jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, it will take you back to 1876 - but his latest visit to the past has resulted in him being followed back to the present by posh English Duke, Leopold (Hugh Jackman). The unbelievably stupid plot is nothing but predictable from here on, as Stuart falls down a lift shaft, leaving Leopold to fend for himself in a New York that is rather different from the one he's used to. As even the title would suggest, the obvious romance starts to bloom ...

Sweet Home Alabama (DVD) 06/07/2004

Where The Skies Are So Blue...

Sweet Home Alabama (DVD) This film looked promising long before it was released, starring one of my favourite actresses - Reese Witherspoon - as a fashion designer, named after one of my favourite songs, and directed by Andy Tennant of Ever After, Anna and The King, and Fools Rush In fame - Sweet Home Alabama. ** Cast ** Melanie Carmichael - Reese Witherspoon. Jake Perry - Josh Lucas. Andrew Hennings - Patrick Dempsey. Mayor Kate Hennings - Candice Bergen. Pearl Smooter - Mary Kay Place. Earl Smooter - Fred Ward. ** DVD Features ** - Audio commentary by director Andy Tennant - Deleted scenes introduced by director Andy Tennant - Alternate ending introduced by director Andy Tennant ** Technical Stuff. ** Year - 2002 Time Running - 108 minutes. Certificate - 12. Director - Andy Tennant ** Plot. ** The plot revolves around Melanie Carmichael, a hot shot New York fashion designer, who originally hails from small town Alabama - roots that don't fit in at all with the socialite New York scene, so she keeps her past fairly well hidden. When Melanie finds herself engaged to the Mayor of New York's son Andrew Hennings, she realises she has unfinished business back home in Alabama, and returns there to confront her past without her fiancee knowing anything about her skeletons in the closet. The biggest skeleton of all being the fact that she's already married to her high school sweetheart Jake Perry. (Played by the scarily good looking-in-a-Matthew-McConaughey-sort-of-way ...

The Wedding Planner (DVD) 06/07/2004

You Saved My Shoe!

The Wedding Planner (DVD) Uh Oh, Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in a romantic comedy from the director of Bringing Down The House and A Walk To Remember? Its not that bad, honest! --- Technical Stuff. --- Year: 2001. Cert: PG. Time Running: 99 Minutes. Director: Adam Shankman. --- Cast. --- Mary Fiore - Jennifer Lopez. Steve Edison - Matthew McConaughey. Fran Donelly - Bridgette Wilson. Massimo Lenzetti - Justin Chambers. Salvatore Fiore - Alex Rocco. Penny Nicholson - Judy Greer. --- DVD Details. --- - Making-of featurette. - Documentary - "The Dancer And The Cowboy" (The making of the tango dance scene.) - Deleted scenes. - Audio commentary by director Adam Shankman. --- Plot. --- Mary Fiore is an ambitious, sleek, incredibly organized wedding planner. You'd expect her to lead a romantic life, but in reality every night she goes home to an empty apartment, tv dinners and The Antiques Roadshow. She spends her free time playing Scrabble at the day centre with her father and his two old buddies. When Mary is walking down the street one day and gets her Gucci heel stuck in a drain, she is more interested in saving her shoe than the runaway dumpster hurtling right towards her. Her life (and shoe) are saved by handsome doctor Steve Edison. They go out on a date that night, and after an open-air movie, dance and almost-kiss in the rain, Mary falls in love with him. Unfortunately, a few days later, she is horrified to discover he's actually the groom in the ...

Poetic Justice (DVD) 24/06/2004

Nobody, But Nobody, Can Make It Out Here Alone.

Poetic Justice (DVD) Wahey, Ciao have finally added my second favourite film ever to their database, so it's only fitting that I should write the first review! ** Technical Stuff. ** Year: 1993. Director: John Singleton. Time Running: 105 minutes. Certificate: 15. ** DVD Features. ** * Director's Commentary. * Director & Cast Filmographies. * Trailers. ** Cast. ** Justice - Janet Jackson. Lucky - Tupac Shakur. Iesha - Regina King. Chicago - Joe Torry. Jessie - Tyra Ferrell. Markell - Q-Tip. (from A Tribe Called Quest.) Poetry by Maya Angelou. ** Plot. ** The plot centers around Justice, a young Cosmetologist in South Central L.A, who see's her boyfriend Markell get shot and killed at the drive-in cinema one night. Justice escapes the rioting that is going on around her by writing poetry, but really she is lonely, living in an empty house with her cat - White Boy. At work in Jessie's beauty salon, Justice makes an enemy out of postman Lucky who delivers their bills every day, but her best friend Iesha is dating one of Lucky's co-workers Chicago. When Justice's car breaks down on the way to a hair show in Oakland, she has to get a ride with Iesha, Chicago and Lucky in his mail truck. Justice and Lucky hate each other, but as Iesha and Chicago fight in the back of the van, they are drawn together. Romance begins to blossom as they find out they have more in common than they thought they did. But nothing good can ever last in these movies - after a romance ...

The Martins (DVD) 16/06/2004

A Proper Geezer, Mate!

The Martins (DVD) Lee Evans is a man who can make me laugh no matter what. He's been my favourite stand-up comedian for years, I watch every show Paramount screens no matter how many times I've seen them before, and I never find the man any less funny. With previous big screen hits like There's Something About Mary under his belt, Lee's back doing British comedy, and co-starring with Kathy Burke in this - The Martins, a story about a working-class man desperate to take his dysfunctional family on a nice holiday, whether he has to beg, borrow or steal... --- Technical Stuff --- Year: 2001. Cert: 15. Genre: Comedy. Director: Tony Grounds. DVD Features: - Deleted Scenes - Stars Interview - Trailer - TV Spots - Audio Commentary By Stars And Director. --- Cast --- Robert Martin – Lee Evans (Mouse Hunt, There’s Something About Mary) Angie Martin – Kathy Burke (Anita and Me, Harry Enfield & Chums) Little Bob Martin – Eric Byrne. Katie Martin - Terri Dumont. Anthea – Linda Bassett (Calendar Girls, The Hours) --- Plot --- Lee Evans plays Robert Martin, an unemployed family man who lives on a council estate in Hatfield, and enters every competition he can with high hopes of winning every time. The basic plot of the film revolves around Roberts latest competition entry – he’s entered a competition with the local newspaper to win a dream holiday to a foreign island, and because he’s spoken to the editor of the newspaper and been told he’s down to the final few, ...

Loser (DVD) 14/06/2004

Clueless For Guys.

Loser (DVD) While most people have far more interesting things to do with their Saturday nights, I'm usually to be found curled up in front of the TV, and this weekend was no exception, by 11pm last night, there I was, staring at Channel 5 and eagerly awaiting the appearance of Jason Biggs' rather gorgeous face and rather awful wig, in this film - Loser. [[ Technical Bits ]] Year: 2000. Running Time: 98 Minutes. Cert: 12. Director / Writer: Amy Heckerling, who has previously written and directed Clueless, and Look Who's Talking 1 & 2. [[ Cast ]] Paul Tannek - Jason Biggs (Evil Woman, American Pie) Dora Diamond - Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie) Adam - Zak Orth (Romeo and Juliet, In & Out) Chris - Thomas Sadoski (Happy Hour) Noah - Jimmi Simpson (Stephen King's Rose Red) Professor Alcott - Greg Kinnear (Stuck On You, You've Got Mail) [[ Plot ]] Paul Tannek is really too nice for his own good. He comes from a small town, doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs and trusts people way too easily. When Paul gets accepted to a top New York college on a scholarship, he can't believe his luck and looks forward to meeting new friends. He expects his three roommates to be just like him, but he's in for a shock. The three guys he shares a room with are in college to pull girls, have fun and basically do anything but study. While they play around, Paul works hard to keep his grades up and wears a daft-looking hat "because 90% of your body heat escapes through the top ...
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