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A Man For All Seasons (DVD) 13/10/2004

A Man For All Seasons

A Man For All Seasons (DVD) A Man for All Seasons is a play by Robert Bolt showing the rise and fall of its main character, Sir Thomas More. Set in 16th century England, the play exposes many similarities between its era and ours. There are of course differences, with its strong theme of social hierarchy and the immense power harnessed by the reigning monarch, King Henry VIII. While there are still elements of these in Britain they are certainly far from apparent today. The social hierarchy is shown mainly through garments; the colour of the garment shows their position. Henry always wears gold and Wolsey always wears red etc. There are many strong themes in A Man for All Seasons one of the strongest being corruption. A Man for All Seasons focuses as much on the fall of Sir Thomas More as it does on the rising of Richard Rich. In the first act, scene eight, Rich gives Cromwell information about a silver cup given to More as a bribe. Though More rids himself of the cup as soon as he realises this, Cromwell thinks he might be able to use this to his advantage. Cromwell, desperate to find out more about the cup, offers Rich a job for the information. At this point Rich loses his innocence, his moral values are disregarded and he has damaged his life. Rich has sacrificed the goodness of his own self, which the play reasons to be the only thing for which life is worth living. Though at first Rich shows remorse he later has no qualms and values his social position above all else. In contrast, ...

The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare 09/10/2004

The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare The taming of the shrew is the only play Shakespeare wrote to include an induction. The induction foreshadows some of the points that happen within the play and makes the play more interesting as a whole. Sly’s identity changes when his clothes are altered just as Lucentio’s does. Sly is obliged to act according to the role in which he finds himself; just as Kate does. Finally, Sly is interested in having a wife over whom he can influence, just as most of the male characters in the main story are. Katherina is the elder daughter of Batista Minola, a rich man who lives in Padua, he also has a younger daughter by the name of Bianca, who in contrast to Katherina (as her name suggests) is fair, mild and very obedient. Men see Katherina as a beast, a ‘curst Kate’ a devil even “From all such devils, good Lord deliver us!” few men dare to enter her presence. Her father, Baptista, loves Katherina but finds her challenging to care for as his line in Act 2 Scene 1 shows; “Was ever gentleman thus griev'd as I?” he feels worn out by her and run down, he is becoming desperate to be rid of her. He clearly favours his younger daughter Bianca and Katherina knows this. Katherina has a distinct abhorrence for men and refuses to marry or even court any of them; in return the men of Padua have a distinct dislike for Katherina. She constantly insults and degrades the men around her, and she is prone to wild displays of anger, during which she may physically attack whoever enrages ...

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (DVD) 29/11/2003

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (DVD) The opening sequence of Harry Potter is every bit as magical as the child himself, the camera flies through the air spiralling like a supernatural rollercoaster before resting at Harry’s window in Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are expecting guests and of course Harry is not to be seen, sitting in his room, desperate for the long awaited return to Hogwarts, Harry receives a visitor; Dobby the house elf. Dobby is the product of the latest computer technologies. His movement, speech and visual appearance are all flawless and a credit to the three-dimensional computer developers. Dobby does not wish for Harry to return to Hogwarts, he tells Harry that his life is in danger and gets Harry into trouble with a rather delicious looking cake. Uncle Vernon prohibits Harry from returning to his ‘freak school’ much to Harry’s dismay. Ron, however, is very concerned due to Dobby’s plan to sever all contact between Harry and his friends and so he turns up at Harry’s window in a magical flying car. The rescue attempt is as marvellous as the effects used to create Dobby, an elite prodigy of computer artists have managed to create another scene of magical extravagance. The car flies over cities, through clouds, across the countryside and onwards to Ron’s house. On arrival Mrs. Weasley is less than happy with Ron, Fred and George, but as always she is very pleased to see Harry. Harry is then shown the wonders of the floo network, he does however have an unfortunate, ...

Do you believe in life after death? 09/11/2003

Surely Not...

Do you believe in life after death? Surely life is merely electrical pulses surging through the body making it do wonderful things. The ability to think, the ability to move, talk, breathe, walk, run, swim etc. etc. are all fundamentally electrical pulses. Upon death I can only assume the electrical impulses cease to occur, like a dead battery i suppose. A dead battery is a useless battery, it becomes nothing more than toxic waste, or maybe a paper weight, hmmmmmmm..... theres an idea, anyway, the battery is useless and does nothing more. However, what about rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries die, but then they are given life once more, this would work in humans, but it doesnt because a rechargeabl battery is still the same battery so for the same principal to apply to a human their body would have to come back to life after death, in other words we would wake up in our grave then die then wake up and then die over and over untill we had had 1000 charges, sorry 'rebirths' because even rechargeable batteries die evetually. In other words I do not believe that there is life after death the whole thing is physically impossible based on what I know and therefore I for one can not believe it. Though i do feel we are all entitled to our own opinion and that is the beauty of this site!

Fanta Lemon 09/11/2003

My favourite drink ever(almost)!

Fanta Lemon This is my favourite readily available in the U.K. soft drink, however i do prefer root beer, but this is very hard to find in the U.K. so second to that Fanta lemon. It has been sold in the rest of europe for quite sometime i remeber having it in France when i was about 7 and in cyprus when I was 8 and now it is finally here (I am 15 at the time of writing this review). It has a very unique lemon taste to it, I admit its not really lemon it is sort of manufactured lemon but well.... nice manufactured lemon not regular tastes nothing like lemon lemon, like cheap lemonade for example, that tastes nothing like lemon ITS CLEAR FOR A START WHEN DID YOU LAST SEE A CLEAR LEMON!!! I admit fantas yellow colour almost certainly comes from an E number but at least it looks real! This drink must be tried, it is best ice cold but in any condition it beats any other lemon drink. A standard bottle contains 500ml of deliciousness and the following ingredients: carbonated water, lemon juice (6%), sugar, citric acid, stabilizers (e414, e445) preservative (e211), antioxidant (e300), flavourings, colour (quinoline yellow). It is now also avaiable in a 2 litre bottle, a 1.5 litre bottle and a 330ml can! It is great value for money and i only wish i had it on tap!

Nokia 3210 08/11/2003

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 I've been using this phone for 2 years and already I have dropped it, used in slight rain and it's never ever given me any probs at all. I still love this phone though it's a bit out dated now. Say...anyway phones get outdated all the time!!! You get a 7650 month it's considered outdated. So why bother? At least this phone still looks good, though its old. I've changed its covers many times for a lovely new look. The following spec applies: Size Weight: 151 g Dimensions: 123.8 x 50.5 x 16.7/22.5 mm Display Dynamic display layout adjusts automatically for optimal viewing Full-graphics layout (used in games and for animations) Basic layout Phonebook layout Menu layout Phonebook Memory Up to 250 locations in SIM card (number of memory locations in the SIM is SIM specific) Fetch service: Possibility to use phone numbers from SIM memory when sending SMS, storing message center number, voice mailbox number, or activating call divert to 'other number' Phonebook display options: Name with large font (standard), name list, name and number Phone number in large font by pressing #-key Business card sending CLI ringing - assignment of a ringing tone for every caller recognized in the phonebook; several names can have the same number thus forming a group SDN: Service Dialing Numbers (dynamic, operator dependant), operator may send a set of service numbers for customer's use Tone Control 40 ringing tones (38 ...

Fair Trade Milk Chocolate 08/11/2003


Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Fair trade means the farmers are paid a price that covers the cost of producing the cocoa and have the security of a long term trading contract. Unfortunately this comes at the price of taste, this stuff tastes very cheap as though they forgot to add milk yet in reality it is one of the most expensive chocolate bars one can buy! The worst part is upon examining a wrapper i recently purchased from my schools fair trade week i found that my from my bar of divine chocolate only 24% of the ingredients were fairtrade the rest came from who knows where! I did fins one bar of swiss made honey chocolate that had 80% fairtrade produce but this was the highest figure out of all the bars i tried. The school (Bydales School of Marske) was selling a large variety of fair trade products i tried one of each and not one of them tasted nicer than its cadbury/nestle/mars equivalent! It is all very well giving extra money to the farmers but i for one am not prepared to pay twice the price for something which tastes half as good. I am greatly dissappointed with the fair trade range I would however recommend you try one of each bar incase your tastes differ to mine.

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition - complete package 08/11/2003

Microsoft Windows Millenium Edition

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition - complete package I used this version of windows for about 7 months before it frustrated me beyond braking point! I am now running Windows XP professional (see my op). When I first installed Windows ME I was very impressed, even the installation had changed and looked far better than the win98 one. Windows media player had had a facelift and there were new things such as a my pictures folder and... oh yeh THAT WAS IT! Windows ME is basically windows 98 without the stability. Your are swapping stability for a nice new logo and a very useful mt pictures folder which you couldn't just create yourself under win 98! Like XP microsoft have tried to escape DOS with Win ME, however windows ME is still based on DOS so instead of removing it, you have basically been denyed direct access to it. This means that although most old DOS games still work some do not and if you wish to use DOS apps or use DOS its self then good luck to you! A good point of Windows ME however its that it will run on lower spec machines, Microsoft say that the minimum spec is Min Pentium-class 166Mhz with 32Mb of memory and 1Gb free space. My friend however has Win ME running on a 133Mhz 486 as a server. Windows ME does make it easy to network computers as it has the Networking Wizard built in, however I believe Windows 98 Second Edition has this too, though i maybe incorrect. Windows ME is the first Microsoft OS to feature 'Microsoft System Restore' however this program, in my experience, is useless I have tried to ...

Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Complete package 06/11/2003

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Complete package Windows XP is far better than it's predecessor Windows ME (discounting win2000 as it is really for networks). It is slightly slower, but has far better visuals and many more features. Windows XP Professional is built on the core software code used in Windows 2000 and Windows NT Workstation. This code, known as the NT kernel, makes Windows XP more powerful, secure, and stable than Windows Me, Windows 98, or Windows 95. If you’ve used those systems in the past, you’ll notice a dramatic advantage: even if a program crashes, in most cases your computer will keep running. This really is true ctrl-alt-del actually does something now! Windows XP Professional has a fresh visual design with its cool blue and green taskbar and a wonderful new start menu, it is far better than the old simplistic one! The most frequently used applications are shown first. When you open multiple files in the same application, the open windows will be listed together under a single task bar button. I do however find this to be quite annoying and I have turned it off, my parents like it though. Support for burning CDs on CD-R and CD-RW drives is integrated into Windows Explorer making things much faster when it comes to making cds, you can simply drag and drop nero is now obsolete, though you may wish to use it for specialist cds (multi-session, VCDs etc.) After a set period of time, or on demand, Windows XP will save memory to disk, and shut the power down. When power is restored, all the ...

NVIDIA Geforce4 MX Graphics card 64 MB 04/11/2003

GeForce4 MX 440

NVIDIA Geforce4 MX Graphics card 64 MB Firstly I would like to apologise for the previous review I had not read the terms and conditions properly, sorry! and so I have now written my own review albeit a not very good one I hope it helps some how! I would highly recommend this graphics card for gamers who have not got £200 to spend on a graphics card yet need good performance. I have been using the graphics card for over 4 months now and it has served me well especially for £30! The card has so far caused me no problems and installation was very easy both the driver and the physical installation of the card. All of my games work great with the card and I can't find anything bad to say about it! I have also seen this card work on a friends 350Mhz system and run counterstrike at over 60 FPS! For the time being 64mb of ram is good but make sure you get it with DDR ram and not SDRam apparently there is quite a big difference. Overall this card is good for anyone who wants an all around good card and doesnt need extreme performance.

Palm Vx 03/11/2003

Palm Vx

Palm Vx This device is overall excellent and i would recommend it to anybody looking for a cheap PDA, however it has a few minor problems. Firstly, the small amount of memory, it has only 2MB of storage and yes most palm apps are small but it means only having a few on at once if, however, you are going to use this solely for storing adresse etc. then it is more than enough memory. Digidisease - This is a terrible problem that the palm Vx and many before it suffer from. It occurs when the PDA becomes very badly calibrated, the only way to get to the calibration screen is through a menu accessed in the top right corner (which you cant tap on if the calibration is out!) so you have to hard reset! This loses all of your data, however the problem does not stop there, if you then sync with the comp your old calibration settings are restored and the palm is basically locked and useless, unless you never want to sync it with the pc again. This happened to mine about a year ago, luckily somebody or rather lots of somebodys have developed hacks for it so you sync the hack perform a reset and the calibration screen (the digitizer)comes up immediately after reset this does fix the prob, but the fact the problem occurs in the first place is just bad design. The backlight is unfortunately very difficult to use, however another crack is available (lighthack) and it inverts the backlight making things much easier to read IT'S GREAT AND ESSENTIAL! Graffiti TM is incredible, this is palms ...

The Sims (PS2) 03/11/2003


The Sims (PS2) I was very disappointed with this game, when i first played it I was very impresssed, however this was to last about 2 hours. The PC version is far better the PC version never ceases to amaze as you can download new objects, sims, houses, cars etc. etc. but of course the PS2 does not allow for this so the gameplay becomes very repetitive and boring. The view control is excellent no longer are you restricted to 90 degree views but now you can zoom in out left right up down sideways upways leftways downways rightways and anyother way you can think of! THE CAMERA IS FULLY CONTROLABLE!! This does not, however, make up for the lack of anything to do! The upstairs has been removed from sims PS2 edition, so you are to build only bungalows and not very big ones at that! The monkey butler is very cool, but i expect he is downloadable for the P.C. version and he cost 20 simoleons a go so he's not that great, to have him around all the time would be good but he disappears into his tree and its 20 simoleons to get him back out! There is a good selection of careers and the two player mode is a nice feature, useless, but nice all the same and i wouldn't recommend its removal it does add another 20mins of excitement! Overall i feel ripped off at £40 for this, it does not provide you with £40 of entertainment, the PC version however is excellent and i would fully recommend that to anybody!!!

Should smoking be banned in all public places? 29/10/2003

Everybody has the right to choose.

Should smoking be banned in all public places? You've chosen to smoke. I haven't. I don't care that the cigarettes you chosen to smoke are going to kill you. I don't care that your chances of getting cancer and having a heart attack are being increased, hell, I don't even care about your yellow teeth. But as I said before, you've chosen to smoke, I haven't. Smokers complain when non-smokers nag them to quit. Most people I talk to point out that smoking is 'their decision' and what they are doing is to 'their bodies'. I agree, now treat me the same. Who the hell are you to walk by me in the street, and pass the smoke from your mouth into my face? You have no more right then I do to tell you to give up. If I stole your packet of fags, then burnt them, I wouldn't be respecting your decision to smoke, correct? By the same token, Mr. Smoker, you standing next to me in a bus and blowing smoke in my face isn't respecting my decision not to smoke. In fact, it's insulting it. The difference is, me burning your fags will annoy you, not damage your health - what gives you as a smoker the right to inflict your chosen fate on me? Smoking in public should be banned. People who chosen to smoke, should smoke only in their own homes or allocated smoking areas. You have chosen to smoke, so you should be the one who is put out. The rest of us are just breathing as normal. I don't care how this sounds - anyone who smokes gets no sympathy for me. My Father doesn't. He smokes thirty cigs a day, has done since he was ten. ...

Dell Latitude Range 29/10/2003

Dell Latitude CPi D300XT

Dell Latitude Range This laptop is great. It features a 13.3" screen which is an excellent size and is of great quality and brightness. The media bay technology is an excellent idea, it allows you to swap your cdrom for a floppy drive, a dvd drive, a cd writer, a dvd writer, a zip drive, or another hard drive at the touch of a button! to build all of these into the laptop would make it huge so since you could never use them all at once they are all interchangeable! The battery life is excellent and doesnt take too long to charge. My only complaint against this laptop is the fact it has a stange power jack which means you have to buy a special dell car adapter/mains adapter and not just any generic one, however these dont cost anymore than the regualr ones and are in good supply on ebay! The IR port is very useful for synchronisation with a pda or networking to another laptop/desktop pc at 4MBPS! The PCMCIA slots are very useful i currently have an ethernet crad plugged in to one of the two provided and it works a treat, i am running Windows XP on both my laptop and desktop and networking them was as simple as plugging in the cable using other OSs is a bit more tricky but still simple. The USB port is very useful especially as i have a USB printer, I can click print on any docs i want and then when i get home i just plug the printer in and all the queued docs print immediately! Windows XP runs very fast especially considering it only has a 300Mhz processor. A port replicator can be purchased to ...

Norton AntiVirus 2002 Complete package 29/10/2003

Norton AV

Norton AntiVirus 2002 Complete package I think it must be possible to get them under the trade discriptions act for having the A in the title, Norton Anti-Virus is practically a Virus. It slows down the speed of your P.C. dramatically, it takes forever to load on start-up and like most scanners it scans all files as they are used, unfortunately, norton does this terribly unwell and slows down your computer quite noticeably. I was using Norton for about 5 months and i could tell straight away that it had slowed down my computer I have recently uninstalled it and my computer is once more running like a 2.5Ghz machine should do i suggest anybody who has this software remove it for a few days and see just how much of an improvement it makes to the performance of your computer! The fact updates are free for only one year is appauling, however, if you uninstall the product and then reinstall it you get another year! The interface is good and easy to use as is the installation and the live updater and if it didnt slow down your computer to unusable speeeds it would be excellent!
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