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Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic 02/12/2014

Feeling Refreshed!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Having reviewed the cleanser from Liz Earle I will review the rest of the cleansing system. This review is for the second stage of the cleansing system: Instant Boost Skin Tonic (so a toner really!) It costs £13.25 for a 200ml bottle, this is with a screw pop up cap. It can be purchased in a miniature travel size of 50ml for £5.50. You can additionally buy it in a handy 30ml spritzer which is £5.50. This is great if you want to keep it in your handbag during the day to refresh your face. Just spritz a couple of pumps over the face from a distance so that a light mist covers the face. This doesn’t disrupt your makeup at all. It is great for somebody who gets hot flushes as well and you could spritz it on the neck too! Alternatively if you would like the large 200ml size in a spritzer you can get this too for £13.50. They also do bulk offers if you buy several at a time, and they often have the cleansing system including this product in travel gift sets and Christmas gift sets. This product packaging like the rest of the Liz Earle products is a pale green/blue that looks very attractive in my opinion. It suits the philosophy of Liz Earle using natural plant extracts. HOW TO USE THE SKIN TONIC After cleansing the face with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, unscrew the pop up cap and put a small amount onto a cotton pad and gently sweep it over the face, both in the morning and evening and then follow with your moisturizer. HOW DOES IT SMELL? The smell of this skin ...

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 04/11/2014

Squeaky Clean!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I was introduced to Liz Earle by a friend in John Lewis. I bought the cleansing system which included the Cleanse and Polish 100ml pump action bottle, Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml and Skin Repair Moisturiser Light 50ml. I will individually review each of these items. The Cleanse and Polish 100ml cost me £14.75. It came with two pure cotton muslin clothes. Liz Earle can also be bought on their website, QVC, other websites, and Liz Earle has a couple of their own shops too. Liz Earle often have some fab promotions on their website and often free delivery. I would recommend subscribing to their newsletters to hear about what offers they currently have. A Quick Summary of Liz Earle Liz Earle was founded in 1995 by two business partners, they went from strength to strength and now Liz Earle employs more than 600 people. Their customer care team is based in the Isle of Wight. I had never tried Liz Earle before. I was pleased to hear that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals, just human volunteers. How to use The Cleanse and Polish Start by using one to two pumps of the cleanse and polish. Massage this onto a dry face. It can also be used on the eyes, so very gently massage it into the lashes too. The instructions recommend also using it on the neck, however two pumps would not be enough for this in my opinion. The get the muslin cloth and rinse it under quite warm water (not too hot) and then wring it out and wipe away the cleanser and repeat ...

Kipling Womens Uzario Wallet 21/10/2014

A Wallet and a Half!

Kipling Womens Uzario Wallet I bought this wallet about a month ago in pink coral to match a pink coral bag I bought. At first I was unsure whether the wallet would be too big and bulky and that I wouldn’t be able to use it with other bags. However it has now turned into being my favourite wallet because it has sections for absolutely everything! Price and Where to Buy I bought this wallet on the Kipling website. It seems to be a wallet that they have in stock all the time but they constantly change the colours that they have. My colour of pink coral is now no longer available on the website however they have lots of new colours now. They seem to have some standard colours which they keep all the time though such as true blue (navy), black and monkey brown. It cost me £37.00. This is relatively expensive for a wallet however it is much cheaper to the Ted Baker large wallet that I had before. Wallets do go into the sale at the end of the season on the Kipling website. Currently the sale price on this wallet in various end of season colours are £22.00 - £24.00. Delivery from the Kipling website was free. There are many other places Kipling can be bought such as their own Kipling shops, department stores and independent shops. Previous collections which mine will now be classed as (although it wasn’t that long ago I bought it) can be bought in different outlet centres like Ashford, Bichester Village and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. Design This wallet has the Kipling branded logo on the front, ...

NUTRIBULLET NBR-12 17/10/2014

Not a Juicer, an Extractor!

NUTRIBULLET NBR-12 Why I bought it, and its benefits compared to a juicer I have been juicing with a Cuisinart juicer for the past year now. My brother is a chiropractor and he is into all of the healthy eating and drinking to better your body inside and out and to promote healthiness. I used to think that he was on another planet most of the time and most of what he said to me went straight over my head. However one day I did start juicing and taking on board some of what he was saying. I had noticed how good he was looking, as we have always had quite bad skin my brother and I, prone to spots easily. But his skin was looking cleaner, and brighter, and overall he did look good or I suppose the right word would be he looked healthy! However he had said to me that doing a juice once or twice a week wasn’t enough. I needed to do it at least once a day. Well with the Cuisinart juicer this was not possible with my lifestyle, as it takes so much time and then to clean each part of the juicer individually afterwards. It was a hassle to make a juice, and there was no way I could do more than one a week. I did feel good after having a juice and wished it was easier. My mum also got a juicer and we discussed how good they tasted mixing greens, vegetables and fruit together. You wouldn’t expect that adding kale or spinach would taste nice, but it did because the sweetness from the fruit took the flavour away. However we also discussed how when making a juice you are completely losing all of the ...

Dorset Cereals Berries and Cherries 08/10/2014

Mmmm More Muesli Please

Dorset Cereals Berries and Cherries Ok so this year I have been trying to be healthier! I bought supermarket own brand muesli and granolas but was really disappointed when I got home to read that they were packed full of sugar and other additives despite the fact that they look healthy for you... I might as well have bought my favourite crunchy nut clusters! So now I have been checking ingredients lists in supermarkets on everything I buy. No more hidden sugar or additives are going to make it into my body without me knowing! Price I haven’t bought Dorset Cereals in the past as they always seem to be one of the most expensive and I am watching the pennies! However it was in Sainsburys for £3.00 instead of £3.99 so I bought it, what a treat! My life is very sad! I have seen this muesli for sale in Morrisons, Tesco and the Co op as well. There is 800g in a box, some of the other brands of muesli I have tried are cheaper and do have more in the box but it is about quality, not quantity! Type and Packaging I went for the Luscious Berries and Cherries Muesli as I like something in the muesli to make it taste a little more interesting than rabbits food. When I picked up the box off of the supermarket shelf the first thing I noticed was a two little see through patches on the box, one which was a heart shape at the front showing you what the muesli looked like and one on the right hand side of the box saying ‘look no dust’. I suppose that is a good thing as I must say the last muesli I bought did seem to have ...

The Bickley Mill, Newton Abbot 30/01/2014

Dining How I Like It!

The Bickley Mill, Newton Abbot We went to the Bickey Mill two weeks ago on a Saturday night (11/01/14). I have been here several times, but I will review it based on this Saturday night (which reflects my previous experiences anyway). WHERE IT IS AND STAYING OVER The Bickley Mill is situated in Stoneycombe, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot in Devon.It is quite a tricky place to get to if you are not used to the area and country lanes, luckily I know the area well so I never have any problems. The Bickley Mill looks very inviting from the outside and it has ample car parking. It has 12 bedrooms if you are looking to stay away. I wish I lived further away to enable me to stay. I have seen the bedrooms and they are beautiful. The interior design in the bedrooms is spot on for the area and the feel of The Bickley Mill (country and cosy, but modern). Rooms can be booked on;lang=en DISCOUNT VOUCHER We decided to go here to eat because I had found on their website that they had a voucher for £10.00 per couple when you have two courses each (including a main course). This we thought was a great deal especially as we love the food here. Their website is very user friendly, you can sign up for emails containing special offers and news. They also have up and coming menus on there as well for example their Valentine’s Day menu, DECOR OF THE HOTEL AND THE TOILETS The ...

Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite 18/01/2014

Not Dee-Lightful!

Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Price & Where to Buy I absolutely love the products from Lush and for Christmas I was so thrilled to receive a gift set which contained a 100g bottle of this body lotion. Normally the bottle is 250g and retails at £12.50. This is bought in the Lush shops or on the Lush website: Products from Lush have a sticker on the back of them with somebody's face on, this is the person who has made the product, and it gives a date to use the product until. This body lotion is described by Lush as being ‘light and fruity’ which I personally would disagree with, I did not find it at all fruity, just very very sweet. The body lotion combines kiwi fruit with coconut oil and coconut water, cocoa butter and Fair Trade vanilla absolute. The bottle states that it is a lotion for the body and hands. But personally I would not use it on my hands as a hand cream, just on the body. My Opinion I was really looking forward to trying this as I love the solid body butter bars from Lush so I thought this would be lovely too. My first dislike though was the plastic bottle it came in, it looked very cheap and I certainly would not be happy at paying £12.50 for a full size bottle of this in this packaging. My second concern was the smell of vanilla, as I love vanilla if it smells natural but unfortunately this one is very strong and sweet smelling and it smells quite artificial to me even though I know that fresh ingredients are used, not artificial ingredients. Anyway I first ...

Morphy Richards 4-Slice Accents Toaster 07/01/2014

For Your Every Toasting Need

Morphy Richards 4-Slice Accents Toaster WHAT MADE US PURCHASE THIS TOASTER My boyfriend and I bought ourselves a Sainsburys basics toaster when we moved into our flat and we asked for this Morphy Richards one for Christmas. We had lots of discussions over whether we wanted a silver toaster or a cream one to match in with most other appliances in the kitchen. Our other discussion was on whether we need a 2 slice or a 4 slice toaster. I did not think we needed a 4 slice toaster but he insisted! Anyway we ended up getting this cream 4 slice toaster and a matching kettle (which I will review another time). PRICE AND WHERE TO BUY My boyfriend researched the best place to get this from price wise so his parents were not paying some ridiculous price for it. He found that Amazon seemed like the best option with it costing £35.94. On the John Lewis website they did not have the cream colour we wanted, on Argos it was £49.99, and on Currys it was £39.99 so Amazon was the best deal out of those. This toaster can be bought in a range of different colours, but the colours vary depending on which model of this toaster you purchase. This model is the 44038. I have noticed that this toaster now has 20% off of the original price in Dunelm Mill (correct at 06/01/14) making it £31.99 (better than our price from Amazon). FUNCTIONS AND MY OPINION When we received this for Christmas I was so impressed with how smart it looked with its dark grey rim around the bottom and back of the toaster as well as its beautifully ...

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer 05/01/2014

I Knead This Mixer!

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer Price, Place & Colour We purchased this off of the John Lewis website after we received some John Lewis vouchers for Christmas. It cost us £49.99 and it is the HM792 version. This was the same price as Amazon which I found quite surprising. It is currently £53.99 on the Argos website. I looked on a number of different websites to research this hand mixer before buying and I found that it came in four different colours: magenta (a bright pinky purple), almond (which is cream), peppercorn (which is black), and raspberry (which is red). So they are really lovely and diverse colours. Other versions of this handheld mixer have other colours such as bright orange. We purchased this in the almond as most of our kitchen appliances are also cream so I wanted it to match in. The hand grip on the mixer and the base of the stand is in a dark grey/blue colour which also matches our toaster and kettle perfectly! In the box came an instruction manual and leaflet which gave very clear and easy instructions. It also explained how it comes with a one year guarantee from Kenwood (not from where you purchased it from). Appearance and Stand I additionally wanted this particular product to blend in with our kitchen colour scheme because normally with hand mixers they get put away in the cupboard but with this one it comes in a smart stand so it looks lovely to have it out on display in the kitchen. I have recently started cooking a lot after receiving a very good Mary Berry book from my ...

Boots No.7 Intense Volume Mascara 02/01/2014

Lovely Looking Lashes

Boots No.7 Intense Volume Mascara I have not had a new mascara for some time. I have had No7 mascaras in the past and I have been very happy with all of the ones I have tried. I wondered into Boots to look for Christmas presents and of course I took my eye off of the main goal of my shopping to actually shop for myself. Tut tut. I could not help myself though as No7 had a good offer on with a free gift. In order to get my free gift I had to buy two makeup items, I could have bought just two nail varnishes which would be a very cheap way to get my free gift but I thought I might as well get a couple of things that I actually need and a mascara was one of them. No7 have a vast range of mascaras and in all honesty I think I would have been very happy with whichever one I picked up. I made my choice though from the brush it came with as I like to use a thick brush, not any of the new straight and narrow ones which I find just make my lashes spidery with bits of clumped mascara. So I went for intense volume. I am very lucky that I have very long eye lashes anyway and really they only need some definition with the colour. I nearly chose the brown/black colour as I thought this could give me a more natural look but as I do not really spend too much time on my make-up these days I thought perhaps I could do with the definition that I find that black mascaras give to my eyes. Appearance and Price The mascara comes in a very sleek metallic black colour which in different lights looks brown or purple. It has a ...

Di Palomo Orange Blossom Hand & Body Lotion 21/11/2013

I Can Smell Orange and Olive Groves!

Di Palomo Orange Blossom Hand & Body Lotion Another gorgeous smelling product from Di Palomo, it is for somebody who likes a fresh, light and indulging scent. What does this product do? This product is described as a hand and a body lotion which gives the impression of a light body lotion if it can be used as a hand lotion as well. However it is described as a rich moisturiser. I personally would not describe it in this way. I would call a body butter a rich moisturiser not this one. But it is certainly moisturising enough for me. I don’t like anything that feels sticky or takes a while to sink in. This one sinks in straight away and gives my skin an instant glow, hydration and smoothness. My mum has very dry skin and she has tried this body lotion and she hasn’t found it enough for her skin, she had to use a lot of it to feel that it had sank into her skin at all. So for somebody with drier skin I would recommend buying the body butter version of this which is slightly pricier at £15.00 and you get 50ml less but it does contain cocoa butter which this hand and body lotion does not. Many people pop a body cream/or body lotion on after a shower or bath (which I don’t), I wouldn’t imagine that this is the nicest of feels of body lotion to put on after a bath or shower due to it not containing the cocoa butter. I never really use it as a hand cream as I prefer a hand cream that is just a hand cream, not a body lotion too. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like they would have the same benefit for my hands, ...

Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Bath Syrup 14/11/2013

A Seductive Bath-Time Treat

Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Bath Syrup I purchased this bath syrup a couple of months ago when Di Palomo had an offer on their website. I have had many of their other products and loved them all and this was no exception! I purchased this as I thought it sounded very luxurious being called a bath syrup as opposed to a bubble bath. Packaging Firstly the box that this bath syrup comes in is gorgeous and would make a lovely gift to somebody. It is a browny/orange coloured box with black floral leaf illustration on. This matches the bottle too. The bottle is even nicer than the box! It is a frosted glass bottle with a stopper in the top. I love the stopper as I think this is really unusual to see on bottles these days. I will certainly be buying another one of these to give to somebody as a present in the future as it is just gorgeous! So much nicer than the plastic bottle that most bubble baths come in. Also around the top of the stopper is a small tied red flower decoration which is again a lovely finishing touch. The bath syrup is a deep red colour and the front of the bottle says ‘seductive’ on which the product certainly looks! Price This retails at £12.00 for 300ml which seems to be lasting quite a long time. I have had about 5 baths with it so far and I still have about 1/3 of the bottle left. It can be purchased on the Di Palomo website or on other websites like where this product retails at £10.80. It can also be purchased in many high street shops, and department stores. For example ...

Dior Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF25 05/11/2013

Not Forever Friends

Dior Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF25 This is one of the highest priced foundations I have ever purchased. I heard lots of good things about it and a friend of mine worked for Dior and she told me how it was the foundation that she sold the most of so I thought it must be good! Price and Packaging It is priced at £32.00 for a 30ml. It has the most luxurious bottle I’ve ever had for a foundation. But I think that the brand of Dior always has a higher end packaging to its products. I think it must be psychological so as people do not mind spending the amount as the packaging screams expensive! It has a lid that you remove, and it is pump action. I have always hated pump action bottles as I always end up getting more product than is needed so there is a lot wasted. This was no exception, I tend to need about 2 and a half pumps of this foundation, but I have to have 3 pumps, so I waste half a pump every time I apply this foundation. I would hate to think how much that adds up to over the whole bottle! I have managed to get the whole pump out of the foundation in order to use it how I wish without the pump but this got very messy and it is very time consuming. The bottle is made from glass which again looks and feels more expensive than other foundation packaging however the problem here is dropping the foundation. I always drop items of makeup when applying it in the morning as I am always in a rush, but luckily I have only ever dropped this bottle onto carpet so it did not break. I should imagine that for ...

Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol 22/10/2013

Onwards and Upwards For The Avon Gorge!

Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol The Avon Gorge Hotel is situated in Clifton in Bristol just over the Brunel’s Grade One listed Suspension Bridge. It is ideal if you would like to be in a nice part of Bristol which is not far out from the main town and that has its own nice independent shops, cafes and restaurants. My brother lives in Clifton which is why we chose this hotel back in March to stay in. My dad had stayed in this hotel once before and said how convenient he found it. The hotel looks very grand from the outside so I was surprised before we went in and stayed that it was a 3 star hotel. We went here back in March this year. We booked a classic village view double room which was £70.00 for a bed and breakfast basis and we stayed for two nights. I was very disappointed to find that the room we had booked looked absolutely nothing like the pictures shown on their website. Additionally there were many other factors that caused our stay to be problematic including poor service at dinner and breakfast in the Bridge Cafe of the hotel. All of this I put in a very lengthy email to the manager who responded quickly with an apologetic email back explaining that only some of the rooms had been refurbished to the standard shown in the photographs on the website. This I think is very poor because we had been completely misled by these photographs. To apologise the manager offered us a free night stay in a newly refurbished room with breakfast and dinner. Our Room So we went back to stay at this hotel ...

Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads 20/10/2013

Ready For Bed In A Flash!

Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads I purchased these on offer in Superdrug for 3 for £3.00 (they normally retail at £1.50). I’ve noticed the offer still seems to be on. They can be found with all of the travel items in Superdrug which is what tempted me to buy them as they were to take away on a trip to Bristol we went on. However there are 30 pads in a pack so they lasted me much longer than our week away. I thought I better use them up rather than save them for another time away because I have had face wipes in the past that have dried out because they have been opened for too long. I have now finished one pack of these and I have moved over to them permanently (not just for trips) because I have been so impressed with them and the cheap price tag. I have sensitive skin and particularly sensitive eyes and these cause me absolutely no problem, they smell quite fresh, and they are hypoallergenic, and fragrance free. I only need one pad to do both eyes. I wear eye liner, concealer and a long wearing mascara from Estee Lauder and these eye-makeup remover pads take my eye-makeup off incredible easily without needing to rub my eyes. I love making my bedtime skincare routine less bother if I can and these do that! Each pad is white and on one side they are slightly bumpy and on the other side they are smooth. I think the bumpy side is great if you have heavier eye makeup on as it seems to work deeper than the smooth side. The only downside I can see about these which I find is the same for any types of face ...
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