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Thanks for the reads and rates :) Not got much time for reviewing at the moment as I am currently in the process of training my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy but will return any rates, as always, asap. xx

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Members Advice on Autism 06/02/2016

The Missing Piece of The Puzzle Was My Diagnosis

Members Advice on Autism Introduction I hope that in writing this it could maybe someday help someone else with Autism to understand themselves a little bit more. Maybe just to know that they are not alone, I have thought a lot about how to write this. And I have decided that in order for this to truly be of use to anyone, I have to be completely open and honest with how it affected me. Even if writing this never helps anyone, it is somewhat therapeutic for me to write about it. Anyone that has read my "about me," which I wrote quite a while ago, would know that I also have Mild Cerebral Palsy, OCDS, and Anxiety. From the time that I was able to walk and talk these things began being referred to as a "Hidden Disability.* I also had Global Developmental Delay, as the years went by, I caught up, but I wish it had happened so much sooner. In that "in-between period between GDD and Autism, I am left with an almost blankness about all of the time leading up to when it got better. So much of my childhood I cannot remember and what I do remember I cannot relate to anymore. Autism made me very isolated... How Isolation Caused by Autism Affected Me I remember standing on the playground in school singing and humming to myself. I would never do something like that now, but then I did and I could not even explain why I did it because I honestly do not know. Since my diagnosis, It has been like emerging from years of having a cloud over my head and finally seeing everything crystal clear. I am very ...

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook - Doreen Virtue 14/12/2015

Beautiful and Inspiring

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook - Doreen Virtue Introduction A few days ago whilst shopping in town I was not really looking for anything in particular. I had completely forgotten what Easons was like because my last visit was when I was a child and I did not know what kinds of books and other things that the shop would have. I decided to have a look and whilst looking around I noticed a section of this wonderful bookstore was dedicated to tarot cards and books on the paranormal and spiritual side of things. Why I Wanted to Buy These Tarot Cards I cannot speak for everyone but the main reason that I buy any tarot card deck is firstly the appearance of the cards and what they are contained in. What type of messages they might have for me is second on my list of reasons to buy. I am quite fascinated by Tarot Cards because they are always so unique and beautifully designed. With a good Tarot set, you can easily see the artistry and the attention to detail that went into designing each and every one. I ended up buying two different sets of cards and I like them both equally for different reasons. Out of the two sets I bought these are definitely the most beautiful ones. I was drawn to this set because the creators say that they made it with highly sensitive people in mind. The Guardian Angel Tarot is designed for people who want accurate and detailed answers that are worded gently with calming images. The Guardian Angel Tarot is referred to as the world gentlest and sweetest tarot set and It was also designed for ...

Paris attacks: what are your thoughts? 24/11/2015

Terrorism Could Never Destroy Such a Wonderful Place

Paris attacks: what are your thoughts? Paris is Very Close to My Heart I do not claim to be an expert on all things to do with the news and know very little when it comes to terrorists, but I feel that I must talk about what a wonderful place Paris is to fully explain my thoughts on the subject and why I feel them. I always dreamt about going to Paris and when I went on a trip with my school I was not disappointed. Paris is such a beautiful place and for the time that I was visiting it had such a wonderfully relaxing effect on me. Everywhere I went I had my MP3 player pre-loaded with the most romantic songs playing in my ears. I remember my Teacher being concerned and telling me off because I was so caught up in the magic of the place that I was walking around in my own little bubble and entirely oblivious to everything that was going on around me. Paris is very close to my heart and will always be until the day I die. I will always remember the feeling of not being able to stop smiling (despite being ill for my last few days of my trip) I can explain it by saying that I felt like I was home and this is despite the fact that I had never even been there. Paris was full of very laid back people, I noticed some people on the Metro reading Books and I got the impression that they were quite contented to just take the day as it comes, no real rush to go anywhere, or do anything in particular and I was swept up in the relaxed vibe coming from those around me. Paris is all encompassing, particularly If you have even ...

Ikea 16/11/2015

The Darkest Day Of My Life

Ikea Introduction On a particularly boring day, Paul and I were visiting my Mum and Dad. My Sister who was also visiting asked my Mum could she give her and my little Niece a lift to IKEA. I decided that I might as well ask if there was any spare room in the car for Myself and Paul to tag along too. I had wondered for a while what Ikea would be like having heard some good things about it. I remember as we approached the car park wondering why they required such a big car park? Surely not everybody in the whole world is going to go shopping for furniture and all on the same day as well? I quite quickly realised I was wrong and off we ventured into this strange place. Entrance - Hell - Level 1 At the first stage of hell, there was a lady with a mic who repeatedly announced that there was a competition every hour on the hour in which you could win an item of furniture. I remember thinking this was something that not everywhere does and this set them apart from other furniture stores but the constant repetition became slightly irritating and I had only just set foot inside the building. I usually love to enter competitions but I never bothered with this one. As we walked in the entrance my other half immediately disappeared and on my second visit here (yes I endured the torture for a second time!) my Fiance and Dad both disappeared as they always do when they are near to toilets. I had to use the toilets on my second IKEA visit and they were very well maintained. I often ... 08/11/2015

Fill Your Wardrobe With New Clothes For Under £100 Introduction Who doesn't love a bargain? What if there was a website where you could fill your wardrobe to the brim with new clothes for under a 100 pounds? The range of things available to buy on this website just keeps expanding. Layout and Design The design of the site is simple but nice and everything is easy to find. On the homepage, there is a link directly to the new arrivals for those who are interested in them and various pictures of items available to buy on the site. There are also sections for Womenswear, Plus Size Clothing, Menswear, Bags and Accessories, Footwear, Childrenswear, Homeware & Toys. Ordering From Everything 5 Pounds Ordering from this website is very easy to do and you can keep track of your order via the section at the top labeled "your account" which allows you to view your order history and you can also add various addresses to the address book section to make ordering even easier. Payment Options There are various different payment options which are Paypal, Visa, Visa Debit, Solo, Visa Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard. All orders must be placed online because they do not currently offer any payment options via telephone, standing order or cheques. I paid by Debit and the transaction speed was fast. Low-cost Without Compromising On Quality? I really thought that purchasing something at such a reasonable price would mean compromising on quality. Surely this would mean that all of their clothes would be made from really poor ...

Cooks Professional Omelette Maker 05/11/2015

Omelette Maker That Looks Sort of Like a Handbag

Cooks Professional Omelette Maker Introduction Whilst I was browsing Groupon I noticed this Omelette maker and being quite impressed by the small price that it cost I decided to buy it. I could not resist what seemed to be such a great deal. The Flavour Chef cooker that I have makes omelettes but they are giant omelettes. When I did make omelettes using the Flavour Chef so much of the omelette ended up wasted because I was only ever making an omelette for one or two people. The omelettes that the Flavour Chef makes are more than big enough to feed a family of four. I really wanted something that could make omelettes of a more suitable size for just one or two people and this is where the Cooks Omelette Maker saved the day. I love the individual compartments because they allow you to make two different types of omelette simultaneously and so this is also going to be helpful and time-saving if you are making an omelette for two people who have different tastes. How Much Does It Cost and How Long Did Delivery Take? I got this omelette maker at 65% off and It only cost 13.99 with a 1.99 shipping and handling fee. The original price of this omelette maker is 39.99 and It only around took 3 or 4 days to arrive. Does it Come In Any Other Colours? The Cooks Omelette Maker is also available in black and this is the one I would have chosen if they had not of been sold out but I am very happy with the white one and it does not really make much a difference since both colours are versatile and seem to fit in ...

Teisseire 0% Sugar Sirop 24/10/2015

Add a Touch of Joie De Vivre to Your Day

Teisseire 0% Sugar Sirop What Are Teisseire Drinks Like? Teisseire drinks are in my opinion very nice, I think that they are very easy to drink and I like that they are made up of just one part syrup and the rest water. Each drink that I have tried from them has been full of fruity flavour and a high-quality drink. To explain it will be difficult but I will try. When you mix it with water it results in a reasonably thick liquid. You could definitely not mistake it for anything other than a syrup and at first I thought this would cause it to be quite sickening but surprisingly it wasn't. When I first tried it there was a moment of not knowing whether I liked it or not because it is far from my usual type of drink. If you were to drink it and not know what flavour it is supposed to be you would easily guess because the flavours are extremely authentic. Packaging/Design I will not go into too much detail about this because well there will be a picture and that pretty much says it all. However, one thing worth noting is that the bottle is so strange that it was hard for me to locate in my local Tesco. It is not what you would expect a diluted type of drink to be stored in but it is nice. I would describe it as more of a container than a bottle and on first impressions it looked like something that should be in the Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate section but this makes sense and I will explain why later. Each bottle has the fruits that make up the flavours on the front of it and would actually look ...

Crumlin Road Gaol Paranormal Tours 21/10/2015

Not For The Faint Hearted!

Crumlin Road Gaol Paranormal Tours Introduction The Crumlin Road Gaol Paranormal Tours are a great night out for those who are interested in the Paranormal. There are many other different things that might attract someone to the Crumlin Road Gaol but I am only reviewing the Paranormal Tours. I have been twice now and I will try my best to give a thorough review of it. Brief History The Crumlin Road Gaol has been standing since 1845 and in the 150 years that it was being used as a jail, those years held a lot of anguish and suffering. Among the harrowing events that took place were public executions where 17 prisoners were executed, women and children were imprisoned, there were escapees, hunger strikes took place, bodies were buried inside of the prison and The Crumlin Road Gaol became known as Europe's Alcatraz. A thirteen-year-old boy named Patrick Magee hung himself in his cell after being sentenced to 3 months in prison. Booking the Tour The first time that we decided to book The Crumlin Road Gaol Paranormal Tour we were not aware of there being a place to purchase the tickets inside of the gaol because we had never even set foot in it. Paul and I went into town to the Belfast Visitor Centre and purchased three tickets. We had spoken a lot about how much we wanted to go and my Mum who also has a keen interest in the Paranormal wanted to join us. You can also book online at and now you can also get your tickets from someone just as you go ... 19/10/2015

Bright Ideas and Brainwashing Introduction Occasionally I find myself looking at shopping websites like this, up until about a year ago I just browsed but recently I have bought some stuff from them that I am delighted with. I really dislike the brainwashing way that they present the things that they are selling. Though, I will say that some of those things are very good, but they present their products in such a way that even if you did not want or need an item, they might just persuade you into having it with their mega brainwashing powers. Of, course, you may not realise this until you have already got your card details and began signing your life away. It is usually at this point that a sudden bolt of inspiration hits and leaves me wondering things like do I actually need this? I find 'shopping channels annoying, mind - numbing and seeing their adverts now automatically activates the off button somewhere inside my brain leading to disengage mode. I would still probably end up buying the item advertised, if it were as good as they make it out to be, without the whole song and dance that ensues when they are trying to sell it. I noticed that they have a part on their website where they are warning of counterfeit products because they have found out that some people are selling fakes of Thane Direct items on Ebay and Amazon. I had seen the FlavorChef on there much cheaper, it was actually my Mum who bought one too that showed me it and I felt slightly annoyed by that but maybe it is a blessing in ...

Logitech Z213 18/10/2015

Affordable Speaker System

Logitech Z213 Introduction If you are serious about doing paranormal research, you need to have the right equipment and this is especially true when it comes to recording Electronic Voice Phenomena. A new application that I had been impatiently waiting on had finally been released (The Impossible Box by Huff Paranormal and Anthony Sanchez at but the sound on my laptop was not great. I needed really good speakers, but I did not want to spend a fortune to get them either and so Paul and I went to Asda Living in search of Quality Speakers at a reasonable price. When we got there we had no idea what we were actually looking for and I decided to ask someone who worked there for help in finding the best ones. I told the man that we needed speakers that would work really well on a Laptop. We had purchased speakers from Tesco a week before named Jam Classic Bluetooth Speakers and the sound was of very poor quality, but it could have been because those speakers were not made for use with Laptops anyway. I do not know much about speakers and until a few days ago I did not even know that there were separate speakers for laptops and computers, I thought all speakers were the same. The man was very helpful and showed us a pair of speakers that only cost three pounds and he said they were brilliant for laptops and a bargain too. I appreciated his help and the speakers looked very nice, but they were only 1.5W and Paul told me this would not be good for hearing the ...

Cif Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial 14/10/2015

Express Brilliance

Cif Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial Introduction I am always open to trying new cleaning products and there are a few in my cupboard that turned out to be duds in terms of not being worth the money that I paid for them. I have purchased cleaning items in the past and the smell of them would quite literally knock you dead, but I am glad to say this is not one of them. I love it so much that I find myself using it more than needed. What is it For? Cif Direct to floor is a wonderful invention, it allows you to clean your floors without a mop or a bucket. No more ringing out a mop or long spells of waiting for your floor to dry because this is fast to dry and it also does not need to be diluted. Scent Cif Express direct to floor is available in Wild Orchid and Lemon, I have never used the lemon one because I always find myself drawn to things that are coloured pink and that is why I chose Wild Orchid and Velvet Flowers. I love the smell of this and have become quite addicted to it. When the fragrance begins to fade, I sometimes find myself cleaning areas that are already clean just so I can smell it again. Due to the aforementioned, I do not have very much left, I am on my second bottle and I only discovered it a week or two ago, but that's my fault. The fresh scent after use lasts quite a while which is an added bonus and it really fills the room. Effectivness I find Cif Direct to Floor to be really effective and at first I was worried that the liquid might leave my floors sticky but it doesn't, It ...

Laval Secret Beauty Foundation 14/10/2015

This Is So Me!

Laval Secret Beauty Foundation Introuduction I recently decided that there would be no love lost between me and fake tan if I were to stop wearing it. I had been using it for years and it was really a chore to apply. I did not like having spray tans, and I realised that I never really wanted a tan in the first place. I was somewhat brainwashed by those around me growing up who told me that tanning was the thing to do and so I gave into peer pressure. My Sister would often affectionately tease me and call me Casper because I have fair skin and magazines that I read always seemed to be full of articles encouraging people to be bronze. I would even go as far as to say that the things that I read growing up made it feel like it was a crime to be the colour that I was born to be. I often saw advertisements showing Men and Women before and after they were tanned and I always thought that they looked just as good before as they did after. This is just my own personal opinion, of course, but I think the idea that humans look healthier with a tan to be a form of brainwashing in itself. I use to wear Sun Shimmer that would turn spotty every time the rain hit it and living in Northern Ireland that happened quite often. I was almost living like a vampire only instead of avoiding sunlight, I was avoiding the rain and even the ones that did not come off in the rain just were not worth all of the hassle. I also hated that no matter how careful I was the fake tan would always end up all over bed sheets and even ...

Siamese 12/10/2015

Absolutely Beautiful Cats and Wonderful Companions

Siamese Introduction I have always loved animals and my favourite have always been Parrots, Cats, and Dogs because they really are brilliant to have around. Due to personal circumstances, around 7 months ago, I had to move back into my Mum and Dads house for a while. Sadly there was not enough room to take my beloved pets with me and they had to be rehomed. I still miss them every day, but it is comforting to know that they have gone to good homes. After quite a lot of consideration, I decided that it was time to have a pet to love and look after again. I decided that a Cat would be ideal because I knew that I would eventually be living in an upstairs flat and that would not be ideal for a dog. I had considered adopting a cat before but after speaking to someone in the Cats Protection and her very bluntly telling me that they do not give Cats to people who live in this area of Belfast. I ended the call quite upset and disheartened, I am aware that the area that I live in has a bad reputation when it comes to how certain people treat animals. However, I did not think it was fair of her to judge everyone as being the same. I decided that I would see if I could find a cat on a buy and sell website instead. So I went online and searched both Gumtree and Done Deal looking for a cat. I was not really sure what breed I was looking for and to be honest, it did not really matter to me at the time. After a while of browsing through adverts, I was drawn to an advert with a beautiful ...

FLAVOR CHEF 6 IN 1 Cooking Machine 11/10/2015

Worth Every Penny!

FLAVOR CHEF 6 IN 1 Cooking Machine Introduction I usually don't tend to pay very much attention to adverts on TV Shopping Channels, I have always thought that the products that were being sold on them wouldn't be as good as the presenter was making them out to be. I got the impression that since they were getting paid to sell things, that they would say anything, to make any product seem as though it could do miraculous things, even if that meant telling people that it could lay golden eggs to ensure another sale. But, when I saw the Flavor Chef by Thane Direct I was sucked in and as I waited for it to arrive, I had a brief moment of doubt. Had I just ordered something that was going to be utterly terrible? Something that would end up lying in my cupboard for years, along with the pile of other things that turned out to be an absolute waste of money? What is the Flavor Chef and What Can It Do? The Flavor Chef is a 6 in 1 cooker that is available in 3 different colours which are Black, Silver or Red. It has 360-degree directional cooking, it encapsulates and circulates to ensure that food is always cooked evenly on both sides. It has a dual cooking surface and it is also PFOA-free and has a non-stick coating. It is so easy to clean and portable too because it is quite easy to lift and carry. It has an adjustable timer that makes a "ding" sound that will let you know when the food that you are cooking is ready and you will never overcook your food because it automatically shuts itself off. The Flavor ...

ShopandScan 07/10/2015

Easy Way to Make a Few Extra Pounds

ShopandScan Introduction I had seen Shop and Scan Promoted regularly on a Facebook page that I follow. I had always hoped for the opportunity to try it. I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea, but I had absolutely no idea how to go about joining. After a while curiosity got the better of me, I found the link to the website and I decided to fill in the application form. I waited rather impatiently to see what happened, A few months passed, and I had forgotten all about it, but then I finally received an email telling me that my Scanner and Code Book was on the way. I was so glad to finally get a chance to try it, I am reviewing the Shop and Scan website for Northern Ireland. What is Kantar World Panel? Shop and Scan are a research panel created by a leading UK company named Kantar World Wide Panels, they have a few different panels based on finding out what people buy. They have offices in Uk, Ireland, Mainland Europe, Asia, and in the US. On their website, they say that they have over 60 years experience and a team of 3,500 whilst also having services expanding to over 60 countries directly or through partners. They define themselves as *Consumer Panels *Omnibus, and Ad Hoc Surveys *Healthcare *Business to Business *TV Audience Measurement How Do I Sign Up You can sign up by being invited by someone, or you can sign up by filling in your information on this website which is When I signed up, I left a note in the "other information ...
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