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Nokia 6288 05/06/2007

My Nokia 6288

Nokia 6288 I have not long had this phone but i will wirte this review about it any way. I got this phone on THREE and also on contract so i got it for free. I think this phone is pretty good it does have its bad points, but then dont many. one thing that is pretty bad about it is the battery life is not too good lasting only 1 day if you use it alot and upto 3 days if you use as only for calls and txt's. But i use mine for camera and MP3 player and also checking the news on it and some time watching TV but i dont do that much as it costs. This phone has 2 camera's but only one you can use to take photo's and the other one you can only use for video calling and i have never used it for this and wont do. It would be good if you could use the front camera to take pictures of your face. it is Full of features this includes PTT (push to talk ) but then that is also a problem as this feature (PTT) is not supported by any of the UK phone network what is a shame it sounds good. It has a 2Mp camera that is pretty good quility also a flash that works only when you take a picture all the flash it is a LED but a bright one at that only use in pretty dark conditions like pitch dark it works well. It has an MP3 player that works well but does lack some features in it and is not all that loud but in a quiet room it is loud anoth. Memory is very bad in the phone you will be lucky to have 1 song in it but you can put a memory card in it i got a 2GB mini SD and i can store 500 songs on and loads ...

Nokia 6230i 05/06/2007

my phone after 1 year

Nokia 6230i I have had my 6230i for over i year now, and i use it all the time and their is not much wrong with it. i have dropped is loads of time and their are hardley any marks on it . it is so easy to use, never had any troubles the best phone iv ever had and when it goes wrong im buying a new one as they dont cost much now only around £70. i paid £200 new over 2 year ago trust me its a good phone. only thing is that the headphone are not that loud but that is it good camera 1.2mp not the best now but was at the time and still think its good. This phone has many things on it like the push to talk feature. This makes your phone work like a two way radio with other people using it. But their is one problem with this and that is none of the many UK phone networks use this services what is a pain i think it could be a very good feature as most of the latest phone have it but it wont work in the UK

Linksys CIT 200 04/11/2006

My Linksys CIT 200

Linksys CIT 200 i use this phone all the time its really good i like the way you can just store numbers in to it and it is simply to use and not a bad screen could inprove put for its price i paid £50 and that was about 2 months ago from maplin im still glad i got it it will work to the end of my 75 foot garden with no problems at all really good audio quality and it has a loudspeaker that is very very loud for the size of the phone im not sure about the intercom function as i only have 1 phone but by the looks of it will be easy and good to also i like who it is made by linksys that is part of cisco sysytems and they supply all the professional computer things to companys

NAVMAN GPS 3450 12 channel GPS kit for Compaq iPAQ H3600 series, Compaq iPAQ H3900 series, Compaq iPAQ H3800 series, Compaq iPAQ H3700 series, Compaq iPAQ H5400 series 04/11/2006

navman 3450 on ipaq h3950

NAVMAN GPS 3450 12 channel GPS kit for Compaq iPAQ H3600 series, Compaq iPAQ H3900 series, Compaq iPAQ H3800 series, Compaq iPAQ H3700 series, Compaq iPAQ H5400 series hi i have a h3950 with a navman 3450 gps sleve it works well and i recomend it bit bad at reception but other than that works well with tom tom 5 on my PDA also the pda still fits on its base unit with it on what means you dont have to keep taking it off wenever you want to connect your PDA to the computer. if you want to use it for any more than 2 hours (depending on the age and use of your battery ) you will have to buy a in car charger or a external battery that you can buy from ebay for about £10 that just take 4 AA batterys that will charge it and run at same time. battery life 2 hour MAX ...
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