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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Treat (DVD) 16/03/2009

Have a mousekerrific halloween

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Treat (DVD) The mickey mouse clubhouse DVD'S are great my son is engrossed everytime i put it on for him ,he didn't used to watch anything on tv untill i started to buy these DVDS but now when Mickey mouse is on he doesn't budge. These DVDS are not only fun for your child but educational too ,they help with counting,shapes and problem solving. Episode one It's halloween in in the clubhouse ,Mickey and friends are all dressed in their costumes to go to a halloween party at Pete's tower,they all set off on the journey to the party facing a few obstacles along the way. Episode 2 In this episode Goofy is preparing tricks for a magic show but things don't go right such as saying the wrong magic words ,wrong colour handkerchievesinstead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat a chicken comes out and innacurate playing cards ,but mickey and friends are there to help fix everything. Episode 3 This episode Daisy is trying to get her pretend doctors licence by helping her friends get over pretend illness such as chicken pox and a tummy ache . Bonus features incluse an episode of Little einsteins halloween special,clubhouse colouring sheets(dvd-rom) and a halloween recipe cookbook with five recipes you can make with your children. The little einsteins episode The einsteins are going to a halloween party where they will travel from city to city trick or treating. Fast play is also on this dvd so you don't have to watch the previews you can just skip right past them. Recommended age would be ...

Clubland Vol.14 - Various Artists 16/03/2009

Clubland 14

Clubland Vol.14 - Various Artists I have bought every clubland cd that has come out and i always thought they were well worth the money i spent on them which ranged from £11.98 to £14.98. I ordered clubland 14 from Amazon when it first came out expecting it to be just as good as the rest ,and personally i think it is 10 times better than the rest ,there are a few songs on this album that are not really to my taste such as the pop songs that have been speeded up like Girls aloud and the sugababes ,but everyone is different and probably will like that kind of music. A couple of my favourite songs that i could listen to over and over are everywhere,welcome to the club,infinity 2008 and rock to the rhythm. There are three cds CD1 1-Jump that rock - Status quo 2-Welcome to the club - Manian 3-Infinity 2008 - Guru josh project 4-The promise - Girls aloud 5-All my life - N-force 6-True believer - E-Type 7-Ella elle LA - Kate ryan 8-When i grow up - The pussycat dolls 9-The man who can't be moved - Booty callers 10-Girls like you - Darren styles 11-Disturbia - Rihanna 12-Before he cheats - Friday night posse feat Caroline 13-Where love lives - Buzz junkies feat Alison limerick 14-Stay around - Milk and sugar 15-Everywhere - Masterblaster 16-Up - The saturdays 17-Forever Verde feat siobhan 18-Can't stop moving -Sonny j 19-Paddy's revenge - Steve mac CD2 1-Never ever - Ultrabeat 2-I kissed a girl - The real booty babes 3-Ouch - n dubz 4-Break my stride - Blue lagoon 5-When it was me - Sweet xx 6-Girls - ...

Mickey Mouse Club House - Storybook Surprises (DVD) 16/03/2009

Thanks Mickey

Mickey Mouse Club House - Storybook Surprises (DVD) I have always loved anything to do with Disney,but had never heard of Mickey mouse clubhouse until December last year when i was changing channels looking for something to occupy my 21 month old son. I came across Playhouse Disney as soon as my son heard Mickey and friends he did not take his eyes off the t.v until it had finished,which i was extremely amazed at as he had never took any notice of them type of programmes before. I went out the next day and bought him this dvd,he plays it over and over again and is constantly asking for Hot Dog,which is the name of the song at the end of each episode. The same old characters are there such as Donald the duck,Minnie,Daisy duck,Goofy,Pluto and of course the one and only Mickey mouse. There are a lot of new characters such as Pete, Clarabelle the cow and Toodles the machine who holds tools that Mickey can use in each episode. There are three episodes on this DVD. *Episode one* Goofy has the flu in this episode so Minnie makes him some Minnie strony soup to help him get better,Mickey and friends face a greedy Pete on the way to give Goofy his soup. *Episode two* In this episode Donald drinks a magic potion which turns him into a frog,he has to try and get Daisy to kiss him to turn him back but she is very reluctant. *Episode three* In the final episode on this DVD is about Minnie picking a magic rose and falls to sleep and unless Mickey and friends find the magic harp she will sleep for a hundred years. *Bonus features* ...

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt (DVD) 15/03/2009

Mickey's great clubhouse hunt

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt (DVD) Mickey's great clubhouse hunt is set around Easter. EPISODE 1 The story begins were mickey and his friends are planning an easter party untill the clubhouse mysteriously disappears with Minnie,Donald,Goofy and Daisy inside.So Mickey now has to set out on his adventure to save his friends and try to put the clubhouse back together again. EPISODE 2 Donald gets the hiccups in this episode so all his friends try to help him but end up with the hiccups as well ,they try bouncing up and down and dancing but they have to be quick as they have to sing at clarebelles concert. This is a great dvd to help children with counting,problem solving,different shapes ,but it is also great fun at the same time. They still have the same old charaters plus some new including Pete,ludwig,Willie the giant and clarebelle the cow. I bought this dvd from Amazon three months ago for £4.98 which is a really great price. The only bad thing about the dvd is there is only one bonus feature which is "The best easter party ever " sing a long song other than that i can't fault it. I would recommend this dvd to parents of children aged between 2 and 5 The runtime :71 minutes. My son didn't ever watch t.v untill i started to buy these dvds. Thanks for reading and i hope it helps.

Disney Junior (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) - Disney 31/07/2008

Sing a long with Mickey mouse

Disney Junior (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) - Disney I have a 21 month old son who loves anything and everything to do with Mickey mouse clubhouse,i only came across this programme last December (as i have wrote about in my review on the DVD). I bought the C.D when i bought the DVD and they are the two most important purchases that i have made for my son as he is so engrossed every time he hears the opening song (mickey mouse club house theme) and especially the end song (Hot dog)he starts dancing all over the living room. **Tracks** 1 Mickey mouse clubhouse theme--They might be giants 2 Mousekedoer--Mickey mouse 3 Mickey's countdown--Mickey mouse 4 Daisy bo peep has lost her sheep--Mickey and friends 5 Donald went a courtin'--Disney characters 6 Your library--Ludwig von Drake 7 A mouse like me--Goofy,Mickey and Minnie 8 Oh where oh where has my little dog gone--Mickey mouse,goofy and pluto 9 A bicycle built for two--Donald and Daisy duck 10 Party at Mickey's house--chorus--Mickey mouse clubhouse 11 Twinkle,Twinkle little star--Goofy 12 Beautiful dreamer--Minnie mouse and Daisy duck 13 Blow the man down--Mickey / The gooey fish 14 The muffin man--Minnie mouse and Daisy duck 15 Clubhouse birthday party--Mickey mouse and Goofy 16 Technology--chorus--Silly classical songs /Ludwig von Drake 17 Mousercise--Disney characters 18 Hot dog--They might be giants We have to take this C.D in the car when ever we go out as my son will not let you put him in his car seat until he hears the music *Released in ...

Cornwall (England) 31/07/2008

beautiful cornwall

Cornwall (England) Explore a string of fantastic beaches made for building sandcastles,surfing and strolling. There are lots of activities you can take part in such as body boarding,kite surfing rock climbing, traveling on a zip wire landing right on the beach,spas,golf you can also go to the blue reef aquarium in the under water tunnels and come face to face with the sharks. Great nightlife with a good selection of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The hotels are very clean and well presented so comfortable it feels like your at home,The Hendra holiday park is great they have an indoor and outdoor pool they also have free entertainment and free children's clubs and are only a few minutes away from the golden beaches of Newquay

Sex And The City - Series 6 (Box Set) (DVD) 31/07/2008

sex sex sex and the city

Sex And The City - Series 6 (Box Set) (DVD) This show is based around four women living in New York City. Carrie the main character is a writer for the local newspaper who writes mainly about sex and relationships,then there is Samantha who works in PR and all she is interested in is sex,sex and more sex, Miranda is a lawyer who now has a son with Steve the barman and Charlotte who works in an art gallery and is a bit prudish. Carries ex boyfriend big keeps coming and going breaking her heart every time,we thought she met the right one when she met Aidan until she had an affair with Mr Big and then said she didn't want to marry him after he forgave her for cheating on him .She started to date a Russian Alexandra who she moved to Paris with in season six while there she found out he was not the man she thought he was just in time Mr Big turned up to tell her he loved her maybe she will have a happy ending. Samantha finally settled down when she met Smithy a male model which is perfect for Samantha. Miranda and Steve got married after a string of relationships for both of them but they seem happy now even though Miranda had to move to Brooklyn. Charlotte married Trey who for most of their marriage was impotent and then when he was ok they couldn't get pregnant so they divorced now she is married to her divorce lawyer Harry. Absolutely great show just a shame the series is over thank god the movie is here finally . ...

Max Spielman 26/07/2008

Max Spielamn ruined

Max Spielman I have been using Max Spielman for years now and always thought that the service they provided was excellent,such as great prices,amazing quality of prints and very helpful staff. I go into Max Spielman about once a month to get photos developed of my 2 year old son as i like to capture every smile and every funny thing he does. I will be using a different company in future as on a number of occasions i have picked my photographs up and they have not been developed properly,completely ruined or there are a lot missing so i have had to go back into the shop to get them redone or get them to print the missing prints which the staff are not pleased about and on occasion have been very rude. The speed of their service is appalling one time i had been told what time to collect my photographs,got there on time and had to wait for over an hour. The price you pay has drastically gone up over the past few months,i was actually happy paying a bit extra at first but i have had a lot of ruined pictures of my son that i can not replace. I thought you would get an even better service with the prices going up and up but i was so wrong. I would never trust this company again. I have just been reading all the reviews for Max Spielman and have noticed another ciao member has copied my review word for word,i have just reported that person. ...

Greasy Palm 26/07/2008

Greasy palm money for nothing

Greasy Palm I have not been a member of Greasy palm for very long only since may but i absolutely love the site it is so easy to find exactly what your looking for. You get cash back for shopping which is great you get paid to shop with hundreds of retailers to choose from. There are a lot of things you can do on the site that you don't need to pay for like registering for survey panels,games and to get free vouchers and a whole lot more. I am due my first cash back payment next month of £51 which i am so pleased with and i made that money without having to purchase anything. This is a great site for making a little extra cash they also have great member support. Give it a go its very worthwhile.Sometimes cash back does not appear on your account all you need to do is send a support ticket and they track it for you. When you sign up you get £2.50 to start you off but you need to make £25 before you can receive a payment which is made 30 days after you have reached that amount . UPDATE There is one problem with this site and that is when your coming up to your payment date a lot of your cash back gets reversed which i am not too happy about.Originally i gave Greasy palm 5 stars. ...

Clubland Vol.13 - Various Artists 25/07/2008

Clubland 13

Clubland Vol.13 - Various Artists I have bought every Clubland album that has come out but this one is the best by far. All these albums have sounded so alike most of them with the same songs, but this is so different i was pleasantly surprised when i looked at the track listings,there are some great club tracks,tracks you can sing a long to and most of them just make you feel like you want to dance. DISC 1 1.Because the night - Cascada 2.Right by your side - N-Force v Darren Styles 3.Take a bow - Rihanna (Haji & Emanuel remix) 4.Bruised water - Chicane v Natasha Bedingfield 5.Mercy - Duffy (Gareth Wyn remix) 6.Disco's Revenge 2008 - Gusto (Freemason's mix) 7.Daddy O - Wideboys feat. Shaznay Lewis 8.Pitch up - Coone & Ghost 9.Everytime you need me - Kindervater feat. Nadja 10.Trippin on you - Cahill feat. Nicky Belle 11.Black and gold - Sam Sparro (Sanna & Pitron mix) 12.A girl like me - Flip n fill feat. Lara Mcallen (Fugitive mix) 13.Shine on - R.I.O (Spencer & Hill mix) 14.Rhythm of the night - Frisco v Corona (Styles & Breeze mix) 15.Heartbreaker - Will I am feat. Cheryl Cole (House mix) 16.Getting ready - K-Klass 17.I see you - Maximum Spell 18.God is a girl - Groove Coverage 19.Doesn't matter - Hypersonic v Jorg schmid 20.Crank Dat - Soulja boy (Fulfillment mix) 21.Megamix - Girls Aloud DISC 2 1.Jumping all over the world - Scooter 2.Discolights - Ultrabeat v Darren Styles (Hypersonic mix) 3.Apologize - Deegrees v The real booty babes 4.Hold me tonight - Manian ... 12/07/2008

envirofone Great site that gives you money or Argos vouchers for your old battered mobile phones. I had six phones some were a bit damaged and just left in a draw so i dug them out and went onto the Envirofone site, registered and traded them in, they offered a free courier service to collect the phones because i had over four. They were collected the next day,three days later i got an email to say they had tested my phones and as some of them were damaged i was offered new prices for them which i have accepted. I am just waiting for my payment now a lot of people have said the whole process takes up to six weeks but in my case it has only taken just on two weeks.I would strongly recommend this site to people who need a bit of extra cash who have phones they would never use again. The site is also very easy to use and so easy to find what you are looking for. UPDATE Yesterday i received my payment,just a few days after i accepted the new prices,really happy with their service.

One Tree Hill - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 04/07/2008

one tree hill

One Tree Hill - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) (Chad Michael Murray) Lucas and (James Lafferty) Nathan Scott half brothers who didn't really acknowledge each other until they found themselves playing basketball for the tree hill ravens their father Dan is a possessive and very evil man,he has completely ignored Lucas from the day he was born he left Lucas' mum when he found out she was pregnant in high so he dumped ,went to college three months later he got Nathan's mum pregnant but went on to marry her. There are some other great characters in this series such as (Sophia Bush) who plays Brooke the most popular girl in school who falls in love with Lucas,she is also a bit wild,sleeping around getting drunk a lot and lying about being pregnant,(Hillary Burton) who plays Peyton who is an aspiring artist,Brooke's best friend and she also falls in love with Lucas but is actually dating his brother Nathan so you will see sparks fly there,(Bethany Joy Lenz) who plays Haley she is a school tutor,Lucas' best friend and she and Nathan fall for each other Nathan only began to see Haley to cause a lot of trouble with Lucas, she is also a singer as you will see from the first season where she performs for the first time. I had never heard of One Tree Hill until about two years ago when i saw an advertisement and i just had to watch it and loved every minute of it.

Playa Del Ingles 04/07/2008

Gran Canaria great holiday to suit all

Playa Del Ingles Went to Playa del Ingles last year,we were there for gay pride and it was absolutely amazing.The Yumbo center has a lot to offer,in the day time it has tons and tons of shops from tobacco shops to electrical,fragrances and tons of fashion shops.In the night the yumbo center is filled street performers and cabaret bars my favourite rickys bar a must see show.there is a water park just a short bus ride away make sure you wear sun lotion as i got burnt so quick there.The beach is satisfactory.I just want to make people aware when you go into the town center be careful there are loads of people promoting there pubs offering you free bottles of champagne and buy one get one free drinks once inside they charge you full price for everything we were only in the pub for about 20 minutes and only had two drinks they tried to charge us nearly 200 euros.

Benidorm (Spain) 04/07/2008

Benidorm holiday for everyone

Benidorm (Spain) I went to Benidorm three years ago and absolutely loved it,there are activities for everyone,such as Terra Miticca about 20-30 minutes away,lots of shopping opportunities if your a shop aholic like me,two great beaches Poniente and Levante and the nightlife is amazing in the new town with its fun pubs,Cabaret bars and great English pubs,but if you want clubbing head to the square with clubs such as the Beachcomber,Champions and Jokers you will have a great night out.Also if the lemon express is still running i heard that it is you should definitely try it,it is an old steam train which takes you to different destinations and then on the way back to Benidorm it turns into a party train serving you champagne.We also went to see Sticky Vicky not to everyones taste but she is worth going to see,she can do some amazing things with a light bulb and razors.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Series 5 - Complete (DVD) 12/06/2008

Buffy and the key great season

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Series 5 - Complete (DVD) This cult TV show is about a young woman named Buffy Anne Summers,she is the chosen one a vampire slayer to rid the world of vampires.demons and all that is evil.In this season Buffy's younger sister Dawn/key arrives.Buffy later finds out Dawn is not her sister she was placed with to protect her from glory a god who is looking for the key to open the gates of hell.Glory tries and tries to find out who the key is by hurting buffy's friends,when she finally catches them out Buffy' takes her sister and her friends and flees.Dawn gets captured by Glory,buffy goes back to save her leading to a great but sad ending to this season. ...
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