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Nokia 3330 12/04/2002

Ah ah ah ah Staying Alive, Staying Alive

Nokia 3330 Nowadays mobile telephones in today’s society are what a hammer is in a toolbox… an essential tool. The device has enabled us to keep in contact with friends and family with a simple push of one of the speed dials. The technology advanced to text messaging for short messages, and now we have the capability to send an email to the office via our WAP capable mobile to tell the boss we really cannot be bothered to get out of bed today… or that we have a migraine again. Being a young lad with a need for technological innovations to be in my trouser pocket (I do not mean a rubber penis with hand pump) I decided it was time to dump my Savvy C12 and go for something more upmarket. Genie offered me a ‘free’ 3330 with their lovely contract, so I took that, and left the Savvy to gather dust on the shelf. The 3330 is a 3310 with WAP and a little bit more as far as I know. For those of you who do not have WAP, it is quite good fun. I have free WAP with my Genie contract, so I gladly check my BTinternet email on it, download free games and icons/screensavers (there are a couple of free sites) and even check the train times and love it. The battery does not as much because the WAP does seem to take a lot of battery power from this compact phone. The phone has the usual Nokia features with speed-dials, voice tags, icons, a few games, a wide range of ringtones, composer, (congratulations if you have managed to build yourself a decent one with the guide of the manual) reminders, ...

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Pull Pull Pull - Come On Lads

Scary Movie 2 (DVD) 12/09/2001

Sex With A Ghost Blowjobs Vomiting and Pissing

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Angel Eyes (DVD) 06/09/2001

J LO NakedO In FilmO FlopO

The Perfect Storm (DVD) 04/09/2001

I Was A Fish In This One

Origin Of Symmetry - Muse 30/08/2001

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Gossip - DVD 27/08/2001

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Cats And Dogs (DVD) 24/08/2001

No Bitch Fight

Reflexology 20/08/2001

Get A Tingling Head For 14.50

AdSubtract v1.66 SE 14/08/2001

What An Equation 12/08/2001

Lots of Information-Freezing-Frustration and Porn

Member Advice on Bullying 10/08/2001

The Story of Joe

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