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Tekken 6 (PS3) 04/11/2009

Is Tekken as good as the reports say?

Tekken 6 (PS3) Tekken 6 the best fighting game ever and a continuation of the greastest fighting series. Well i suggest this is right but has things developed? The game is slick in graphics and the moves the same as usual and simple do fight hard to master. You fight and fight and fight more but is this really a long term game or just a splash in the pan and something living on it first appeal and dying a slow death. The game has a new campaign option but the actual play of this is nothing like the old streets of rage, double dragon stlye of the past. Its boring and is something that does not complement the actual appeal of the Tekken series. The online play is good and its great to fight against players all around the world and this really helps to make the game last. The offline or arcade mode is ok but the loading takes a time considering its on the playstation 3. It gets a little mundane after the fight 20 fights. The character selection is great and all the olds ones are there and a couple of new ones which adds a bit to the game. I think the actual fighting difficulty in the easy mode is not great as it is hard and if like me you prefer to find all the endings for the characters quickly then forget it. I feel this is one point that makes the game become really hard to want to play. In summary the game is good it plays and looks fantastic, but takes a while to load and also its not much of an update compared to the others in the series. The game does not appeal to ...

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB 02/11/2009

Does the iphone really match up to all other contenders?

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB I spent ages recently deciding what new mobile phone to get. I wanted touch screen but also wanted the best in terms of gadgets and things that the phone could do other than be a phone. I looked at the N97 which looked to be fantastic against the reviews and also the TG1 from Toshiba. Now i could go into all the specifications of the iphone compared to the rest, but when i was looking that ment nothing to me. I needed to know if the phone was fast, and what could it do other than being a phone and also was it the best in terms of value. To start with the iphone has the second biggest screen behind the Toshiba TG1. The iphone interface is what you make it. Your apps fill the menu screen so you decide what is on them. The apps come from the app store and when i tell you that the apps range from games to eye sight tests you really dont get the full picture. I recommend looking up iphone apps on google as what ever you find there at least triple that to have a rough idea of how many there are. These apps allow your phone to become your pc, tv, calendar and personal assistant. Also add to the the games machine and camera and your looking at the most comprehensive phone on the market. It reacts faster than the other contenders and the wifi is fantastic to use. The only downside is that you have to use itunes to get movies and pictures onto your phone and it is not very easy to get music as your ring tones. I cant stress enough that this phone is simply amazing but ...

Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland: Which country do you think will win and why. 06/06/2008

who will win?

Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland: Which country do you think will win and why. Well euro 2008 is not going to be a classic in terms of the biggest footballing nations squaring off but possibly we have the best chance of a big tournament living up to the intended hype. No England v Germany grudge match but surprizes a plenty i feel. It terms of who will win depends on what will last the course. Germany have a great first eleven in terms of a unit but lack pace and depth in the ageing squad. Italy are mssing the their inspirational leader and defender cannavaro, which leaves them exposed with the discipline needed for the major tournaments. Holland all hype no substance. Can score but will inevitably concede more. Portugal have the likes of simao, Nani and Ronaldo to mix in with Deco but will end up being another Barce this time round and looking great and sounding great but just falling short. I think. My choice is Spain. They have the skill in Torres and villa along with alonso and fabregas in midfield they are very creative. They also have the captain Puyol in defence to organise and lead. I think they are the best squad in the competition in terms of balance and ability. Work rate may let them down. ALSO dont forget the likes of russia and poland who on there day could spark another greece in this years euro's. So come on spain live up to your hype that you have not over the past years and take your place among the european elite.

Liverpool 25/01/2008

reds on the march?

Liverpool What is install for the reds on merseyside? This season once again we have had the same emotional rollercoaster that we have had for many seasons now. We looked at the start of the season to be in with a shout of the title but over christmas we have dropped away into a fight for four place. Are we any closer. Well the team has got stronger and we have played some great football so far. We have played well in the big games and got more points away from home than in many years but at home its not been so good. We now have torres who is outstanding and with gerrard and carragher we have an amazing spine to the team. Mascherano, alonso, arbeloa, finnan crouch and kuyt are also superb players but i think the problem so far this season is the supply. I can see in the future seasons under benitez we will see babel come to the front and probably parnet torres or crouch depending on the rotation system and i hope harry kewell will continue to improve as he has skills like ronaldo of man utd when on his game which is still possible as his age is still just with him. We need to look at getting consistency out of benayoun and pennant along with voronin and riise and aurelio but we have the makings just getting it all to gel for the whole season. We are also forgetting that lucas and the new defender martyn looks to be shrewed buys as i think next season and when agger gets back the squad has real potential. I think its right that sissoko goes as he had only one fantastic ...

SingStar (PS3) 22/01/2008

singstar the new gen

SingStar (PS3) Singstar ps3 is the lastest in the set but the first on the new playstation 3. The title does go back to some old songs that were a hit in previous editions of the title but there are also many new ones and a start pack of 30 songs in total. The layout and playing of the game is just as before and the playability is still as great as ever but the design is much slicker and the smoothness is fantastic and does add quality to the game which was maybe lacking in the titles before due to the capability of the playstation 2. The greatest edition for the playstation three's singstar is the added bonus of the singstore. This is where you can connect online to a catalogue of songs that is ever increasing and you only have to buy what ones you want at the cost of 99p per song. It is very easy to get set up to purchase the songs and you can download them in the backgroud as you play the game and then you are able to select them straight away once they have been installed. You never have to loose the songs which is also an added bonus. The draw back at present is that the singstore does not contain as many songs as they said would be in it by this time. There is at present only 62 songs but more are on the way. There are songs like song 2 and the greatest asset so far is 3 lions 98 which is great for the men to join in with to make the party go with a bang. You can use the original microphones so you only need to purchase the game and it is said that sony will release a ...

The George and Dragon, Chichester 17/01/2008

dragons got george

The George and Dragon, Chichester This is a great place to stay if you want to visit the historical town of chichester. Based in the heart of the city this pub and accommodation is great for young people who are into music simple food and reasonable rooms. The rooms are simple in decoration and do look a bit tired in places but they are clean and tidy. Not to big but they are big enough if you just need and room to stay in. The bar downstairs is a simple traditional pub with the wooden uneven floor boards and the very basic design and low cost decoration. The booze is cheap compared to other places in the town but the entertainment is the best feature as local talent on most days will entertain you or there is something for you to do from dancing to areabics its definetly not quite in this pub. The service is good and the locals or friendly. The only thing that does let this down a bit is that the price of the rooms are from 60 - 80 pounds a night and the rooms are maybe not worth that but then again if you come for the entertainment and location you are on to a winner. The food is simple from jacket potatoes and sandwiches to full plughmans etc.. but its simple and reasonably cheap in relation to other locale places.

Starbucks, 13 North Street, Chichester 17/01/2008

starbucks rules or not?

Starbucks, 13 North Street, Chichester Starbucks. I have been to many starbucks but chichester one is very different to the rest. First off based in north street chichester it looks very pokey and dark from the outside. Once you enter the feeling gets no better. The counter is to your left and the food does look very nice but the staff seem to want to hurry you through and really dont come across that friendly. After i got my coffee which nearly killed me with the pricve of nearly four pounds i had to try and find a seat. The coffee shop is very narrow and thin which is not helpful if you have a child or buggy for a child. The tables are very close and the whole experience is very inclosed and for some it is not very nice. The seating is comfortable if you can find one but it is not the best place to go in the town if you are with friends and you want a nice coffee and chat with some space and money left from a fiver. The lighting does not help if you wish to read something. The location is very nice however as it is just a minutes walk from the cross in the center of the town. Overall not the best coffee shop in the town for price and room. But they do have a great range of coffee and cakes to take away with is a feature that does go well with this starbucks because of its location.

Ramada Jarvis Chichester Hotel, Chichester 17/01/2008

jarvis chichester

Ramada Jarvis Chichester Hotel, Chichester The jarvis is a great place to stay. Set in a fantastic location upon the south coast. You are approx 5 mins from goodwood racecourse and motor circuit. At the right time of year you can see the glorious goodwood week and the world known festival of speed and revival festival held at the race circuit bringing back the memories of yester year. You are also two minutes from Chichester town center and 30 mins from portsmouth and worthing. The hotel itself is very stylish and as you pull up to it you feel the class it has. The entrance hall is like an inclosed paradise island courtyard. The reception is like a small building as is the hall and corridors to all rooms and facilities. The resurant is very nice and the food is of the highest order. The rooms are very spacious and they are clean and tidy plus the dont look old and shabby like some places i have been to. The bar prices have recently come down and fall in line with normal pub prices which is great for those who like a little tipple when away from home. They have a great function room which is is three parts that you can hire for weddings and for other occasions if ever you require it. The have an indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room. They have gym equipment for use around the pool area. There is plenty of space for sitting outside in the great south sunshine during the summer as they have a courtyard and serving area off the resturant in the middle of the complex. The final but most importantly is the ...

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z1050 11/01/2008

shoot away

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z1050 This camera is simply excellent. We brought this to take on our honeymoon as we wanted great pictures and with a 10.1 megapixcel ability it met everything that we wanted. Other great features are that it has a large screen which you end up using instead of the normal view whole. You have end less extras like red eye removal and editing features as well as detailed graphs that show you the amount of light the shutter is letting in and the technical stuff that i have never got my head around. It is also so light that you never know you have it and it fits well in the palm of your hand so you dont always have to put it away. Once the picture has been taken you are also able to edit and crop the picture you have taken and also you can zoom in of certain parts and make copies of them without losing the quality of the picture and still getting the best photo from what you have taken. It is also simple to plug into any pc and comes with the software needed to make the perfect picture. It is not as cheap or expensive as its competition but for the quality along i think you will be very happy with this simple to use camera. I would recommend this to for anyone who is not up with modern technology as this workd just like the old cameras when taking pics and someone else can do the compicated bit later on the computer. I would not pay more than one hundred and fifty pounds for this but if you can get a good deal with a case and a good sized memory card as it takes the ...

Universal Studios 11/01/2008

Universal films

Universal Studios Lets the films roll. Universal studios is like stepping into some of the greatest movies of all times. You enter the park thought a some port type area which is full of cinemas and resturants along with some famous places like hard rock cafe and the NBA resturant but also there are many nights clubs aswell for evening entertainment. As you progress you turn to the right and see thye world famous universal globe on a brillant lake surrounded by what looks like sand built walls. You walk in past the gate way and enter the world of film. We stopped to work out where to go just on the right as you enter which is the cheesecake factory and what a place to start the best cakes you have ever seen. Outside there is a gentleman who works in the park as an entertainer that feeds the squirells around from his hand on his table. This is a wonderful site when you sitting there eating. We started at the Johnny neutron 3d ride which you have to save the planet with the help of Johnny and the gang. This ride is a bit child orientated but if you are only going to do it once it worth doing. Across from there is shrek 4d. An absolute excellent ride for all the family. You just sit in a chair as the action involves you even though you are just watching the programme its amazing, and a little scary. The next ride we went on was the twister experience. If you have seen the film and loved it then this is for you. The whole seen is set just by getting to the start of the whole thing. ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom 10/01/2008

In the jungle

Disney's Animal Kingdom The animal Kingdom. As you pull up to the kingdom via disney transport or the monorail you will be taken to a place that feels like the jungle. You get the feeling that your going deep into the rainforest and you r thinking about what you might find. But before you enter the park on the left of the enterance you will see a rainforest cafe. For anyone who has never seen one its an experience worthy of Disney magic on its own. You enter and are faced with an indoor rainforest complete with tropical fish in a huge tank that you can walk under. Electronic robotic elephants and gorillas along with birds etc.. The bar is done to be like a toadstool and all the bar stools around it are the bottoms and legs of animals which you sit on. At certain intervals the robots come alive to the changing conditions within the forest. You will have rain and lightning but never of course get wet. The gorillas call out and the elephants shout. The food is great to and order the drinks with the special glasses that flash you get to keep the glass as a souvenier which is even better. There is also a gift shop attatched to the resturant for little bits at the end of the day if you want them. As you enter the park like all disney you see the centre piece and in the animal kingdom its the tree of life. A huge tree that can beseen from the entire park. I recommend when you start off in the park make sure you sort out when you want to see the shows as you will need to be waiting around ...

Liverpool FC - 100 Years Of The Kop (DVD) 09/01/2008

With hope in your hearts

Liverpool FC - 100 Years Of The Kop (DVD) you think you know Liverpool f.c. Well think again this will give you the one hundred years of the mighty kop. This dvd is packed full of information of how each side of the Anfield stadium got there names and from what. You find out how managers came and went from the legendary Bob Paisley throught Shankley to Rafa Benitez and the spanish revolution. Also the others like Houllier, Evans, Souness and not ever forgeting Kenny Dalgliesh. You see how each manager built his team and moulded themselves into the history of Liverpool football club. You get information on there person lives and how they dealt with all of the troubles being such a massives clubs manager. Also you get the one hundred moments of all time. The greats like Rush, Dalgliesh, Aldo, Fowler and Owen scoring memorable goals for there club. The emergance of the recent team like Gerrard and Carragher. You see the midfield maestros like Nicol,Mcmahon, Mcmanaman, Barnes, Beardsley and the man himself Jan Molby all strutting there stuff. Do you remember the spice boys which included James, Redknapp and Mcateer. Its all here for the dedicated fan. Relive the greatest moments in the clubs history. Even that night not so long ago in Istanbul where we won it five times. The comeback the heartache and the nerves along with some fantastic goals. And lastly you find out how and why You'll never walk alone has become such a huge anthem for the club and the world, which is something if your a liverpool fan to be ...

The Best Of Most Haunted Live! - Vol. 2 (DVD) 09/01/2008

Most haunted simply the best one

The Best Of Most Haunted Live! - Vol. 2 (DVD) I am confident most people will find this DvD of most haunted live is the best of them all. The set up is simple a group lead by former blue peter presenter Yvette fielding go to a location over one two three four or up to five nights to try and uncover any paranormal goings on and why they are happening. The group is made up of medium Derek Acorah, skeptic Mathew smith and Karl Beattie who is Yvettes husabnd and the a film and sound crew of Stuart, john and who ever else they have along for the ride to help make this show happen. You have Historian Richard Felix trying to clarify what Derek comes up with during the nights to try and make people understand more about the location that they are in. In the first of the two programmes in this set the team are at the world famous Beaulieu museum in hampshire. This is a great investigation but there is not much in the way of major events untill just before the end when there is a pan around of the outside and thwn behind a grave with a croos you can see someone move across clearly during this. The home audience ring in and then they rewind the tape and prove not a single member of the team or anyone can be there as the whole area is shut of from people for safety reasons so did we just see a ghost. The second programme as always on most haunted live is hosted by Dr David Bull and takes place on the hunt for Dick turpin and ends up at the now infamous Pendel hill. This investigating spands a few nights and Derek goes ...

Transformers - The Complete Generation One Collection (Animated) (Box Set) (DVD) 09/01/2008

lets roll out

Transformers - The Complete Generation One Collection (Animated) (Box Set) (DVD) Transformers is the boy from the eighties all time favourite programme. You have good v evil you have guns robots that tnr into cars, what more can you want? This box set takes you back to the beginning and brings you right up to the end of the uk shows. From Optimus prime and megatron to rodimus prime and galvatron its all here. You start from when the autobots leave cybertron and they end up crash landing into the earth. There spaceship is turned using teletran one into there new base. There only mission is to get enough energy to return to cybertron to rid there planet of the evil decepticons. The decpticons to have landed on earth and there mission to is to get back to cybertron but to then take it over and rule the galaxy under the command of leader megatron. The two sides battle in every episode and it always ends unless it more than one part with the autobots coming out on top. There battles take them across what seems to only be america but they do meet some people who help them on earth and together they finally get the autobots back to cybertron but you will have to watch to see what and how they do that. You get captivated by the characters and they really grow on you and you end up being involved and understanding what they are about. You even get to like the arguements between decepticons starscream and megatron. and there constant struggle for leadership of the decepticons. You end up finding out about the history of the two sides and how they ...

LG HT 902 TB 09/01/2008

surround sound that works

LG HT 902 TB The surround system was purchased with my lg tv. I was looking for something that gives great sound for normal tv aswell as for dvd's. This machine has the sound i required and lots of other features besides but the thing i found hardest was when setting it up so that you can have sound from a sky hd system running through it. The optical cable does not work between the two units so i had to sort it out with a normal composite cable, but eventually it worked. The sound look of the machine is fantastic. Easy to use and you are able to up the resolution of old dvd's to nearly hd, if you have a hd tv. There are many options in the sound department from theatre, hall stage and so on and its real easy to change them unlike some other systems i have had in the past. You get the standing speakers with this system and they are fantastic in your living room as they lify the sound to your ear and it does feel like your in the thing you are watching and its not on the floor or high up on the wall like you get with other speakers. You should not pay more than three hundred pounds for this sytem but it is worth every penny to make watching movies and sport exceptional.
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