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Douwe Egberts Cafe Switch 08/07/2007

My Humps

Douwe Egberts Cafe Switch I was in Sainsbury's the other day when I noticed that they had started selling Douwe Egberts Cafe Switch. I had seen the commercials on TV months back and thought it looked quite interesting but until now I was unable to find them on my rare trip to the supermarket. Thinking back to the advert for Cafe Switch, I remember pressing red (Sky Digital) to order my free sample. I filled in my details but they never did send me my sample! Café switch comes in 3 varieties; I tried the True Kick Bittersweet and Inviting. **Packaging** Cafe Switch come in boxes of 6, the box/packaging is made and looks somewhat similar to the cardboard boxes used for eggs. The box is sealed together by a brown coloured Douwe and Egberts Cafe Switch sticky label. The Cafe Switches themselves are made of a thin brown plastic - sealed off in a foil cover, think of those UHT milk portions you get in some cafe's and restaurants as an example. So! 2 UHT milk portions turned upside down with a thin plastic piece between them binding them together at the bottom of the carton. On the middle plastic piece are two indentations creating a double pipe effect allowing the coffee to travel from one side to the other. Between the 2 pods below the pipes at the bottom is a small hole sealed off with foil. And you have a basic idea of a Cafe Switch. ***Making the Coffee*** Simple! to activate the Cafe Switch true kick taste you have to squeeze the two pots for about a minute in a left - right pumping ...

Fifteen-Firsts 18/06/2007

My Fifteen First's

Fifteen-Firsts After reading fellow Ciao member torr's impressive Fifteen Firsts review I thought I would have a go myself. Though not as impressive I have thought right back to all those first's and given the most accurate answers possible. I was surprised how hard it was to put into words and although it seems simple and it probably is for some I found it a little difficult and embarrassing to give my answers. So on with the review... 1. FIRST KISS --------------- ----- I'm guessing this means my first "proper" kiss? Well I guess it was a kind of holiday romance, well not for me but for her. I was 14 and back then lived in a tower block. I used to play outside with my friend who lived 2 floors below and in the summer holiday they had a friend of the family stay over with them until school started back in September. Anyway, I hadn't taken much notice of her; all I knew was that she was staying there until one day I was going down in the elevator. I lived on the 7th floor and on the journey down the elevator stopped on the fifth floor (where my friend lived) when the door opened my friend was playing on the landing with his sister. He shouted at me to hold the lift, ran off, and then came back and handed me a letter in an envelope! The lift door closed and went on its way to the ground floor. I remember thinking it must have been fate or incredibly good timing that I happened to be in the lift and she had pressed it to go down at the same time. I looked at the envelope, ...

Orange broadband 15/06/2007

Is the future bright and Orange?

Orange broadband After seeing the great deals on broadband flooding the TV, radio and magazines I took a look at what I was paying my ISP (internet service provider) and thought "why am I paying so much?” One particular offer I saw on a TV commercial was from my ISP, so I thought I would give them a call to see if I could take them up on their offer. After calling them and being told it was for new customers only I was very frustrated that existing customers had to stick to their current price plan which was considerably more than what they were charging new customers I decided it was time to look for a new provider. I firstly tried Sky Broadband as it was free for Sky TV subscribers, they said yes but I had to wait because it was in high demand.... 2 months later still waiting. I then saw a convincing TV commercial for Tiscalli but then suddenly I received an e-mail from Orange. Orange Broadband was originally known as Freeserve who were brought and took over by French ISP Wanadoo who own Orange in 2001. It was re branded as Orange in May 2006. Bingo! I was being offered free broadband as I held a contract with them on a £30 tariff. The free broadband offered to those with mobile phone contracts is called the broadband starter pack and included are the following features: Up to 2meg speed 2 GB download allowance Free USB modem This plan is free for customers with a mobile phone contract on a monthly tariff of £30 or more. For non Orange mobile contract customers this ...

Samsung SGH-E900 02/11/2006

I've been upgraded.

Samsung SGH-E900 I finally managed to get myself upgraded! I had worn my previous phone completely lifeless and could rarely receive a signal when indoors. So I decided to upgrade my Samsung D600e to a Samsung E900. There had been a lot of advertising for this particular model and I liked the look of it and its features so I decided to go for it. I wasn't happy with the handset the first day I bought it but as I got used to using the buttons It grew on me and now I'm really happy. * Look & Feel * --------------- ------ The E900 is of a rectangular shape and is black. It's another one of Samsung's "slide up" models which seem to be becoming quite popular. The front of the phone has a screen which measures 3.5 cms by 4 cms and is accompanied below by a silver Samsung logo and beneath that the navigation menu button with the central enter button. Apart from that (when the phone is closed) the front just consists of black glass, when you slide the phone up 4 buttons light up around the navigation which are 2 shortcut menu buttons and the answer and end/cancel call buttons. These buttons are touch sensitive and are only visible once the phone has been opened. Now the phone is opened the keypad is exposed, generally it's just a regular keypad (not touch sensitive like the ones on the front) and are easily pressed and when pressed let out a gentle click feeling on the thumb. On the left hand side of the phone there is 1 button that can be clicked from either side for the phones ringer ...

Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Comfrt Plus 28/09/2006

Xtreme 3 'rips' it off

Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Comfrt Plus I recently received a promotional email offering me a free sample of the new Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 while stocks last. So as you do I thought why not? it's free so had nothing to lose really, maybe the fact that I had to leave my postal address to receive it, but knowing it was Wilkinson Sword's website I felt safe to do so. It did take some 3 weeks to receive the razor after requesting my sample but I didn't mind, how could I? it was free after all. So there it was sitting on the door mat accompanied with a nice letter thanking me for requesting a free sample and hoping that I will be happy with it and continue buying them - sorry! but I don't think so. So on with the review... /\/\/\/\ Packaging /\/\/\/\ The razor came packaged singularly in a green wrapper with the usual clear window giving you a sneak look at the razor. The usual Wilkinson Sword logo was present at the top with the usual 2 swords crossed behind followed by a larger Xtreme 3 logo with comfort plus stated beneath. A small diagram of the blade promoting their dual comfort system and a round red button logo telling me that there is 1 razor in the packet. The reverse of the packet is somewhat plainer than the front, again the logo's are present at a smaller size print along with the 'Dual Comfort System' logo, contact details Ingredients, website, product number and a logo to let me know the packaging was recycled - hey! There's an advantage. /\/\/\/\ Design /\/\/\/\ Designed completely in ... 25/09/2006

And the Oscar goes to..... (Internet Movie Database) is the only website you will ever need when it comes to movie info including release dates, trailers comments and more. Have you ever been in that situation when you thinking of a certain actor/actress and cant think of there name but remember the name of the movie or reverse? Then is a great start to refreshing your memory. Not only does it list and provide information on more or less every movie ever made it also has profiles for almost every actor who starred in the movies. Once I came across this site (through a friend) I was instantly addicted and find myself browsing the site on a sometimes daily basis! I even find myself onsite after watching a movie, searching up, reading the details and ratings from other members. It's not only a huge movie database but also a massive community and with the listing of the newest movies and trailers as soon as they are announced "imdb" will continue to grow and become even more popular (if that's possible). There are 2 versions of the site available, on the left hand menu under the 'IMDb Sites' tab you can select to view the UK or USA versions of the site. Probably a good idea as movie release dates are not the same for us as they are in the States. (*) The Website design & layout (*) The site has a very simple layout that's easy on the eye, a clean white background with hints of a pale yellow. Menu & link tabs are of a soft light blue with shadowed white text. The logo is ...

Chessington World Of Adventure, London 22/09/2006

CWoA Away!

Chessington World Of Adventure, London Ok so I'm talking Chessington World Of Adventures! As a family we like to visit CWoA once a year to spend "quality" time together. CWoA is a theme park and zoo based in Chessington, Surrey and is a great fun day out for the family. There are rides and attractions for all from toddlers to teens, Adults and even seniors. I'm going to take you through a review of "my Chessington day out". ♣ How to get there ♣ This year we went by car, we got onto the M25 which is not to far from us and it took about 30 minutes until we made our exit at junction 9, from there it was about another 10 minute drive to the park. Once you have left the M25 (which is has a marked exit for CWoA) the roads are marked up with signs so it's pretty easy to find! More so easy for us to find as we had the sat nav, you can get their postcode for your settings from their website. Normally we would go by bus, we live in West Ealing, London we would take the local 207 bus to Ealing Broadway. Outside Ealing Broadway train station you can take the number 65 bus and go to the end of the line, which is Kingston bus station. From there you can stay at the same bus stop (there are toilets at this bus stop) and wait for the number 71 bus. Again you go to the end of the line, which is inside CWoA. A very simple route that takes you right inside the park, only downside is it took us more or less 2 hours from home by bus and only 45 minutes by car. ♣ Ticket pricing ♣ The ticket ... 21/09/2006

"Re" United Kingdom, not a website I purposely visited but strangely one late evening I ended up on their webpage. Friends reunited are an online organization that allows general individuals of the public to sign up and search for old friends you may have lost contact with after maybe leaving School, College or university? Or for any reason. I was hesitant when deciding to sign up, I knew that if my close friends found out that I had I would be in for some serious teasing! But decided to go ahead anyway. To be honest I didn't really expect much of an outcome, I knew a lot of people at my high school but the ones I considered to be the closest friends I still had some sort of contact with but thought hey! It may be quite a laugh. Anyway on with the review... >> Website design and layout << A blue and white design with the main background being blue. There where white sections on the page displaying information in blue text and the blue sections of the page displayed the text in white, a very simple but effective design that looked pleasant but had a lot of writing on the welcome page. Along the top of the initial content page was a menu of their sister sites in a filing cabinet tab sort of design I personally thought this was a good idea and well designed for a simple page! Being a web designer myself I look out at silly things like that. >> Navigation << The general navigation is pretty self explanatory, not forgetting the help & FAQ's, Contact Us, About ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 16/09/2006

Wanna blow my FUSE?

10 Things That Really Annoy Me Ok here I am again with yet another piece in the ciao cafe. I do try to keep it minimal but I am becoming increasingly addicted to these subjects. Having just completed a review on "10 things I miss from my childhood" I thought it was time for a touchier subject. 10 THINGS THAT REALLY ANNOY ME! Usually I'm not someone who is very easily annoyed (I think) but when it comes to the small things that do annoy me I do get very annoyed. So let me go through the 10 things that most annoy me and see if there aren't a few of you in agreement. 1. CHEWING GUM **LOADLY** This has to be number one because it really gets my goat. What is the point? Don't these offenders know that they are being totally disgusting? I have been stuck on many occasions on a bus sitting next to someone who likes to chew gum like a pig and expect everyone else to listen to their spit noises, It makes me so agitated and sometimes really want to tell them to chew with their mouth closed. The most annoying part for me is when someone does it while you are talking to them, like customers for example I think it's very disrespectful and tasteless. I am a gum chewer myself but have my dignity...I'm surprised half these people don't have stomach ulcers. One thing is for sure! I would hate to see them eat eeewww. 2. TRAFFIC Not surprisingly, I suppose this annoys everyone but when 3 of us are rammed into the back seat of a small Renault Clio it really gets to me. Being a person who doesn't like to sit ...

10 Things I Miss About My Childhood 13/09/2006

Ye olden days of childhood!

10 Things I Miss About My Childhood So here I am with the 10 things I miss about my childhood. Feels strange thinking about it, those day's of being an innocent child (HA!) and now as the grey hairs start appearing, the stress is mounting and my responsibilities are growing I think back and realise that being a child was not half bad. Just the other day I was talking about the things I miss from when I was little to my 13 year old brother and I was rolling them off, and now I'm starting to think what my top 10 would be and I can't in no particular order here are ten things I miss about my childhood, 10 things that meant alot to me. 1. Staying over with Nanny Yes I still call her Nanny. With her dieing in 1991 I was only 8 years old and hadn't progressed from Nanny to Nan so I will always call her Nanny. She would pick me up from school on a Friday and keep me for the weekend. I loved waking up in the morning and smelling her freshly ground coffee percolating. I loved the German cooking! The Neapolitan ice cream that Mum never bought, the scent of her house, the chiming clock and the sweets she would bring back from her holidays to Germany. I could go on forever.... Nanny you were pure gold. 2. Pocket Money Aahh yes! My sweet £1.50 a week pocket money. We wasn't a wealthy family to say the least, the food, clothing and everything was there and so was our pocket money. I remember my Nanny once telling my Mum off, She had walked a long way to work on a Saturday because she didn't have the bus ...

Nokia 3250 06/09/2006

I need a bigger pocket

Nokia 3250 There are so many mobile phone's released so quickly these days it's hard to keep track. So when I needed a new mobile contract for work I went in search of a decent looking phone with a reasonable deal. Where did I end up? on O2's website ordering my classy new Nokia 3250. So why did I choose this particular model.....not quite sure, a moment of madness I guess! Although I had seen it featured in music video's and advertised at the bus stop on the way to work and was Intrieged by the twisting keypad. Another boy had found his toy and couldn't wait to get his hands on it. So, before I review it's features I thought I would provide a brief description of my first impressions. If I bore you just skip the next paragraph though I find first impressions quite important...even if it changes. WOW!!!!! It's big, I realised I went for this phone purely for looks, I should have read the specs. I put the sim and battery in and browsed through the manuel...A thought!, lets put it on charge so when im done reading I can have a play. So I dug through the box for the charger and plugged it in - geez...this phone is quite heavy, wondering back the the box and cool.....they have given me a free memory card **Chuffed**. At this point the phones is really growing on me seeing all the features and playing with the twistable keypad. So lets have a look and a rant at the phone and its features. Dimensions Let me be as acurate as I can and reach for the ruler. The width measures ...

My Ciao'ing 05/09/2006

A desk, a chair, a PC and CIAO

My Ciao'ing I'm new to ciao...and have so far written 4 reviews, hey!?! I guess this makes it my fifth. Today is the 4th September and my PC tells me that it is 20:54 and I have just noticed that I have just changed from white to green! so thank you all for reading, rating and commenting on my reviews and to all who added me to their circle of trust I am very grateful. ***Lets go back to the beginning*** Well I signed up and to be honest I'm not sure how and why but for some reason I had ended up on I had a browse about and firstly found it a tad confusing.......I have been known to have those moments but I try not to, honest!. I started by filling in the questionaires for the surveys, like so many times in the past I thought "yeah right" nothing will come of this. To my surprise guess what was sitting in my inbox the next day? 2 ciao reviews I was so chuffed. I wasn't able to do one of them but hey 2 was a good start.......anyway I'm drifting off lets rewind .............. I was very concious to begin with, I worried about spelling mistakes, missing letters out and even offending someone so I thought I would sit back for a while and observe the experts, even hand out ratings and comments and see what the reaction was. I found my guestbook, woohoo! and already posted was a very welcoming message from a ciao member so I thought I would give it a go and write a review "gulp". ***My Reviews*** I wrote a review on my Samsung D600e mobile phone - it was the ...

Samsung SGH-D600 02/09/2006

Samsung D600E (My best phone to date)

Samsung SGH-D600 The decision to purchase a Samsung D600E was probably my best to date. As allways Samsung's design and software completely sold me!. The D600E is a very stylish phone with a great design. The visual design is quite sleek, the phone is black with quite a large screen. the square central button below the screen provides easy navigation in the menu and has the usual surrounding buttons, the answer button, the end call button a cancel button and 2 shortcut menu buttuons. The D600e is a sliding phone, slides up to reveal the keypad this is quite a good function as when you slide down after a call the front keys automatically lock. The screen has a side menu with 5 icons. Call Register, Messaging, Calender, Camera and Wap. When you have a missed call or a new message it shows on the main screen next to the icon how many you have and provides quick access using the navigation buttons to read/reply/call back. **Menu Features** Once you slide the phone open you can easily click the left hotkey button to access the main menu. The menu then provides 6 Icons. CALL HISTORY: Once into this feature you can view your missed calls, dialled calls, recieved calls and call time. you also have an option to delete all times and reset the counter. ADDRESS BOOK: In the address book you are prompted with the following options. Your conatct list, option to add a new contact, (though you can do this by entering a number manually on the main screen and adding it to contacts), the ...

Everything that starts with G ... 01/09/2006

The Greatest Grandad

Everything that starts with G ... One year on, I still think about you, but your gone. I was young back then and I feared you! I know I shouldn't have done. You never spoke to me growing up and I wondered why, you would tell me and my brother off for being naughty but never praise for being good. Every Sunday you were there since 1991 when Nanny died....All and I fell apart that day but you looked so strong, you looked like you didn't care. My fondest memory of you would be you knowing how to fix and do almost everything. When a toy, ornament, the car, furniture etc, you always knew how to fix it and you always had the tool for the job. But hey Grandad, we will never forget the day you bought your first PAYG mobile phone. You had your phone and your top up card and you were set to top up. You scratched your silver strip to bear your number and you dialed the top up line. The electronic lady (you always called your friend) asked you to enter your 16 digit top up number and you did but you spoke it to her...Yes!! my grandad made a mistake I waited 18 years for that mistake and I had never laughed so hard in all my life and I saw it! emotion in your face, you were so embarrest. Ever since that day you always brought your top up card to our house and asked me to do it for you, and I liked that. I became an adult "yay!" And towards my 20's I started to understand you, I started to like you, I started to love you. You were in the Army for many years, that made you strict and I believe it stripped you ...

London Butterfly House, London 01/09/2006

Say NO! to closing the London Butterfly House

London Butterfly House, London Me and my girlfriend took a trip on Wednesday to Syon Park (based in Brentford, Middlesex) and decided to pay a visit to the London Butterfly House which is on the grounds of Syon Park close to the car park. It cost us £5.25 each to get in which I dont think is bad at all! and they give you a ticket which is valid for the whole day so you can come and go as many times as you like for the day. I wasn't sure what to expect but was amazed upon entry, It seemed sort of like a bird avary, and looked like a little jungle. There were small bridges with little streams running beneath and had several little twist's and turns leading to different area's. As we walked in the butterfly were flying everywhere, hundred's maybe even thousands it truely looked like a mini rainforest. The colours of the butterfly were vibrant and the species were plentiful - I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting them to be just flying around us. There were sign's from entry and all around asking people not to touch them, but then as usual you will always see someone trying to grab for them. There were also rest stands for the butterfly to rest when they are dieing..your also asked not to touch them for good reasons. The Butterfly House it very hot and stuffy inside, I guess it has to be for them to live in their proper climate. A couple did land on me, as did on others but in certain places where there was big crowds of them, I did find it a bit daunting and it was also uncomfortable ...
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