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The Family Man (DVD) 23/06/2003


The Family Man (DVD) (Last night) Are you like me? Seen every film in the shop, that you thought you wanted to see? Well take some advice, for once let the girl pick! I was in the local video shop browsing the shelves with my 'one and only' looking forward to another night in with a standard movie, 'i've seen all the good one's i said' (and then stupidly) 'Ok you choose, yep, anything you want.' 5 minutes later, she had 'family man' in her hands, (i inwardly groaned) another girlie flick, but i suppose its Nicolas Cage i thought. Didn't bother reading the box only thought it would depress me. I didn't know what to expect, didn't know what it was about..and glad i didn't (if you're gonna watch this film don't read on, or look at any reviews, it's much better when you don't know with this one!) The film opens with Nicolas Cage (Jack), at the airport with his beloved girlfriend Tea Leoni (nice!) saying goodbye.. he's off to London to do some sort of investment banker course / job. The girlfriend has a sudden change of heart, and begs him not too go, scared their relationship won't last...Jack kisses her goodbye and says he loves her... Sure enough we are transported 13years later (Jack hasn't aged a day) and Jack is a hard working Wallstreet tycoon, no family, no kids, but he's 'happy.' It's Xmas eve and he's gotta close a big deal, and know one should rest, (does this remind you of anything.) Sure enough Mr. Scrooge.. (sorry Jack) carries on working into the night, recieving a phone ...

Member Advice on Uni life in general 22/09/2001


Member Advice on Uni life in general I'm in my fouth year at uni now and I know before writing this that there are going to be certain individuals that completely oppose what I am about to say but believe me this is how I see it. For the past three year's i've been in halls at uni, and believe me i've had a ball!!!! The first year, when joining uni, you've just left the nest, you're a little unsure and you don't know what to expect, but believe me if you go in with the right attitude thinks can be fantastic. I took a year out before going to uni (intending to make money, and misrably failing) but the simple advantage was, a year older, a year maturer (sort of.) My first year at uni I was placed in halls with a bunch of other trainee teacher (luckily) and we all got on really well. What you have to remember is that on 'freshers sunday' NO-ONE knows anyone EVERYONE feels the same, and no one is going to reject you because they haven't frormed their 'circle of friends' (no pun intended.) The thing I was surprised of is that the usual 'status' of colleges and scools simply is not present in uni's (to the same degree). Individuals ARE treated (more) equally and the feel of inclusion is much better. I have to admit that the first 6weeks I did hardly any work and i got drunk every single night (here come the disappointed groans) but the point was I had a fantastic time, and the beer only seemed to dry up as my finances did (even though my tuition fee's were paid and I got a grant.) The group of people I ... 21/09/2001

WARNING CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE Theres loads of freebie sites out there, LOADS, this was the first one I ever found and I must admit my favourite! There's a small number of categories (so it's easy to navigate) and freebies are regularly updated and unbelievably you CAN find free stuff (without catches) There's a basic homepage and the chance to sign up as a member, (something i'd recommend) which you get a newsletter send to your e-mail regularly when new additions are added, (with no crap on) so you don't have to keep checking) One of the unique(ish) features of this particular site is that the freebie are rated (1-5 stars) and the makers of the site actually send off for the products themselves and indicate with a star if they recieve them. Theres also an 'e' that appears if the freebie is exclusive to that site (loads of freebie sites tend to all come up with the same freebies.) I've sent off for loads of stuff from here, and admittedly you don't recieve everything you send off for, but for the minute it takes to enter your details for some of the freebies its worth it. So far i've recieved 3CD's (1 medical encylopaedia, and two 'maps' on cd-rom) a t-shirt, teaching materials, free pens, and upteen different samples!!! To be honest the most exciting thing is waiting for the post, cos you never know what you're gonna get! (Sad i know, but...) DO YOU GET JUNK MAIL? --------------- ----- My advice, join this site (as a member, it's free) sign up for all competitions and freebies ...

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer 21/07/2001

Man turns fake

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Oh dear i hear you shriek loudly, a bloke with fake tan! Is there nothing worse? Quite! And now it's me!!! My girlfriend was talking about buying what she thought was fake tan (it was actually a sunkist makeup) determined to prove her wrong (that you had to apply it everyday and it rubbed off) I went to Boots and actually bought a bottle of real fake tan, the 'Ambre Solaire - Moisturising Bronzer.' Why did I buy this one? Well... Firstly, most of the creams on the shelves were in tubes and I remember years ago my mum using a fake tan that was really thick and gooey and smelt like paint-stripper. This particualar cream was actually a 'self-tanning milk' so seemed much thinner and lighter to me than the others. Secondly, the price (£5.69) seemed pretty reasonable compared to the rest of the creams particularly since it was 'Laboratoires Garnier' (a make I knew.) Also the fact that is was for face AND body (some are just for one or the other) seemed to make it good value. So home I took it, locked myself in the bathroom and swore my girlfriend NEVER to tell my mates (or anyone for that matter) that any of the forthcoming events EVER happened! The cream really is pretty light (just like moisturizer really) and smells pretty sweetly of apricot (quite nice but could become sickly?) The instructions tell you to apply to the face and body evenly 'until the desired depth of tan has been achieved.' For my 'experiment' I went for the biggi, and rubbed it ...

Bicentennial Man (DVD) 15/07/2001

The critics are WRONG

Bicentennial Man (DVD) Do an experiment for me now, for 20seconds try NOT to think of the colour red. 1…2…3…bet you didn’t get to four before you were blinded by red. Whenever you don’t want to think of something that’s the only thing you can think of. My experiences with this film have been much the same. Due to the critics virtually slating this film when it first came out, I have to be honest I initially avoided it like the plague. The only problem is whenever I went to the video shop it always seemed to be there…lingering like a bad smell. Recently for some reason I have been watching too many films and subsequently have seen ‘too many’ trailers. And I have to admit this film did appeal to me from these clips. So…on the next visit to the video shop, partly because I’ve seen most of the films there and partly through giving in to my stubborn avoidance…I got it out. I have to admit, as an actor I really do like Robin Williams, however his recent films (Patch Adams and particularly What Dreams May Come) have been far from successful. Bicentennial man is apparently based upon the novel ‘The Positronic Man’ by R.Silverberg and I Asimov, (which I haven’t seen so can’t comment.) The Story, (snarf, snarf) ------------ The story begins in the year 2005 where the world has become more technologically advanced and homes are beginning to get android robots to help with chores around the ...

Demolition Man (DVD) 15/07/2001

Ohh Sylvester

Demolition Man (DVD) 20th century Los Angeles, (1996.) Sylvester Stallone is a hard hitting cop dubbed the ‘Demolition Man’ as everything he comes across seems to get…well…demolished! His arch enemy Wesley Snipes frames Stallone, condemning them both to experimental, sub-zero imprisonment or ‘rehabilitation.’ Cue 21st century. 2032. San Angeles. A time of peace and order. Crime is non existent and we are plunged into a world were swearing, fast food and physical sex is illegal (hell.) In an ‘accidental’ parole hearing incident Simon Phoenix (Snipes) escapes his ice prison ‘rehabilitated’ with new skills of martial arts, computer and weapon capabilities. Ill-equipped to deal with this archaic monster the San Angeles police department call upon John Spartan (Stallone) to deal with Phoenix as best he can with his newly rehabilitated abilities of… knitting!!! John Spartan certainly lives up to his reputation, demolishing all in his path in the hunt for Phoenix. The interplay between the two characters is great and this really is a meaty action packed film, mixing sci-fi, comedy and action perfectly. Upon watching this film, in the first 5 minutes I knew I was going to like it. Stallone is perfectly cast as the mean rebel cop, whilst Snipes adds a quirky comic edge to the proceedings. The fact that this film is set in the future gives the film makers plenty of latitude to play with different ideas and inject humour to the ... 10/07/2001

Dont forget us 3 stars LOOK 3 STARS!!! – SHOCK HORROR!!! I joined Ciao only a few days ago and since then I must say I’ve been a ‘little busy.’ I heard about this web address though a freebie site recommendation and I must admit my sole purpose initially was to make money. On initially joining Ciao I must have written 7 or 8 ‘opinions’ in my first few hours. Money, money (I thought.) Boy did I have it wrong! It was only urgent suggestions from other kind members to limit my eagerness, (otherwise I would certainly be ignored) which eventually slowed me down. Since then I’ve been a little more sensible, but still felt I was doing something wrong. ‘Advice’ I’ve received suggested posting opinions between the hours of 6 and 10 to get more reads (something I’ll have to try) but I guess you all know that (you old pro’s, I’m still in my infancy.) Anyway I did not want to write this opinion on the basis of giving advice. There are plenty of great opinions on this subject much better than I could write and from infinitely more experienced members. I really wanted to discuss, or rather give my opinion (after all that’s what it’s all about) on something. Do you remember the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and his ‘mission statement?’ ‘Less clients, more attention’ Well after reading your opinions in this section of Ciao that certainly seems to be the ethos in the more intelligent ...

Slendertone Gymbody8 10/07/2001

Works for me

Slendertone Gymbody8 I go to the gym pretty regularly (about 2/3 times a week,) but one of the hardest, most difficult muscle groups to work is indeed the abdominals. First time i saw one of these machines was in a magazine the 'EMS Bodytek', costing over £100 and claiming to 'increase muscle size and definition' in a variety of muscle groups, i was at best... Sceptical. So i thought no more about it until... One day while out shopping i came across a sale (can't remember what shop) offering a similar machine for £9.99, as this had previously been £50, i thought 'why not' and gave 'Tone and Shape' a try. So i bought 2 9volt batteries and took it home. These machines work by electronically stimulating the muscles, by sending electronic 'pulses' through the body in the area the pads are placed. The particular model i bought had 6 large pads, and 6 smaller ones, and a 'contract, relax, and stress control' in the form of small twistable knobs. The instructions on the box told myself to put the pads in a triangular shape on the particular muscle group to be worked. I did as said on the instructions and placed the pads on my bicep. When turning on the machine i felt a faint tingling in the area the pads were located, so i turned the stress level up. My arm began to jerk, so i gave that up. Next day i thought i'd give it another try, this time on my stomach, 6 pads, 6 pack i thought! So placed the 6 large adhesive pads on my stomach, and again turned up the stress levels. This time the ...

Fight Club (DVD) 10/07/2001

Dont believe all the hype

Fight Club (DVD) Yep, its good, but not THAT good. All my mates ever talked about when it first came out was, fight club this, fight club that and i have to admit when i first saw it i thought 'yeh that was good' but didn't go crazy about it. To be honest i got sick of the months of 'the first rule about fight club is...don't talk about fight club'...'the second rule of fight club is...DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB' Basic story is two guys, one boring (Edward Norton) , one wierd (Brad Pitt) acidentally meet on a plane and get talking on their 'single serving' longhaul flight. Edward Norton becomes intriguiged by Brad's carefree attitude to life... They part and things are initially left as they are. A 'freak accident' happens and our mundane hero's condo (that apparently defines him) burns down. He has nowhere to go, it's the middle of the night and he is at a loss what to do! By chance he has one of Brad's business card and calls him up, they join forces, going out for a beer, having a fight, and in the end end up living together in an old rundown house. This experience is so exhilerating they set up a club, a fight club, and things develop from there. Loads off stuff happens along the way, for example Brad has sex with his mates girl, and the club becomes almost cultish! Film gets even wierder when Edward Norton Starts going to 'classes' like AA and Lung Cancer anonymous just to feel better about himself! I have to admit the twist at the end is great, (and Brad is ...

Sony Ericsson T28S 10/07/2001

Sleek Stylish Sexy

Sony Ericsson T28S Sleek, stylish, sexy and cool (Matrix style) but with an achilies heel, a dodgy button on the side. I've had a variety of different phones over the past few years, but let me tell you i don't keep going back to them unless i like them. This phone really is stylish, it's ultra light and can fit in the smallest pocket (the only problem with this is the tendancy to lose it around the house.) Its also remarkably 'expensive looking' for the money, and you really can be the envy of your mates in the pub when they see it. That said its coolest feature is also one of its let-downs, the phone has a flipdown reciever lid, that moves down by pressing a small button on the side of the phone. I have noticed over time this mechanism has begun to get loose and i wouldn't be surprised if they've had a few returns. Theres also a fantastically useful 'vibrate only' feature, which i ALWAYS use in lectures etc. There's all the usual features u'd expect of a mobile nowadays, text, divert, callback and a few more. One that i played with in the beginning was the voice activation system in which you say a persons name into the reciever of the phone and the phone automatically dials that number (flash eh?) I have to say though after the initial delight has gone i never use this feature, 'cause although it works you look a bit stupid talking to your phone, especially when you have to (occasionally) repeat yourself. Reception is reasonably good , although i don't always get a signal in ...

Gillette Mach 3 Razor 10/07/2001

Have they gone too far

Gillette Mach 3 Razor What do you get for Xmas? Socks, aftershave and bloody razors! Has no one any imagination? I've got so many razor handles lying about the house from past presents used, and then discarded because of one reason, the price of the blades! Added to this manufacturers make their blades ONLY fit their brand. Sure enough this year for my birthday i got.... a razor! The new 'revolutionary' Mach3. Now, being a student i naturally don't shave every day, and tend to do the mundane job just every other day. With disposable razors this means scraping at my face after about 3 shaves because the razors gone blunt. My Dad uses the same blade for about 2weeks, personally i don't know how he does it! The Mach 3 did give me about 4/5 shaves per blade before 'the burn' started. The Mach3 is a great razor. There's good spacing between the blades which reduces the amount of 'gunk' caught up between blades (this annoys me!) and the blades shave exceptionally close as there're 'diamond cut.' Theres also a new improved swivel system which really does hug the contours of your face, this really does help me, as my chin and jawline is quite square and i do tend to 'nick' myself a lot here. That said there is one thing that swings it for me... the price! It costs about £5 for 5 blades, which really can add up for me, a student. Personally i'd rather buy a big pack of disposable razors, use them once and chuck em away! Theres nothing like a new, clean, fresh razor every time. I really ...

Magnolia (DVD) 09/07/2001

This is poo

Magnolia (DVD) It's one of those you'll love or hate...personally i have to say this is the worst 'blockbuster' i have ever seen! (If you don't wanna know the 'gripping' ending, don't read on) I'm one of those people that goes the cinema not really knowing what the films about, because... well i don't want to! I go into the video shop and never read the back, if its well rated and has a good cast, that'll do for me! So this one, 'Magnolia' (not a clue what it's about,) but i'd heard good reviews from the 'critics', Julianne Moore, Tom Cruise and a wealth of other stars... i was there! and looking forward to it! Went to the late showing, so the cinema was pretty empty, i was excited by now! As the film opened the first thing i thought was 'great soundtrack', moody and tense! The film takes a strange style following the lives of several different characters, seemingly unconnected in nature, based in the San Fernando Valley. Cruise is a top 'sex therapist' type person taking stage to hundreds of men wanting to dominate their women, while the other characters followed range from police to a dying mans carer? To be honest i was really confused, and bored throughout the Movie, but as with so many films nowadays, you have to 'go with it' and all is eventually revealed. Needless to say it wasn't, after 2hours people in the cinema HONESTLY started to leave! And i have NEVER seen that, a steady trickling of people started to depary, and i must say i was tempted, but thought ...

McDonald´s 09/07/2001

McDonald haters UNITE

McDonald´s Come on we can do it! I've seen there's believers out there, others like me! You can do it, stray from the flock!!!! Easy, easy, thats it ....come on... Mc BBBBBBBbblllllllaaaaaaaahhhjonalds (excuse me!) Please, please believe me now, this is some sort of terrible plan to take over the world. I don't know how, or why, but it is. They are EVERYWHERE and only certain people can see the evil in Ronald McDonald's eyes. Look closely and they honestly do glow... Can i ask you one question? Have you ever tried to ask for a plain burger in McDonalds? I tried it once (no really i did) and staff looked at me like i had 3 heads. 'A - P L A I N B U R G E R' i said slowly (still glazed looks?) 'ok, a happy meal' (HAPPY ! ha) the only person thats happy is Satan himself, running all the way to the bank. Seriously, next time you go there (u'll have to try it for me, cos i really can't set foot in the place) ask for a plain burger and just count 1)how long it takes to get the 'burger' 2)how many attempts they take to actually get u a plain one , (without the slop) 3)Then add (1) + (2) together and see if you get less than 1/2 hr Try it!!!! McDonalds plan, is to draw its prey in with the attractive pictures of the juicy fat burgers, with crisp, tasty lettuce and lashings of tomato, and then give you something that looks like its been down the back of the settee for 3months. Honestly how can they justify that without trading standards down their neck, SURELY it must ...

Tim Henman (GBR) 08/07/2001

Leave him alone

Tim Henman (GBR) What really 'annoys' me is the way he's been treated through these championships. Ok, so he hasn't got the 'FIRE' and passion that we'd all like to see (have seen) but thats just his personality, he can't change that can he? I know hes not smashing rackets left right and centre, or shouting at officials like Macenroe, but give him a break, thats the way he is! The Mirror this week had an article, with Henman pictured, superimposed with fangs, saying be a lion (or something like that,) they even had the cheek to say that if he wasn't he was chicken, and imply that this was his last chance of success. Bollocks!!! He's got a good 5 years left in him yet, and the media should have all been getting behind him. NOT giving us this crap. It's always the same, when England play football, cricket etc. etc. Try getting behind our stars for once for christ sakes. Does all the pressure of being the 'last English hope' really help? Good serve, (not great) Good forehand, (not great) Good Backhand, (not great) Great volleys Henman's come on leaps and bounds, and good on him for getting this far! He would have won today if it wasn't for the rain! It really did help a player like Goran (and his big serve) playing in spits and spurts, wheras Henman needs to get his steam up! 'The toss of a coin' Pat Cash described Henmans chances today and he was right. Alright Henmans not the best player in the world, but at least we've got someone amongst the best, in future lets support him ...

Neutrogena Dermatological Bar Soap 07/07/2001

One of the best

Neutrogena Dermatological Bar Soap The bar really does help with oily skin! I've tried many of the different lotions, bars, pads and washes available but this certainly is one of the best! Many of the avaliable treatments tended to irritate and redden my skin, Nutrogena however did not. As it comes in the form of a bar it is a little messy to use, however seems to last much longer than a conventional 'pump action' facewash. After using the skin really does feel fresh and clean, and i have to say is an excellent treatment for mild acne especially during the summer months as it doesn't tend to dry the skin (too much.) I was able to use the treatment twice daily 7 days a week but occasionally found my skin becoming tight after continual usage. To remedy this i just missed an application or used a non oil based moisturier to combat the effect. If the salyctic acid treatments don't work for you, maybe this will? Other products i have found especially good (in my teenage years) are Nutrogena face wash (recommended by dermatologists) and the Body Shop's:- Tea tree facial wash (£3.75) and also its said that taking a Zinc supplement helps with skin health and vitality. As with many of these products it is what works for your skin! My advice is to keep trying products until you get one that works for you, (although give them at least a fair go) Give this a try! ...
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