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First Capital Connect 24/10/2007

First Capital Con

First Capital Connect This is my first review for a while so please be generous! I am happy to re-write if needs be. First Capital Connect 'FCC' is a railway company that runs trains on two routes. The first route formally known as the Great Northern route runs between London Kings Cross and Peterborough. It also runs between London and Cambridge and Kings Lynn. FCC also have weekday daytime trains that run into London Moorgate. The other route again formally known as Thameslink runs between Bedford and Brighton via Luton Airport, London Kings Cross Thameslink and Gatwick Airport. FCC run a very good timetable when everything is working and it is 24hours on the Thameslink route between both the Airports. The staff attitude can vary from day to day but I have met some really nice ticket inspectors on the trains and at stations. Of course there is always the opposite and I have met some really miserable staff on the trains. The trains on the Great Northern side tend to be clean and well looked after. They are putting all the trains through a refurbishment which is giving them new seat covers and new carpeted floors. Also they have been busy sticking new designs on the side of the trains. The older trains have CCTV on them but the newer ones do not yet have CCTV. FCC claim they are looking into installing CCTV on all of their trains but it comes down to who's going to pay for it. There are no facilities for food or drink on board the trains. You do have toilets on most of the trains. ...

10 Things You Couldn't Live Without 09/02/2006

My 10 things I couldnt live without.

10 Things You Couldn't Live Without Being a Navy Officer there are the things I can't live without. This list is in no particular order, although if it should be, tell me and I will edit to put them in order. Computer Yes it makes my life a breeze and works out all those complicated questions, such as 1+1 doesn't equal 2 it equals 'ERROR - invalid command or file name". Plus it also allows me to access ciao! Coffee/Coca-Cola A dark brown liquid which is nice to drink, and passes the time while gossiping in the office or shouting at the TV. Pro-Plus This is a legal wonder tablet that is packed full to the brim with Caffeine and other substances which all together wake you up. When taken with you won't sleep for a few days afterwards!! Pizza Pizza is my favourite food, must be topped with cheese, pineapple, ham and anchovies to be the ultimate pizza for me. Television Yes that idiot box in the corner. I couldn't live without my Simpsons and Sky News, plus those repeats of Friends never go amiss. Full cooked English breakfast Although I rarely have a full cooked breakfast due to the fact I never have the time to cook it, it still is my favourite breakfast food when I have it. Topped with mushrooms and bacon. Just I hate having to clean up afterwards. Credit Card Yes those evil things that get people into debt. I buy a lot of stuff online so need to use plastic. The thing is using a credit card also gets you protection from those nasty online thieves. Iron plus Ironing Board A ...

What I would do if I won the lottery 09/02/2006

My life after winning millions.

What I would do if I won the lottery So what would I do after winning the Lottery? Well based on the EuroMillions which topped £125million, I think somehow I wouldnt have to do much, and I would pay people to do it for me! Here goes..... I would buy all my family each a huge house. Buy myself a mansion with big big garden (and a gardener), with a big runway to have my private jet on it. I would more then likly give a million to a charity to say im being nice. No idea which one thou (it would probably be the Royal Naval Association). I would go on several round the world holidays. Holiday to USA. Perfect 15 course meals every night, all prepared and cooked for me by waiters. stupidly huge TV and every single gmaes console known to man! Would buy some shares in a big company and get onto the Board of Directors. A huge new wardrobe, somthing different everyday for the rest of my life! New Car, lets see.... ah yes ive always wanted a MINI cooper S Convertable. Would buy a few sports cars as well. Ah well, I can but dream.

Poundland (Shop) 09/02/2006

Is this a pound? Is this a pound as well?

Poundland (Shop) Where I used to live in the mists of the Fens in Norfolk, has had a completely new shopping centre. Well the old concrete cancer building was knocked down and they started afresh. But anyways, Poundland decided to come to town. Yes another of those icky green stores you can't miss, which normally has screaming kids moaning to mummy "I want sweeties" outside. On the Opening day, they had the Town Crier shouting "EVERYTHING'S A POUND TODAY AND EVERYDAY", yes mate I gathered that from the shop title. I kind of gave it a miss though, as the prams and teenage mothers racing into that last bit of space through the shop door put me off. I popped down the next day to have a look around. The front of the store was well green, green "POUNDLAND" sign was above it, and being a new store the glass was actually pretty clean. Looking through the glass there was a huge stack of maltesers. *hmm so that's what attracts the kids then*. As I entered the store, someone handed out some free prize draw leaflets. WIN £50 of POUNDLAND vouchers, err nah thanks. On the right was that days/weeks/months sweetie/chocolate/ biscuit selection stacked up high and on the left was a stack of maltesers movie size. I dared myself to venture further inside. I went through the beauty section and saw a lot of famous brands on sale, from Head & Shoulders to L'Oreal. Adidas made an appearance. Then we had the chewy dog section, no, pets toys of course! Cleaning was next and being male (!) I went ...

A-Z for Members Challenges 26/01/2006

A-Z of daveberry3. Its not that boring. Honest.

A-Z for Members Challenges This is an A-Z of me, Shouldn't be THAT boring, but then again it might be!!! So here goes!! A) Anchovies. I have to have these on EVERY pizza I have. mmmm B) Bacon. Mmm. Can't go without a BLT sandwich. C) Cooking. I absolutely hate cooking. It's the mess that always happens afterwards that you have to clear it up. D) Devonport. This is where I have spent most of my Navy Life, I got trained up here and sometimes people come back here for refresher courses. Luckily I haven't yet. E) England. It can't be anything else. I have lived in England all my life and was brought up here as well. Oh and I speak English as well! F) Falklands Isles. A really pretty area and where I was stationed for a while with work. G) Golf. Golf on TV is one of the most boring things that can be shown on TV, obviously bar Changing Rooms and Paint Drying, which are worse. H) Half-Life 2. One of my favourite computer games I play when I have got spare time. I) I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here. What a load of drivel and rubbish. Why cant TV producers think of decent programmes! J) Jam. Strawberry Jam smothered on hot buttery toast. My favourite jam is Strawberry. K) Kings Lynn. The town where I was born. The town was 800 years old in 2005 and had a celebration. Lord Nelson also came from a village very close by. L) Lieutenant. My rank in the Royal Navy. 1 Gold loop and a line on the sleeves (see picture). London. I know that's two but I couldn't leave out the ... 29/06/2005

Free Cash for you. Cashbin is another of these cashback sites which pays for you to complete offers, take out loan applications with no obligation, purchase stuff, complete surveys. The site interface after you register is very well laid out, it has all the various sections on the left, and when you click on the section title there are seperate sub sections which list the advertisers on the main bit of the site. Once the advertisers adverts have loaded, you can click on [more] to find out what you have to do, to get the money. You can also click on [earn] to jump straight into the advertisers web site. You will then get a 'pending sale', once the advertiser has confirmed you have completed the set task the money will go into your account. You get a free £3 once youve signed up. There is a minimum payment of £20 confirmed by the advertisers before they will pay out by either paypal or cheque. There is also a public forum where you can ask questions about cashbin or if you have any support querries, I wont post the webaddress here because ciao will not let me. Cashbin used to have email support, but this was withdrawn for some reason. They have a telephone number where account details can be sorted out. ---edit--- Cashbin pays out weekly as long as you have made the £20 minimum payment. I have been paid by cashbin and it does payout, the average time it takes to validate sales is around 2 weeks to a month, but they do promise that they are trying their best to get the ...

TalkFreebies 31/12/2004

talkfreebies (if you ever get them to arrive!)

TalkFreebies talkfreebies is a forum where you can do just as the name suggests, talk about freebies. The site is currently down and not loading (dec 21st -> current), it is easy to sign up on the forum. SterlingRock owns talkfreebies the same company that brought you such defunt sites as clixmedia (cashback site) and soccerpoints (collect points towards football tickets AKA ticket touting, which is illegal). In order to get your freebies you have to sign up for somthing. e.g. for a loan appilcation, youll get a load of packets of sweets. For every loan application you make through this site SterlingRock gets £55, YES £55. I have found the moderation on the site very very poor and in some cases theres swearing on it, which is not even censored out and any person could read it, including minors. I have not yet had any sweets delivered from sterlingrock and Im wondering if its just me not getting them, RoyalMail eating them or its a big con? 08/01/2004

£3.04 per year for a *update* Further to some of the comments recivied I have added a bit more to this op below. has an okish layout where if you want to buy something you need to sign up, there security is the latest industry standard of 128bit. Everytime you order you have to input your credit card details in there, i.e. they dont store them when you sign up. They have an affiliate scheme - where if you own your own website you can stick there banners on the top and you can earn 10% of everything the person who has clicked through from you banner buys. You can even click your own banners and buy stuff for yourself and youll still get the 10%. I personally use them for myself and I would recommend them to other users including smaller businesses - I have not yet found a cheeper .uk seller. is a very cheep and good service where you can buy domain names at a discount. what you get for your £3.04 a year is 1 domain name of your choice. For example You get 100 Free email forwards. These fwd to an address you speicify. So you could have forward to Anthoner advantage is the DNS record changes, say if you want to host your own domain name somewhere else you can change these settings very easily and for free, other companies charge as much as £20 for you to move your domain elsewhere! You can buy other domain names from including ...

Virgin Homephone 19/09/2003

Bransons gone into Landline Telephones

Virgin Homephone I currently use Virgin for my Gas and Electric so I was on of the "few" people who were going to try out Branson’s new adventure of carrier precall select. [Carrier Precall select is where Virgin, One.Tel, Vartec, etc ask BT to reroute all of your calls via the Telco’s network so you pay them for the calls instead of BT. It is in effect auto dialling the prefix code for you at the exchange so you don’t have to have any boxes (powergen) or codes to enter] I saw the glossy leaflet get thrown thru my letterbox and it stated on the front 'Our simple 1-2-3 price structure means you never have to wonder what it will cost you to call ever again'. Hmm I thought, I want more info, so I delved deeper into the unknown and opened the leaflet. Calls with Virgin Homephone need never be complicated ever again! You’ll only pay 3ppm peak, 2ppm off peak and 1ppm weekend for ALL* your calls. *This does not include 07/08 or 09 numbers. So I eventually got around to calling their 24-hour customer contact centre. (Is contact centre the new name for call centre now or what!) BTW I called them at 3am after work and they signed me up there and then! I had to wait 10-15 days for them to get BT to do something at my local exchange and then I would receive a letter saying it was all done. I received that letter 14 days later "welcome to Virgin Homephone" and to my surprise there was a £20 virgin voucher inside. Although the voucher was no use to me, because I ...

RuneScape (PC) 17/09/2003

RuneScape world of fun

RuneScape (PC) *edit* I have decided to re-edit this as many things have happened to RS recently. I have put stars (*) around the new bits I have added to the op. RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill and pickpocket, quests to complete, and treasure to win. *The game is currently only on a PC platform which runs Java. Must windows based PC's have Jave allready installed on them* *This game is only online based - so be careful on those pay as you go phonebills!!!* *You use the mouse mostly to control where you want to walk in the game using the 'point and click' way of things. The Keyboard is used to talk and sometimes use commands* You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play, and the more you kill monsters. When you start you are only a small level player with limited armour and weapons, but as you kill monsters and kill higher level monsters you will advance and make your player stronger. RS has a free version but in order to get higher levels once your really strong you really need to subscribe at a cost of US$5 to access the excluisve members area. The quests are a case of collecting items for other NPC's (non playing chacters) or maybe killing other npcs and returning the item which was dropped by them. Beware there are a lot of cheaters who will aim to try and steal your password and the Customer Support is something to be improved. You dont even get a human answer most of the ...

Discount Railcards 17/09/2003

The funny world of Railcards.

Discount Railcards I work for a TOC (Train Operating Company) myself (dare I say that lol) and I am going to list all of the various railcards out there. Some you cant get and most you can get. You will need proof of your age for some cards and a photograph for all of them. Firstly we have the most commons ones. These get you some discount which I have specified below, and obviously as with all things most have Terms & Conditions which have to be followed. **The Network Railcard (NR01A). £20** Purchased before 1 June 2002 this card did allow you 34% off most railfares in a special area after 10AM, and all day at weekends. This card also allows you to take 4 kids with 81% off (min £1) This card has been replaced by the "New Network Railcard". **The NEW network Railcard (NR02A). £20** This is exactly the same as above but now has a minimum £10 fare. **The Young Persons Railcard (Y-P) £18.** You need to be aged 16-25 and/or in full time education. This entitles you to a 34% discount on most tickets purchased after the magic 10am slot, but is relaxed in july/august and bank holidays. All fares except Day Rtns, open rtns and Tickets to London International have a £7 minimum fare. The above tickets quoted have a minimum fare of £14. You also get 10% off standard tickets on the Caledonian Sleeper. **Senior Railcard (SNRCZ) £18** Obviously you need to be a senior citizen to take advantage of this card. This gives u 34% off tickets purchased at all times. It only gives you 10% ...
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