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General: Jamaica 28/11/2006

Hassled in Jamaica

General: Jamaica Jamaica the island is a lovely place, We stayed for 3 weeks (2 would have been enough by the end of the holiday it was starting to feel very restrictive), There are beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, Dunns River is excellent, Dolphin Cove is ok but a bit of a let down, Montego Bay (Mo' Bay) is ok not much to see and do there we much prefered Ocho Rios the shopping there was much better (less hassle and better prices)and there were far more things to see and do, it's unfortunate that everywhere you go you are hassled by people selling just about everything, (got sick of hearing braids for the lady?) this is the only country we have been to where we were openly offered drugs even our 14yr old son was offered them openly, Police just seem to stand by and ignore what is going on (probably been bribed to look the other way), we hired a licenced taxi driver when we wanted to go out and about as hiring a car was overpriced and deposits of $1000 are not very often returned, roads are in a really bad condition and signs are non existent, we stayed at the Starfish trelawny, the hotel is nice but it took them a week to lock the adjoining door between our room and the next room so spent a week of wedging the door shut and reporting it to reception, The entertainment was non existent at night, so most nights were spent in our room watching the tv or downloading the photos to the laptop, the internet cafe was expensive and very slow we achieved a better speed by using our laptop via our ... 13/09/2003

unhelpful customer service As we are going on our hols in October and had not booked a hire car with the tour operator, I thought that I would trawl the net for competitive quotes, which I had successfully done for the holiday, travel insurance and airport parking. After a few high prices I came to holiday autos, put in all my details for a quote and was quite surprised when it came back cheaper than all the others, I then proceeded to the booking stage put in all our details, clicked to confirm and got the message this website is experiencing difficulties, so thought I'll try again in a little while, 1 hour later I tried again, same problem so I rang them. Went through the booking with the man at the other end, up until this point everything was fine, because our flight arrived in the wee small hours I was told we wouldn't be able to pick up the car at the airport, this was fine because we had transfers available to our resort, was then told you'll have to come back to the airport to pick up your car, fine but our resort is the other side of the island, upon enquiring if they had another office on our side of the island, was told yes but they don't have any cars available, ok fair enough could we have it delivered to the resort, no we don't offer that facility, however you can pay an extra charge and collect it out of hours at the airport, (frustration is now setting in,) and as your flight leaves out of office hours you can leave it out of hours for another small charge. By the time he had ...

Sony EyeToy USB Camera 02/08/2003

hours of fun for everyone

Sony EyeToy USB Camera We bought this for our sons 11th birthday, after shopping around we finally bought it online for at least £10 cheaper than anywhere else, after opening the present he plugged in the PS2 and followed the instructions given in the box it really is incredibly easy to set up just plug it into the usb socket on the PS2, place the camera on top of your TV and switch on follow the on screen instructions and away you go, there are 12 games, a playroom and a video messaging facility on the disc, the playroom on its own provided hours of fun we especially liked the mirror room which distorts your reflection just like the mirrors in a funhouse. The video messaging was quite funny but be warned if you want to save a message to swap with one of your friends of relatives use a blank memory card the messages also take up quite a bit of room, so far we haven't bothered saving a message and I can't see this facility being used very much by us far easier to send video messaging via computer with webcam. The games are quite basic but incredibly addictive, our son has already found that if you use a window cleaner on the wishi washi game you can clean far more windows than if you do it by hand, it is just as entertaining to watch people play as it is to play the games yourself. The only annoying thing with this is if you play a multi-player game and the people are different heights you have to change the camera position to do this you have to make sure you don't stand in front of the camera or ...

Tesco Insurance 26/10/2002

no nonsense insurance

Tesco Insurance I have now been insured with Tescos for 3 years now, everytime the renewal comes round I do the usual ring around for quotes, as yet I have not found anyone who can beat their price for the same standard of insurance. my daughter works for one of the big insurance companies and even with her staff discount Tescos can't be beaten. Whenever I have contacted them any queries or problems have always been dealt with quickly and with the minimum of fuss, the level of cover that you get is exceptionally good value for money and includes use of a courtesy car which some companies are no longer including in their cover, European cover is quick and easy to arrange and they send out paperwork very quickly.
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