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Bannatyne Spa Day for Two 25/04/2017

Brilliant Bannatyne's

Bannatyne Spa Day for Two I love a bargain and occasionally I like to treat myself to a day of relaxation by visiting a Spa. My friends and I like to take advantage of any vouchers we find online and book our spa days in this way. My friend recently spotted a 2 for 1 voucher offer for Bannatyne’s Spa so swiftly purchased one and booked our spa day. Location The voucher we bought is valid at 32 locations across the country. You can also add several other locations by paying an extra £4.99. We have two Bannatyne’s within a half hour drive of where we live, one of them being in Ashford so we opted to book this location. Price We paid £55 for a voucher which was valid for two people, making the cost of the day £27.50 each. We found this particular voucher on but I have found the Bannatyne vouchers on many of the voucher websites such as wowcher and groupon. What’s Included? As stated above the voucher is valid for two people. The voucher means that each person is able to pick a spa treatment each. The spa treatments include Swedish back massage, scalp massage, touch facial, file and paint, Bamboo leg massage and Bamboo mini back massage. You also get access to all the spa facilities which at the location we visited included a swimming pool, a sauna, stream room, gym and a relaxation room. The voucher is valid for 10 months from date of purchase so you have plenty of time to use it. The voucher is valid to be used any day of the week which is useful for people who are only free at ...

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy 21/04/2017

Ice Ice Baby

ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy My kids love slushies! Any time we are out anywhere they may be selling slushy drinks, they always beg me for one. So when I was trying to decide on presents for the children for Christmas last year and I came across these Chill Factor Slushy Maker cups I knew they would love them. Chill Factor Slushy Maker These Chill Factor Slushy Makers are exactly that – slushy makers. The added bonus is that all you need to make your slushy is this cup! The cup itself comes packaged in a cardboard box with all the usual information on it. Inside you will find the cup which essentially comes in two sections, the cup itself and a screw on/screw off lid. Also inside you will find a straw/spoon. This can be used as a straw to drink the liquid and the bottom of the straw has a little spoon section (which actually looks more like a shovel) which can be used for scooping up the ice from the slushy. The cups comes in a variety of colours which are red, blue, pink and green. My children both have a red cup. Price I bought my slushy cups from Argos where they cost me £9.99 per cup. They are widely available online and don’t really differ that much in price. The Cup The cup itself is fairly large at around 7 inches tall and it is wider at the top than the bottom. The cup is made from a bendy silicone type of material and to be honest, it doesn’t feel very stable and is quite ‘squishy’. Inside the cup there is a lining which is white in colour and contains liquid – this is what gives the cup that ...

VTech Kidicreative Kidipet Watch 16/04/2017

Dog Time!

VTech Kidicreative Kidipet Watch My little girl is obsessed with Dalmatians! I was surprised to find that there actually isn’t that many Dalmatian themed things available. However, I was thrilled to find this VTech Kidicreative Kidipet Watch when looking for a birthday present for my little girl in February this year. VTech Kidicreative Kidipet Watch This watch includes an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and a game which involves caring for a pet. The screen is touch screen so is very easy to use for young children. The clock face can be either analogue or digital and there are lots of different faces to pick between. For me, the main feature of this watch is the fact that your child can have their very own pet to play with, feed and teach hobbies and tricks to. Last of all, there is a settings screen where you have options to change the screen brightness, language and to re-set the watch. This watch is aimed at children age four to eight. Price I bought this watch on Amazon where it cost me £19.93 and included free postage. This was available at a cheaper price but it looks like it has been discontinued on lots of websites. The Watch This watch actually comes in two different themes - a dog and a cat. Obviously the watch I opted for was the dog one which comes in Dalmatian colours. The cat one comes in bright pink. The watch strap is completely white except for a black dot at one end. The outside of the clock face is printed with black spots and has been designed to look like the face of a Dalmatian with ...

Gowi Toys 558-36 Sand Set Duck 08/04/2017

Spring Sand Time

Gowi Toys 558-36 Sand Set Duck Finally we have welcomed spring and with it some warm weather. I live in the South East of England and last week we had some beautiful weather. I also had a week off work during the same week which meant I had plenty of time to play in the garden with my children. My little boy Jacob turned three in September and one of his birthday present was a sand table. However, he didn’t actually get much chance to play with it last year and he has been desperate to get it out of the garage and into the garden so he can play with it. Last week we managed to do this. As well as getting his sand table out, I also got all the accompanying toys, one of which was the Gowi Sand Duck Set which he also received as a present for his birthday the year before last. Gowi Gowi is an Australian company and has been around since 1958. They produce children’s plastic toys such as sand and water based items as well as play houses. I have always found their toys to be child friendly, well designed and very durable. Gowi Sand Set Duck The Gowi Sand Duck Set consists of six pieces of play equipment, consisting of a watering can, a sieve, a rake, a fork, a bucket and a duck shaped mould. All the items are the perfect size for small hands to play with. The bucket is 16cm tall and the sieve is 18cm in diameter. The spade and shovel are both 22cm long. The duck shaped mould is 12cm at the largest point. All the items are made from hard durable plastic and are brightly coloured. This set is suitable for ...

Cat Caterpillar Dumper 31/03/2017

Delightful Dumper

Cat Caterpillar Dumper As anyone who has read any of my other reviews will know, my little boy Jacob is crazy for anything vehicle related. I am a big fan of the Facebook selling groups and tend to get all my children’s toys through this method. While I was browsing my local selling group I came across a ride on Dumper Truck for sale for the bargain price of £20 and snapped it up for him. This ride of Dumper Truck is made by Rolly toys and is designed to look exactly like a Caterpillar Dumper Truck. Rolly Toys Rolly toys is a well known manufacturing brand which is owned by the Franz Schneider family in Germany. They manufactor all types of tractors and accessories and actually base their vehicles on real models so all the styling, from the inside out is accurate. Rolly toys are Europe's number one in toy tractor manufacturer and the amount of accessories available is incredible, basically everything you can get for a real life tractor but in miniture form. Caterpillar Dumper Truck This Caterpillar Dumper Truck really is just a miniature version of the real thing! Except for the fact that it is operated with pedals rather than an actual motor. The pedals are anti-slip which is great for little feet. It is a Caterpillar licensed product. The dumper truck itself is pretty large at 93cm x 44cm x 52cm and is bright yellow just like a real dumper truck. It is labelled up with the CAT logo. The front section of the dumper truck, the actual dumper is fully working and can be tipped. This dumper truck is ...

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Customisable People Carrier 30/03/2017

Customisable Car

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Customisable People Carrier My little boy Jacob loves anything to do with vehicles. He has cars, trains, buses, literally any vehicle you can think of. One of his very first sets that probably got him into vehicles in the first place was the Vtech toot toot set. The Vtech toot toot range have a huge variety of cars included in their range and Jacob has pretty much every single one of them. Today I will be reviewing the customisable People Carrier. Toot Toot Drivers Toot toot drivers are produced by Vtech and are aimed at children age 1-5. There are many sets available and these include buildings as well as vehciles to accompany them. Some of the building include an airport, a construction site, a garage, a safari zoo and a police station to name a few. Generally each set comes with a car that accompanies it, for example, the police station comes with the police car. You can also buy the vehciles individually. The building sets and vehciles all make their own individual sounds relevant to whatever theme they are based on. The vehciles all sing and flash and have their own sets of songs. Last of all you can just buy packs of the toot toot track which connects all the different buildings together. When all put together, Jacob's collection of toot too can take up the whole living room floor. The Vtech toot toot range are all designed to interconnect with one another through the ‘Smartpoint’ system so there are various points within the Garage (for example) where you can connect a vehicle and it will make ...

Joseph Joseph Index chopping boards 28/03/2017

Back To The Chopping Board?

Joseph Joseph Index chopping boards As I am getting older, I am finding it harder and harder to give people ideas of what I would like for presents for both Christmas and my birthday. I have made it my mission for the last couple of years to really try and improve my skills in the kitchen and with this in mind, my parents were kind enough to buy me these Joseph Joseph Index chopping boards. The Set This Joseph Joseph Index chopping board set is housed within a silver plastic outer container which looks quite classic and smart. The chopping boards themselves slot inside the outer housing. The entire unit with chopping boards slotted inside measures 33 x 23.5 x 8.5cm. The chopping boards are colour coded and come complete with little pictures on the index tabs. The idea is that a different chopping board is used depending on what it is you are chopping i.e. meat on one board, vegetables on another which then helps to reduce cross contamination when you are chopping different foods up for cooking. The Chopping Boards There are four different chopping boards included in the set; a lime green coloured board which can be used for vegetables, a bright blue board which can be used for chopping fish, a white board which can be used for cooked items and last of all a dark grey board which can be used for chopping raw meat. The chopping boards are made from hard plastic and can be wiped clean after use. They are also dishwasher safe and have knife friendly chopping surfaces which means that the little marks you get when ...

Glitz It Glitter Glue 23/03/2017

Glitter Galore

Glitz It Glitter Glue My little girl started school in September and I am really lucky as she seems to have fully embraced the whole ‘process’ of going to school. She loves being there and loves any work that she is sent home with. Her school do not actually send too much ‘homework’ home with her. So far, since she started in September, she has only been asked to do two projects. Her most recent project requires her to write about all the pets we have at home. I thought it would be nice for her to design the project in whichever way she wished so we popped out together to buy her some art and craft supplies. The next town from where we live has the shop ‘The Range’ and it was in here that we discovered ‘Glitz It Glitter Glue’. Glitz It Glitter Glue The bottles of Glitz It Glitter Glue I bought all contain 120ml. The bottles are made of hard plastic and are see through which is useful as you are able to see the colour of the glitter inside the bottle. The bottle has a re-closable cap with a nozzle. The glitter glue is completely non-toxic. Price I bought my Glitz It Glitter Glue from The Range where it cost me £1.99 for each 120ml bottle. I thought this was a reasonable price considering the bottles are fairly large and a little goes a long way. To Use Molly actually used this glue in two different ways. She can either hold the bottle of glitter in her hand and squeeze the middle of the bottle to dispense the glue out of the little nozzle and then apply the glue to wherever she intends on ...

Samba Football Fun Goal 18/03/2017

Football Fun

Samba Football Fun Goal I always try to do as much as possible to encourage my children to play outside. I really dislike the fact that children seem to spend more time cooped up indoors stuck in front of a computer or television rather than outside playing in mud. For Christmas a couple of years ago, I was trying to find an item that my children would be able to share and that would also encourage them to play outside. I found that in the form of a Samba football fun goal. Samba Samba Sports have been manufacturing football goals for over 18 years and they are now the number one supplier of portable football goals in Europe. They sell over half a million football goals a year. Samba goals are apparently used in many Premier League academies including Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton. Samba football goals have virtually indestructible frames and nets and are made in the UK. All Samba goals are fully portable and can be used on any surface. They are virtually maintenance free and can be left out in all weathers. Samba Football Match Goal The Samba football fun goal that I eventually decided to buy is 6ft x 4ft. There are varying sizes available but I opted for this size as I felt it would be best suited to the size of our garden. The goal is made from high impact uPVC and the frame is very light and easy to assemble. So much so in fact that no tools are required to assemble it which was an added bonus for me. Price I opted to buy our Samba football goal from Tesco's where it cost ...

Mars Greenies Dental Care Dog Chews 17/03/2017

Go Green!

Mars Greenies Dental Care Dog Chews I love to treat my dogs. As they have gotten older (they are 12 and 9 mow) I tend to look for treats that also have other health benefits. It was Dax’s 12th birthday last month and while I was walking around Pets At Home looking for a treat for his birthday, I came across the a packet of Greenie’s Dental Treats on special offer so decided to get a pack. About Greenies As any dog owner will know, dogs absolutely hate having their teeth brushed but it is very important to look after their teeth and help them to remove any build up of plaque on them as this can lead to all sorts of illnesses, some quite serious. Greenies claim to help remove any plaque. The Greenies chew is shaped like a toothbrush and apparently it has been specially designed like this because all the grooves and different shapes on the chew, means that the dog will have to chew it more and their teeth get cleaned better. The chew also has a soft, slightly bendy texture to it which means that your dog's teeth will sink into the chew and get cleaned at the same time. Finally, Greenies have green tea extract as one of the ingredients and this helps to freshen their breath. According to the Greenies website, tests on this product show that if you feed your dog one of these, once a day it will show a 69% reduction in calcium build-up and a 10.5% reduction in plaque build-up. Price I opted to buy a pack containing 10 chews. I always go for even numbers of chews as it means my dogs will both get a treat every time. ...

VTech My First Toolbox 12/03/2017

Baby Builder

VTech My First Toolbox My son is a very playful child and I think it’s safe to say he definitely has the lion’s share of all the toys in our household. He has a particular interest in all things car related and Paw Patrol but his third favourite ‘theme’ would have to be building sets. For Christmas two years ago, he was lucky enough to receive the Vtech My First Toolbox from his Godmother. vTech My First Toolbox The vTech My First Toolbox contains everything your child will need to start out on the tool journey. First up you have the tools themselves which are a drill, a hammer, a spanner and nails and screws. Your child can use the toolbox and tools to learn about colours, numbers and of course fixing things with their tools. All of the tools fit neatly inside the tool box for storage and the tool box can also be incorporated into play. It is aimed at children aged 18 months to four years. Price As I mentioned earlier, Jacob was lucky enough to receive this as a Christmas present but a quick search online has informed me that this is currently available at Argos for £22.99 Play Value I must admit, I was surprised at just how much this little set has to offer. First of all the tool box has three settings, one for off, one for tools and one for learning. The features contained within the tool box all have different sounds depending on which setting you have the toolbox on. The tool box itself has a yellow lid with two blue clips which can be used to fasten it shut. These clips are very easy to ...

VTech My Friend Alfie 11/03/2017

"Hi, I'm Alfie"

VTech My Friend Alfie When my son Jacob was a baby, one of the many gifts I received for him was the VTech My Friend Alfie Bear. This went on to become one of his favoured toys throughout his early years. I had almost forgotten about this bear until I decided to have a clear-out of some of my children’s toys that they do not play with as much now they are a little older. Before passing him on to a new home, I thought I would write a review about Alfie… My Friend Alfie Bear This bear is suitable for children aged between six months and two years. Alfie is a rather cute looking brown bear with a big smile on his face. He is quite large, standing at roughly 30cm tall and 15 cm wide. The main part of Alfie’s body is made up of yellow coloured dungarees. In the centre of his dungarees there is a little heart shaped button which can be pressed to operate him. His dungarees also come complete with a pocket each side, the blue right hand pocket contains a teddy and the red left hand pocket contains a little handkerchief. His right foot is orange and his left foot is green. His right hand is covered by a blue glove and he holds a storybook in his left hand. As well as the button on the centre of Alfie’s chest, you also have buttons located on both hands and both feet. He requires 2 x AA batteries to work. Price As I mentioned earlier, this was bought for Jacob as a gift but a quick look online has told me that you can purchase this bear at Tesco Direct for £12.91. He is available in many shops but the ...

Crayola Supertips Washable Markers Pack of 24 08/03/2017

Super Supertips

Crayola Supertips Washable Markers Pack of 24 My daughter Molly started school in September last year. She never seemed to settle all the years she went to nursery and when we talked about her starting school, she seems very anxious about it so to try and encourage her that going to school was a good thing, I took her out shopping to buy some art and craft bits and told her she would need them all to be able to do her homework. One of the items I bought was a packet of 24 Crayola washable markers. Crayola Supertip Washable Markers Crayola Supertip markers are suitable for making thin or thick lines and are perfect for being used for the finer details of art projects due to the fact that these pens give a smooth intense colour laydown. The pens are designed so that they do not squeak or drag while they are being used. As with most Crayola products, these pens are washable and can easily be removed from both skin and clothing. These pens are suitable for children aged 3 and upwards. The packet of Supertip washable markers that I bought for Molly contains 24 pens. Price I purchased our packet of crayons from Tesco’s where they cost me £4.50 as part of their ‘return to school’ promotion. I thought this was quite a reasonable price to pay for 24 pens from a well known brand. Packaging The pens come housed in a plastic wallet complete with cardboard sleeve. On the sleeve you have the brand name, the fact they are supertip pens and how many pens are in the pack. It also states that the pens are not suitable for children ...

Lego Juniors 10727 Emma's Ice Cream Truck 06/03/2017

Anyone For Ice-Cream?

Lego Juniors 10727 Emma's Ice Cream Truck It was my little girls fifth birthday last month and she has recently started to have an interest in ‘grown up’ Lego rather than the Lego Duplo. Needless to say, for her birthday she was inundated with lots of new Lego sets. One of these sets was the Lego Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck. Lego Juniors Lego Junior sets use normal Lego bricks in their sets, ie they are the same size as normal Lego bricks. However, the Lego Junior sets are specifically designed for younger children (age 4-7) and they often have large single-use pieces ie walls or frames and are generally fairly simple to construct. Lego Juniors is a great ‘entry level’ to Lego and your child can run free with their creativity and imagination. Price Molly was lucky enough to receive this set for her birthday from my parents. However a quick look online has told me that this set costs £13.99 at tesco Direct. Lego Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck Lego Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck is aimed at children age 4-7. Emma’s Ice Cream Truck set contains all the pieces to make an ice cream truck with an open roof and side. Inside the ice cream van there is room for a till, bottles of toppings, ice cream cone holder and a freezer. Outside of the ice cream van there is a table with a parasol and seats. Also included in the set are the mini-figures of Andrea and Emma and a puppy. There are also plenty of accessories included in this set which include ice cream and cones, ice pops, basket, ice cream sign, ice cream display, ...

Lego Friends 41124 Heartlake Puppy Daycare 27/02/2017

Perfect Puppy Daycare

Lego Friends 41124 Heartlake Puppy Daycare I think it is safe to say that Lego is well and truly taking over my house now! My little boy was bought a set for Christmas and to my surprise, my little girl also showed a massive amount of interest in his Lego sets. Up until recently both my children have been happy playing with Lego Duplo but after seeing how interested both of my children were in the smaller Lego sets, I thought it might be time for them to start moving on to proper Lego. It was my daughters fifth birthday at the beginning of this month and she was lucky enough to receive lots of Lego sets for her birthday. One of these sets was the Heartlake Puppy Day Care set. Lego Friends Lego Friends is designed primarily for girls and when it was introduced in 2012, it took over from the Lego Belville range which has been around since 1994 and was female orientated. Lego Friends sets contain ‘mini-doll’ figures which are roughly the same size as Lego mini figures but have more detail and are more realistic. The Lego Friends sets contains lots of pink and purple colour schemes and are based on scenes from suburban life which are set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. Price Molly was lucky enough to receive this set for her birthday from my best friend and her godmother. However a quick look online has told me that this set costs £18.99 at Tesco’s. Heartlake Puppy Day Care Heartlake Puppy Day Care set is aimed at children aged 6-12 years. The Heartlake Puppy Day Care set contains all the pieces to make the ...
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