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Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey 22/04/2016

Perfect Paultons

Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey My ex-partner, the Dad of my children grew up in Southampton and his Mum still lives there now. My daughter Molly was a massive Peppa Pig fan from about the age of 18 months so we decided to coincide a visit to his Mum with a trip to Peppa Pig World which is housed within Poultons Park. We first went to Paultons Park when Molly was just over two and Jacob was around 7 months old. We then went again last September when Molly was three and a half and Jacob had just turned two as we actually took him there as a treat for his second birthday. Paultons Park Poultons Park is based in Ower, Romsey in Hampshire. Obviously having lived there for most of his childhood, my ex was fairly familiar with the area but we managed to find the park with no problems at all as it is very well signposted. Paultons Park has over 60 rides and attractions and included in these are all the attractions within the Peppa Pig World section. The park covers 140 acres of land and as well as the rides and attractions, it is also home to a whole host of animals and birds as well as beautiful gardens. Paultons Park actually gets its name from the former Paultons Estate which is where it is located. Paultons Park opened as a theme park in 1983 but it was pretty different to how it is now. It wasn’t until 1999 when they started dramatically expanding the park and a new ride has been built every year since. Peppa Pig World was added to the park in 2011 and has proven to be a popular attraction for children ...

Glade Shake n' Vac Carpet Powder 20/04/2016

Shake It Off!

Glade Shake n' Vac Carpet Powder At home there is myself, my two children and lots of animals, including two dogs, two guinea pigs, a leopard gecko, a cockatiel and chickens. Our house can sometimes get really rather messy. I recently had a new carpet laid in my living room and am taking extra special care to look after it. I attempted to potty train my little boy in the summer last year and I had the odd occasion where he would just wee wherever he would be stood. Of course, this then fell on the carpet and I had the odd patch which would smell of wee. While browing the shelves of my local Tescos, I noticed Glade Shake n' Vac on the shelves and thought this might be a solution to my problems. Glade Shake n' Vac Glade Shake n' Vac comes in a jade green, tall and slim container. The container contains 500g and this covers up to 20-22 sqaure metres of floor. The lid is a flip top lid with two large holes underneath from which you dispense the product. There is a simple label on the front with the product name and a picture of some Lillies. Once you flip the lid open, you can notice that the scent of this product is incredibly strong. It smells very floral and perfumed. It is a very owerpowering scent but I actually quite like it. The product itself is made from fine crystals and actually looks very much like salt, although feels much softer. Cost I bought this as my local Tesco's where it cost me £1.20 which I thought was a really reasonable price. To Use To use this, you simply flip the lid up and shake ...

Glade Warm Vanilla Room Spray 19/04/2016

Sweet Scent

Glade Warm Vanilla Room Spray I am a big fan of all things vanilla so I generally tend to opt for the vanilla scented items when I see them on the shelves. While walking around my local Poundland, I spotted Glade Warm Vanilla Room Spray and popped it in my basket. Cost As this was bought in Poundland, you guessed it, it cost me the bargain price of £1 which I thought was very reasonable. Packaging This Glade air freshener comes in your standard aerosol can which is mostly silver in colour. There is a picture of a vanilla pod on the front of the can. The spray is activated by pressing down the nozzle on the top of the can. The spray can I have contains 300ml. Scent As you have probably guessed by now, the scent of this is warm vanilla. Having said that, the scent is not purely vanilla and it is blended with white flowers. The scent is actually very pleasant, it smells sweet but not sickly sweet which I assume is down to the blend of flowers. The scent lasts a decent amount of time too, smelling stronger at first and then slowly filtering into the room while still leaving a nice sweet scent behind. To Use The spray is very easy to use, you simply press the nozzle at the top of the can and the spray is activated. I always give the can a shake before activating it. I generally spray the product into the middle of the room, being careful not to spray it near any fabric items. Summary This is a product I would recommend if you are looking for a cheap, nice smelling room fragrance. I think £1 for a 300ml ...

Disney Princess Annual 2016 - Egmont Publishing 16/04/2016

Fit For A Princess

Disney Princess Annual 2016 - Egmont Publishing My little girl who has recently turned four has just started showing an interest in Disney Princesses. For Christmas, her Grandmother bought her the 2016 Disney Princess Annual. The Annual The 2016 Disney Princess Annual is a hardback book which is A4 size. The front is bright pink and purple and has pictures of the Disney Princesses in the middle. The princesses have glitter on their dresses which is embossed onto the dresses and stands out from the rest of the book. The book is very pretty and girly and is typical of what you would expect from a Disney Princess product. The book contains 72 pages. The inside of the book is divided up into sections and each princess has her own section. The sections consist of Cinderella, Rupunzel, Snow White, Palace Pets, Tiana, Aurora and Ariel. At the back of the book there is a little game , with the answers also being printed in the book. Each section of the book is actually pretty similar, but just gives the details of the different princesses. On each page there is an 'all about me' page which gives you facts about each of the princesses. There is a section of the page where you can draw something about the princess (obviosuly this changes for every princess). There is then an activity page, followed by a colouring page. Each different princess section is finished off with a two page spread containing a story about the princess in that section. Cost As I mentioned, this annual was bought for Molly as a present but after a quick ...

Thomas The Tank Engine Lunch Bag 13/04/2016

Lovely Lunch Bag

Thomas The Tank Engine Lunch Bag My little boy Jacob is a typical little boy, he loves all types of cars and trains and is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. Jacob's old lunch bag had a problem with the zip and it kept jamming so I thought it would be time to purchase him a new one. Cost I found this lunch bag on Amazon where it cost me just £5 which I thought was very reasonable, especially as I had seem similar designed lunch bags in Tescos for £10. The Lunch Bag I did a quick Google search for Thomas The Tank Engine lunch bags and there is a huge variety of lunch boxes available, from plastic boxes, fabric bags and boxes that include a water bottle. I opted for one of the fabric style bags which is rectangular in shape. It measures approximately 9 inches by 6 inches and is about 2 inches deep. The outside of the lunch bag is made from plastic which means that it is shiny to look at and can easily be wiped clean (a massive advantage). The inside of the lunch bag is grey and is also made from the same wipe-clean material. The inside of the lunch bag is designed to keep the food inside cool. The lunch bag has a zip on three sides which means you can upzip it all the way round and fold the lid over. The lunch bag is mostly white in colour and has red trimming all the way around it, and the handle is also red. In the middle of the lunch bag is a picture of Thomas with a blue circle around it. Then in the top left hand corner is a picture of James with a red circle round him and finally in the bottom right ...

Disney Frozen Headband 12/04/2016

Frozen Headband

Disney Frozen Headband My little girl turned four in February and she had a main present but I wanted to get her a few little bits so she had a few presents to open. Molly first watched Frozen around 18 months ago and it is one of those things that she dips in and out of. Some days she doesn’t mention it at all but if she sees something when we are shopping that is Frozen themed then she will always show an interest. A few weeks prior to her birthday we had been shopping in Asda when she spotted a Frozen headband. I made a mental note to pop back and get it on the rare occasion I get to the shops without my children. Price The headband was priced at £3 which I didn’t think was too bad, especially as it was Frozen themed. I have found other standard headbands cost roughly the same price so all things considered, £3 is a decent enough price. The Headband The headband is pretty much a standard headband and looks just like any other and carries the same design. It is light blue in colour, with the top being made from a silky material and the underside being made from plastic. On one side of the headband is a little heart shaped section which has a 3D picture of Anna and Elsa on it. Also attached to the little heart is a pretty white bow. My Opinion This headband certainly seems to be durable and I think the fact it is fairly plain actually works to its advantage as there aren't all those little tassels and bows which more often than not, tend to fall off. The headband is easy to slip on and off her ...

Tangle Teezer Brush Original 11/04/2016

Tease Me Please

Tangle Teezer Brush Original I don’t know what my daughter does in her sleep but when she wakes up every morning, the back of her hair looks like it has been back-combed and it is always very difficult to brush without it hurting her. My parents decided that they would buy her a Tangle Teezer brush for Christmas as they had heard good reports about them. After a quick Google search I can report that the cheapest place I can find a Tangle Teezer brush is on the website where it will cost you £6.45. I always thought Tangle Teezer brushes were meant to be expensive but I think this is actually quite reasonable. The Tangle Teezer brush was first launched in 2007 and they claim that they have 'revolutionised the hairbrush market, described as 'life changing', 'magic', and the 'must-have brush'. To be honest, before owning one myself, I did think that they were a bit of a gimmick as I didn’t understand how one hairbrush can be so much better than another. I also thought that the Tangle Teezer was aimed for at children but it is actually backed by supermodel Cara Delevigne so is definitely aimed at people of all ages. . The Tangle Teezer brush I have is the Tangle Teezer Original but there are actually quite a few more in the Tangle Teezer original range such as the blueberry pop, pink fizz, sherbet lemon, plum delicious and mandarin sweetie. To be honest the brushes are all pretty much the same except for a colour different. The Tangle Teezer brush which was bought for my daughter is the pink ...

Mothercare Thomas the Tank Engine Striped T-Shirt 23/03/2016

Thomas T-shirt

Mothercare Thomas the Tank Engine Striped T-Shirt My little boy is an enormous fan of all types of vehicles; cars; buses; diggers and especially trains, with his favourite of course being Thomas The Tank Engine. It was my sons second birthday in September last year and he seems to have so many toys that I wanted to get him something other than loads of toys for his birthday so I did a quick Google search online for Thomas The Tank Engine clothing. I was quickly taken to the Mothercare website where I was greeted with this Thomas The Tank Engine striped T-shirt. I have always thought of Mothercare as being quite expensive so I was actually pretty impressed when I saw this t-shirt was £7 which I actually thought was quite good value for money. The Thomas The Tank Engine striped t-shirt is made from 100% cotton so as you can imagine it has a lovely soft feel to it and will also feel nice on your child’s skin. I am a big fan of clothing made from natural fibres and not synthetic ones. The design of the t-shirt is quite unique too, the front of it is blue and white striped and then the back of the t-shirt is red and white striped, with the sleeves being blue and white striped. On the front of the t-shirt is a picture of Thomas’ face which is black. This is then outlined with a black circle and you have the words Thomas Original written above and below the picture in red. Then, either side of Thomas you have Est. 45 which is also written in red. On the right hand sleeve of the shirt there is a little stamp design which has ...

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb 18/03/2016

Smelling Of Roses

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb My daughter has been awful with her sleeping lately, sometimes getting up as much as once an hour! The sleep deprivation was certainly starting to affect the household and I decided I needed to do something about it. So in true parent style, in invented the 'sleep fairy'. The sleep fairy wrote Molly a letter and gave her a 'sleep box'. The letter told her that if she slept in her bedroom all night long, she would receive a present in her sleep box in the morning. I am pleased to report this has been working really well. However, it does mean that we basically have to have a never ending box of presents to put in her sleep box. Late one night I suddenly realised I didn’t have a present for her box. Rummaging through the cupboards I found a Lush Rose Bombshell bath bomb which I was bought for Christmas and decided this would be her present.. Lush Rose Bombshell My Lush Rose Bombshell bath bomb was given to me as part of a gift set that I received at Christmas. Lush describe this bath bomb as 'bursting with rose petals' and ingredients include milk powder blends with orange flower, rosewood and Turkish rose oils. Price As I previously mentioned, this bath bomb came as part of a gift set but after a quick look on the Lush website, I can tell you that this bath bomb will set you back £3.95 which isn't too bad really, especially considering the size of it. Appearance This bath bomb is actually pretty big, probably about the size of a tennis ball. The bath bomb is a powdery ...

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Musical Chair 12/03/2016

Laugh & Learn

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Musical Chair I recently had a clear out at home of all the toys that my children have either outgrown or no loner use. One of the toys that I sold via a facebook selling site was the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn chair. Price We were actually passed this chair from my neice who had outgrown hers by the time my eldest was old enough to use one. A quick Google search tells me that this chair willcost you £36.99 from Argos. Obviosuly prices vary between retailers so it would certainly be worth shopping around. To Make The chair comes inside a carboard box. Once opened, you will be greeted with four parts which make up the chair and 4 feet for the chair. The pieces are bascially slotted together. The instructions are simple enough to follow but do mostly consist of of little diagrams with numbers and arrows. It probably only took me around 10 minutes to assemble. The Chair The chair seems to come in various colours but the chair I have is green and purple. The main body of the chair is green and the feet are purple. The little side table holds a book, a lamp and some crayons and is white in colour. This actually worked really well for us as we had a little girl first and then a little boy and it meant that we could use the chair for both children. The packaging states that the toy is intended for children 12 months through to 36 months of age The chair itself is made from incredibly durable plastic which is very hard-wearing. My children climb all over this chair and it isnt really ...

Galt Playnest & Gym 09/03/2016

Play Gym

Galt Playnest & Gym My children are four and two now so have obviously grown out of the majority of their baby toys now but I was recently sorting through all their old toys and came across their Galt Playnest which I remember being a 'toy' that we used for a considerable amount of time for both children. Galt Most people with children have probably come across the Galt brand at one point or another. Galt are an international educational toy company that have been established for over 175 years. It was in 1961 that Galt opened their first toy store in Carnaby Street, London. Nowadays Galt produce and sell toys aimed to meet the developmental needs of all stages for children between 0-10 years. Traditionally, the Galt brand is associated with art and craft products and their products are designed to be fun and encourage learning through play. Price My sister in law bought our Galt Playnest for us but after a quick Google search, I can tell you that this playnest can be bought for £23.81 at Tesco's. Prices do vary from shop to shop so it would definitely be worth shopping around. Range Galt actually produce a range of playnests with varying designs. These designs include playnest farm, 2-in-1 playnest, playnest car, playnest dino and playnest and gym farm. The playnest I am reviewing today is the playnest and gym farm. Galt Playnest The Galt playnest and gym farm is essentially a fabric covered inflatable ring with bars that hang over the top. Once the ring is inflated, there are little ...

Mr Greedy - Roger Hargreaves 08/03/2016

Greedy Guts!

Mr Greedy - Roger Hargreaves I am a big book fan and luckily, so faer this appears to have rubbed off on my children. Currently they are read a selection of stories every bedtime and the Mr Men series are a collecion of books that we regularly pick up. My little gil Molly has loved them for white some time and my little boy Jacob has recently started to enjpoy them. As well as enjoying reading, I am also a bargain hunter! I bought the entire Mr Men and Little Miss collection at a bootfair for the bargain price of £15 for the whole lot. I remember reading the Mr Men books myself when I was younger but if I am honest, I didn’t really remember any of the stories, just that I enjoyed them so I have actually found it quite nice reading these stories to my own children. Last night Mr Greedy was selected my Molly for one of her beditme stories. Mr Greedy is book number two od the Mr Men Collection. The Mr Men books all look pretty much the same, just with a different Mr Man or Little Miss on the front. The front cover of Mr Greedy is white and has a picture of Mr Greedy on the front. He is bright pink and has a big fat tummy which he is resting his ahnd on. Mr Greedy is printed in black writing across the front of the book with Roger Hargreaves (the authors name) printed underneath. As you have probably guessed by now the story of Mr Greedy basically details exactly how greedy Mr Greedy is! The story starts with Mr Greedy waking up after having a dream about food! He stuffs himself silly with the biggest ...

Claire's Kids 6 Pack Hello Kitty Hair Bobbles 04/03/2016

Tricky Hello Kitty

Claire's Kids 6 Pack Hello Kitty Hair Bobbles My daughter Molly recently had her fourth birthday. She is just getting to the stage where a) her hair is long enough for me to put it up and b) she actually allows me to put her hair up. So while looking round my local Claire’s Accessories I was pleased when I spotted some Hello Kitty hair bobbles. Molly has recently decided she likes Hello Kitty so they seemed like the perfect present. As stated above, these hair bobbles were purchased in Claire’s Accessories where they cost me £5 for a pack containing 6 bobbles. I did think this was rather expensive compared to some of the other ‘non-branded’ bobbles but I guess you are paying for the Hello Kitty design. It states on the packaging that these are suitable from age three upwards. The bobbles come packaged on a rectangular piece of cardboard and you can simply stretch the bobbles off when you want to use them. There are six bobbles which are pink, orange, purple, blue, yellow and green. The bobbles are made from polyester so of course they are very stretchy. The bobbles are identical in design in the fact they have the bobble and then a little Hello Kitty head which is stuck onto the bobble. Molly’s hair is only really just long enough to put into a pony tail and her hair is still quite thin so I do find that I have to wrap these hair bobbles round her hair a fair few times to get them to hold her hair in place. This can also be a little bit tricky with the Hello Kitty head getting in the way as you are trying to wrap. I ...

Lush FUN - Blue 02/03/2016

Blue Bath!

Lush FUN - Blue I first came across the Lush Fun range when I was looking through the shelves at my local Lush,looking for a Christmas present that could be used in the bath for my children. I explained to the very helpful shop assistant that I would like something aimed at boys and a little bit different to put in my little boys stocking. This is when she introduced me to Lush Fun. She showed me this product in both pink and blue. I purchased both, pink for my daughter Molly and blue for my son Jacob. Lush released their Fun product in 2013 so I think it is safe to say it is still a fairly new product for them. I have not come across another product that is anything like this, it is very unique. It comes in a sausage shaped cellophane wrapper which is see through, allowing you to see the colour inside. The Fun itself is similar to play-doh and is squishy. The idea is that it can be pushed, pulled and shaped into different shapes. It can also be used for a variety of reasons such as a shampoo, a body wash or as a toy to play with in the bath. Fun actually comes in a variety of colours including red, green, blue, yellow and pink. Lush also produce a limited edition one at Christmas which is gold and glittery. On my most recent visit to Lush, I noticed that they also do a 'variety pack' of Fun where several colours are contained within the same packet. The Fun I am reviewing today is the blue one. Lush Fun blue actually smells quite masculine. The dominant smell is lavendar which would make ...

Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream 01/03/2016

Not For Me

Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream Since having my children and getting less sleep, I am really paranoid about wrinkles and I can definitely notice the ‘laughter lines’ looking more and more prominent on my face. I thought it might be about time that I started using a night cream. Searching online proved difficult as there are literally thousands of different night creams available. While searching through amazon, I came across Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream for the bargain price of 99p and decided to give it a try. Packaging Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream comes in a 300ml tub which is actually pretty huge compared to other night creams. The tub has a bright yellow lid which screws on and off. When you unscrew the lid off there is a little tab which covers the opening of the tub. This stops creams going onto the inside of the lid which can be useful but I generally leave my cream on the bedside table so I don’t have to worry about this. Cyclax Oil of Evening Primrose Night Cream is written across the front of the tub and there is also a picture of a primrose. I must admit that packaging does look a little old fashioned but this doesn’t bother me. On the back of the tub is all the usual information such as an ingredients list. Price As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, this 300ml tub of night cream cost me just 99p which I thought was a bargain. The Cream This night cream is a very pale yellow colour and looks more like a mousse than a cream as it has a very thick texture. ...
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