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Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo 20/10/2017

A Touch Of Silver, But No Yellow!

Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo I naturally have mousy coloured hair which I have always found pretty boring. I have been having my hair highlighted for about the last 10 years now and I like to try and look after my hair and keep it looking shiny and healthy. My hair is highlighted with two different shades of blonde and a brown section mixed it. I feel that this gives a more natural look to my hair as I never want it to look bright blonde or to go yellow. My hair lightens in the sunshine naturally and sometimes, throughout the summer, I found my hair was looking more yellow than blonde. When I mentioned this to my hairdresser, she suggested using a product called Touch Of Silver by PRO:VOKE. I was pleasantly surprised to find it for sale at B&M bargains so I quickly purchased myself some. Touch Of Silver Range Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair. The range claims to enhance hair colour and ensure best toned results with a unique active violet pigment that neutralises yellowing, brassiness and dullness. They claim to provide the ultimate colour care for natural, dyed and highlighted hair offering visibly brighter hair in just one wash. Optical Brightener intensifies the reflected light to deliver shine, whilst sunflower seed extract and UV Absorber help to protect against colour fade. The violet pigment of the shampoo neutralises the brassy yellow tones of your hair and also treats colour fading and dullness. They claim this shampoo will ...

Imperial Leather Refreshing Shower Gel 13/10/2017

Impressed With Imperial

Imperial Leather Refreshing Shower Gel I am not really loyal to any particular brands. Instead I always seem to buy whatever products are on offer. I recently found this shower gel on offer at Tesco’s so decided to purchase some along with my weekly shop. Imperial Leather To be honest, I always associate Imperial Leather with producing that standard white soap in a box that for some reason gives me the impression of being old fashioned, so I was surprised to see their name printed on the side of this rather modern looking shower gel. Imperial Leather have actually been around since the 1700’s and nowadays their products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Their range includes hand washes, a bath range, a shower range and of course bar soaps. An interesting fact for you, Imperial Leather was one of the first brands to invest in TV advertising, showing their adverts between popular dramas. This led to the coining of the phrase soaps for these types of programmes. Refreshing Shower Gel Imperial leather have several sub categories in their range. Their range includes sensitive, indulgent, relaxing, pampering, revitalising, moisturising, nourishing and of course refreshing. The product I am reviewing today is from their refreshing range. Range Included in their refreshing range are several different scents so there should certainly be something to suit every taste. The scents included are peppermint & eucalyptus, lime & kiwi, cucumber & aloe vera, aloe vera & sweet geranium and apple & pear. The product I am ...

Lego City 60007 High Speed Chase 11/10/2017


Lego City 60007 High Speed Chase It was recently my sons fourth birthday and he has been into Lego for quite a while now so needless to say, he was in-undated with a whole heap of new Lego sets for his birthday. Jacob’s other love is vehicles, so imagine how delighted he was when he received the Lego City High Speed Chase as one of his birthday gifts. Lego City Lego City is a theme under which Lego building sets are released. As the name would suggest, Lego City sets are based on city life. All of the models are designed to replicate the City and emergency services (such as Police, Coastguard and Fire Engines). The buildings include an Airport, a train station, constructions site and harbours to name a few. Price Although this was bought for Jacob for his birthday, it actually came from a rather large bundle that my parents bought second hand on a Facebook selling site. They paid £40 for three large boxes of mixed Lego and after looking online, managed to get the instructions to build this set, knowing that Jacob would love it. However it is currently available to buy on Amazon for £32.95. The High Speed Chase Set The Lego City High Speed Chase set is aimed at children aged 5-12 years. The Lego City High Speed Chase set contains all the pieces to make an Elite Police motorbike, an Elite Police Landrover and a red sports car. Also included in the set is a Chase McCain mini-figure, a burglar mini-figure and an Elite Police motorcycle officer mini-figure, complete with his own mini-figure handcuffs. The ...

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray 09/10/2017

Nice Ice!

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray This summer, myself and my children have really got in to making smoothies and milkshakes. We have an apple tree and two plum trees in the garden, as well as raspberry and tayberry plants and copious amounts of blackberries just outside our back gate. I wanted to try and use as much of the fruit as possible as I love getting things for free, I like the idea of eating food that has been freshly picked and I thought it would be something fun for myself and the children to do together. One of the ingredients we always use in our smoothies and milkshakes are ice cubes, mostly to give the drinks a nice chill to them. I eventually settled on the Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray. Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Tray This ice cube tray is designed to make it easier to remove the ice cubes from the tray once they are frozen. The more rigid trays that I have used before make it almost impossible to remove the ice cubes once they are frozen. This tray combines the rigidity of plastic with the flexibility of silicone meaning that you can simply push the individual ice cube try inside out to dispense the ice cubes. They tray comes with a rigid handle either end of the tray and these handles can be flexed to loosen the ice cubes. The trays come in a range of colours including green, red, pink, purple and blue. I opted for red. The tray measures 11.9 x 29.9 x 2.5cm. It is made from food safe silicon. Price I paid £1.99 for this tray from Amazon which I ...

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Eye Serum 08/10/2017

Snail Serum!

Dr. Organic Snail Gel Eye Serum Since having my children, and getting used to the lack of sleep they create, it is safe to say I have definitely noticed an increase in wrinkles and a general decline in the condition of the skin on my face. About a year or so ago, I decided it might be time to start looking after my skin a bit better. I always moisturise my face but to be honest, I usually just use whatever creams I have been bought for Christmas rather than picking a cream specifically for wrinkles or to help with the condition of my skin. I have sensitive skin and any fragranced products do tend to make my face sting a bit. After some serious google searches where I was looking for a natural product that would still be effective, I came across the Dr Organic Snail Gel range. Dr Organic Snail Gel Range Dr Organic Snail gel is harvested from free-roaming snails under certified organic condition. The snails are farmed humanely and while they move across glass panels they leave their 'mucus'. This mucus is then filtered and concentrated, before they vacuum evaporate it to reduce the water content. The gel is free from petro-chemicals, harsh additives, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate. Using 'snail gel' in a product was actually discovered by accident when snail farmers in Chile noticed that their hands were really smooth and that any nicks and cuts were healing much quicker. The 'snail gel' was tested and it was discovered that it contained elastin, collagen and several anti-bacterial substances which ...

Johnson's Baby Nursing Pads 29/09/2017

No More Leaks

Johnson's Baby Nursing Pads My children are now four and five so I have not breastfed for quite a while. However, when they were babies, I breastfed them for the first six months of their lives. When you have a baby, regardless of whether you choose to breastfeed or not, you’re are probably still going to need to get some breast pads. I knew before having my children that I was going to give breastfeeding a go, so I made sure I had all the relevant supplies. The breast pads I eventually settled on were Johnson breastfeeding pads. There was no particular reason for me picking this brand other than the fact I knew Johnson’s were one of the leading brands in ‘baby-care’ items. Breastfeeding Well to kick it off I guess I had better explain a little about breastfeeding. When you give birth to your baby, a few days later your milk will ‘come-in’. This involves your breasts becoming huge and rock hard where they are full of milk. If you choose to breast feed, your baby will empty the milk from your breasts and your breasts will produce more milk. If you choose not to breastfeed, your milk will eventually dry up and your breasts will stop producing milk. Either way you can expect your breasts to leak milk. If breastfeeding you can expect plenty more leaks to come as your breasts produce milk ‘on-demand’ depending on how much your baby needs. If your baby sleeps past their ‘usual’ feed then your breast will more than likely leak because they are ready to be emptied. This is where these breast pads come in ...

Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks Fragranced Free 27/09/2017

Brilliant Beaming Baby

Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks Fragranced Free I am the proud owner of two Border Collie dogs. As part of my duties of being a responsible dog owner, I always have to ensure that I have ‘poo bags’ on me every time I am out with my dogs. I generally use nappy sacks for my dog pooping duties as they are cheap and can buy them as part of my normal shop. In the town where I live, we have a little shop which opened around 8 months ago, in which the owner sells out of date items or items or items that have been passed to him as ‘end of stock’ items. The idea is he then sells them for an affordable price. I like to pop into this shop every now and then to see what is being sold and it was on a recent visit to this shop that I came across these Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks for the bargain price of 20p a packet. Beaming Baby This is a company I have actually never heard of before buying these nappy sacks. Beaming Baby’s is a company that produce chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable nappies and nappy bags. These products are ideal for babies suffering from nappy rash, eczema, asthma or sensitive skin, or for parents wishing to do their bit to help the environment. Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks These nappy sacks are 100% bio-degradable and can be composted. Each sack once taken out of the packet and opened are around 4 inches wide by 8 inches long so the perfect size for fitting a nappy in. The nappy sacks are a pale green colour and are completely fragrance free. Price As I mentioned earlier, I managed to get there nappy sacks ...

Lego City 60059 Logging Truck 25/09/2017

Lovely Logging Truck

Lego City 60059 Logging Truck My little boy is well and truly in love with the world of Lego! He was bought his first ever set of ‘big boys Lego for Christmas last year and has been adding to his collection ever since. It was recently his fourth birthday and needless to say, he received plenty of Lego presents. One of these presents was the Lego City Logging Truck. Lego City Lego City is a theme under which Lego building sets are released. As the name would suggest, Lego City sets are based on city life. All of the models are designed to replicate the City and emergency services (such as Police, Coastguard and Fire Engines). The buildings include an Airport, a train station, constructions site and harbours to name a few. Price Although this was bought for Jacob for his birthday, it actually came from a rather large bundle that my parents bought second hand on a facebook selling site. They paid £40 for three large boxes of mixed Lego and after looking online, managed to get the instructions to build this set, knowing that Jacob would love it. It looks like this set may have been discontinued as it appears to be unavailable at all the usual places; however, it is currently selling on eBay for £34.99 second hand. The Logging Truck Set The Lego City Logging Truck set is aimed at children aged 5-12 years. The Lego City Logging Truck set contains all the pieces to make the logging truck and 2 x Lego lumberjack minifigures. The accessories include two trees, a shovel and a chainsaw. The Logging Truck When ...

Sharpie Permanent Marker 24/09/2017

Superb Sharpies

Sharpie Permanent Marker There is a new craze that I have recently become aware of where you decorate a rock of your choice. On the back of the rock you hash tag the name of the facebook group you belong to (for us it is #channelrocks as we are in South East Kent) and you ask the finder of your rock to take a photo of your rock and post it to the facebook group and then to re-hide your rock. My cousin made me aware of this about a month ago and I thought it would be something fun to get my children involved with and would encourage them outdoors looking for other rocks. So first of all, we needed to decorate our own rocks. Now I am certainly no artist and my children are only four and five so the decorating was going to be fairly basic (trust me some of the designs I see posted on facebook are incredible). You can decorate your rock with pretty much anything, paint, glitter or pens. I eventually settled with Sharpie pens as I thought it would be easier for my children to get the definition they needed and felt these would be easier than using a paintbrush. After browsing the shelves for quite a while (I never realised how many different Sharpie pens there are to pick between!) I eventually settled on a pack of 28 fine tip permanent markers of varying colours (B128). Sharpie The Sharpie brand was founded in 1857 in America. When they first started producing permanent marker pens, they only sold single pens but nowadays they sell various shaped pens with differing nibs. They also produce pens with ...

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort, Magaluf 08/09/2017

Katman... Must...Do!

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort, Magaluf I started planning my annual summer holiday back in January this year. It was going to be my first holiday abroad with my children since becoming a single parent and I had a short list of things I needed before I was willing to book. I needed the destination to be fairly short haul as I didn’t want the children having too much time to get bored (and play up) on the flight and I also needed to hotel to be fairly close to the airport so the transfer time wasn’t going to be too long. Last of all I wanted lots of things to keep us entertained in the resort so I didn’t need to take the kids out every day if I wasn’t feeling brave enough to do so. I appeared to find the perfect hotel when I came across Sol Katmandu Park & Resort in Magaluf. Location Sol Katmandu Park & Resort is basically located right on the main nightlife ‘strip’ in Magaluf. The back of the hotel backs onto the popular nightclub in Magaluf, BCM. It is a half hour drive from the nearest airport in Palma and is 250m from the nearest beach. Sol Katmandu Park & Resort Sol Katmandu is a 4 star hotel and it is the first hotel of its kind in Mallorca. It is designed to be a ‘fun-inclusive’ hotel aimed at families. Every guest receives a ‘play pass’ for exclusive resort benefits and free entry into Katmandu Park every day of your stay. Included within the grounds of the hotel is Katmandu Park, Katlantis (the water park) and the soft play area. The hotel has three swimming pools, a buffet restaurant, a pool bar, a kids ...

Flip Out, Ashford 06/09/2017

Time To Flip Out

Flip Out, Ashford Faced with the task of having to keep my five year old daughter and three year old son occupied during the summer holidays, I decided that I needed to plan my weeks well, ensuring that they had something exciting to do every week to break up the days where we wouldn’t be doing very much. I found out about Flip Out in Ashford from a Facebook post that one of my daughter’s friends Mums put on facebook as they too had spent the day here. Thinking that it looked like fun, I decided to plan a visit. Flip Out For those of you who are not familiar with Flip Out they are one of the UK’s leading trampoline parks and have 65 centres across 7 different countries. Their aim is to help to encourage people to have ‘massive amounts of healthy, awesome fun’. Inside each of their trampoline parks you will find huge trampolines, foam pits, stunt box zones and ball games. They also hold special events such as nights with resident DJ’s, parties and fitness classes. Getting There The Flip Out Trampoline Park I visited is in the town of Ashford. It is located on the Henwood Industrial estate and is fairly easy to find with Google maps. I was surprised to see that there were not any sign posts for the park but this is probably due to the fact that it had only opened a few weeks before I visited. There is a large car park about the back of the park and parking is free. Admission Costs There are basically two separate admission costs and this depends on the age of the person jumping. Standard ...

Sharples N Grant Summer Lodge Double Hutch 18/08/2017

Pig Paradise

Sharples N Grant Summer Lodge Double Hutch We have had our guinea pigs, Ralph and Rupert for coming up two years. When I first bought them in October 2015 they were super small with only being 8 weeks old. Also, with it being October and the weather not being particularly warm outside, I opted to keep them in an indoor hutch for the first winter we had them. I also felt this would give the children chance to get used to handling the guinea pigs. Come the following Spring, once the weather had improved and they had nearly tripled in size, I felt that they were more the ready to make their trip to an outdoor hutch in the garden. I decided to try and source a hutch second hand and luckily I found one on a local Facebook selling page in the form of this Sharpies N Grant Summer Lodge Double Hutch. Sharples And Grant Sharples and Grant have over 50 years combined experience of working in the pet trade. The company was established in 2005 and today they have a product range of nearly 1000 products. Their products cater for dogs, cats, small animals, caged birds, wild birds, poultry and aquatics. They are also the sole UK distributors of the Petkin branded range of pet hygiene products. Price As I mentioned, I managed to get this hutch second hand where it cost me just £40. I have since seem them at various other places including Pets At Home for £99. The Hutch One thing I loved about this hutch was how much space it offered to my guinea pigs. The hutch is classed as a double hutch which is basically two hutches stacked on ...

Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Food 17/08/2017

Undecided On This Dragon Food

Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Food I have kept reptiles for over ten years now and I think it’s safe to say I have learnt a lot about them in that time. I initially bought this Bearded Dragon food when my Beardie was suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Food This bearded dragon food contains he correct ratios of protein, calcium and fibre. There are two different types of this food; the juvenile formula which has been specially formulated for growing bearded dragons and the adult formula which has been designed for the long term health of adult Bearded Dragons. This food contains no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. The pellets are flavours with Dandelion green and other nutritional plants. Price I bought this food at my local reptile shop where it cost me £3.50 for a tub containing 283 grams. It is also available in a larger sized tub which costs £6 for 567 grams. Packaging This food comes packaged in a plastic tub with a crew on/screw off lid. The tub itself is see through so you are easily able to see inside the tub. On the front there is a label complete with product information and a nice photo of a bearded dragon. The fact that the lid screws on and off is very useful as it means that the container also acts as a storage point for the food, and enable you to keep the food fresh. The Food The food itself comes in pellet form and is a yellow/green/brown colour. Each pellet is probably only about 1cm long so they are the perfect size for your beardie to eat. As ...

Bob Martin Cage Disinfectant 15/08/2017

Safe Spray

Bob Martin Cage Disinfectant Back in February this year, my daughter got her first ever pet. Well, we actually have many animals but this was to be her pet, that we went to the shop and she could pick herself. So we set off to Pet’s At Home and returned home 30 minutes later with Sammy the Syrian hamster. I explained to Molly that it would be her responsibility to make sure Sammy always had food and water and that her home was cleaned out regularly. I had a pet hamster when I was little and had forgotten a lot about them in all the years it has been since I last had one as a pet. The main thing I had forgotten was the fact that they wee in the same spot of their cage. As a result, when it comes to cleaning her out, just using water doesn’t really seem to get the smell of wee off her cage. While walking around my local B&M Bargains store I came across this Bob Martin disinfectant spray and decided it would be worth trying. Bob Martin Cage Disinfectant This cage disinfectant is a mild but effective disinfectant which kills all germs, viruses and bacteria. More importantly it is completely safe to use around your animals and can be used to clean their home, feeding equipment and accessories. Price I found this at my local B&M Bargains where it cost me £1.50 for a 500ml bottle. The Bottle The bottle itself is clear and you are able to see the liquid inside which is also clear. The liquid is dispensed with a spray nozzle. The neck of the bottle and the spray lever are both dark blue on colour. On the front ...

Baylis & Harding Anti-Bacterial Luxury Hand Wash 15/08/2017

Wonderful Hand Wash

Baylis & Harding Anti-Bacterial Luxury Hand Wash I must admit until recently I have always bene aware of Baylis and Harding products but I had never actually tried them. This year, I had my bathroom completely refurbished and it was my birthday shortly afterwards. As one of my birthday presents, my Mum kindly bought me the Baylis & Harding Jasmine & Apple Blossom Antibacterial hand wash. Baylis & Harding Baylis & Harding was founded in 1969 and it is still an independently run family business. The company is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of bath and body products is located in Redditch in Worcestershire. The company was founded by David Slater and Marcia Simmons and was formally known as Midlands Cosmetic Sales. The name Baylis and Harding was taken from their grandmothers. The Hand Wash The hand wash I was bought was the Jasmine and Apple Blossom variety. The hand wash is also antibacterial. The hand wash is a deep white colour. It may sound strange calling it ‘deep white’ but what I mean is that the hand wash itself looks thick and luxurious and kind of silky. It has a slight pearlescent sheen to it and is nice and thick. Price As I mentioned earlier, this was bought for me as a gift but a quick look online has informed me that this currently retails at £2.19 for a 500ml bottle. I was surprised to discover this as I always thought Baylis & Harding products were expensive but this doesn’t appear to be the case at all. Packaging This hand wash comes packaged in a 500ml bottle which is dome shaped. The bottle ...
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