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Avent Milk Powder Dispenser 25/03/2014

Quick Fix Milk

Quorn Chicken Style Dippers 24/03/2014

Chicken Dippers

Quorn Chicken Style Dippers I have been a vegetarian since I was 11 years old because I have never really been able to get my head around the fact that I am eating an animal. I always loved the taste of meat though and back when I was 11, there were not very many vegetarian options available – and then Quorn came along! One of my favourite items of theirs are the Quorn Chicken Style Dippers. The Quorn Chicken Style Dippers come in a polythene bag weighing 320g. The packaging is white and orange (just like all the Quorn packaging) and all the usual information is written on the front and back of the packaging. The packet contains 18 dippers. The Chicken Dipper itself is about two inches long by and inch and a half wide so quite a substantial size really. Shape wise, they are an oblong kind of shape which of course makes them nice and easy for dipping in things! They are incredibly simple to cook; either pop them under the grill for 10 minutes or in the oven for fifteen minutes. They are the ultimate convenience food with the added bonus that each dipper only contains 33 calories so they are much better for you than the meat alternative. Once cooked, each dipper looks lovely as the outer coating crisps up really well – although be warned the dipper do look quite bright yellow in colour. The outer coating has a nice crunch to it when you bight into the dipper and the inside is light in colour and looks just like chicken. To me, they taste just like chicken to but I have been vegetarian for over half ...

Hollings Filled Hooves Dog Treat 23/03/2014

Heavenly Hoof (Apparently!)

Hollings Filled Hooves Dog Treat It seems that all of my reviews lately have been on baby products. Before having my children, my only babies were my two hounds, Josh and Dax and they still remain my babies – I now just have two babies and two hairy babies! I always like to treat my hounds as much as possible (without them getting fat) and one of their favourite treats is the Hollings Filled Hooves. These dog treats are pretty self explanatory – they are cows hooves filled with a meat flavoured paste. The meat flavour paste can vary from hoof to hoof and flavours I have seen include chicken, beef and bacon. The colour of the paste can also vary, ranging from deep red, to yellow, to beige. I buy these treats from either my local small pet shop or from Jolleyes where they are between 80p and £1 which I think is more than reasonable for a decent dog treat. The hooves come wrapped tightly in cellophane which is useful for transporting them as once they are opened the paste can stick to anything it touches so its literally a case of unwrapping them and immediately giving them to your dogs. As I mentioned earlier, my two love these! Once I have given the hoof to them, the settle in their beds and begin to lovingly lick the paste out of the middle of the hoof. Eventually they realise that is actually going to be much quicker to get the paste out if they grind it out with their teeth and this is exactly what they do. There is usually some paste left in the bottom of the hoof which keeps them entertained for a ...

Johnson's Baby Bed Time Bath 22/03/2014

Bedtime Bath

Johnson's Baby Bed Time Bath Both my children love bath times. My youngest is now six months old so I always try to include some bubbles in his bath so he is able to play with them. I like both my children to have products especially designed for children as I believe that their skin is so pure and new and I don’t want them having harsh chemicals on them. Johnson’s Most people will be familiar with the Johnson’s brand – they have been producing baby products for over 100 years. They claim that they understand the special nurturing that babies eyes, skin and hair require. As well as that, their products also aim to engage the senses and can help to evoke positive emotions and enhance the loving bond between mother and baby. Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Johnson’s state that if you use this product as part of your babies nightly routine, then it is clinically proven to help your baby sleep better – although you would have to follow the Johnson 3-step nightly routine (which of course means you need to use their other products). Johnson’s Bedtime Bath releases calming aromas when added to a warm bath and is meant to help babies fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better. The Johnson’s famous ‘no more tears’ formula is as gentle to your babies’ eyes as pure water. Cost A 500ml bottle of Johnson’s Bedtime Bath costs £3.74 but at the moment, they have a baby event on and it is on special offer for just £1.87 which is a bargain so we have stocked up with plenty of bottles. Packaging The Bedtime Bath ...

ELC My First Maraca 20/03/2014

Musical Maraca

ELC My First Maraca My daughter has always had an interest is music so naturally, for her first Christmas we thought it would be nice to get her some musical instruments. We carried out most of our Christmas shopping at Bluewater and decided to take a look at the Early Learning Centre while we were there. My First Maraca One of the musical instruments that caught our eye while we were in there was that ELC My First Maraca. The maraca is about 7cm long by 3cm so the perfect size for small hands. It comes in either blue or green. The maraca has an easy to hold handle because it is rounded and in the shape of a C. The musical part of the toy is also rounded with a see through bit in the middle. Inside the middle part are loads of beads which when rattled makes the sound for the instrument. This toy is suitable for children over 3 months old. Price The maraca is £3.00 but when we bought it, it was on special offer at half price so we only actually paid £1.50 for it. I have noticed that quite often the Early Learning Centre has special offers of their smaller musical instruments. Packaging Unlike most toys nowadays, the ELC Maraca actually comes with no packaging at all except for a sticky price tag label which is stuck to itself around the toy. Personally, I love the fact that there is no packaging as its friendly for the environment and also meant that this toy made perfect stocking filler. Play Value Molly was 10 months old for her first Christmas so she was more than able to play with the ELC ...

Heinz Smoothie Apple and Pear 14/03/2014

Smoothly Does It

Heinz Smoothie Apple and Pear The first time we took our daughter on holiday abroad, she was seven months old. Packing for a holiday has never been so stressful as I was so worried that I would forget something that we needed. I packed our hand luggage bad with everything I could think that she would possibly need during the flight. I packed a tiny amount of undiluted juice in a bottle so that we could water it down with water and she would have plenty of juice throughout the flight. I also ensured that I packed under the amount of 50ml to make sure I could get it through customs so needless to say I was gutted when they took it from me because I had stupidly packed it in a bottle which was larger than 50ml. I began to panic thinking Molly wouldn’t have any juice for the whole flight when the kind Customs lady told me that they sell lots of baby products in Boots at the airport. There were loads of drinks available but at the time Molly was still only 7 months old so I wanted to make sure she didn’t have anything too sugary and something more suited to her age. After browsing the shelves for a while, I eventually settled on a Heinz smoothie. Heinz Smoothie Heinz smoothies are made with 100% fruit and actually count towards two of your baby’s 5 a day as well as containing 80% of your baby’s vitamin C. The smoothie also contains no colours or preservatives and has no added sugar. Packaging The Heinz smoothies come in bright coloured plastic bottle which has a screw top lid. All the usual information is ...

Heinz Farley's Rusks Original 13/03/2014

First Food Taste

Heinz Farley's Rusks Original Molly is now two years old and pretty much eats anything and everything. I breastfed her for 6 months initially and then started to introduce pureed foods along with other foods that were suitable for her age at the time – one of these foods were Heinz Farley’s Rusks. Heinz Farley’s Rusks Heinz Farley’s rusks date back to the 1880’s but have actually been manufactured by Heinz since 1994. Rusks Heinz Farley’s Rusks are suitable for babies ages 4 months and over, although personally we didn’t try them as early as this as I felt there was probably too solid and crumbly as a first food for a baby. However Heinz Rusks are a great way to gradually introduce your baby to solid foods. They are a good source of calcium, have five added vitamins, contain no artificial preservatives or flavours and are very low in salt. One rusk also contains up to 20% of your babies daily iron needs. Cost Farley’s rusks are £2.29 for a 300g box which contains 18 individual rusks. At the moment they are on a special offer where you get three for the price of two. First Food Heinz suggest that you can use rusks as a first food by simply crushing them up into a bowl and adding some of your babies usual milk. Leave this mixture to stand until the rusks have softened and mix into a paste which you can then feed to your baby. We did this a few times but Molly seemed to prefer the Heinz baby rice to this option so we never really carried on with it. To be honest, we preferred to make our own purees ...

Peppa Pig: Stomp and Roar! 09/03/2014

Do The Stomp...Do The Dinosaur Stomp!

Peppa Pig: Stomp and Roar! My two year old is a massive Peppa Pig fan and she also loves her books so it goes without saying that we have a rather large collection of Peppa Pig books floating round the house. It was my daughter’s birthday last month and literally every single one of her present was Peppa Pig related. My best friend, who is also Molly’s Godmother bought her a Peppa Pig Stomp and Roar sound book. Sadly with books, there is no hiding how much it costs as it is printed boldly on the back of the book. In this case, the book cost £8.99 which actually surprised me as I thought it would have cost more than that for the quality of it. The book was published by Ladybird Books in 2013 and contains 10 pages so it is relatively short and is well suited to toddlers, especially my little girl who has approximately a one minute attention span!! The book is classified as a board book which again is brilliant for toddlers as my little girl can be quite heavy handed at times when she is reading and has been known to tear pages of normal books. I love the fact that I can leave her alone with this book and know that she can sit and turn the pages and press the sound buttons without the worry that she will wreck the book. The book is about 5 inches square but the sound panel for the book is attached at one end which is also about another inch thick. The book is bright red with a picture of Peppa and George on the front. There are also several pictures of dinosaurs on the book too. The sound panel is ...

Annabel Karmel Food Cube Trays with Lids 06/03/2014

Easy Weaning

I am just about the start the process of weaning my second child. Experts recommend that you start to wean your child at around the six month mark and they also recommend that you should do ‘baby led weaning’ which is where you basically give your child batons of cooked, soft foods such as carrots and broccoli. With my first child, I made my own purees at home and didn’t even attempt the baby led weaning and to be honest, I am going to be doing the same with my second child. I really like the fact that when you make your own purees, you know exactly what is going into them as I think it is really important for babies and young children to have a diet containing the best ingredients with no added preservatives. When I decided to make purees for my first child, a friend recommended the Annabel Karmel food trays. I searched around online and eventually bought them from Mothercare where they cost £5.99 per tray. Each tray is separated into 15 different sections measuring about 4cm square with a depth of 5cm. The tray has a firm lid which clips over the top of the tray easily. The trays themselves are very similar in texture to the silicone cake tins you can get, in the sense that they are very flexible. This comes in very handy when you are trying to remove the frozen blocks of puree as you can just kind of turn the tray inside out and flip the frozen block out. The trays themselves are pretty simple and easy to use. You just make your puree, spoon it into the tray, pop the ...

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Puppy 03/03/2014

Playful Puppy

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Puppy I think it is nice for children to have toys to play with but I have to say that I prefer them to have toys that are educational as well as having play value. One of my children’s toys that fall into this category is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy. Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Puppy The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy is a soft toy which is about 30cm tall and looks like a puppy. It is aimed at children 6 months and over. The puppy has brightly coloured ears, hands, paws and tummy and each of these parts are labelled clearly to help teach your child about body parts. The toy is actually interactive too and each part has a button which can be pressed and then plays songs which are designed to help to teach your child about colours, letter, numbers and the different parts of a body. Also included in the settings are 10 nursery rhymes. Cost and Availability We bought our Puppy from Tesco where it cost us £20. This toy is available from many places including Argos, Amazon, Toys R Us and eBay to name a few. To Use Molly first started playing with the toy at the recommended age of six months. By this stage she was pretty much sitting up on her own and incredibly curious about the world around her. She was attempting to reach out for things and definitely seemed to be showing an interest is music and lights. The Puppy is rather large meaning you can prop him up in front of your child which allows them to reach out for the toy and to make an attempt at pressing the ...

Peppa Pig Sticker Paradise 28/02/2014

Sticky Piggy

Peppa Pig Sticker Paradise It was recently my daughters second birthday. Molly is Peppa Pig mad at the moment so as you can imagine, her special day involved lots of Peppa Pig themed presents. Molly is also quite a creative little girl and enjoys drawing etc so obviously she was very pleased to receive the Peppa Pig Sticker Paradise Kit. I bought this present for Molly as a little ‘top up’ present just so she had something else to open because she didn’t have a great deal of presents for her birthday. While browsing the internet looking for Peppa Pig related items, I came across the Peppa Pig Sticker kit on eBay where it costs only £1.40 and a further 95p postage. The kit is basically a large cardboard envelope which is about 1cm thick. On the front there is a brightly coloured typical Peppa Pig scene complete with cloudy blue skies and bright green grass. Peppa and George also appear in the scene. Inside the kit there are five small sheets of stickers which are about six inches long by two inches wide. Each sheet of stickers is a different colour and they look appealing to young children due to the bright colours. Each sheet contains roughly 20 stickers of Peppa Pig and all her friends including Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and Freddy Fox to name a few. Also included in the sticker kit is a little box with a picture of Peppa and George on the front. The inside of the book is blank which allows you child to create their own scenes using the stickers and a little bit of imagination. The book is quite ...

The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson 23/02/2014

"A Mouse Took A Stroll"

The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson My two year old daughter is turning into a little bookworm which is great for me as I also love reading. My parents have a humongous selection of children’s books at their house as my niece stays there a lot so I recently borrowed some new books to ensure that Molly doesn’t get bored reading the same ones over and over. I selected the Julia Donaldson collection of books and Molly’s firm favourite definitely has to be ‘The Gruffalo’. The Gruffalo is written by Julia Donaldson and the illustrations are done by Axel Scheffler. The book itself is glossy and is eye catching to look at. The pages are thick enough that they do not tear easily (although I still don’t trust Molly with it on her own as she can be too rough at times). The Gruffalo is aimed at children between the ages of 3-7. The text is large (ish), clear and bold and the illustrations are eye catching and colourful. It is written in Julia Donaldson’s signature rhyming verse. I must admit to finding it quite hard to read books that rhyme as I always feels like I am stuttering along trying to make sure I read it correctly but Donaldson has a way of just making it work and I read the book without really thinking about needing to make it rhyme and it still does anyway. With the rhyming text and the beautiful illustrations, it is clear to see why this book is multi-award winning. The book definitely works better when being read aloud to your child and Molly adores having it read to her. While I read, she points out ...

Peppa Pig Bubble Fun Book 17/02/2014

Muddy Bubbly Puddles

Peppa Pig Bubble Fun Book My little girl is completely and utterly obsessed with Peppa Pig and loves anything to do with it! She recently turned two and as you can imagine, her birthday was full of all things Peppa Pig. Molly is also a rather large book fan and one of her favourite presents was a Peppa Pig book called Peppa’s Bubble Fun. The book was published by Ladybird in 2009 and contains 10 pages so it is relatively short and is well suited to toddlers, especially my little girl who doesn’t have the largest attention span! The book is classified as a board book which again is brilliant for toddlers as my little girl is quite heavy handed when trying to read books and will often tear pages of normal books. I love the fact that I can leave her alone with this book and know that she can enjoy it without the worry that she will wreck it! The book is about 5 inches square and yellow in colour with a large picture of Peppa on the front. On the bottom right hand corner of the book there is a sound button which when pressed makes the sound of Peppa Pig laughing. The button is located on the back page of the book and there is a hole in every page allowing the reader to press the button throughout the entire book. My one grumble is that the button sadly only makes one noise, the noise of Peppa laughing so sometimes it can be a bit annoying and repetitive. The story tells you about Peppa and George blowing bubbles in their drinks while sat in their kitchen. Daddy Pig encourages them to blow bubbles ...

Tesco Clotted Cream Rice Pudding 13/02/2014

Rice Pudding Heaven

As I have mentioned before, my Dad is a great bargain hunter and often goes to our local Tesco of an evening when they are reducing lots of items. Conveniently, I live between my parents house and our local Tesco’s so my Dad often pops in to our on his way home to share his goodies. This means we often get to try items that I would normally be too tight to pay full price for. The latest item was Tesco Clotted Cream Rice Pudding. Tesco Clotted Cream Rice Pudding is described as being a rice pudding made with clotted cream and double cream and finished with nutmeg. Packaging Clotted Cream Rice Pudding comes sealed inside a cardboard box. The box has a clear viewing panel on the front so you are able to clearly see the product inside before buying. The front of the packaging is fairly plain and just has to product name printed on the front. The back of the packaging has all the usual information such as cooking instructions, freezing guidelines and nutritional information. The rice pudding is in a black plastic tub inside the cardboard box. Price The rice pudding is a 500g tub and normally costs £2.50. My Dad was lucky enough to snap it up for just 50p. To Cook This product can be cooked from fresh or frozen. It can also be cooked in either the microwave or the oven. To oven cook from fresh, it takes 30 minutes on sag mark 4. In the microwave, from fresh it takes 2 minutes, and then needs to be taken out and stirred and then cooked for a further minute and a half. Taste and ...

Little Dish Pasta Bolognese 09/02/2014

Big Babies Bolognese!

Little Dish Pasta Bolognese We recently had a new flight of stairs installed in our house and the carpenter needed us to be out of his way for the entire three days. This meant that dinner time and bed time was somewhat of a rush, especially with two children under two. I needed to find a quick meal for my toddler but I also like her to eat decent food so I set of to Tescos to see what I could find her. Initially I looked at the baby aisle but none of the items really appealed to me because they were all quite small and my little girl has a big appetite! I decided to venture down the ready meal aisle and it was here that I found the ‘Little Dish’ range. The Little Dish range is obviously aimed at children and they state that their dishes contain 100% natural ingredients and no added salt which is brilliant! There were several dishes to pick from, but I opted for Pasta with herby Bolognese as this is one of her favourites. Each pack contains 200 grams and costs £2.15. At the moment, Tesco’s have an offer on where you can purchase two meals for £4 so you can save a little bit. The Pasta with herby Bolognese comes packaged just like other convenience meals, in a little plastic tray with a cardboard sleeve. The packaging is designed to be appealing to children with a cartoon character chef printed on the front of it. The product description states ‘Macaroni pasta topped with British beef mince and a herby tomato and five vegetable sauce.’ On the back of the packaging are the cooking instructions. The ...
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