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Hi. Not on here much now but I'll get back soon and start doing my reviews again but feel free to reat and rate mine and I'll return the favour.

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Mentos Fruit Sugarfree 15/10/2007

Mento Mentos

Mentos Fruit Sugarfree Mentos, Mentos, Mentos. I love the mint Mentos but I wan't so sure when I picked up a packet of these at my local Sainsbury's. They caught my eye purely because of the brightly coloured packaging but they did cost a bit too much for my liking. When I first popped one in my mouth I was a bit skeptical but I liked it quite alot. It wasn' too sweet and it lasted along time even it it was a bit too chewy. The flavour was great and as soon as I finished my first packet I went back for more. INFO -------- They come in a 32 g brightly coloured box but some guys might not to pick them up because of the pink/purple colour. The box is pretty sturdy and didn't get crushed in my pocket with my phone and wallet in aswell. The box come wrapped in a celophane wrapping which is easy to get off in a hurry. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (Per 100g) --------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- Energy - 1085kj / 260 kcal Protein - 1g Carbohydrate - 87g Fat - 5.5g There is no Fibre (0 g) and no Sodium (0 g) which is great for those trying to cut down. MENTOS ------------- I do like these mentos but when I go into my local sainsbury's I still pick up a packet of mint flavoured ones instead of these. They aren't quite as good for me but you might adore them if you love fruity sweets. They might be a bit expansive but each sweet does last a long time. One thing I do have to say about the lack of sugar in these is that I am sure that is the reason why my coke ...

Sony VAIO SZ Series VGN-SZ4XWN/C 16/04/2007

Sony VAIO. You'll never need anythin else.

Sony VAIO SZ Series VGN-SZ4XWN/C My dad was looking for a new laptop as he had just changed his job and his old laptop was a company laptop. The old laptop was a Dell so at first he looked at Dell laptops as he hadn't had any problems with his old laptop and thought it would be a good idea to stick with them because he trusted their name. He then saw an article in one of his pc magazines on Sony VAIO laptops. He looked into this further, liked the specs of the laptops and their prices for what you get and decided that was the type of laptop he wanted to get. VAIO Sony's range of laptops goes under the name of VAIO. There are 8 different series of laptops each with their own specialities as such. They are: AR Series, C Series, BX Series, G Series, N Series, UX Series, SZ Series and the TX Series. These range from laptops for big business men down to laptops for a student going through university or college. This following section will just give descriptions on each of the series so feel free to just skip ahead to the review on the actual laptop. AR Series The AR series is aimed at people who want a big screen to show lots of work for instance. These laptops have 17" screens so they are pretty big laptops. It makes full potential of HD technology with both Blu-Ray and HD DVD. They have built in cameras and microphones good for video conferencing or just as a web cam. It has a hybrid TV tuner so you can sit and watch TV on your laptop. It comes with Windows Media Centre which is always very handy ...

HP ScanJet G4050 Photo Scanner 11/04/2007

Great Scanner

HP ScanJet G4050 Photo Scanner I bought myself this to scan various things (old photos, documents and some sheet music) and this does the job pretty well. It was a bit on the expensive side but I needed something that would give me good quality and I could trust that it would work well so I went for HP as they are well known for good quality products. TECHNICAL INFORMATION It can scan at up to 4,800 dpi (dots per inch) It has 96 bit colour It has a 216x311mm scanning screen Connects by USB It is 303x508x108mm (wxdxh) It weighs 5.2 kg So it can give you very good quality, it gets a lot of colours, it's got a decent sized scanning screen, it's pretty big and it's not a light weight utility. There is nothing in there to put me off though because I still bought it. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT IT Scanners have been dying out because they are getting beaten by MFDs (multi-functional devices) because they scan and print it out straight off with very good quality and work as photocopiers. You can pick up a scanner for very little now but they don't have very good quality but this scanner does so it's good for me. This scanner is the first to arrive with two lamps instead of one which means it gets a much wider range of colours and better quality. Having two lamps means it takes two readings and then combines them giving much better and accurate colours in the final image. I was able to pick this one up for about £130 which is pretty expensive but I was willing to pay that much. SIZE MATTERS It's a ...

LiteOn SSM-85H5SX 10/04/2007

Read, write and draw what more do you need?

LiteOn SSM-85H5SX Quite recently I decided I was going to start to upgrade my computer get a few extra components, a couple of toys etc. So I looked at my bank account decided what I had to spend and went shopping. At the top of my list was a new CD/DVD RW drive that I could use in both my pc and laptop and could carry about with me easily with my laptop. So I wanted a lightweight, small, USB external drive. I started looking and found just what I was looking for and as an added bonus it had one very cool extra feature. It was the Liteon SSM-85H5SX. The added extra was the Lightscribe technology meaning I can design an image and then burn it onto the top side of a specially made disk. SPECIFICATIONS This is just a list of read, write and rewrite speeds. The complicated way to explain this is to say that the first CD drive read a 150 Kbps (kilobits per second) and this is X so 2X is 2 times as fast (300 kbps) as just X, 3X is 3 times as fast (450 kbps) and so on. This is in bits though and nowadays we work in bytes, there are 8 bits in a byte so this means that to find out how long it should take to burn a full CD (700 megabytes) you find out how many kilobits you have (1024 KB = 1MB) and then diving it by your speed and that is how long in seconds you should be able to write at. Just remember though that you usually won't run at the maximum speed that is possible. I'm sorry if I lost you completely there but to put it simply, the bigger the number the faster it is. DVD Write: DVD+R ...

Motorola V525 07/04/2007

My V525

Motorola V525 I've had this phone for about 2 years now and its still doing what it needs to. It has loads of features and is an all round pretty good phone. BASICS I mostly use it for texting my friends which it does well but i do get annoyed at times when i get a really rubbish signal and it wont send for ages even when ive had a signal for a while after. The keys are good quality and havnt worn away at all. It becomes annoying after a while trying to scroll through all the characters just to find a question mark or whatever but i guess its the same with all phones. I dont use it for calling people that often but when i hav it does its job well and i havnt had problems with that. The handsfree feature isnt very good but I have a bluetooth handsfree set anyway. BLUETOOTH leading on from that the bluetooth capabilities are pretty good. I use the bluetooth capabilities to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer mostly but it is such a hassle getting it set up and working and alot of swearing was involved. I also use it to transfer games that i have on a disk to my phone which took a while to get working but in the end i got it working. I have had problems with bluetooth but all sorts of technology has problems at first and im sure the newer motorolas are alot better. It also has a very slow transfer speed when recieving or sending files to other phones. GAMES The phone comes with 3 games which are monopoly, stuntman and star miner. The best one out of them is ...

Canon Digital IXUS 70 02/04/2007

Canon Digital IXUS 70

Canon Digital IXUS 70 Canon are very well know for there cameras and always produce very good products. This is no exception and comes with lots of features. It is a 7.1 megapixel digital camera which means the pictures that it takes are very, very good quality. Personally I think that 5 megapixels is enough for taking photos but if you are planning on doing a lot of editing and zooming in on certain parts of photos then maybe 6 or 7 megapixels is more what you are after. This fits into the second category there so if you are looking to take photos to edit and want a well know name for a camera then this could be a good option for you. It has a new technology for taking photos of people and can detect and face on the screen and set itself up so you will get the best possible picture, I will go into more detail for this later on. It also has a red eye reduction feature in play-back mode. DESIGN Starting with the look of the camera it has a very simple design; it is really just a box shape. The whole cameras dimensions are 86 x 53 x 18 mm; this makes it a very compact camera which can fit into your pocket or your hand very easily. As far as I can make out it comes in two different designs either just silver (the one that I have) or with a black ring around the lens which reaches out onto the main body of the camera. The second of these is definitely not as good looking but I am not too sure if this is the same model or a different model altogether. One thing that pleased me when I bought this ...

Swimming in General 01/04/2007


Swimming in General I spent a lot of my time swimming either training or competing. I have been training since I was about 8 or 9 and I am still doing it today which means I have been training for about 5 or 6 years. Throughout this time I have achieved so much and have had so much fun. I love the sport even though many of my friends make fun of me because of the swimwear which can be uncomfortable at times and shows a lot of skin and is always tight. TRAINING As I just said I have been training for about 5 or 6 years but before that I did swimming lessons and so on. I train at Bo'ness Swimming club and have trained there since the very beginning. I train three times a week on Monday nights from 7 until 9, on Thursday nights from 6 until 9 and on Fridays nights from 5.30 until 7. This adds up to 6 ½ hours of training which isn't that much and some boys my age do double that amount. I could also go to two other training sessions on Wednesday mornings before school and early on a Saturday morning but I don't like getting up early at all. I also try to get up to the gym twice a week but for a while I have been recovering from illness and injuries but soon I will get back into the rhythm of things and will try and get up to 10 hours a week of training. On a Monday night I will usually swim about 4 or 5 kilometres which would include a warm up, a strength set (pull or kick), an aerobic set (working hard and fast but building stamina throughout), some max effort work (getting the heart rate ...

Samsung BD-P 1000 13/03/2007

Blu-ray is it really all it's said to be?

Samsung BD-P 1000 Now this is a very special piece of equipment, it is the first Blu-ray disk player out so it is a really cool piece. It's really a bit for the show offs out there (like me) though. It costs a lot of money and is really not worth it unless you will be showing it off a lot because it costs twice as much as Toshibas HD-DVD players. It looks really good with a glossy black finish over the top of it and looks like a really well finished product and would fit in well with a modern looking house hold full of gadgets and gizmos. One bad thing is that the remote is really quite bad in comparison to the actual player it's just not as cool but it is easy to use and I have managed to memorise the positions of all the buttons I use on it. As you turn on the player it is illuminated in blue light and looks really quite smart with a blue display and blue buttons on it to go with the Blu-ray name. FEATURES The main selling point of this is that it can play Blu-ray disks, which is a very good selling point but Blu-ray disks might not do well and HD-DVD disks might win the battle going on between them, meaning buying this product may end up being a waste of money. HD-DVD players offer pretty much the same sort of quality and features but at the moment the HD-DVD disks have better quality but I am sure that Blu-ray will catch up really very soon. The difference isn't even noticeable though unless you have a really big TV with the capabilities to use these types of players to their full ...

Creative Inspire P5800 11/03/2007

My speakers

Creative Inspire P5800 I got these speakers for my dell computer (have a look at that review as well if you have time please) over a year ago now and I still have them hooked up and working really well. It is a 5.1 set of speakers meaning there a five satellites and a bass speaker. This means it has more of a surround sound feel but I really don't get that sense of feeling very well from this set of speakers so if it is a set of speakers with a good sense of surround sound it's not worth getting these ones in my point of view. BASICS This speaker system is pretty basic nothing really fancy going on with them. The system is a 72 watt system which can pack a punch when the volume is put up. It has a wired remote with a power/volume control on it and a bass level on it. I have noticed on mine though that the prints on it are upside down I don't know why but it gave me a fright when I thought it was off and I turned them on at full volume. It comes with all the basics, the speakers have the wires in the back of them no need to do that yourself, all other cables are supplied power supply is supplied and so on nothing extra is needed. SATELLITES There are five satellites four of which are 8 watt speakers and the other one which is an 18 watt speaker. The more powerful of them is the central speaker the others are front right and left and rear right and left. They are all black speakers with a front cover with a meshy sort of material over the front to protect them which can be removed. They ...

Sony SRS DZ10 11/03/2007

Stylish Speakers

Sony SRS DZ10 Speakers always confuse me all this rubbish to do with how many watts, RMS and so on I've never understood it so I decided to go to my best friend who knows a lot about this sort of thing. He works in the multimedia industry and told me to have a look at Sony speakers and as I trusted him I had a look around. I wanted something I could make noise with while it was still good quality. I wanted something stylish and not some rubbishy boxy speakers so when I saw these and read up on them I went out and bought them for around about £90. They fitted in with what I wanted and look very cool in my point of view. I like having modern looking things in my home; I don't like all those boxes everywhere just so dull. BASICS Sony are well known for having very good quality products (even if they never are released on time!!). They like their modern looking pieces of equipment which is evident in these speakers. They are a 2.1 speaker set which means it contains 2 small speakers (satellites) and a big bass speaker (sub-woofer). It also has a console for controlling speaker volume with 2 inputs, one for your pc and the other for maybe an Mp3 player (at least that's what I use it for) and it has a headphone output. The control console has not just the basic volume control but also a bass control so you can have big loud bass beats or a less loud bass and just chill out to your music if that's what you are doing. SATELLITES The satellites have a 6watt output which is nothing huge ...

Logitech V400 Laser Cordless Notebook Mouse - mouse 10/03/2007

My travel mouse

Logitech V400 Laser Cordless Notebook Mouse - mouse I got this mouse to use with my laptop because using the wee pad can be pretty annoying and using a mouse is much, much easier. This mouse is pretty basic nothing too fancy nothing too expensive. I picked this up for just under £20 which I though was pretty good. It doesn't have many extra buttons for anything really fancy but I don't need that. Within the box was the mouse, a single AA battery, the USB key, a disk with utilities on it and a simple instructions manual. So it came with everything needed, batteries included. The mouse itself is robust and a good shape. My fingers do hang off the edge a bit but it's big enough. It has the basic 3 buttons and the scrolling wheel but with 2 extra programmable buttons or you can use this for forward and backward scrolling. The two extra buttons look they are independent when they are actually on a sort of see-saw which is not very good but no great problem. It is a two tone mouse and has been said to be the SUV of mice. The orange version of this mouse backs that up. The orange one is brighter but no different in any other way. The main problem I have had with travel mice in the past is that they are too small and are hard to use. I don't see why manufactures don't realize this and make them bigger but Logitech have and that's why I got this mouse. It's a good bit bigger than the last one I had and I can still carry it around with me easily. It's a laser mouse so it is more accurate and has no annoying red glow from ...

Dell Dimension 5150 08/03/2007

My Dell

Dell Dimension 5150 I got my dell computer 2 christmas's ago and i still have it today and have no great urge to uprage it. It's a pretty good computer well worth what i payed for it and as it's dell i could trust that it would work and i wouldn't have problems with it (but it does have issues with some usb devices). PERFORMANCE It has a 3 Ghz processor in it and 512mb of ram which is pretty good and a 128mb graphics card. These are both ugradable on the wesite but for the ram dell charge very large amounts when you can just buy some new ram off a website on the internet for alot less. The processor is pretty good but i think it is held back a bit by onlly 512mb of ram and a 128mb graphics card. If you are going to be using it for lots of games and demanding programs i would say you should definitely think about upgrading it to 1 Gb ram and a 256mb graphics card. I mainly use it for internet usage, msn & listening to music but i do also play some games on it and it runs them quite smoothly. I can turn it on and within a few minutes i can be stting at my computer listening to music on I-tunes, talking to people on msn and surfing the internet which i think is quite impressive HARD DRIVE It comes with an 80 Gb hard drive which is ok if you dont keep loads of games on your computer or have alot of movies on it. If you do it is well worth upgrading to a 160 Gb or bigger hard drive which doesn't cost that much. Its a pretty good hard drive never have problems with it does its job well ...

MSI Megabook M670 001UK 21/02/2007

My MSI Notebook

MSI Megabook M670 001UK I got this as a Christmas present last year as i needed a laptop to do school work surf the internet and just th usual sorts of things. This laptop is great for that and more. It comes with a 1.8 ghz AMD sempron processor which is pretty good for the £500 this laptop costs. It has 1 gb of ram and an 80 Gb hard disk which is big enough for the average home user. It has a 15.4" TFT monitor. It can play about 2 hours of DVD playback at full charge and it can do just under 3 hours while doing normal work on it. It's very good value for money but it does have bad things going for it aswell. The keyboard was the main let down for me as it has been crushed into a small space and i pretty hard to get used to it. They have tried to cram a whole numerical keypad onto the side of the keyboard which is only useful if you are doing alot of spreadsheet work for business and if you are you probably wont be buying a £500 laptop. The trackpad has also been pushed off centre to the left meaning you keep your hands based over to one side which is not too big a problem just takes a bit to get used to and it does look quite odd. Its not all bad news for this laptop though it has its good points aswell. Having a 1.8 ghz processor and 1 gb of ram means you have a good bit of power to play with. As i said i really only wanted this laptop to do basic things on and not to anything very demanding but if you really want to this laptop will be able to play a couple of games on it pretty well. If ...

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) 19/02/2007

Sims 2 what a game

The Sims 2 (DVD-Rom) I've had this game for a good wee while and i still enjoy playing it for hours on end. When i first got it i pretty much played it from the time i got up to the time i went to sleep (with breaks for food of course) for 2 days. This game is seriously addictive and is really good. The best feature of this has to be how real it actually seems with the growth stages, how the feelings last longer, the way the jobs are done and the pollished feel. I have had loads of fun playing about with all the different options for faces making people have huge ears or tiny eys or other strange features. Its also great fun to try and make someone look like a celeb or friend and play the game like their life. I like starting familys from scratch and working hard to keep them going through lots of generations but it can get pretty hard to handle 5 or 6 people in the same house and then if you set the house on fire and kill everying its back to square one or you might be lucky and have saved it earlier (many a time i havnt and have been very pissed off). I like the jobs you can do because its good fun to see how they progress up in the world getting a better car to come and pick them up and seeing them wearing suits to work instead of jeans and a shirt really makes it feel pretty good. With the introduction of the days of the week in it it also feels more realy with them only working 4, 5 or 6 days a week. Its also fun to just cheat and get loads of cash build a mansion and then ...

iPod Video 30GB 18/02/2007

My Ipod

iPod Video 30GB I've had my ipod for almost a year now and i couldnt live without it. I listen to it going everywhere and take it with me just in case i need it. I listen to it before i go to sleep many nights a week. I just love it. Its just the right ipod for me because a nano wouldnt store all my music and podcasts on it and the next step up in the ipod video range would just be a bit too much and i would never use all that space. I love the fact i can watch videos on my ipod. I used to have an ipod mini but as soon as this one was released i just had to get one so i waited till i had the cash and went out and bought it. The one thing that let me down about the videos was how hard it is to get them on with all the converting of videos and getting the sound sycronised. It took me a while but now i have a great way of doing it and have a full season of scrubs on my ipod as well as a full season of the simpsons and a few movies. I have only just used half of the space up so im really happy with the amount of space on it. The battery life used to be a real problem when there was no option to change how bright the screen is but now with the new software and that option i can watch a good few hours of video and still have lots of battery life left which is just right for me. I have about 2500 songs on my ipod many of which are actually podcasts but thats not the point. I can listen to all my music on it and its not asif im goin to run out of space quickly. I am a subriber to about ...
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