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Not sure why people comment just to say 'not for me' or 'will give this a miss'. Hardly contributing to the review or helping out future readers looking to purchase the item.

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Altec Lansing BXR1320 01/12/2014

Value For Money

Argos White Oscillating Tower Fan 10/11/2014

Gets the Job Done

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Deodorant Spray 10/11/2014

A Must Have

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Deodorant Spray This is one of my favourite Deodorants and ranks amongst my top especially when it comes to Chanel. Chanel has about five main different fragrances of which in each fragrance they produce the aftershaves, the balms, all the way through to the deodorants so this deodorant is specifically for Allure Homme Sport, not to be confused with the also popular Allure Homme as the smells are very different between the two. In terms of the can it is a very basic can but it works well. It isn't one of these fancy twist ones like Lynx or the Right Guard ones where you have to turn the nozzle and take it off safety. It just has a simple lid which you remove and then spray. I do find with the Chanel deodorants that with each spray only a little comes out at a time. If you think of the Lynx ones where you can hold the button down and it will spray forever, this is the complete opposite. So you need to press the button quite a few times, and I generally aim for about five or six sprays in order to get good coverage. I do use it primarily for the smell so this goes mainly over my clothes rather than my cheaper antiperspirant which is for the body. The smell like I mentioned is the same as the aftershave. The best way to describe it is a spicy fruit. There is a very woody type of after tone which is my favourite part but it also smells very sophisticated but then it does cost considerably more than others. You are looking at £23 at Boots so definitely not day wear here. I refrain from wearing ...

Tear the World Down - We Are the Fallen 06/10/2014

A very decent album

Tear the World Down - We Are the Fallen Let's be clear, this is effectively Evanescence having returned without the original lead singer Amy Lee. For those of you who don't know, Evanescence were a massive band maybe ten years ago and had some huge singles. They were gothic but appealed to the main stream and Ben Moody was a big part of this. He was a great producer and knew what worked with the leader singer Amy Lee who has a phenomenal voice. Unfortunately though as in most cases he didn't like how Amy Lee was getting all the exposure and they had numerous arguments. Eventually he left taking the whole band with him and they found a new female leader singer, Carly Smithson, who initially found fame through the popular tv show American Idol. Don't get bogged down by this as she has a set of pipes on her and proves a decent replacement for Amy Lee. So with the same member's asides from lee and a new singer, unsurprisingly this has a very Evanescence feel to the album but there were a few great tracks on her and as always I will review my favourite ones. Bury Me Alive ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was the first single released from the album and sets the tone really for the whole album. It is very gothic and I've noticed as it is really is Ben Moody's band now that he has put a massive emphasis on the electric guitar just to stamp his mark. Vocally it is very strong and clearly Carly had to lay down a marker and show off her voice here. What I must say however is that vocally she isn't in the same league as Amy Lee but she ...

The Place Beyond the Pines (DVD) 05/10/2014

Worth a watch

Philips HD4666/40 02/10/2014

A great kettle

Philips HD4666/40 The kettle I had for last eight years broke down last month and of course like most people I can't survive without my tea so had to rush out and get a kettle. Normally I research for best deal and don't mind waiting a few days, but in this instance as it was a classified 'emergency' I popped to Argos, checked through catalogue and plumped for this choice. It seems like this comes in two different colours as the version in the picture is Red whilst mine is a silver stainless steel but this is a minor point. For me when buying a Kettle I don't look for many features but a few are essential. Firstly there needs to be a clear water level indicator which is accurate. I don't like wasting water which is why this is so important and of course I don't want the occasions where I underestimate the amount of water and need to boil another amount. Secondly I hate when the dirt and scale builds up in the kettle which usually happens after constant use. I want an easy cleanable solution and this kettle has a system where there is a removable washable scale filter so this works for me. Also I have notice that the gap to fill the water is bigger here than my previous kettle and whilst this is not essential it is a nice plus. Of course boil speed is important this is where this kettle has a big advantage over my old one. I would say it is twice as fast and literally as soon as I press the button it is off and whizzing and you can expect in 30-45 seconds for your water to be ready. By far ...

Axa Private Healthcare 01/10/2014

Hopefully nothing nasty will appear in the future. - Axa healthca

Axa Private Healthcare I am relatively new to AXA insurance but thankfully with my new job having AXA as cover I have been quick to take full advantage of the scheme and to try and get my injuries sorted. I will go through the process here and what I liked and didn't like about it. So I won't mention my employer but once I received my membership number for AXA, I phoned up the direct line for AXA. This is a specialist line dedicated to my company and they are also open on Saturdays which is a real advantage I feel as often on a weekday I don't have time. I must add that before phoning AXA for any issues you have, you have to go to your GP first and get a referral. This is basically just so that the insurance company understands that it is a real issue and that your GP is happy to refer you to a specialist and private healthcare. Once you phone AXA you tell them about your problem and they will ask you if you have a consultant in mind or if you want them to find you one. In my case I am very new to this so I asked them to find me one. They then say that they will get back to you within two working days and give you claim numbers so make sure you hang on to these. I will be honest I was a little worried when they said they would find me the specialist consultants. I figured that they would have their special connections that offer them better rates and maybe skimp out with cheaper ones so that they can save money. They did not get back to me after two days, but to be fair to them they called me on ...

Chanel Antaeus After-Shave Lotion 29/09/2014

Check It Out - Chanel Antaeus

Chanel Antaeus After-Shave Lotion I have the whole Chanel men's range as I used to work there so took advantage of the generous discount that they provided. This is one of the brands under the men's fragrances along with Allure Homme, Allure Homme Sport, Blue, Platinum Egoist and Pour Monsieur, although there are numbered of limited edition brands that have their own set of products. This is a specific smell that has got quite a mixed reaction but personally I love it and it offers something completely different to the others and in fact makes the likes of Allure Homme seem very bland in comparison. The best way to describe the smell is a Leathery musky smell. I mean this is the nicest way possible. It smells of sophistication and class but then that is where the criticism has come in with a few people saying that it smells like an old man's fragrance. By this I assume they mean it smells of something from the 70's or 80's but I disagree. Just because it is different doesn't make it bad. Take Burberry London for example. It is one of the most popular but that for me smells like something from years gone by so I guess it really depends on the individual and that is the beauty with fragrances. So the difference between this and the Eau De Toilette is that that is used directly after shaving to close the pours whilst the latter is used primarily for the smell. But I use them in conjunction with the aftershave before the EDT. However I do use the aftershave more sparingly and in terms of the occasion I would ...

Adidas for Men Body Spray Ice Dive 25/08/2014

Cheap and cheerfull

Adidas for Men Body Spray Ice Dive Not really a specific reason I purchased this product apart from the fact that it was on offer at Superdrug and I was looking for a cheap body spray at the time. So the way this differs from a spray like Right Guard antiperspirant is that it is focused more on the smell rather than preventing sweat. Don't get me wrong it can prevent sweat at the same time but smell is the reason people buy this. I use it as a second product with my right guard and they actually complement each other quite well. The smell I can only describe as a spicy fresh smell. I am not sure where the ice dive name came from. It doesn't have that fresh ice smell and I can only imagine they just picked the name out of a hat. I guess it is possibly from the fact it is a deo spray, so used as a double up effect of smelling nice and having anti-perspirant qualities to keep you cool, but then I can't explain the dive part. In terms of when I would use this it is more of a day to day work fragrance. I would never use it on a night out. Not that there is anything wrong with it and I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed about it. It is just that I used to work at Chanel, so have a number of Chanel deodorant which smell on a much higher level compared to this. I have to use them sometime so save them for nights out and the special occasions. This excels at providing good value for money which is why I have it as day time wear. In terms of price we are looking at just £1 which is very good value. It is a ...

Boots Smile Dental Floss Freshmint 24/08/2014

Ensure this is in your cabinet

Boots Smile Dental Floss Freshmint I have been reviewing all my dental products recently and this is the last product I have to review and probably the most simple of them all. I say this as essentially it is just a thread, all be it a very secure thread that doesn't break whilst you are cleaning between your teeth as that could get very messy. So as I was in Boots at the time I did not have a lot of choice, and in fact this was the only floss available with a more expensive non Boots version out of stock. It cost me £1.89 and has easily enough reel for a month's use or much longer. It does really depend on yourself though how long you want it too last. As you may not use it as regularly or more likely you may not use the amount that they prescribe. In terms of the use they recommend that you pull out 30cm from the container. It is very straight forward to cut as there is a little mettle section sticking out that allows you to easily cut the floss, and don't worry this mettle part isn't dangerous as it is designed in a certain way that the sharp part is facing away from you and the outside of it is completely flat and blunt. After this you then have to wrap the ends around your finger in order to get a good grip. This is where it can be deceiving as you think you have cut enough floss but then after wrapping around your fingers for a secure hold you find that you have not cut enough, but with enough experience you will learn what you feel most comfortable with. For the actual use of the product you simply ...

Dentyl pH Icy-Fresh Mint Exhilaration Triple Defence Mouthwash 21/08/2014

A great product

Fifa 13 (PS3) 16/08/2014

Fifa 13 worth a buy if you didn't purchase Fifa 12.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste 10/08/2014

A great alternative

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste After a visit to my dentist last year I figured it was time for a toothpaste change. I just felt that my regular Colgate was doing enough and had heard good things about this toothpaste. I was keen to see if it could suddenly change my teeth or well at least make some sort of difference. My dentist recommended this and so off I went and bought it and the rest is history. So I guess first things first I will focus on the taste. Now after using Colgate literally as far back as I remember this was quite a shock to the system but I had been warmed. However some people don't give it a change and forget why they use toothpaste in the first place. Plus after a few goes the taste it improves. There is still the mint taste however as it is primarily baking soda it means that it avoids it being too artificially minty which I don't really see as a bad thing. So on to the main reason I bought the toothpaste. I do feel it is more effective and it leaves my teeth feeling way more fresh than Colgate but I also don't know how much of this is a psychological thing, and if my teeth genuinely look whiter. At the end of the day I think you need to take care of your teeth early on rather than relying on these type of products to make a big difference, but I definitely found this more effective than Colgate but it will hit your wallet harder. In terms of the price you are looking at £3.25 at Boots, but you can get this on offer at times for as low as £2.50 which is what I paid. In comparison ...

Me Against Myself (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Jay Sean 09/08/2014

Check this out if you want to hear a different side to him

SoundMagic E10 09/08/2014

Very good if you are always breaking your earphones

SoundMagic E10 This according to many of the expert reviews online is the best earphones you can get in the £40 range, so did it hold up this statement for me? I can categorically say no, although let me delve in to this a little more. So let's start off with the design of these earphones. In terms of colours you can get a few different options ranging from red and black, gold and black and the pair that I currently have which is silver and black. They don't vary too much but I guess at least it is some options. The advantage of the design here over other earphones in this price range is the cord. It is made out of a different sturdier material and this was one of the prime reasons I bought it. You would not believe the amount of earphones that have gone to waste because the cord has been weak and one of the sides of the earphones had stopped worked. I wanted to put an end to it and these Soundmagics were the solution. It is made out of much firmer material which does not break easily and I have had these for several months now with no damage at all. SO of course the most important thing is the sound and this is the reason these earphones are rated so highly. Now the first time I placed these in my ears there was a noticeable difference from my previous earphones which cost around £15. There was a lot more oomph, the bass was stronger and the treble was much cleaner. I was wondering why I had not converted much sooner. However since then I have listened to many other sets of earphones, ...
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