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Not sure why people comment just to say 'not for me' or 'will give this a miss'. Hardly contributing to the review or helping out future readers looking to purchase the item.

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Dentyl pH Icy-Fresh Mint Exhilaration Triple Defence Mouthwash 21/08/2014

A great product

Fifa 13 (PS3) 16/08/2014

Fifa 13 worth a buy if you didn't purchase Fifa 12.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste 10/08/2014

A great alternative

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Toothpaste After a visit to my dentist last year I figured it was time for a toothpaste change. I just felt that my regular Colgate was doing enough and had heard good things about this toothpaste. I was keen to see if it could suddenly change my teeth or well at least make some sort of difference. My dentist recommended this and so off I went and bought it and the rest is history. So I guess first things first I will focus on the taste. Now after using Colgate literally as far back as I remember this was quite a shock to the system but I had been warmed. However some people don't give it a change and forget why they use toothpaste in the first place. Plus after a few goes the taste it improves. There is still the mint taste however as it is primarily baking soda it means that it avoids it being too artificially minty which I don't really see as a bad thing. So on to the main reason I bought the toothpaste. I do feel it is more effective and it leaves my teeth feeling way more fresh than Colgate but I also don't know how much of this is a psychological thing, and if my teeth genuinely look whiter. At the end of the day I think you need to take care of your teeth early on rather than relying on these type of products to make a big difference, but I definitely found this more effective than Colgate but it will hit your wallet harder. In terms of the price you are looking at £3.25 at Boots, but you can get this on offer at times for as low as £2.50 which is what I paid. In comparison ...

Me Against Myself (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Jay Sean 09/08/2014

Check this out if you want to hear a different side to him

SoundMagic E10 09/08/2014

Very good if you are always breaking your earphones

SoundMagic E10 This according to many of the expert reviews online is the best earphones you can get in the £40 range, so did it hold up this statement for me? I can categorically say no, although let me delve in to this a little more. So let's start off with the design of these earphones. In terms of colours you can get a few different options ranging from red and black, gold and black and the pair that I currently have which is silver and black. They don't vary too much but I guess at least it is some options. The advantage of the design here over other earphones in this price range is the cord. It is made out of a different sturdier material and this was one of the prime reasons I bought it. You would not believe the amount of earphones that have gone to waste because the cord has been weak and one of the sides of the earphones had stopped worked. I wanted to put an end to it and these Soundmagics were the solution. It is made out of much firmer material which does not break easily and I have had these for several months now with no damage at all. SO of course the most important thing is the sound and this is the reason these earphones are rated so highly. Now the first time I placed these in my ears there was a noticeable difference from my previous earphones which cost around £15. There was a lot more oomph, the bass was stronger and the treble was much cleaner. I was wondering why I had not converted much sooner. However since then I have listened to many other sets of earphones, ...

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid 08/08/2014

A Must Have - Dettol

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid This is one of those products that everyone knows and pretty much every household has, especially if you have young children. It is a product that as the title says is a disinfectant and can be used for a range of different things to cleaning wounds to disinfecting surfaces. However I primarily have only ever used this for the former so the review will be focused on this. It is a very plain plastic bottle, and the liquid is light brown coloured. The best way to describe it is that is looks like a cheap whiskey and probably has the same burn you would get from pouring it over an open wound. So the burn I can say is similar to putting aftershave over a cut from shaving. However saying that the bigger the wound the bigger the burn will be and I remember growing up it could be very painful. But at the same time you have the satisfaction of knowing that the wound has been properly cleaned and closed so of course that is the positive. It definitely works and the burn isn't just the proof of this but also the fact that I have never caught an infection after using it is further proof, but then I may not have caught anything anyway even if I hadn't used it so it is hard to tell. The smell is maybe a bit like Marmite but I think most people would probably find it pleasant. Sometimes when I go for a proper full bath I pour a little of this in and find it quite refreshing and I know it has cleaned me a bit more thoroughly. On that note I must add that when using this for wounds it is ...

The Game - Neil Strauss 09/11/2013

Become The Pickup Master

Asda Vapour Rub 03/11/2013

Why pay more for the same thing?

Phoneshop (DVD) 28/10/2013

We don't run in the high street, we RUN the high street!

Jack Daniel's No.7 Black Label Bot. Early 1990's Tennessee Whiskey 22/09/2013


Profoot Double Cushion Insoles Men 19/09/2013

Treat Your Feet

American Horror Story Season 1 (DVD) 17/09/2013

Would you move to a haunted house?

Casio FX83 GT PLUS 15/09/2013

Best Calculator

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Kanye West 14/09/2013

A Masterpeice

Gillette Mach 3 Razor 13/09/2013

The best a man can get

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