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HP ProLiant ML370 G4 (360729-B21) 12/07/2006

ML370 G4 - Quality at a price

HP ProLiant ML370 G4 (360729-B21) We have always purchased 370's for a good all-rounder, the G4 is no different. So far we've only experienced problems with the G2's, at least 5 with system board failures.. and still counting. The G4 is well made and if using the rack model is very quick and easy to install. The smartstart software is easy to use together with array config software, and you get HPSIM to monitor your servers which is nice. Also the integerated ILO its good for support / headless servers. The high performance model gives you dual processing, more ram, array controller and some extra redundancy in the shape of fans and psu. If you need this kind of spec then buying this way should save you some cash, in particular the dual processor. With the release of the G5 with dual core processing as standard not to mention a whole host of additional features, if you really need 'High Performance' this should be on the top of the list not the G4 If your looking for a real high performing server consider the G5, the G4 is good, its just not as good as the G5. ...

Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC) 08/07/2006

Half Life 2 Episode 1 - you know its good.

Half-Life 2: Episode One (PC) Well lets keep it short and simple, if you liked the previous releases then you sure are going to like this. In fact if you liked them you've probably already got it! Without going on about what you've ready seen and read prior to the release, its more of the same. As 'normal' it takes quite a while before you can get your hands on some decent weapons, some of the sections do seem it bit varied in difficulty most of the time its quite easy, then the odd section gets a bit nasty. Graphics, sound and gamplay similar to HL2 as you would expect. Dont expect nothing to new, just more of the same ie quality. If you havent got it already buy it. ...
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