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Samsung VP-D361 21/03/2007

Samsung VP-D361 digital camcorder

Samsung VP-D361 This camera is easy to use and fits quite nicely into your handbag for a night out. It comes with a very thick instruction booklet which at times is a bit confusing, but it does cover all aspects of the camera. The camera has a 2.5 inch liquid crystal display screen (lcd) to enable you to watch whilst you film or for playback. Depending on whether you film indoors or outdoors you can alter the brightness for the lcd. The camera has a lens cap which must be removsd before filming!!! (Which you can forget to remove and wonder what is up with the camera!!!) It does have a built in microphone to record sound as well as vision. The quality of film is excellent and can be played back through the tv or computer with the correct leads without transferring onto a dvd. The camera is a minidv. You can also take still photos as well as film which i like. Saves you having to take 2 camers out with you. It comes with a lithium battery, a power pack, ac cord, multi cable and instruction booklet, software cd, usb cable, lense cover. I just wish that it came with a camera case and a film. We bought a pack of 5 films which cost me £20 and I bought a cheap camera case which was £1 in Asda. We did purchase a further battery as this does lose charge fairly quick when using the lcd screen. I would recommend this camera to anyone as it is very easy to use as the picture quality is just as good indoors as outdoors. ...

Proline VC 1800 21/03/2007

proline vacuum vc1800

Proline VC 1800 I bought this little hoover as I only wanted a hoover to suck up bird seed and to hoover the stairs. As I have laminate floor everywhere else. It is blue in colour and is a bagless hoover which appealed to me greatly. It only cost £39.99 and i feel it was worth this. It comes with hose, extension poles, large floor brush, and 3 other attachments for curtains, stairs and corners. (Well that what I use them for anyway)! The actual hoover has a handle on top for carrying an also has a cord rewind button. It has large wheels and does move around the floor easily. It is very easy to empty by pressing button openers on either side of the hoover and emptying contens. It has a filter which needs to be changed once or twice a year or when is blocked. Is easy to clean by rincing in warm water and then drying. This hoover is 1800 watts and I have found it to fairly powerful for what i need it to do. It will do laminate floors you just adjus the height of the floorbrush. You can also adjust the suction if it is too strong and is pulling up your carpet. It does come with an instruction booklet which does cover all the basics which you need to know. The only thing that I don't like is that there is no where to place the tools on the hoover for storage,you can hook the floorbrush onto the back of the hoover when finised but there is nowhere to put the other tools. ...

Bichon Frise 07/03/2007

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise I have a Bichon Frise puppy who is currently paper trained and we are now concentrating on training outside. He is 12 weeks old and is due for his second injection on Friday. These dogs are extremely friendly and make brilliant family pets. They do need daily grooming and a regular trips to the grooming parlour to have their coats cut as they dont moult. This can work out costly but my sister does dog grooming for a living. I chose this breed as I have an asthmatic daughter as they dont moult they are suitable. My dog is well mannered and is mischevious with the kids but they generally are well behaved dogs. I bought my dog of a reputable breeder and the dog is kennel club registered pedigree. I prefer this as I know the family history of the dog and any medical problems (if any) which are likely to occur. He came from a litter of 4 pups and his grandfather won crufts last year!!! He is a toy dog and will probably only grow to be about 30 cm tall. He should live for approximately 15 years (hopefuly). He currently eats dried dog food which only cost a few pound for a bag. I soak this in hot water and mix it with a little chicken or fish as a taster. So far he has managed to rip off some wallpaper and has attempted to chew a chair leg but all in all he is adorable and we have bought him lots of chew toys and squeeky toys to keep him occupied. His name is Troy lovingly named by my daughter. ...
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