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Driclor 19/08/2011

Driclor - Industrial strength Anti-Perspirant - Worth the hassle

Driclor Background So, after 3 years of sheer embarrassment I decided to go to the docs about my HH problem. Years of not being able to wear several T-Shirts in my collection, and many bleached pits, are now in the past. I've always been sceptical about things like this, and have tried every standard connotation of 'anti-perspirant' deodorant known to man; so I wasn't particularly hopeful about this one either. But that's where my pessimism was curbed. Presentation Driclor comes in a little bottle (can't remember the exact size of mine), and I got it from the local chemist after a recommendation of it's active ingredient (aluminium chloride hexahydrate) from my doc. It comes with a little roll on applicator, and is really easy to slap on because it dries almost immediately, and in my experience doesn't cause any immediate discomfort. First Use First use was pretty uneventful, before bed (like it says in the book), I washed my pits (just to make sure nothing was going to get in the way), dried them completely, and I mean completely, so my skin was nearly flaking away. Then finally rolled on a healthy amount of driclor. Absolutely no tingling or anything, just a cool sensation, which then developed into a slight itch once I'd gone to bed. The day after, I wore a tight, orange, usually unwearable tshirt, and hey presto, not a single drop! ... And I mean ... not a sausage. Usually I can be sat at my desk and feel it running down my sides, but this day, nothing! Walk Test So with ...
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