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SanDisk Mobile Memory Kit - flash memory card - 2 GB - microSD 25/11/2009

micro in size Big in disapointment

SanDisk Mobile Memory Kit - flash memory card - 2 GB - microSD I brought one of these to use in my Samsung PDA, I purchased mine from Morrison's for £9.99 which i thought was a good deal. When i got home I took my 1 gig card out and put it in my PDA and to my shock the PDA did not detect the card. I then tried the card in my card reader of my PC this time the card was detect but windows say it needed to be formatted so i tried to format the card but it would get to 50% and fail so I took back and got a replacement and to my surprise the same thing again after having this for the second time i got a full refund from Morrison's for the card . This is not the first time i have had trouble with Sandisk cards i have also had the same problem with the 4gig card so i now stay clear of all Sandisk cards. I do not recommend these cards to anyone... ... 23/09/2009

easy to set up easy to use This is my experience with Last year I needed a Server for projects I was running for several different people, Each one needed a fast web server with unlimited access and bandwidth. I was told to try so I emailed them telling them what I wanted the server for and how it would be used to host several sites and also a file host for a family to share videos of there holiday and day trip's out. I spoke to a live support person they then went threw what i needed it for step by step advising me on everything. He was friendly and did not try to sell me anything i did not need.I know this as I have managed and owed web based servers in the past. he went threw everything and we agreed that the best one would be the starter dedicated servers as hosting the sites and file server on a virtual server would cause the other site to run slowly. After finishing my conversion with them there was a few questions i had forgot to ask and so i emailed them and within an hour my questions had been answered and i was ready to proceed with my order. I Had placed my order at around 4pm on Tuesday and by 9am the next morning i had received all my log in details and was told my server would be online with the next 24 -48 hours. This was in fact done by 5pm and I was now ready to go. As the server came with Linux and i had little experience with this Operating system i contact them and ask for help I was then taken threw how to do the basic with the ...

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) 11/09/2009

There is a link to the past here

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) My love for the Zelda games came about some 20 odd years ago and even now they are as addictive as they was back in the original Legend of Zelda on the NES and this one was no different. I remember swapping my Playstation for a Nintendo 64 a few days after they was first released which meant I had to wait a few months Zelda to be released in the June of 1998 I think it was. Anyway enough of how I got the game let’s get on to the game. Story The story start's with link (you) being woken my Navi (a fairy) who has been asked by the great Deku tree to come get you as there is evil approaching the land of Hyrule and a hero is needed. The story develops taking you to desert, on mountains deep in caves to great lake and across time all in the name of the princess Zelda and to save the land of Hyrule. The evil Ganondorf ruler of the thieves in the desert wants to rule Hyrule for himself and turn the world to suit his own desires. This is pretty much the standard Zelda story in the games up till this one. Game play Ocarina of Time was the first real 3d Zelda game which gave them so much more options and ways to improve the Game play with the introduction of the 3d environment the control became a bit more difficult to master unlike previous Zelda game where you could just pick up the game pad and go this took a little while to get used to but was not hard to master. Nintendo got it right with the controls Link moved smoothly and the attacks link has are easy to pick as the ...

Toshiba SATELLITE P300-1BB 30/07/2009

Top gaming lappy

Toshiba SATELLITE P300-1BB I purchased one of these last week for the sole purpose of playing games on mainly world of warcraft ok lets get the specs out the way first SPECS Pentium duel core 2.24gig processor with 3meg of cache 4 GIG of ram 17 inch monitor ATI mobility 4850 with 512meg Vram 500 gig sata drives 2 x 250gig Keyboard including Number pad Windows Vista 32bit premium Built in 2 million pixel web cam I ordered this on Tuesday night and it was delivered on the Thursday afternoon and cost me £650 which was great value I thought. SETTING UP First thing need was to install windows yes it need to be set up but this was a automatic process which you had to sit there for an hour as vista has a tendency to shut down when it restarts while installing. Starting windows for the first time Windows takes about 1 minute to start on this laptop not sure if that is commen for windows vista as this is the first time i have used vista and not sure the speed it usually boots in. The first thing needed to do is to set up the software it comes with Microsoft works, Norton anti virus all the other software is pre-installed. I never install Norton as I have other av software I use for all my machines. There is built in wireless so if you have a wireless setup at home just add the information into the wireless configuration and you are ready to go not sure of the range of the wireless card but the signal is very strong everywhere in my house. Usage First thing you will notice about this laptop ...

Thicker Than Shark Bait - Misled Icons 08/06/2009

They aint misleading about meaning business

Thicker Than Shark Bait - Misled Icons Before i start i would like to make it clear i have no connections to this band but was lucky enough to get a preview of there album. All thought this album is yet to be released i was lucky enough to get to hear a few tracks from it. If the tracks i have heard from the album are anything to go by then this is going to be a great first album. The Album consists of 8 tracks listed below. TRACK LISTING 1. Other side of Sober 2. We Mean Business 3. Taking Over 4. This Is How We Roll 5. Wannabe 6. We're Not Listening 7. Get A Life 8. Societies Antagonist Now the tracks I have heard are 2. We Mean Business 3. Taking Over 4. This Is How We Roll So all though i am writing a review on the album I shall only be covering these 3 songs We mean Business is a fast lyrically sound piece of music which defiantly shows they are a punk/rock band who are able to play and sing very well the song is about well to me anyway, shows the band are serious about there music and love playing. From what i have heard they really do this very well. There are a few mistakes but to me it is expect from the first album of any band.This songs seems to sound like an early green day feel to it there defiantly some influence in the song from them I think. Taking over This song blends so well from the previous track, it is 4.12 minutes long and there is a certain feel to the song it's like you can feel that there is real raw talent with the band and this song shows this. The song is about ...

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard 29/05/2009

this is just awesome

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Where to start with this one SETTING UP I guess the best place to start is the installation it is quite simple just plug in the USB plug to your pc or laptop and then insert the driver cd and just keep clicking next it is that easy really. PROFILES After the software is install there are profiles for alot of games such as world of warcraft, command and conquer series and diablo2 to name just a few. Within each profile there have preset up the basic functions for each game as i have only used this to play world of warcraft so far i will be using this as my examples for what the game board does. PROGRAMMABLE KEYS There is in fact 29 programmable keys with five of these being on the little control stick which can be used to move but sadly i have yet to find a way to change this to so that it acts like my mouse not sure if this is possible. The other 24 programmable keys can be set to millions of different key combinations when i first got it i tested it with my password for warcraft and was able to enter my password with a simple click of a button on the game board. This is more then a simple game board but has potential to be a powerful piece of office equipment some others i have spoke to who use this on world of warcraft have told me they use if for applications such as paint shop pro and photo shop. There is a large screen to which show in game information such as character stats private messages time date even has news updates. there is a back light which ...

What are the 3 best football games ever? 30/04/2009

Its a hatrick of great games

What are the 3 best football games ever? Over the years there has been hundreds of football from the early games such as "kick off and Emlyn Hughes" to the latest release from "EA and Konami" there has always been a battle between the top 2 games as much as there is a battle on the field between the top 2 teams. Here are my top 3 footy games of all time: 1.Emlyn Hughes soccer on the spectrum. This is an old school game and i spent more time on this game with my brother then any other game.what made this no 1 for me was the game had everything in there that is football OK there was no 3d graphics or any of the tricks we see in all the modern footy games but it was what a footy game should be which was great gameplay the game ran smooth you could tackle each other and the goal keepers we actually reasonable in the sense they where not to difficult to beat but not easy either.OK there where bugs in the game but it was a fun game to play for hours on end and this has still yet to been reproduced . 2. Premier manager . This was the first manager game i ever played and it was on the Amiga. Now although there was no actual football playing you got the chance to play as a manager and ever decision you made effected the outcome of every game even though there was a random factor involved if you learn to play the game you could use the random factor to your advantage. The game speed was reasonable and you could control ever aspect of the managing a football club from buying players to building up your ...

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Wii Virtual Console) 16/04/2009

simon has quested all the way to the Wii

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Wii Virtual Console) This was the first game i brought after i got my Nintendo entertainment system i remember saving my pocket money for weeks to get this and sending hours playing it trying to work out all the little puzzles with in the game now over 20 years later i have the chance to do it all over again as this is identical to how i remember it i am so glad Nintendo has not updated and kept it as the classic game i remembered and loved so much. The game is a side scroll platform with RPG elements and is quite difficult how i managed to do it all that time ago i will never know as now i am struggling to get threw this. The game play is fantastic remembering when it was first made it has the same appeal as many of the new game it you take the game for what it is and not what we have today on the market. I only recently found this game for the Virtual console and just had to get it. Nintendo have definitely found a winner with the virtual console... Go download it now worth the £3.99 or so it costs ...

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Wii Virtual Console) 09/04/2009

Rock, paper , scissors

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Wii Virtual Console) I remember getting this build in to the Sega master 2 and now its here for the Wii :-D The game is straight forward platform game but was a classic master piece of its day the music sucked but the game play was everything you wanted.. To start off with you have to the only attack you have is to punch but this can soon be upgraded to shoot fire out of your punch. There are some bosses in the game where rather then fighting them you have the classic rock paper scissors game the boss has the same decision every time (not telling ) This is just one of the extra touches added to the game to make the game the classic it become. This was the first Alex the Kidd i ever played and even today i spend hour playing this 20 years after it was first released. This is another top game to get for the virtual console

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Set (PC) 08/04/2009

Diablo's brother wants to play.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Set (PC) As most will have been said in the other reviews of Diablo 2 LOD i will keep it short. Expansion information This expansion give new characters the druid and assassin in my experience with these characters.. The assassin is pretty much useless he is slow and the skill trees don't seem to work correctly so stay away from this character.... The druid is awesome great for pvping with, this class is fun to play , become a werewolf and a summon a bear perfect for killing the minions of Diablo and Baal.... There are hundreds of new items some new set items,new cube recipes loads of new uniques. There is a new rouge class also to accompany you as you fight your way to kill Baal.The barbarian this is the only rouge class which can use the class specific items from the user class barbarian.. The extra act takes you threw Harrogath the home of the barbarians the new quest rewards give extra item slots, to chance to personalize an item, There is the rune quest in which you get high level runes which have a low drop but only if you turn the quest in at level 90+. There is the 3 mini bosses the ancients these can be a struggle to beat on hell difficulty if you play a sorceress as there is 1 cold ,1 fire and 1 lightning resistant ancient which blizzard got wrong.. The quest take you threw the siege of Harrogath,the rescue on mount Arreat , the prison of ice, Betrayal of Harrogath , Rite of Passage and Eve of Destruction. My views Overall i loved this game in both ...

Bomberman '93 (Wii Virtual Console) 08/04/2009

Bombs away

Bomberman '93 (Wii Virtual Console) Well where to start with this one.... This game is just awesome it brought about a new type of game to the market.I remember first playing this on the Super Nintendo and loved it I would spend hours playing this with me and my brother and later when we got the multi tap (extra controller adapter ) we could have 4 players at once it was fantastic.. The single player game was not much and was the same over and over again blow up a wall to get to the bad guy the time your bomb drops to blow the hell out of them when they came near. There are also numerous bonus item including a FOOT to kick bombs in a straight line , the BOMB giving you an extra bomb, the EXPLOSION which made your bombs more powerful and the REMOTE BOMB which gives you the power to detonate your bombs at will, to name but a few.. There are 8 different worlds to travel to with some 8 levels on each world so you get 60+ levels of blowing stuff and bad guys up.. In all the single player is fun to play but get to repetitive after the first few worlds. Now to the multi player :-D this is what made the game what is it. The multi Player is so much fun to play with up to 5 players on the Wii version all trying to blow the hell out of each other great way to pass the time with friends if you want something that is competitive. The Bonus in the multi player are the same as the single player mode but with the evil viruses these are awesome when playing against friends as some speed up to uncontrollable speeds others ...

Paper Mario (Wii Virtual Console) 07/04/2009

paper mario but not paper thin game

Paper Mario (Wii Virtual Console) I recently decided to get this for my Wii on virtual console as this is the only Pre Gamecube Mario game I have yet to complete. Storyline Once again the helpless or is that hopeless prince peach has asked Mario to come to the castle to join her party she really should give up having parties as there is always one guess she never invites but shows up anyway .... Yes bowser and whats he up to this time.. Well he has captured the star rod which has the power to grant the wish of anyone and bowser has used the star rod to become all powerful who even Mario can't defeat or so bowser thinks.... Mario has to set off to rescue the 8 star spirits who have been captured by bowser and imprisoned Mario must travel the length and depth of the mushroom kingdom to rescue them and save princess peach. My thoughts on the game.. The game has a nice original feel to it yes it looks strange to begin with but any fan of RPG's will soon find this game has a certain ways to it which make the game enjoyable. The battle feature is different to how normal Mario games play, the turn based battles give a nice change to Mario games. The characters as in all Mario games are the same except with both good and evil versions.Mario even has them accompany him on his adventure giving the battle modes so much more then other turn based games. The game play as with all Mario games is outstanding and the conversion to the Wii of this game has been done excellent with no visible bugs to which i have ...

Brunswick Pro Bowling (Wii) 06/04/2009

Gutter ball or Spare

Brunswick Pro Bowling (Wii) The idea behind this game is to bowl just like in the lanes at the local bowling alley however it is more like playing skittles in the local street alley. The controls are poor to say the least how ever the game is not all bad after u get used to the controls it can be a fun game to play with family members The graphics are nice and the game runs smooth and this could be one of them games where with a few careful tweaks by the designers could turn out to be one of the classics series that start off being average/poor and grow as the series continues. I spent many a good time on this game with friends and family and so if you are looking for a quick pick up and go game then maybe this one is not for you however if you are looking for a game where you can play as a group then this is a good game. Overall this is not a bad game there is probably better bowling games out there. This is better then the one you get with the Wii but does not reach the potential of the game possibilities.. ...

Red Dwarf - Series 1 (DVD) 06/04/2009

What the smeg!

Red Dwarf - Series 1 (DVD) This is my first review on ciao and I though I would start with one of my favorite TV shows from the late 80's. Story Line Red dwarf is set on a space mining ship (red dwarf) in which Dave lister (Craig Charles ) plays a vending repair man ( technician) along with Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), who after being found to have an unlicensed animal on board a cat , he is sent into suspended animation for 18 months as a punishment in order to save the cat's life after refusing to give the cat to Captain Frank Hollister. During his time in suspended animation (status) there is a radiation leak after Rimmer failed to repair the drive plate correctly which in result kills the crew. Revived 3 million years later Lister Finds life on board red dwarf very different to what he remembers with just himself A hologram recreation of Arnold Rimmer and cat who evolved from listers pet cat and holly the ships AI who has gone senile after being left in space alone for 2 million years. Personal Review Each episode has some classic comedy moment in which have not been recreated since yes at times the jokes can be a bit well taste less to say the least never the less still one of the greatest show to be made.The science fiction aspect of the show deals with possible situation of space travel but even a twist so yes they are possible but show how 4 people with no expertise in space travel can deal with these situations. Episode Guide Episode 1 The End This is the ...
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