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Scam I purchased a 2011 Audi S4 from a prominent luxury car dealer who offered an Autoguard Advantage Warranty. They stated this was the most comprehensive warranty on the market and all if any issues with the vehicle would be fixed if any were encountered. Well I now 2 years later have an over heating issue with my vehicle. I called the warranty company Autoguard who referred me to one of their approved repair shops to find out that the thermostat was not covered and I would have a $1000 bill to pay for. On Autoguards warranty paperwork it says "Heating & Cooling System" so I proceeded to contact Autoguard to see what the issue was, they rudely informed me that it was not an approved part and it is not covered, there no explanation just a dial tone after I was trying to escalate the issue. Last I heard from every mechanic I have spoken to was that a thermostat was the major part of the heating and cooling system. What a joke. This is one warranty I would stay clear from ...
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