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Boat House Inn, Irlam, Manchester 01/06/2005

The Boathouse

Boat House Inn, Irlam, Manchester The Boathouse has got to be the greatest pub i have ever visited, which is why i visit again and again. Lets start off with the location. It is set in the quiet little town of Irlam, Manchester. Is is next to the River Irwell Old Course, (the Old River), which gives pleasant surroundings whatever the weather. Its really nice in the warm weather, sitting looking at the river and wildlife. The pub, outside and in, is a traditional looking pub, with the old looking dark wooden beams and white wall on the outside and cream on the inside. Pictures on the wall show the history of the historic town of Irlam and thing to do with the Manchester Ship Canal. The old furnature and memorabilia complete the interior of this delightful pub. You are met the helpful and friendly staff, who attempt to greet you with a welcoming smile and to serve you promptly. The prices of the drinks and food served are reasonable. For example a pint of Boddingtons Bitter is approx £1.50, Carlsberg approx £1.75. The food is great!!! Its cooked to high standard, reasonable prices and good selection. There is a specials board too. If you enjoy real ales, they have a guest ale which changes every so often. There is a pool table, £1 per go. Not the cheapest ive seen but by far not the most expensive. There is a dart board, just ask for the darts at the bar if they are not available, this of course is free. There also are television screens dotted around the place, as well as a big screen TV that ...

Max Power 10/09/2004

Max Power

Max Power I have been reading Max Power for many years and id say it has to be my favourite mag. Now lately it has changed its look... Good thing or bad thing? Im still not certain yet. Lets start from the front cover.... Its a really bright coloured front page, definatly eye catching! First thing you will notice is the kitted up (Maxed) car which someone has spent £KKKKs doing up and just wants so show off... After all its their pride and joy.... Why shouldn't they? Aswell as other titles on the front giving information on what is featured in this months issue, there is also one of the featured female models,(Max Babes) Ok... Lets turn the page... A contents page... Thats always a good sign... In the contents its not in numerical order. Its actually in different parts. There is a content area for the regular features, (we'll come onto to that in a bit), A bit for accessories for your car, (i'll come onto this too) and a bit for things that are going on, (this too).. Right onto the bits in the middle.... Lets start with the regular features..... This is where you can find articles like 'Virtual car gallery', this is where a standard looking vehicle is taken and by using computers it is 'kitted up' in various ways, sort of, this is how it would look if this was done to it.... Quite original. It also features a photo shoot with a super model or a 'Max Babe'. This is where cheeky and rude questions are asked to them. The answers can be just as bad... Also in ...

The John Gilbert, Manchester 19/07/2004

The John Gilbert

The John Gilbert, Manchester Now this is an excellent pub for anyone wanting a nice drink and a chat. It is situated just off the Worsley junction off the M60 motorway. The car park is fairly large and can fit most vehicles. When i first went inside the pub i thought it was a perfect pub, just to sit and have a quiet drink, business conference etc... I made my way to the bar and to my enjoyment they served a selection of guest ales!! As well as the other usual pub drinks and a selection of bar snacks. For anybody who likes guest ales, they have about 3 on at one time and change them every month. I bought my drinks for myself and my girl friend, reasonably priced too!! and followed her to where we were to sit. Now this confused me. There was many little snuggs, rooms and cut throughs to get to different areas to sit and have a drink. We sat in a litle area somewhere. The chairs were really comfy and the area was nice and clean. The staff took care of the place and kept on top of the cleaning and upkeep. There was also a group of business men next to us having a meeting. Luckilly i was wearing shirt, jeans and nicely polished shoes (quite smart but casual) otherwise i felt i wouldnt really fit in with the clientele. I didnt have to wait too long to get served again as it was only a weekday night and easy to get served. On a weekend it is packed full of people. It is a very smart pub and dress code must be adhered to. I heard a rumour that Ryan Giggs, (Manchester United), was ...

Lord Nelson, Manchester 19/07/2004

Lord Nelson hasnt sunk

Lord Nelson, Manchester The Lord Nelson that i sometimes go to is in Urmston, Manchester. It is a lovely place and has a wonderful atmosphere. It is a Joseph Holts pub, and for those who have never had the chance to drink in a Joseph Holts pub, let me explain. Joseph Holts is the best pint of bitter i have ever had, and ive drunk a few. Quite personally i think that the lager is awful, but then again i dont drink much larger, im bitter and ale man myself. Joseph Holts is its own brewery so in the pumps is its own beer. This is probably why it is so cheap. I cant write enough how good the bitter is. At first i was a bit reluctant to try the bitter as i didnt like the lager (i drank lager first). Once tasted ive never gone back. Enough on the brewery and back onto the pub... The pub inside is a traditional looking pub, with a huge carpeted lounge area, with many little snugs for the private conversation. There are many places to sit and drink. The vault is where i usually sit. Here there is a tiled floor and leather type benches and stools to sit on. This is open plan with no little areas to hide away in. Within the vault is a jukebox. This is £1 for 5 songs or 50p for a choice of 3 songs. There is a great range of all music in the juke box to cater for all tastes. This can be heard around the vault, but not to loud as to not hear your converstion. The staff are brilliant and really helpful. They seem to ensure you enjoy your time in the Lord Nelson. The bar staff serve everyone as ...

The Square, Manchester 19/07/2004

Square isnt square

The Square, Manchester Manchesters Square Bar is situated in a prime location on Peter Street, Manchester, and it is an excellent choice of bars to start any night out. With the Square Bar being on Peter Street, it is surounded by plenty of other bars, clubs and decent places to go and enjoy yourself. Whenever i go for a night on the town i usually start at the Square Bar. Why?.... Well, with its prime location in the middle of the city centre means we can easilly move onto the next bar/ club whenever we feel. When i say easilly i mean many decent places are within walking distance. I usually get in there about 8:30pm to 9pm. At this time is isnt too busy, which means it is quite easy to make your way to the bar, which is situated at the rear of the building, and get served fairly quickly. How much does everything cost?? Its actually free to get in, which is a major plus point for some people. What about the drinks?? The Square Bar serves the usual soft drinks and alcohol that a normal pub serves. It also has a choice of cocktails to purchase, with strange and wacky names, for example, 'Slippery Nipple'. The prices are not to expensive either. Quite normal really for a night out on the town. With the large floor space, there are many places to sit and stand, if you prefer. If you are out with quite a large group, the staff dont mind if a few tables and chairs are rearranged to fit everyone around. A nice place to sit is by the large windows on the front of the ...

David Lloyd Clubs, Cheadle 12/07/2004

David Lloyd Cheadle

David Lloyd Clubs, Cheadle I enjoy going to the gym. I think David Lloyds has to be the best one i have been to so far. I took a visit to David Lloyd in Cheadle, North West. How did i get there..... I drove there and it was really easy to find. It is situated just off the A34 which is really close to Manchester Airport. I just rolled up in my car in the free parking area. First Impressions of the area...... Not bad actually. It was on a complex wich contained the gym, a brewsters restaraunt and a Travel Inn next to it. I supose i could actually spend all day here. And from there...... Inside was good. I first spoke to the receptionist who was very helpful indeed. She went on to explain offers, discounts and what they had to offer. I found this really helpful so not a bad start at all. I made my way to the changing rooms, which were well signposted so i didnt get lost that easily. Got myself changed ready for the gym and put my belongings in the £1 refundable lockers. The gym..... The gym was on two levels. The lower level was next to squash courts and the upper level looked out over the indoor swimming pool. The gym was full of the latest high tech equipment for working on, toning and warming up all parts of the body. Each piece of equipment had instructions on how to use them. After a long hard work out there is nothing better than to go for a dip in the pools to cool off and relax. Swimming..... Not a bad sized swimming pool. Well worth the wait after the gym. ...

The Trafford Centre, Manchester 12/07/2004

Love it or Hate it

The Trafford Centre, Manchester The Trafford Centre, Love it or hate it the choice is up to you. Personally i think it is a god send. How can something which employs thousands of people and create enjoyment for many people be a bad thing? Lets start off with the structure.... When i first visited the Trafford Centre when it first opened, i thought it looked quite spectacular. Starting off with Debenhams at one end with a small glass dome on the top and then along the mall to Selfridges and this is where the main dome can be seen. This again is linked by an arched glass roof. Then along to yet another glass structure above HMV. Again linked by an arched roof. Then following on from that to the dome above the Dolphin fountain, (on to that soon) All in all it looks pretty good outside with pillars, statues, water features and plants. Inside is a work of art. There are palm trees in the middle of the malls, marble and grannit floors on entrances to all rows of shop units. Looking up at the ceilings and some walls you will see many oil paintings resembling works of art from the reniesance. With the brass fixtures and fittings and marble style staircases, this all looks pretty posh. Rumour has it that the Trafford Centre has the largest floor space than any other shopping centre. This building can be seen for miles and at night it really does look quite stunning with the illuminated domes, roof and uplighters. So as looks goes i hope ive described how much, i supose, it looks pretty ...

Faliraki (Greece) 09/07/2004

Is the media true?

Faliraki (Greece) Could you image my horror when i discovered i was going to Falaraki with a small group of friend. Im easily pleased so i said you choose ill go with the flow, but FALARAKI???? Now, ive read about this place and seen documentries... Doesnt sound too good to me with all the lager louts, drugs, violence etc... I wasnt really looking forward to this one. To cut a long story short now.... We arrived on the island of Rhodes. This seemed a lovely place, really warm. A bit arrid and desert like though. Well what do you expect from a Greek island only a short boat trip to Turkey. All the locals were really friendly. The owner of the apartments i stayed at, always went out of his way to ensure everone had a great time. Soon all holidaymakers and locals were mixing, having a laugh and chatting. This was brilliant... Everone decided to go on a bar crawl............. Id heard about these............. I watched the news! Not looking forward to this............... Now i prefer chilling out, chatting and having a quiet pint. Not fighting my way to the bar through the smashed glass, vomit and drunks and always having to watch my back incase of some idiot who "didnt like the way i looked at him". How wrong i was....... We all set out down bar street and club street. They were packed with people. Not with idiots and fools, but people having a good time, relaxing and having fun. Looking at the state of the streets, i thought there was no chance that i would be ...

Disklok 08/07/2004

Try to rip this off

Disklok No one listens to car alarms going off anymore. Its an everyday occurence for a car alarm to go off. You could drive down the road with the car alarm going off and nobody will bat an eyelid. So what other options are there to deter theives. The answer is steering wheel locks. The best on the market is the disklok. I have used this on all of my vehicles ive had in the past. It cost me £70, which i think is a small price to pay for peace of mind and security. At first i thought the disklok was really heavy and sluggish. I was ensured by the chap behind the counter that if it was really light and flimsy it would be alot easier to get off. Secondly, when i put the disklok on, it didnt seem to fit like the others you can buy. I went back and told him it didnt fit. Again i was corrected. The fact that it doesnt fit properly and spins around on the steering wheel is actually a safety and security feature. OK explain this one to me... If there is a lock fitted securely to the steering the steering wheel can be moved by the lock, thus able to steer the vehicle with the lock on. With the disklok this is not the case. As it doesnt fit properly if you try to move the steering wheel with it on, the disklok simply spins round in your hand, thus not being able to steer the vehicle. There is an added bonus of an arm sticking out at the side. If you even try to drive with this fitted, either your leg gets in the way or you smash your windscreen. As the whole steering ...

Mah Jongg (PC) 07/07/2004

How Super is Mah Jong

Mah Jongg (PC) How addictive is the classic oriental game made into this popular P.C game, Super Mah Jong from Game house? The idea of Mah Jong is to pick pairs out of a bundle of tiles stacked up. As you pick out the pairs they disappear, leaving less and less tile as you go along. Once all the tiles have gone its game over. Super Mah Jong is even better. It has the same concept as the original game, but there are a few changes which make the game more irrisistable. Firstly you can choose between different sets of tiles, ranging from the traditional oriental tiles to an easy set with big pictures, letters and numbers on them. There is an attractive soundtrack, of which you can choose the track playing, also the little sound effents as you go along. On traditional games, once completed, thats it... Game over and if you want you can play again. With Super Mah Jong there are levels. Each levels are set out totally different. Once a level has been completed, on to the next one, and so on... Cant find any more tiles?? There is a help option to guide you with this one. If there are no more pairs of tiles which can be seen you have the option to reshuffle all the tiles. But you can only do this 3 times in one game. Points are given for both finding pairs and completing levels, the quicker they are completed the more points are given. There is a score board once a game is over. Everytime i play i just want to start again and try and beat my score. A very addictive game.

Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen 07/07/2004

Born to Review

Greatest Hits - Bruce Springsteen What a rock icon. The louder the Boss is the better. Everyone who has ever heard of Springsteen will know most of these tracks. Bruce is a fantastic artist and writer and with the talents of the E street band behind him the music just sounds better. Im just going to review a select few tracks. All the songs are great, there is no reason for the ones ive chosen. Born to Run - Brilliant feelgood track. Really rocky and upbeat. The River - The Boss seems to always be struggling, but he tells it in such a way that keeps you gripped. Lovely chilled out track, not to much of a ballard. Secret Garden - I feel its on par with Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms. Excellent track to unwind to. Born in the USA - Need i say anymore. This has always got me going. Blood Brothers - Really loyal ballard. Another relaxing one. All other songs:- Thunder Road, Bad Lands, Hungry Heart, Atlantic City, Dancing in the Dark, My Hometown, Glory Days, Brilliant Disguise, Human Touch, Better Days, Streets of Philadelphia, Murder Inc', This Hard Land, Everyone of the Boss's tracks just tell a story, and a really interesting one at that. An album to play really loud in the car or while relaxing at home. There is a mixture of the rocky, upbeat track to the more chilled out and ballards. Even if you have just heard 1 track of his, im sure you will love the rest. The inlay of the album tells another stroy. There are small write ups written by the Boss telling a short ...

Scary Movie 3 (DVD) 06/07/2004

Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3 (DVD) How boring was this film? It got to the point i was so gripped watching it i fell asleep. Scary Movie 1 and 2 were very good, so why was Scary Movie 3 so poor. First of all there was no sign of the Wayan Brothers, who in my opinion are the best thing in any of their films. For people who make Scary Movie 1 and 2 so good, you would have thought they would give Scary Movie 3 a go! All the best jokes and gags had already been seen before. Anyone who hasnt seen the movie but has seen trailors, stick to them, they are much better. Saying all that though it was nice to see Cindy in it again. She always makes me laugh in that usual dizzy manner she has. As i found the film so poor, i totally lost my thought i cant even remember the story line. So what im going to do is remember the storylines for 1 and 2 because they are all the same. A very very poor film!!!

School Of Rock (DVD) 04/07/2004

School of Rock

School Of Rock (DVD) This has to be one of the greatest films out recently. If you like rock music or have ever been in a band this is a must for you. If you have a passion for music and want to make it big in the music business you will be able to relate to the star of the show, Jack Black. This has got to be the greatest Jack Black film so far. Blacks role of a teacher mixing with attempts to make it big in the music business is hilarious in his own usual wacky style and manner. If you love Blacks films, you will love this. The soundtrack for the film is fantastic if you enjoy rock music. The music is one of the greatest factors of the film. The school children are comical and for anyone who has ever been to school will recognise the different personalities of the children in the class, with the 'know all swat' to the 'not really interested' kid. I stongly recomend this film. It is a must for everyone. Both children and adults will find this a great film. With most films, the ending is quite predictable, with the ending figured out half way through the film. This does not spoil the film at all. The content is unique and the gags are funny all the way to the end.

BMW 320i 30/06/2004

BMW Spec

BMW 320i After buying a BMW 320i SE i would find it difficult to go to any other car. I find them brilliant. Ive always driven French cars and of course always paid over the odds for parts, and they have got to be available. Since then I have compaired the prices of possible repairs in the future and the BMW parts, or similar parts are cheaper and more readily available. The driving of the car is very smooth and has a rapid acceleration. There is alot of space inside for driver and passengers. The driving position is the most comfortable i have ever known. The seats can be changed to suit anyones driving position. Petrol consumption is not that bad either. The car does not seem to guzzle the fuel like people may think with a two litre engine. The only problem i have with the car is the high insurance. i can imagine that will change as i am only 23 years old with three years no claims bonus on the ten year old car. I would definatly consider purchasing another BMW in the future.
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