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Zoom Airlines 03/09/2007

Zooming to places other's don't directly

Nokia 1100 04/02/2007

The basic phone for all those non-tech people

Air Canada - ACA 01/02/2007

Air Canada, the air line that does more

Kingston DataTraveler I - USB flash drive - 2 GB 20/12/2006

The portable+small drive with loads of space

SanDisk Cruzer Mini - USB flash drive - 512 MB 16/12/2006

The Light and Portable way of storing data

London Underground 16/11/2006

London Underground, Life line + Pain

Air Transat 16/11/2006

Air Transat, Get to Canada Cheap Style!

Samsung SyncMaster 913N 19 in 16/11/2006

Samsung 913N, The screen of Quality!

Nokia 6681 14/11/2006

Nokia 6681 PDA + Mobile in ONE!

Tesco Credit Card 14/11/2006

Tescos credit card, is it in our intrests?

Tesco Credit Card I've always been fasinated by this credit card that is offered by Tescos. It acts like a normal regular credit card with its competitive APR, standard monthly statements and of course the small print of the lowest intrest balances on the card is paid first so that as a normal credit card provider can get as much intrest off of you as possible with the highest intrest charging balances being paid off last. But with its specail deals and if paid off in its 56 days intrest free period, using this card is your extra clubcard that really does earn you points wherever you spend your money. The benifits of this card outside of Tescos are of the 1 point per £2 spent on your card ANYWHERE! Now we all know that tescos vouchers are like gold, exspecailly when used in one of thier "deals", and so to be having the ability to use this card on your every day exspenses, pay it off and earn points on spending no extra money is something of a dream come true. Just using this card for anything from petrol to coffee will gain points, but the added extra comes in when you shop at Tescos with this card. At Tescos you can leave your clubcard at home, as not only does this card earn you the extra 2 points per £1, but also doubles up as a link with ur clubcard. This means no extra plastic, but replacing plastic in your wallet. You can even say at the tills to use ur credit card as a clubcard and not pay anything with it! But if you do, you would be earning not 2 points per £2 that you would be ...

Debenhams Store Card 14/11/2006

Debenhams Store Card Pros + Cons card?

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