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Zoom Airlines 03/09/2007

Zooming to places other's don't directly

Zoom Airlines I find that airlines fall into 2 catagories, cheap airlines and "Upper" airlines. Zoom Airlines falls in the cheap airlines of which cost comes first before little comfort and luxuary things that you would exspect from the other group which usually costs more. Zoom first of all gets a massive thumbs up for being the only airline (even though its seasonal and runs once a week) that flys DIRECT to Winnipeg airport from London, England. The amount of people that actually travel between Winnipeg and London there should be more airlines flying direct between these two airports and a masive shame on you Air Canada for not doing so (although offer a nice route via Toronto). The age of the aircraft of which I flew on a Boeing 767 was in question to be even made before the turning of the 1990s due to the fact that old movie style seats, trays and even ash trays that were readly avaliable was on this aircraft. But then again it is exspected for a cheap airline to have a not so fairly new aircraft. The baggage allowance of 20KG TOTAL for all baggage is very poor, although the person that was checking me in saw fit to wavier the over weight charges to me being I had 41KG of total baggage. They do take certain sporting equipment however (such as my bicycle) for free. The onboard service it self was quite good with the staff being very friendly, movie selection was OK with good hollywood movies instead of films you could of easily of picked off of the shelf of a pound shop. The ...

Nokia 1100 04/02/2007

The basic phone for all those non-tech people

Nokia 1100 This phone is for all those people that look around and say "I want the cheapest phone avaliable that is basic and simple to use." as this is exsacly that. First of its basic function to turn on and off is holding the power button on the front which has a reaconised sign as a power button as seen on such things as remote controls. The navigation button below the screen is simple to use with the text on the screen telling you what that button does. For instance you type a phone number in and it says call, so you press it to call and whilst in call it says end and so you press it to end the call ect. The C button stands for cancel so for getting out of the menu if the person should get lost. The menu itself is straight forward with images that represents the option as well as text below and of course to select the option in the menu you press the navigation button as it says select. The flash light on the top can be operated by just pressing the C button on the main screen when there is nothing on the screen to clear, which could come quite handy when you have lost something or you need to see where to put your key into the car when it is dark for example. Like all nokia phones they come with the usal standard nokia charge which is easy to replace if needed, with also the added extra of being able to use someone else's charger when needed even though it maybe a different nokia model to the 1100. Overall if you want a standard, user friendly phone then this is ...

Air Canada - ACA 01/02/2007

Air Canada, the air line that does more

Air Canada - ACA I have flown on 6 flights with Air Canada now, 4 being internal Toronto terminal 1 to Winnipeg flights and 2 being Trans-Atlantic between Heathrow terminal 3 and Toronto terminal 1. All these flights I have been on are fantastic in thier level of service and reliability of service in acording to the flights and checking themselves. The first thing I noticed (as i have a taste for wine on journeys) the trans-atlantic flights have free wine for standard class passenger of which i found good since it left my $s for more improtant things to spend on like my fiancee :P. But the staff was dressed nicely, which a very nice attitude and very prompt to help when ever i needed anything (including more free wine lol). The details of the actual where abouts you are on the flight was very vaige with the usal overview progress map of the flight next to near non exsistant and only shown on my return flight back to London. The films that were shown instead however were entertaining and are not have been on the shelves in shops in Canada for that long. My most liked plane for entertainment was the aeroplane models starting with the letter E, this is due to the upgrades being commenced in these aircraft of individual interactive touch screens of which you can choose what and when you would like to watch witha dditional features coming soon (This was on one of my internal flights). The electronic check-in was very quick with my seats already pre-selected like i asked, I did take the ...

Kingston DataTraveler I - USB flash drive - 2 GB 20/12/2006

The portable+small drive with loads of space

Kingston DataTraveler I - USB flash drive - 2 GB The Kingston Data Traveler USB flash drive is one that lives up to its manufactures' reputation and name. This drive's sleek design, ease of usability and forgiving non-saftey removal features are just some of the advantages that this drive has. The 2 GB storage at around these prices alone can catch attention of anyone, exspecaily when seen with a brand name of Kingston which has a repuatation of producing high quality goods. The speed of this drive is average of a USB 2.0 drive of which comes in handy on large files and is hardly noticable when saving small documents ect. So not only the high storage space, but the speed at which it can be accessed is good as well which makes it great for either storage, back up or sharing of files between machines. The drive comes with a little attachment for it to be attached to some kind of strap with a area on the drive to be able to but on something like a key ring, which can come in handy when you want it in a safe place with you. I have tested this drive for outcomes after unsafe removal and have seen that unless you are transfering data at the time, the data is uneffected and does not currupt apon removal, which is good when in a rush or in an event that u forget to remove the drive safely. Overal this drive is of high standards and meets the exspectations that i had for this drive and more. I bought this flash drive from when it was 17.99 + P&P Vat Free from Jersey. This deal is only on from time ...

SanDisk Cruzer Mini - USB flash drive - 512 MB 16/12/2006

The Light and Portable way of storing data

SanDisk Cruzer Mini - USB flash drive - 512 MB This flash drive has a storage of 512MB of which is normally enough for the average user for documents, spreadsheets ect. Its ease of use first comes with the plug and play ability with the majority of Windows operating systems, with Windows 98 drivers easily found on the user friendly website that sandisk has. The USB 2.0 connection that this provides gives you a better data transfer rate for files, but you must have a USB 2.0 port avalaible otherwise you will be transfering at a much lower speed. Although transfering at a lower speed compatability with USB 1.1 ensures universal/backwards compatability. The device shows up and is reaconised by windows as a portable device and not as a harddrive like some protable storage devices passes themself off to be towards windows. This way you can see clearly which is your hard drives and which is the portable storage device i.e. the sandisk cruzer mini. In todays world 512MB storage is becoming to seem small and so would recommend to people with a light usage of storage. This would mean as mentioned before documents, spreadsheets and backup. The saftey removal of an external device can be forgoten and we just pull out the drive itself, which can cause loss of data and even worse leaving the whole drive currupt. This drive however I have found to be forgiving compared to other flash drives, as of the exception if you are writing to it I have grown an unhealthly habit of removing it without using the safe removal option ...

London Underground 16/11/2006

London Underground, Life line + Pain

London Underground Being an exploring natured person that I am, I have been on every underground line and to almost every end of the line. Sad I know, but £2 for a child travelcard for unlimited travel around london each day, as a mid-aged teenager I could not resist. Thoughout my traveling I have noticed how important London Underground (Commonly known as the Tube) is to the everyday life of Londoners and of its visitors. It's services are over demanded on rushhour periods, but its service overall are very good. Reliability of the Tube is very good. These trains are not normally run on a timetable, but of a frequencey of trains (i.e. every 5 minutes). This frequencey of trains are usally around every 5-10 minutes of which I have seen a frequencey of every minute on lines during the rush hour, of which shows you how the service is reliable and also where the demand increases teh service increases as well. Where there have been delays on lines, these are well announced and where needed information is given clearly on how to complete your journey on other connections and sometimes rail replacement buses. Comfort of these trains are satisfactory. The trains are built to cope with high volume of passengers with in mind that people wont ride on these services for long and so is built with in mind taht the majority of people will stand. I am not saying that it is uncomfitable, just that the trains is not designed for passengers to be taking long journeys on them. The speed on these trains ...

Air Transat 16/11/2006

Air Transat, Get to Canada Cheap Style!

Air Transat I traveled to Winnipeg via Tronoto during the summer and used air transat for my flight between London Gatwick and Toronto Perason airports. I did not know what to exspect as this was my first aeroplane flight, but my views on the differences between cheap and exspencive airliners came clear to me as i flew on to Winnipeg on an Air Canada service. The overall travel is per usal on a transatlantic flight is long with 2 films, these films were not main stream and seemed dull to my tastes. The service i got from the personnel aboard was good with a polite caring mannor, but the food wasnt that great. Although the food was fine to eat, could of done with abit more food with abit more taste, but again its a cheap airliner. The planes back and forth did not seem up to date nor either in full maintinance. On my way over to canada one of the side boards off of the wall of the plane was hanging off :s kind of worring for a first time flyer i assure you, but all was fine :). On my way back i was lumbered with an earphone jack that was broken and so hand to hold it in for the full journey. Earphones are charged! Unlike other airliners, but then again cheap airliner. We suffered some delays, but that was cause by weather conditions both ways. Overall i found the service good for what i paid for, but little creature comforts are either charged or not avaliable. No problems occured between me and the airliner, just a service that is basic and cheap for the average person between UK ...

Samsung SyncMaster 913N 19 in 16/11/2006

Samsung 913N, The screen of Quality!

Samsung SyncMaster 913N 19 in I have had this monitor for over a year now, and i am very pleased with its proformance in still images, movies and even gaming. This screen lives up to its name in its style of looks which goes great with almost any computer, but its qulity as well. This screen has a 700:1 contrast ratio with a 3ms responce time, of which makes it ideal for films and gaming. This has been constantly tested with dvds and many games such as Rise of Nations, C&C Generals and more. The montior itself has a self set setting, of which at one push of a button will alter the picture's position, size, contrast, brightness to name the main settings to the best the monitor can display at for what you have on the display. Also when the drivers are installed, these settings can be made from the computer settings and with the buttons disabled on the monitor, so that in an enviroment you know the settings will be tampered with it can be prevented to a certain degree. Not much heat comes out of this screen, which comes in handy in the summer but no saving on the winter heating bill lol. Connectivity could of been improved by having a DVI connector, but this is minor when compared to the advantages you gain from having this monitor. Overall this monitor is brilliant in its looks and proformance as a monitor for the computer, just don't get it if your graphics card only supports DVI unless you have an adapter.

Nokia 6681 14/11/2006

Nokia 6681 PDA + Mobile in ONE!

Nokia 6681 After an unfortunate accident with my Nokia 6600, I was force to look for a new mobile phone. I wanted a phone that had functionality of a PDA, but the shape and portability of a mobile phone. This phone answered that call. First of all its overall compatability with todays networks, it is a Tri-band phone (900/1800/1900 band) which allows full access to UK and European networks. It also allows access to other networks around the globe like ones in USA and Canada, but these are only main stream networks that work on the 1900 band and not 850. I Have tested this phone in places of England, Wales and Canada and proved to be very competive against other mobiles of gaining a good signal even with its built in areial. Memory capacity, built in is 8MB which is ok for those file transffers that you may want to conduct via bluetooth, but the real storage is gonna have to come from the RSMMC slot. This has been so far tested to 1GB, which for all those people with songs should be ok for a few but mostly better with pictures. Remember that with this phone, most of the features are on the memory card, so remember format after backup :p. Connectivity of this phone is quite good with bluetooth V1.2 (faster than the old V1.1), problem is that most phones have V1.1 and so you do not notice any difference in speeds unless you are transferring to or from another V1.2 device. This phone allows multiple connnections via bluetooth, which is great if your mates all want to send you ...

Tesco Credit Card 14/11/2006

Tescos credit card, is it in our intrests?

Tesco Credit Card I've always been fasinated by this credit card that is offered by Tescos. It acts like a normal regular credit card with its competitive APR, standard monthly statements and of course the small print of the lowest intrest balances on the card is paid first so that as a normal credit card provider can get as much intrest off of you as possible with the highest intrest charging balances being paid off last. But with its specail deals and if paid off in its 56 days intrest free period, using this card is your extra clubcard that really does earn you points wherever you spend your money. The benifits of this card outside of Tescos are of the 1 point per £2 spent on your card ANYWHERE! Now we all know that tescos vouchers are like gold, exspecailly when used in one of thier "deals", and so to be having the ability to use this card on your every day exspenses, pay it off and earn points on spending no extra money is something of a dream come true. Just using this card for anything from petrol to coffee will gain points, but the added extra comes in when you shop at Tescos with this card. At Tescos you can leave your clubcard at home, as not only does this card earn you the extra 2 points per £1, but also doubles up as a link with ur clubcard. This means no extra plastic, but replacing plastic in your wallet. You can even say at the tills to use ur credit card as a clubcard and not pay anything with it! But if you do, you would be earning not 2 points per £2 that you would be ...

Debenhams Store Card 14/11/2006

Debenhams Store Card Pros + Cons card?

Debenhams Store Card I first became aware of this account card when my mum first applied for one many years ago. This account card has a first downer of being a very high APR of which in my mind has a big red cross over it, but the benifits of the card if used to its full potentional can out weigh and avoid the bad. As many credit cards and store cards have, this card has an intrest free period of purchases of up to 56 days of the purchase providing the balance was cleared and payment was on time on the last statement. There are 2 different types of account cards the blue and the gold. You can only apply for the blue card, where the gold has to be "earned". The blue card offers discounts on event days and when used with a nectar card, also gains extra nectar points per every £2 spent. The gold card on the other hand has much more value in terms of what you get for nuthing, but to get there can be costly. To gain the gold card, you need to spend a certain amount of money in one month (figure changes from time to time), this must be in 1 statement month and you will be automaticly upgraded. With a gold card, the main bonuses are entitled to 10% off of food in thier resturants, Shopping assistance, lounge with free tea or coffee and much more. The best time for this upgrade in my opnion would be at christmas, where you get other people to give you the cash and put it on your card, in which way they get what they want and it goes towards your spending need to get the gold card. Overall this ...
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