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Sometimes the measure of friendship isn't your ability to not harm but your capacity to forgive the things done to you and ask forgiveness for your own mistakes. Randy K. Milholland, Something Positive Comic, 11-07-05

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137 (Poker) 02/09/2010

Robbed by Zynga Poker (Poker) It has been quite a long time for me not to participate on this site because I was addicted to playing poker online on Zynga Poker. It was really entertaining for me. I could spend 10 hours playing with my friends and relatives. It started about 2 years ago and today I have to end my “carrier”. Well, here I am not going to write about how to play poker, but things you should know before joining the game to spend your leisure time. I really love my user id – RAJA SELON. It has reached level 95, and won more than 316M of chips. But, once when I opened the account, it was reset to 1M? I reported to their support centre, and they insisted that they could not return my chips, and here is their reason, “We are unable to verify the loss reported was the result of a hack, and therefore cannot restore the chips.” Is this an acceptable reason? They have robbed me! Certainly I tried to contact them for several times, and begged them to review my missing-chips problem. For I loved the game, I tried to play again, from beginning – just 1M of chips. Fortunately, after about one week I could build my chips stack. I won 116M of chips. But, unexpectedly Zynga Poker banned my account. They accused me having violated their terms of services! Is it fair? Actually I do not want to bring this issue here. It is too personal, I think. But, I cannot stand it after seeing my cousin’s account being banned by them. My cousin was a new player. I saw him playing well. He started playing in several ...

Monologues 07/03/2009

Hello Again and Help Me Please

Monologues Hello all. I come again with a new technical issue on Ciao. I don’t know how to solve the problem I am facing now, and I find nowhere to report my problem. I cannot have my earnings transferred on my own bank account because I don’t have a UK bank account. I have quite a lot of money on Ciao (especially in my currency). Once I learned that a friend on Ciao needed some help. She didn’t ask it from me, but I offered it to her. I told her that I had got some money on Ciao, and she could fill her bank account details on my account in order to have my earnings transferred into her personal bank account. She didn’t want to accept my offer, but I insisted offering her as I had learned that she really needed it. Finally she did it. I was really happy and am happy that I can do something to make a friend feel better. Now, my problem comes. I cannot write off her bank account details on my CIAO account. I have asked CIAO to write off all the bank account details, but they always say that they cannot do it. In brief, I just want to let my bank account blank with no information. They tell me that I can do it by myself. I do tell them that I cannot do it because there is something wrong with their system. I have written to CIAO for several times about the problem. My request from them is really simple, just clearing the information of my current bank account. Well, what should I do now? Ciao technical assistants should resign, I think. ...

Mikrotik 29/09/2007

Turn Your PC to be a Router

Mikrotik It is about an Operating System (OS) - Router Operating System. I started learning this kind of OS about 3 months ago when I wanted to share my Internet connection with some of my friends. Currently I am running my small PC-Shop and I need a stable and fast Internet connection to check prices online and learn some new PC products on Internet. I decided to ask my national Internet Service Provider (ISP) to deliver me a dedicated Internet connection with 64kpbs of bandwidth. For you it must be a very small amount of bandwidth, but personally I think it is enough for me and it costs me very much - about USD400 / month. Yes, really expensive! I also have to pay about USD300 as the registration and installation fees to my ISP. Additionally, I have to pay the fees in advance - all about USD700! Realizing that it costs me much money, I tried to find a solution. I thought of running a small Internet-Café using the 64kbps of bandwidth (for 5 Pc); it means I have to invest 5 sets of new PC and some supporting accessories. I do not have the budgets. Then the bright idea came! I thought of sharing my Internet connection with some people who need it. I charged each client about USD40. It means I have to find about 10 clients, then I can pay my ISP using my clients' paymnents. How to Share? I learned things on Internet forums. Finally I decided to use Mikrotik as my RouterOs. It does not cost much money and easy to implement. I find an old PC - P4 with Socket-478 and I installed ...

Member Advice on Buying A PC 19/08/2007


Member Advice on Buying A PC Buying a new Personal Computer (PC) which is expected to accommodate someone’s requirements or needs sometimes is quite difficult, especially with limited budget. However, with a little bit of patience, general knowledge on PC components and serious efforts, I am sure s/he can build a ‘dream PC’ though with limited budget. Here I am going to share with you my experience in building a PC in low cost for everyone’s personal requirements based on my own experience in running my small PC-shop. Yes, I always try to build inexpensive PCs for my consumers in order to create competitive offers; before offering my consumers price quotations, I always ask them about their main purposes on having PCs and the budgets they have allocated. Some corporative consumers certainly would give nice responses, and I always try my best to offer them some alternative of products with competitive prices. But, I know that not all consumers would be so open that would tell their suppliers about their purposes, especially about their budgets. On the other hand, not all suppliers would be free consultants for their consumers. They tend to deliver their price-lists to their consumers. DON’T CUT A PIECE OF MEAT WITH A SWORD WHILE YOU HAVE GOT A KNIFE I think the sub-title above is a good analogy. Supposing you need a PC just for corresponding, please make sure not to buy a multimedia PC as it is a useless investment. Hence, before buying a PC – please make sure to identify your real ...

Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Licence and media 11/06/2007


Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Licence and media Tough Microsoft Windows Vista is a super star for Windows lovers, I see Microsoft Windows Experience (XP) still exists in its fans’ personal computers. Since XP was launched, the operating system (OS) has been revised twice, namely XP Service Pack 1 and XP Service Pack 2 – and some resources say that Service Pack 2 (SP2) is the last revision or update for XP, and Microsoft is concentrating on their new popular OS – some Vista editions. And some XP users who have purchased the earlier versions of XP, they can download the SP2 on Microsoft official site. Certainly this service is free of charge! WHAT MICROSOFT SAYS ABOUT THEIR SP2 Top 10 reasons to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) 1. Help protect your PC from harmful attachments. By alerting you to potentially unsafe attachments, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) helps guard your computer from viruses that can spread through Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Windows Messenger. 2. Improve your privacy when you’re on the Web. SP2 helps protect your private information by applying the security settings that guard your PC to the files and content downloaded using Internet Explorer. 3. Avoid potentially unsafe downloads. Internet Explorer download monitoring and the Internet Explorer Information Bar warn you about potentially harmful downloads and give you the option to block files that could be malicious. 4. Reduce annoying pop-ups. Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker makes browsing the Internet ...

ASUS P5VD2-X - motherboard - ATX - LGA775 Socket - PT890 04/06/2007

Asus P5VD2-X

ASUS P5VD2-X - motherboard - ATX - LGA775 Socket - PT890 Do you plan to buy a new personal computer (PC)? Here is another motherboard from Asus – P5VD2-X. Being an indirect consumer (I am running a PC-Shop), I have built 16 PC using this motherboard since 4 months ago, and none of them returns to me till now. It proves the stability and endurance of this product. Formerly I recommended Asus P5PE-VM which comes with onboard graphic-card and lower price. Both P5PE-VM and P5VD2-X support Intel Core 2 Duo processors, but if you are interested in having a “better” motherboard with a reasonable price rate, I would recommend you to buy P5VD2-X. Why P5VD2-X? First of all, I know most people always remember “Intel Inside“, and “Powered by Asus”. These two slogans are quite effective and make people, usually people who come into my shop asking for the two brands, Intel and Asus as if they knew nothing about other brands! People are being hypnotized by slogans, aren’t they? Fortunately they are not only slogans and being an “indirect” user (not an end user) – personally I see most products produced by Intel and Asus come as they promise in their advertisements. (I am sure that AMD and other motherboard manufacturers do the same thing). Well, people are thinking of Dual Core Processors and Core 2 Duo Processors by Intel and I must be able to match my consumers’ preference and each of their purchasing power. It is my role to succeed in running my PC Shop. Hence, I must visit Asus official site to find their products and learn ...

Mozilla Firefox 25/05/2007

Tweaking and Tuning Up Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Currently I am using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition as my personal computer operating system (OS). As Microsoft’s tradition, their OS is always packaged or shipped with a web browser application – Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) – and this time IE7 comes with this OS. I have learned that IE7 is much better and faster than IE6. I would say Microsoft has made big changes to their new browser! Its appearance and features- especially its ‘Tab Feature’ – is similar to Mozilla Firefox (MF). Which browser is better? Here I am going to tell you based on what I have observed and learned based on an end user perspective and not technical. FAST, FASTER & THE FASTEST Browsing is one of our common activities while being connected to Internet. We need speed. We are seldom satisfied with what we have had or gained, and no exception with browsing applications as there are various free browsers nowadays. Most browsers come with nice appearance and features. It is really hard to figure out which one to use. Hence, another parameter which should be used in determining our choice – is how fast the browser runs. The fastest certainly is the best, isn’t it? How fast a browser runs, I think is a good parameter, especially for someone who has got low bandwidth of Internet connection alias slow or low Internet connection. HOW DO I PERFORM THE TEST? First of all, I should tell you how I perform the speed test. I formatted my personal computer (PC) and installed it ...

Faronics Deep Freeze Professional Edition Media and documentation set 19/05/2007

Sayonara Virus, Anti Virus and Hackers!

Faronics Deep Freeze Professional Edition Media and documentation set Here is a brief story how the careers of virus programmers and hackers would end gradually. :) Except they could unfreeze my system. the scenario would change! Are there many users using your PC and are the PC settings always changing? Are you fond of downloading software and trying software that may make your PC run slower and slower day by day? Are you afraid of viruses, spy ware, etc. staying on your system? Are you afraid that someone deletes your important data or files? Tired of having your personal computer (PC) reinstalled as unexpected problems always appear on PC? Do you want the system run exactly as you expect? Generally it would take hours to maintain a PC system, such as updating antivirus definitions database online, updating our operating systems (patches), and learning security various issues (firewalls, etc) from several resources. Here is a new solution! Freeze your system with DEEP FREEZE! Deep Freeze works by freezing a hard drive in the state that it is in when it is installed. If changes (good or bad) are made to settings on a frozen computer, they are lost, along with all files (Windows Updates Included) not in the Thawspace when the computer restarts. In brief, it eliminates every single changes made on your system. Hence, you do not have to worry anymore on your PC! On its official site - - it is said that Deep Freeze is the standard in bulletproof disk protection! They are right as I have ...

Member Advice on the Rewards of Being a Parent 16/05/2007

My Simple Thoughts

Member Advice on the Rewards of Being a Parent I am about forty years old and have got 2 children. I love my wife. She is a house wife and a nice mother though sometimes my eldest son who is about 9 years old thinks she is ‘a great monster’! Forty years old? What have I achieved? I am not talking about career here, but about things relating to happiness and the real purposes of living. About 7 years ago, having only one child made me worried. I wanted to give my son a brother or a sister, but it was not my ‘authority’. My wife and I had consulted with many specialists for about 6 years, but it was useless. Finally we realize that we may make every single effort at all costs for certain purpose, but only God who is eligible to determine our fate or destiny. We were praying and praying without consulting with a specialist anymore. To our surprise, God has fulfilled our prayer – and He has given us a nice daughter and a sister to my son. My daughter is 6 months old now. Thank you – my God. The brief story above is not as simple as I have just described. When my son and daughter were born, I was absolutely in jobless conditions! Could you imagine how I was thinking by the time? Being responsible parents, my wife and I had to think how to run our living with no income at all. The first day a child was born, I had to think hard how to pay the hospital and specialists fees while we were having very limited saving or budget! But, fortunately I got the solutions. What I have described till here is just about how my ...

NOD32 29/04/2007

An Eye is Watching You Online

NOD32 My personal computer (PC) is connected to Internet. In my leisure I love downloading software, especially utilities relating to hacking, cracking, security software and other similar software. I get them from friends and forums. In brief my PC is facing a dangerous situation most of the time. Realizing the situation, I always think of my PC – security; anytime I could be a victim and must work hard to format my PC whenever it happens. Yes, formatting my PC; I think it is the best way to clean a PC from virus! It takes about 2 hours to install my operating system (Windows XP Pro), drivers and some other applications. As I do not want it happen, I always try the best armor (antivirus software) for my system. Formerly I have ever installed Norton Antivirus and McAfee. Both names are very popular for their security products in general. They work well to combat international terrorist! However, they have failed to combat a local virus from my country – Mr Blank! This variant is spreading widely via various media, even from a flash-disk. Whenever a PC has been infected, it tends to hang or stop working most of the time! Some ordinary PC owners might think that there must be something wrong with their hardware. Certainly everyone does not want it. In brief, I tried to install Nod32. To my surprise I see Nod32 can protect a PC from Mr Blank’s attack! I know it when I tried to insert an infected flash-disk into my USB port. Nod32 warns me that the stick has been ...

Internet relationships 28/04/2007

It is really Touching Me

Internet relationships Internet Relationship I joined Ciao UK in 2001. Though I was (and am still) a foreigner in this UK community, day by day – gradually I enjoyed participating in this cyber-community. Some of their (user) names, my old-timers (though they are not actively participating nowadays) – are still being in my mind, Angus, Brianlfc, Marandina, Moose, Tempus, TallTone, Bwanamdevu, Sue26, Avril, Judgee, Modena, Thingywhatsit, Calypte, Groovee, Coooeee, Connoisseur Haggler, Bigbaz, Andycharger, Wiggglypufff and many others who I cannot mention their names one by one here. Though I have never met them or seen them face to face, and nowadays I seldom say, “Hi or hello” to them – they are still my friends in my heart (I hope they feel the same as I do). I just can hope, one day we could meet online again. Once in about 2005, when Tsunami happened in my country – Indonesia – some friends of mine would be glad to see me online again. Before the Tsunami occured, I was seldom online because I was between jobs. I struggled hard to find a job. Though we did not have any contacts during the period – I knew that my friends must be thinking of me, especially facing the Tsunami. Then I decided to go to an internet-café and tried to say hello to them. To my surprise, I found out that they were worried about me, and here are their comments in my guest book (I do not delete the comments in my guest book till now). Thingywhatsit : i was so happy to see you online today. I wrote to your home ... 18/04/2007

LET'S HACK GOOGLE UPDATED OPINION The first time I submitted this opinion was on August 3rd, 2001. It was a very simple page which came with a marvelous search-engine. I was not able to tell a lot of things about this great search-engine though I had known it was a really a great one by the time. I wrote a very very simple and brief review with less information about this great site. Today - it has changed much. More services are available, and I think I should update this opinion. WHAT IS GOOGLE Formerly google was only a site which delivered only a search-engine. And today it delivers a lot of nice features and services, such as a search-engine, a free email (gmail) service, advertising programs, business solution, blogger, etc. A GREAT SEARCH ENGINE Among the features, I see its search-engine is a great one, and I would like to recommend it to you while telling you some tips which might help you find the better search-results. The search engine is very easy to use. Just by typing a or some keywords, in a second Google is going to show all search-results. Sometimes it might be a hard time for us to find out the exact information we need as there might be hundreds or thousands of search-results which we need to figure out one by one patiently. Google also delivers other features as its search-engine, such as IMAGES SEARCH, VIDEO SEARCH, NEWS SEARCH, etc. Users can determine what kinds of searches s/he need. WEB-SEARCH After typing - soon ...

ASUS P5PE-VM - motherboard - micro ATX - LGA775 Socket - i865G 09/03/2007


ASUS P5PE-VM - motherboard - micro ATX - LGA775 Socket - i865G Being a personal computer (PC) supplier, I try to find a 'better' product with better price for my consumers. As a fact, consumers would have a good product with reasonable price. ASUS is a well known manufacturer for mainboards. It always gets awards from several PC magazines and institutions. This image gives Asus a high goodwill? This is not my personal opinion, but it comes from my consumers. Awards? Some new PC consumers do not realize that awards are given to CERTAIN PRODUCTS of a manufacturer. As Asus products always gets awards, it does not mean all Asus products are the best. Seeing the fanatic consumers of Asus, and standing at the supplier side, I try to offer my consumers ASUS P5PE-VM mainboard as it offers the most competitive price and it comes with some nice features. SPECIFICATIONS Intel 865G chipset Leveraging the Intel 865G chipset to support 3.8GHZ+ P4 CPUs on 800MHz FSB, dual-channel DDR 400 memory, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Extreme Graphics 2, and a full-range of advanced features, the P5PE-VM delivers a full-value solution for today's most demanding tasks. Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 The P5PE-VM, with integrated Intel Extreme Grpahics 2, delivers powerful integrated 2D and 3D graphics performance for functionality and value. It supports DVI-ADD card which is an AGP Digital Display card designed to make the system capable of driving a variety of DVO devices (e.g., TMDS, LVDS and TV-Out.). Dual Channel DDR400 Dual ...

Does true love really exist? 04/02/2007

Mind vs Inner-Heart

Does true love really exist? "Does true love really exist?" could not be answered by our mind. Our mind tend to manipulate things. Let's use our inner-heart to answer the question because true love comes from our inner-heart. Since our childhood, we have been taught to use our mind to do things. Normally our mind get orders from our five senses to work. That is why nowadays it is hard for us to activate our inner-heart and our mind tend to be the only navigator in our daily living. Do our mind do things correctly? It depends on the inputs from our five-senses. If it gets right inputs, normally it will produce right results. However, we should realize that what we see by our eyes (as the parts of five senses) sometimes could be the fake ones. Our eyes could deceive us! Here is an illustration to make things clearer. Supposing now we are seeing a hungry snake which is going to eat a poor frog. As we see that the frog is a weak creature and we take pity on the frog, facing this situation we are going to take one of the following actions in order to save the poor frog. 1. Driving the frog or the snake away. 2. Or the more or most extreme one is killing the snake! Congratulations! The mission's accomplished! The frog is safe now! We might think that our love has saved the frog. But, how's the hungry snake? Is it going to die of hunger? (if we have taken option 1 above). Or if we have taken option 2 above, by killing the snake in order to save the frog, do you think that we have taken the ...

HP Deskjet F380 11/12/2006

HP Deskjet F380 increases my Sales

HP Deskjet F380 When I started my PC-Shop, I used my HP Inkjet 3744. It was a durable one as I had been using it for about 2 years. Day by day doing my activities, I realized that I needed a better printer. Finally I choose HP DeskJet F380 because it comes with several nice features, such as a printer, a copying machine and a scanner. Here I am going to share about it with you in general. Why HP Printers? Though there are various brands of printers in the market nowadays, I still love using HP printers. Before using HP Inkjet 3744, I had ever used some Cannon inkjets. Here I don't mean to say that Cannon inkjets are poorer than Hp inkjets, but I just want to share my experiences of using the printers. Personally I always print software programming manuals which I download from internet. The manuals usually come with illustrations and graphics. It consumes much ink, and I cannot stand buying new ink-cartridges as recommended by most manufacturers. That is why I love refilling my cartridges instead of buying the original cartridges. Facing this condition, when I was using some Cannon printers, the heads of the Cannon ink- cartridges were always broken. It printed badly. To buy a new ink- cartridge cost much money (it always costs about 1/3 of the whole set of the printer). As I loved making experiences, I always tried to fix the problem, but it did not work as expected. I purchased another Cannon, and still had the same problem. Doing the ink-refilling experiments, I have ...
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