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WWE - No Mercy 2005 (DVD) 30/09/2007

WWE No Mercy 2005 Review *Spoilers*

WWE - No Mercy 2005 (DVD) I cannot believe no one has reviewed this pay per view as it is easily one of the better ones in 2005. It was the last PPV for Eddie Guerrero though which it is probably now remembered for and he had the front ppv poster cover as well as seen by the picture. The theme song was "Save Me" by Shinedown. To start with, if you have never seen this pay per view, The Main Event for this for Batista vs Eddie Guerrero. Now they were not technically feuding. Eddie was being Batista's friend up until the ppv. This is easily the best match on the card. It has a high quality match with some fake finishes and good wrestling skills. At the end of the match, Eddie shakes hands with Batista continuing the feud for Smackdown the next week. After the match, when the ppv went off air just to note, It was infact Eddie's birthday and Batista got the crowd to chant happy Birthday to Eddie after filming. As we all probably know, the storyline was never finished due to Eddie's passing and the result of the storyline would have led to Eddie retaining the title for a 2nd time. R.I.P Eddie. This PPV also featured a Handicap Casket match between Cowboy Bob Orton and Randy Orton vs The Undertaker. Good match, definately a good ending for a feud. The Ortons go win a strong match with Randy and Undertaker mostly going at it. Randy hits Taker with the chair for the win into the casket but after the match, sets the casket on fire with Takerr in it! Good stuff,..Good Match. 3 more matches in less detail ...

WWE - Armageddon 2004 (DVD) 24/09/2007

WWE Armageddon 2004

WWE - Armageddon 2004 (DVD) This was very much a One Match Pay Per View. The Main Event was really just about the only match that is worth anything on the PPV. Just for the record, This Event was World Wrestling Entertainment's Armageddon 2004 and was Exclusive to the Smackdown Brand. The event featured a lacklustre Street Fight between Cena and "Jesus".and also a Handicap 3 On 1 Match which was the The Big Show vs Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns. The Main Event was for the WWE Championship. It was JBL vs The Late Eddie Guerrero vs Undertaker vs Booker T (King Booker) IN a Fatal 4 Way Match. The match went on for around 20-25 minutes.Heidenreich, a rather annoying heel who was feuding with The Undertaker, attacked him on two seperate occasions during the match and taking him out. JBL wins the match with a pinfall over Booker T after a viscious Clothesline From Hell. The match was just about the only highlight of the night. The only other possible worthy mentionable match was Rey Mysterio and RVD vs Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree for the WWE Tag Team Titles. It consisted of Rey's high flying ability towards the end of the match and RVD's heel kicking. IT was though a very predictable ending to the match which is why i am not a big fan of it. Overall, Not worth the money. I think the main event is main event quality but has nothing really to support to class it as a PPV. Not Worth It. Theme song was the Armageddon WWE Produced theme ,,That was good! ...

WWE (Wreckless Intent) - Various Artists 24/09/2007

WWE Wreckless Intent Review

WWE (Wreckless Intent) - Various Artists Well I thought Id mention how I find the album track by track and mention the good and bad points for people out there:) 1.: I Walk Alone - Saliva - Batista - We kick off with a great tune. Saliva really put you in your seat with this song.Gets a little reptitive in the end but is a really cool song. ROCK ON! 8/10 2.: Burn In My Light - Mercy Drive - Randy Orton - This song never gets boring to me. I can honestly say that everyone who likes Randy Orton loves this song. Its a brilliant song. ROCK ON 9/10 3.: Hard Hittin' - Homebwoi - Coach - This was used for Coach for a while, I think its changed now but not a hip hop fan so aint a lover of this so a little boring to me 4/10 4.: Crank It Up - Brand New Sin - Big Show - A darker version of The Big Show's Theme and it's actually impressive! I didnt rate it to start with but ie got used to it and it actually is good! I think they did well here! 7/10 5.: Holla - Jackson, Desiree - Candice Michelle - Hip-Hop/Pop...awful song glad this went away quickly 2/10 6.: Girl Like That - Eleventh Hour - Torrie WIlson - Better than Candices. Nice little Rock song. Not overly heavy. Got a catch to it and makes you happy! hmmm goood 6/10 7.: Quien Soy Yo (Who I am)- Kaballon - Carlito? - Slated at Carlitos Theme. Carribean style music with the bongos...doesnt really interest me and Carlito never used this Im sure 5/10 8.: Deadly Game - Theory Of A Deadman - No Way Out 2006 Theme - Great song. Doesnt beat Burn In ...

WWE - Vengeance 2002 (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE Vengeance 2002

WWE - Vengeance 2002 (DVD) 2002 was the year wrestling really changed for me. This was the first PPV i ever watched and i still regard it highly. Just to state, WWE Vengeance was a World Wrestling Entertainment Pay Per View that took place on July 21st 2002 and was the first PPV to use the "WWE" name. The First thing I will say about this event is that it had a "changed" card. WWE were trying to create new feuds by this point and had many ads and some disads as well. The matches were overall fairly solid. Only a couple of matches last over 10 minutes though even though we had 7-8 matches and Hulk Hogan and Edge vs The UnAmericans match was uneventful in my mind. The main highlight was the Main Event. The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle. The Rock's last ever title win had to be the best match as it had plenty of fake finishes and action. The Undertaker held the championship going into the event and Kurt Angle managed to get in there by drawing with Taker. The Rock used his Rock Bottom on Kurt to take the pinfall and crowd were estactic. Great Match quality and the crowd got into it well! Second, The Opening match. The Dudley Boyz vs The Late Eddie Guerrero and The Late Chris Benoit in an Elimination Tables Match.. That is not meant to be undermining or offensive in anyway R.I.P to both men. That match though was a very eventful one lasting 15 minutes which really set the scene for the PPV. Both sides sold the tables really well and made a great match out of a basic match on paper Finally, ...

WWE - Armageddon 2003 (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE Armageddon 2003

WWE - Armageddon 2003 (DVD) WWE Armageddon was a RAW exclusive PPV and it was brilliant! The highlight of the event was "Evolution" gaining all the titles on RAW. This is well worth a buy. As a reader said my review wasnt clear as to what the event is, The event is a World Wrestling Entertainment Pay Per View from the "Raw" brand. The first title of the night was the 2nd best of the night. Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title was instantly made a memorable one. Mick Foley was also the Special Guest Referee (Randy Orton and Mick Foley would start to feud after this event). The quality of the match was superb and had High Flying RVD at his best with the all star package Randy Orton dominating. Orton eventually went on to RKO RVD for the win. It is interesting to mention this PPV featured Jericho and Christian facing Trish Stratus and Lita. This was from a bet made by Jericho and Christian for 1 Candian dollar as to who could lay their diva first. The Men dominated most of the match and went on for the pin. The 2nd Title Match was The Tag Team Turmoil Match. There were 7 teams including Ric Flair and Batista (whos just lost to HBK). Batista and Flair ended up being the last entered and beat The Dudley Boyz to win the Titles. The Main event for The World Heavyweight TItle was a Triple Threat NODQ Match. Triple H vs Goldberg (champ)vs Kane. The match was a constant battle between Triple H and Goldberg but Kane added power to the match and the ending. After some nasty chair shots, ...

WWE - Insurrextion 2003 (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE Insurrextion 2003 Review

WWE - Insurrextion 2003 (DVD) WWE and UK Pay Per Views dont seem to be a hit. There is a good reason behind this. This was the last Insurrextion to take place. Only 2 Title changes have occured at UK based PPVs and really lack quality. In my opinion. it is no different to a house show where nothing usually changes. The Triple H vs Kevin Nash Main EVent was not a memorable one either. The match was a street fight. Just to note, by this time A Hell In A Cell Match was made for Judgment Day 2003 between these two meaning there was no chance of a title change. The match itself was a street fight and weapons came out and were produced but the match was very poor and ended with a typical Triple H sledgehammer shot which are not my endings. Another note, HBK assisted Nash while Ric Flair assisted The Game. A Match between Scott Steiner (With Stacy Keibler) and Test the match before the main event wasn't a big hit either. The match provided some good wrestling and a good ending but not a great match. Finally, the best piece of the event was the Jericho Highlight Reel with Bischoff and Mr 3:16. Some funny comments and with a stunner made it a good little spot. I just want to finish with the fact that this PPV is very predictable and isnt a good Pay Per View (In my opinion only)

WWE - No Mercy 2004 (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

WWE - No Mercy 2004 (DVD) WWE No Mercy looks to have a very weak card. The Main Event didnt look terrificly strong. The fact is ...The Main Event had to be one of the worst on the card. The Main Event was JBL Vs The Undertaker in a "Last Ride" Match. The objective is to put the oppenent in a Hearse. Unfortunately, the match itself was fairly strong except the ending. "Heidenreich", then a heel new boy, intervened and threw Undertaker in the Hearse. He then drove a truck into the hearse. This was part of a feud that woudl developed to move Undertaker on from JBL and onto Heidenreich. The U.S Championship was also at stake on the card. John Cena vs Booker T in the final "Best Of Five" Series Match. This Series is obviously at 2-2 and it produced a good quality match lasting just over 10 minutes. The match though, in my opinion, could have been the show-stealer if it had more length to it. The final match I will mention is the Eddie Guerrero vs Luther Reigns Match. This match lasted 13 minutes and had a good quality to it. It was also a tribute to The Big Boss Man who has died a week earlier. The PPV Theme was the WWE produced "No Mercy". The PPV overall lacked main event qualitys but produced a couple of good quality matches. ...

WWE - Great American Bash (+Poster) (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE Great American Bash 2005 Review

WWE - Great American Bash (+Poster) (DVD) The Great American Bash 2005 was the first in WWE history which was a tradition set by WCW. It featured 3 WWE Title matches The Official theme was "Pay The Price by Eric And The Hostiles".This event was not the best. The Main Event on the night featured Batista vs JBL for the WWE Championship. The real Main event though was the ongoing storyline between Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero. The WWE Championship match though ended in a Disqualification which meant the champion regained his title. Not the best of matches. The U.S Championship between the late Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan was at its best in the feud. This match nearly stole the end as it provided twists and turns throughout. The ending isnt too strong but one of the better matches by far. Another match was Undertaker vs Muhammad Hassan match. This match was heavily critized as racist and neglict towards the Muslim community. The storyline was dropped soon after this match but finished with a Last Ride throughout the stage. Special Stuff. Finally, The Rey vs Guerrero match had a specific stipulation. If Rey won the match, Eddie would not give away Reys secret (Which was that Eddie was the biological father) but if Eddie won then he can tell everyone. This match featured High Flying and hardcore action. The Match Of The Night by a mile. This wasn't too memorable PPV though so it was OK!

WWE - Unforgiven 2004 (DVD) 23/09/2007

WWE Unforgiven 2004 Review

WWE - Unforgiven 2004 (DVD) WWE Unforgiven 2004 featured 4 Championship matches. All impressive. The main event of Randy Orton vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship was a brilliant match with Triple H showing there is no one better than The Game. The match featured a brutal ending. The Intercontinental Title match between Christian and Chris Jericho was also a big highlight. It was a ladder match between a rivalery lasting since Wrestlemania XX. One of the best, if not the greatest, ladder match of all time. It had high flying action to brutal knock downs to interfearence....The Intercontinental title was vacant at that time. The Tagline for this event was Insane. Pain.Kane and had Kane on the official poster. The Match of the night was between Kane and Shawn Michaels (HBK), The match was No Disqualification match. It had the usual Chair shots and even an occasional table used but ended up with a classic finish move from The HeartBreak Kid. A Certain Sweet Chin Music. A Must have PPV! One of the best from 2004. Also, Survival Of The Sickest by Saliva was the Official Theme.
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