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Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers for iPod 31/08/2008

Great sounding unit for the money

Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers for iPod It is hard to find an ipod dock which gives out decent sound without spending a fortune but this MM50 from Logitech certainly delivers on sound. Obviously it is perhaps not as rich as a Bose unit but it is not as tinny as most units and gives a very pleasing quality of sound. It comes with a built in rechargable battery that lasts for several hours and although it may not seem like a feature you would use you may surprised how handy it is. You can take it into outside during a BBQ or if you fancy listening to a podcast in bed simply take it to your bedside table without hunting for a socket. On the look and feel the unit has a handy remote control with basic volume and track skip functions. There are four buttons on the top of the unit which are volume up and down, the power button (which glows a cool blue colour) and a bass boost button. I dont really use the bass boost as the sounds is great without it. The only downside is that it is universal for all ipods so a nano can wobble a little when docked ie. it is held in place only by the connector on the base of the ipod and so when you push buttons on it you can move it on the dock. It comes with some adapters, to bulk out the base and hold them in place better, but certainly my one did not have the more recent ipods (ipod touch or new nano) but it still works fine with them

Cantley House Hotel, Wokingham 31/08/2008

Lovely location for a lovely hotel

Cantley House Hotel, Wokingham The hotel has a very grand and old England feel to it. The rooms are each unique in their own way but each is very luxurious. They offer comfortable beds and nice soft linen. The rooms all have televisions, many are LCD panels mounted on the wall. The hotel offers a great location to stroll into Wokingham and enjoy its many pubs and restaurants as well. Although you could also dine at the Miltons restaurant attached to the hotel which offers some fantastic quality food. There are plenty of hotels in the area but this one has a great location, a great restaurant attached and is not part of a huge faceless chain and offers a genuinely better experience. For the same money you could stay at the Hilton - but then you are on the edge of the motorway rather than in town and will have a pretty standard meal in a pretty stale setting.

Princess 31/08/2008

Nice ships but careful of all the extras

Princess Once you are onboard Princess it is all very nice, the service is great and the food is divine. I have travelled on the Crown and Grand and I have to say I prefer the Grand as it feels less cramped than the Crown which sometimes felt a little overcrowded. However there are some things about Princess that you need to be aware of : Tipping - they automatically, for you convenience, add $10.50 per day per guest onto your ship board account. You can remove this and either not tip at all or tip at the end with an amount of your choice. It is easy to do just ask at the pursers desk. They give you a form which you then need to drop off at a certain place in the ship. No Bingo Pen - sorry but this one bugged me. If you play bingo you used to be given a pen. Now they make you pay for it! So you pay x hundreds of pounds for the cruise but they wont lend you a pen! Sell,sell,sell - They will try to sell you things during your breakfast and dinner. Whether it is taking your photo, buying bottled water (which they will try desperately to convince you is cheaper than buying once you are on land) or buying cook books. Although they are easy to get rid of it just doesnt seem right on a holiday like this. Settling your bill - Be very careful about them trying to convert the balance to your own currency before charging you. Even if you tick the box to say not to do it they may still do so. They charge you extra for dong this and give you a worse rate of exchange, and its a pain to ... 31/08/2008

Ocado on Demand - small, regular deliveries I have recently moved to using Ocado for all my groceries. The motivation for this was their introduction of Ocado on Demand. This is a new service which allows you to pay a subscription in order to get UNLIMITED deliveries for a period of time. It also lowers the minimum order value to a mere £40. The subscription is £30 for 3 months and the longer you subscribe for the bigger the savings to be had. As I am only buying for myself and my wife having a minimum spend of £40 is ideal. We get one ore maybe two deliveries a week. The fact you can have frequent deliveries means that you can always get fresh food and then just top up later in the week. We have had a couple of problems but Ocado has always resolved them. We had a missing item one week which they refunded. We also had a driver turn up late but they let us know he was running late in plenty of time.

Unreal Tournament 3 (UT III) (Xbox 360) 30/08/2008

Fantastic multiplayer fun

Unreal Tournament 3 (UT III) (Xbox 360) Having always been a fan of Unreal on the PC I have never found it a game that translates well to the consoles . . . until now. This game plays very well on the xbox. It has an excellent deathmatch mode as you would expect from a modern first person shooter but it is the Capture the Flag and other modes that really make this game stand out. The new Warfare mode is great fun - the mode basically involves capturing points on the map in order to open up the 'Power Core' of your oppenent. Once the Power Core is open you need to attack it but as soon as the oppenant recaptures one of the key points on the map the Power Core becomes invunerable. It makes for great gameplay and keeps people moving about the map and also requires team play to weigh up covering your power node against capturing more points on the map. It also features a voting system for online battles to choose the next map. But rather than the Halo 3 veto system everyone can vote for any map. The map with the most votes is the one you play. Simple but effective. It is also great that you can put bots into multiplayer games. So if you just want to play with one mate and not a world of strangers you can still play the team battles but use bots to make up your teams. Finally I must say that all the maps are brilliantly designed and there are lots of them.

Indesit WIDXL126S 30/08/2008

Great value with excellent drying function

Indesit WIDXL126S The tumble dryer is very effective, this is our second washer/dryer and this seems to dry things very quickly. There is a very handy 60 minute 'flash clean' which we use all the time and seems to clean very well. This machine has a good build quality, the dials feel nice and solid as you turn them and the door has a satisfying locking close when you shut it. There is also a feature to do an extra rinse which uses extra water at the end of the cycle to remove more of the soap powder which helps with allergies. The machine is also quiet by comparison to other machines although obviously for the spin cycle it gets much louder. Great value for money.

Panasonic DIGA DMR-EX87EB-K 30/08/2008

Great picture but a little confusing to use

Panasonic DIGA DMR-EX87EB-K The picture from this box is great. It has the benefit of upscaling not only DVD's but also the Freeview signal. So it will upscale the programme you are watching or any you record. The Standard recording quality is pretty much perfect, I cannot really see much difference from this to the XP (high quality) recording mode and for day to day use it works really well. There are some handy features like being able to move DVDs (which are not copy protected - so home movies for example) onto the hard disk. This is really handy for building a library of home movies at your finger tips if you want it. The menu and ease of use is a little poor. It is confusing what buttons do what sometimes because the remote has to handle DVD playback and also HDD playback and navigation. However once you get used to it, its ok. The lack of dual tuner is a problem and makes some things a pain. For instance you cannot look at the guide whilst a programme is recording. However as a DVD player it offers great picture and a large hard disk to store whatever you may want to store.

John Lewis JLSS1808 30/08/2008

Nice fridge that really looks the part

John Lewis JLSS1808 There are a few things that make this fridge great. Firstly it has two internal lights in the fridge half, one at the top (like a normal fridge) and one shining into the fruit and veg drawer. This is really handy and makes the inside easy to see. It has a display on the top which can have various different bits of information I use the 'outside temperature' setting so it tells you the temperature of your kitchen. . . which is nice. The fruit and veg drawer is very deep and has rollers (rather than just sliding on the base of the fridge) making it very smooth to pull out and push in. The freezer drawers are also spacious and again open and close quite easily.

John Lewis Jlbidw 1200 30/08/2008

Well built machine with great results

John Lewis Jlbidw 1200 The build quality on this machine is great. The drawers roll out smoothly and the door opens easily and clicks nicely when shut. It features a nice red glowing light under the machine so that you know when it is running. Although initially I thought this was a bit of a gimmick it is very handy to know when the cycle is still running as during drying the machine will be silent. It took a few washes before the machine seemed to work at its best but now it gives excellent results when cleaning dishes and glasses. The drawers are set up intelligently for day to day use with plenty of space for plates bowls etc. It also has a handy wine glass rack on the top shelf which is really handy to hold the wine glasses in place and stop them falling over.

John Lewis JLBIDOS904 30/08/2008

Great looking oven which is nice and quiet

John Lewis JLBIDOS904 This oven looks great, the brushed steel is lovely and the glass for the doors contrasts nicely. The clock in the centre glows red and can be used to tell the time and also as a 'minute minder' which is very easy to set. When the oven is on despite being fan assisted it is very quiet and heats up very quickly indeed. The grill pan has two detachable handles, although you can get it in and out by only using one. The sides of the oven are coated in a self cleaning layer. This means that you can clean the oven by running at high heat and the grease simply falls off which is nice. Although the base of both ovens is not coated in this and so will require cleaning. The only complaint I have about this oven is the dials. These seem a little flimsy and sometimes take a couple of pushes to get them to pop out (you push in to pop them out and turn). Although this gives a nice look to the oven because the dials are flush in normal use. I am nervous that in time they may fail. Overall a great oven
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