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I really enjoy looking through many different types of art as I have just recently found my creative side! I am weird and I love it! I am a total geek when it comes to things like Marvel and Sci-fi!! ☮

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Fame - Lady Gaga 11/03/2010

2009 marks the rise of Lady Gaga to "The Fame"

Fame - Lady Gaga As to not offend any users, I've censored all those naughty words in this review! I never actually heard of Lady Gaga until I saw her mentioned on comments of Britney Spears’s Womanizer music video on YouTube. They were arguing over who was better out of Britney and Gaga. It left me thinking, who was Lady Gaga? I didn't even know that she was a musician but thought of her only as a song lyricist, so I Googled her searching "Britney Spears Lady Gaga" to find out what songs Lady Gaga wrote for her, only to find that my results came out null. Nothing came up so I just gave up, thinking that if I just find out about her even more, it wouldn't make much difference as to my interests about her wouldn't increase. Little did I know that listening whilst listening to her debut single “Just Dance” numerous times on television as she peaked at number one I was utterly wrong... There are 16 tracks in this album: 1. Just Dance - 4:02 It was a great debut single for a debut album in establishing to the world she is Lady Gaga! Just Dance, as the name suggests, is a dance/electronica type music bringing together R&B with pop, which is setting the tone for the rest of the album for what we will expect. The song starts with a sense of lost but a good loss, "where are my keys? I lost my phone." Her drunken state shows that she knows how to have fun and free instead of worrying about the important things also shown in her singing "I can't see straight anymore..." She goes as far as saying ...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS2) 16/01/2010

Early days for Harry Potter and more room for impovement

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PS2) This was my second Harry Potter game owned, and to be honest it was really hard. Playing the game had left me a bit shaken. The ghosts and gytrashes (some kind of ghost dogs) left me a bit scared which is embarrassing, especially the fact that it had a PEGI rating of 3+, but what made me play on was the different story that they've done. It is more based on the film but they've explored other elements and incorporated them into the game. Eventually I gave up at the point between the battle against Voldermort and deleted the saved memory. A few years later, I couldn't resist it but had to play it to the end! First of all, they have included lessons to which becomes too much of a hassle to do, as all of them require to go back to when I have learned the necessary spells to collect all the 'challenge shields' . I've collected every single 'challenge shield ' to gain a 'distinction' in every single lesson but there is nothing at all to reward me with except house points. Which is completely pointless as the house points totalled up is gazillion times higher than the other houses. Moreover, Harry seems to be the only one doing his lessons as other pupils just stand outside for the rest of the lesson. This is frustrating as what do the others go to Hogwarts for. An example of this is when Harry has to go collect potion ingredients, one of them being 'moon dew' located in the Forbidden Forest at night. Hagrid tells Harry he can't believe 'Snape' told him to collect this ingredient, ...

Spider-Man 3 [Music from and Inspired By] (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack 08/11/2008

The Best of Spider-Man! Well, getting there...

Spider-Man 3 [Music from and Inspired By] (Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack Even though there is only one theme song within this album, the is quite up to the expectation I expected it to be. It also rewakens old songs such as the Chubby Checkers's Twist. It has songs that you can rock to and songs that will just give you goosebumps. My favourite song has to be Snow Patrol's Signal Fire because it just hits something in your heart that makes me weep. Even though the other songs are pretty much background music that I don't really like. But I find that most of the songs are just clashing with each other and I find myself pretty much not listening to most of the songs on them as much as the others. The only reason I got this was to complete my Spider-Man CD collection.
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