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All About Me 20/02/2009


All About Me I have been very busy this past few weeks and havn't had the chance to 'Ciao' as much as I would like to. I read a lot of these the last time I logged in and thought I would give it a go!! 1, What time is it? Time I was in bed.... 03:48!! Should have been tucked up a long time ago. 2, Nicknames: Dollydancer, dollydancinsass, whitebap, sassann 3, Number of candles on last birthday cake: 23 4, Hair colour: Blonde naturally, brown now though (bottle) 5, Going grey? Not yet, sure I'm only a pup 6, Zodiac Sign: Cancer 7, Favourite colour Green 8, Home County Sunny Tyrone 9, Current relationship Status In a relationship nearly 4 years now. 10, Favourite Food Since becoming a student in Liverpool I have taken a real liking to fast food (Lazyitis has alot to do with it ). When at home though, I love a good fry up (Soda bread, potato bread, bacon, sausages, fried egg - the works!! I know its not the healhiest diet or definately not good for me but these days what is!!) Also a big fan of Irish stew!! Oh, and fish and chips from the Lobster Pot, Liverpool...Love it!! 11, Been to Africa No, are you offering? 12, Been to Camden Not sure I know where that is (sorry, I dont get out much). 13, Righty or Lefty? Bothy 14, Been in a car accident. No, touch wood 15, Croutons or bacon bits Croutons, I love them in vegetable cup a soups, they're the best bit 16, Sprite or 7up Whats the difference? 17, Favourite movies The ...

Ross and Wilson: Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness - Kathleen J. W Wilson, Anne Waugh 28/04/2008

A NURSE-essity for all Student Nurses!!!

Ross and Wilson: Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness - Kathleen J. W Wilson, Anne Waugh I bought this book during first year of studying a degree in Adult Nursing. The book was recommended by the module leader of anatomy and physiology at the university I am attending. I found the book extremely helpful when trying to cram everything in before my anatomy and physiology exam. I first read the book in the uni library,among other anatomy and physiology books. I found this one suited me best as the information was well explained and broken down into sections which were easy to digest. The text is also accompanied with detailed diagrams which are easy to understand The book has 19 chapters in total and is further broken down into four sections namely 'The Body and its constituents', 'Communication',' Intake of Raw Materials and the Elimination of Waste', and 'Protection and Survival'. For the benefit of the reader, the authors have included a page of prefixes, suffixes and roots of terminology commonly used in the book, as well as their meaning and examples of their uses. For example, (taken from the book) the suffix '-itis', is to do with inflammation. Examples used I the book include appendicitis, hepatitis, cystitis and gastritis. This guide alone proved to be very helpful while sitting the A and P exam as well as throughout my nurse training to date, as I have been able to apply terminology heard on the ward, to the book to give me an idea of the meaning. For example, when I hear or see terminology prefixed with card-, nephro- or gast- , I know that the ...

Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2) 16/04/2008

Crash and Burn Fest ..A Real Stressbuster

Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2) Burnout 3- Takedown The Ultimate Arcade Experience. Developed by Criterion Games and one of many great games published by Electronic Arts, its bound to be a sure thing. I first played this game at a friends house when it was first released in 2004 and my impression of it remains the same today... I love it!! A few years ago, I received a PS2 as a gift for christmas. As I am not very into console games, I used it mainly for playing DVD's. I then came across Burnout 3 , remembered how good it was and had to get my hands on it!! I have played quite a few racing games in the past and after playing Burnout I find that it seems to integrate the favoured car games into one, with having both race and destruction modes; and with trophies, medals and GP points awarded throughout. To begin the game, the player is instructed to choose a profile if they wish to save their progress in the game. To begin events the player then must choose a car type considering speed and weight to enhance its suitability for the upcoming event. Speed and weight of the car does have an impact on gameplay, for example, choosing a heavy car with lower speed is most suitable for crash events whereas lighter cars with high speed are best suited to race events. There are 173 events based on several game modes which are varied and, individually, offer a new and exciting experience for the player : Road Rage: Cause a set number of competitors to crash (takedown) in a given time for Gold, ...

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel Anti-stress 23/03/2008

Relax.......Take it EeeeeEasy (",)

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Shower Gel Anti-stress I am a big fan of Palmolive personal care products, and over the years have developed a love for their range of shower gel. Not only do they smell great, they are made to meet individual needs. Their range of shower gels include products which promise to leave you feeling 'energised' and 'invigorated' or 'calm and relaxed'. My favourite has to be Palmolive Aromatherapy Anti-Stress Shower Gel. Enriched with natural essential oils of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli it claims to 'massage your senses and soften your skin'. When shopping, I tend to try out a different brand each time I buy, but when it comes to shower gel, since coming across this product I continue to buy only this. Essential oils are extracted from the fragrances of aromatic plants or herbs, mainly by distillation or solvent extraction. Essential oils are extracted from many parts of the aromatic plant including the flower, stalk, leaf, seed, bark and root. I find it amazing that many common essential oils that were used in folk medicine in ancient times are still being used today, being famous for their healing properties. So, why should I buy a shower gel product just because it contains essential oils? Lavender has been well known since Roman times for its ability to heal, soothe and purify. (The name lavender, derives from the Latin lavare, meaning to wash.) Lavender is often used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of complementary medicine which uses the aromatic properties of ...

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) 17/03/2008

Bloody Hell

Hostel (Unseen Edition) (DVD) Quentin Tarantino presents....Hostel. Starring Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson and Shane Daly. Directed by Eli Roth 3 randy guys on a backpacking trip are pointed in the direction of Slovakia for the ultimate chick fest. I don't want to let too much out of the bag in case you haven't seen it yet so I'll just say that the guys got what they wanted, and consequently, a whole lot more. To me, it seems like a reminscent of low-budget gore films such as Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Night of the Living Dead (1968). It primarily features torture, blood, breasts, corpses, guts and gore. It is a dark, bloody exploration of torture and evil. I watched this movie the night I bought it and it made my stomach churn. Not so much scary as it is horrifyingly disgusting. After watching this movie I felt the need to follow it closely with a dose of comedy shows to lower the nightmare potential. It is very graphic and deeply disturbing. I felt the storyline was fair as I didn't really know where it was going at first. The horror only really begins about half way through the movie and then you could nearly predict the rest of the story. With this movie, I feel that there seemed to be a lot of hype about it, maybe because Tarantino is associated with it. I remember when it was first released and so many people were talking about it. Personally, I don't know what the fuss was about but I do know that some people will enjoy it. I am not big into horror movies but I do feel this ...

Absolutely Fabulous - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 16/03/2008


Absolutely Fabulous - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) Wheels on fire, rolling down the road......Love it, Love it, Love it Sweetie!!! Bought and watched series one last week and laughed so much. Jennifer Saunders is a legend. I almost forgot how funny this show is. It is centred around the lives of Eddy Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and her best friend Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) who are in their late 30's and dedicate their lives to boozing, fashion, drugs and sex in an attempt to recapture their youth, while Eddy's teenage daugher (Saffron) looks on bemused. Saffron is seen as the nerdy, plain jane of the show who completely despises alcoholic-chain smoking Patsy (and vice-versa) for the influence she has on her mother. Patsy is notoriously funny with her constant alcohol and drug fuelled binges and her antic while under their influence. Series one see's Eddy's hilarious and completely OTT coping strategies in dealing with work, being overweight and turning 40. With a visit to France, an Iso Tank, endless boozing, laughter and karoke you are guaranteed to 'laugh your socks off'. Series one consists of six Absolutely Fantastic episodes, namely 'Fashion', 'Fat', 'France', 'Iso Tank', 'Birthday' and 'Magazine' Ab Fab is cleverly-written, completely side splitting and a credit to Jennifer Saunders and the rest of the crew. DVD features: Main Language: English Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo Hearing Impaired: English Disc Format: DVD 9 15 Minutes Of Outtakes Scene Selection Photo Gallery The ...

Very Best Of Meat Loaf, The - Meat Loaf 11/03/2008

The Very Best of Meat Loaf

Very Best Of Meat Loaf, The - Meat Loaf I absolutely love this album. When I was younger my older cousin played Meat Loaf all the time and I loved listening to it. When I was older I heard Bat out of Hell on the radio and was reminded of its brilliance. As soon as I heard it, I went on the hunt for a Meat Loaf greatest hits album in the hope that after hearing it I would still enjoy it the way I did when I was younger. I came across the Very Best of Meat Loaf and bought it as it seemed to be of good value for money with having 2 discs and more of the classic Meat Loaf songs than any other Meat Loaf album, songs including Bat out of Hell, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through, Modern Girl, Objects in the Rear View Mirror, I'd Do Anything for Love. I would recommend this album for any Meat Loaf fan but if you only intend buying one Meat Loaf album then I would recommend this over the rest. He has a lot of great songs which arn't on this album namely Good Girls go to Heaven, More than you Deserve, Out of the Frying Pan and many others, however as a first Meat Loaf album purchase I was completely satisfied. I adore Meat Loaf and his music, have all his albums and go to all his UK concerts. I bought this album about 7 years ago and still listen to it regularly so if you fancy it, go for it and enjoy. ...

Dell Inspiron 6400 11/03/2008

My DELLilah!!!

Dell Inspiron 6400 I have to start by saying that I am not well into the world of computers but I will describe my experiences of this model of notebook as I found them. First of all, I am impressed with the widescreen and the screen display type. It is an excellent notebook when it comes to playing DVD's. The picture and sound are of high quality. I would rate sound quality 4/5 as it is the best I have experienced with a notebook however I do feel it could be improved. I am also impressed with the speed of power-up on the notebook which is usually approximately 15seconds (i.e from pressing the power button until desktop is displayed and menu's accessible). I am not very impressed with Vista updates on this machine. They seem to be incompatible with Dell machines. I say this because I have to continuously uninstall certain Microsoft Vista updates for the wireless connection to remain connected. Uninstalling the updates is the only solution I have found to solve this problem. I know that the problem is not caused by the wireless device itself as it runs perfectly for my housemates. I really like the media shortcut buttons at the front of the notebook which include mute, volume control, pause, back and forward. These allow quick and easy access to functions of media player. I tend to only use the notebook around the home so I feel that with my lifestyle, the weight of the notebook is not a problem however people who use it in transit may disagree. I should also mention that ...
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