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Dyson DC 08 Allergy 16/05/2005

dyson brillant!!

Dyson DC 08 Allergy My existing vaccum cleaner deciced enough was enough so i searched for a new cleaner. Looking at the easy to maintain/space issue ( as well good cleaning power) Looking at the local Currys saw the dyson range of cleaners. All very impressive smart and colourful with its all "lose no suction power" claims ( yeah right!) anyway i saw a small cleaner with the hose pipe wrapped around the cleaner ( the DC08) - small storage, looks easy to maintain with the colourful buttons to dismantle the cleaner. excellant except the price was way above my budget £180. (budget was £100). anyway read a bit above the reviews for a dyson - I saw that most are very favourable. Decide to take the plunge. Brought the dyson and WOW. Everything you heard about the suction power is completely true. the carpet was literely being pull apart by the cleaner. the amount of dirt on the carpets still on the carpet using my old cleaner was amazing. i have never see the carpet look so clean! The cleaner moving around the house was a dream the cord is longer enough to cover two double bedrooms, the dirt picking was surprising. Even better was the hose pipe wraps around the cleaner so that in my cupboard i have more space for my golf clubs!! Overall very impressive. despite the high price well worth buying can see much issues except to remeber to clean the filter every 6 months. ...

Bell Direct 13/05/2005

Bell direct - worth a look!!

Bell Direct I stumbled across Bell direct a few years back looking for car insurance. they were the cheapest by far and gave a 10% discount by paying with credit card!!! i had no problems at all until the renewal stage. the quote came in over 30% higher than previously with no changes and the car getting a year older!!! shopped around for a new quote - finding that the cheapest was admiral insurance which is a sister company of Bell Direct!!!! spoke to Bell direct and they match the offer with Admiral as well as giving me a discount on Roadside cover as well (£79 for full cover compared to £140 odd with the AA) Bargain!!!!!!!!!! Since i have the roadside cover - i have used the service twice in 3 months!! - i have to say it well worth the money ...

George Foreman Junior GR20 05/05/2005

GF the best

George Foreman Junior GR20 got the George Forman grill as a christmas present, despite being veggies we have used it at least twice a week!!!! it is brillant to cook all veg including tomatos, mushrooms, etc as well as the veggie sausages and the "meat-free" burgers. easy to use and clean with it tray - you can see the amount of grease/oil coming out of the food (sickening to look at but very scary to see) the only drawback is the bun warmer at the top as the bun does not realy fit on the top with the lid closed as recommend in the book otherwise no problems at all. i would recommend this to anyone with a small family/kitchen as it does not take up much space. A large kitchen - upgrade to the bigger model ...
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