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What's in my bag? 17/11/2004

My life in a bag

What's in my bag? I saw this on Jordon’s Profile and thought it would be a good idea to do so here you go I have had a shot at it `.`.`.`.THE BAG`.`.`.`.`.`. My bag is a little black one I got round my birthday this year My husband got it for me when I turned 18 years old. I have no idea where he got it from it has little beads along the bottom of it. But it only downside it that it has a small handle to carry it. On the back of the bag are a few stickers only some kiddie ones like blues clues And some Simpson stickers All of Bart Simpson `.`.`.`.`.`.`.INSIDE`.`.`.`.`.`. Let me just have a look wow there’s a lot of rubbish in this bag 5 sweet wrappers my eye liner and mascara never leave home without it. Bingo pens Only because I went to bingo last night the colours of the pens I hear someone say in the back well they are the dapper kind I have a red one which is my husbands considers it his lucky pen I also have my lucky pen in here somewhere oh here it is it’s a blue one that I got given by the manager when we first went won a few times with it. I also have a small teddy in here too he is a Christmas bear with the Santa jacket and the hat its one of the Me to You bears that you can pick up at Clintons card shop. And for the final rummage through my bag oh yeah my keys I have 3 keys on a chain in my bag my entrance key to get in then my front door key to let me in the house and then my outer house key its life a shed but not outside as I live in a ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 16/11/2004

34 Questions Answered

Everything that starts with Q ... I thought this would be an interesting task to do I saw Multtinems review this morning and decided to do it so here is my shot at the questions 1.DESCRIBE THE BEST FEELING YOU'VE EVER HAD. Wow let start with a tough one shall we erm the best feeling I have ever had must have been when I was getting married to my Mr. Right when asked me to marry him it was so unexpected I was really speechless I could not think of what to say. 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes my Great Grandma I never knew her but I heard she was a great woman and always lived life to the fullest well that’s what I got told I bet you could not do much in her days though. 3. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Yes every night I glance upon the stars and think about my most precious memories then when I have all the memories inside of me I make my wish and no its nothing to do with winning the lottery or anything like that why would I need to win I have everything I need with out the winnings. 4. WHICH FINGER IS YOUR FAVOURITE? What kind of question is this oh right now I get it my fave finger has to be my wedding ring finger because when I look at it I realise what and who makes me the most happiest of all that would have to be my Husband. 5. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Last time I cried was when my gold fish died I was so devastated they lasted about 1 year me and my husband got them from a fair not far from where we lived oh fishes how I miss them so swimming around in there tank ...

Everything that starts with M ... 15/11/2004

Ciaoers favourite Song of all times

Everything that starts with M ... As you might know I have been asking lots of ciao member answer me a question-: What is your all time favourite Song and why: Here is what I found out So far. I just want to take this time and say thank you To everyone who participated In this review ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ^~^~^~^~ Karenuk My favourite song of all time is COMFORTABLY NUMB by PINK FLOYD from THE WALL album. I was introduced to Pink Floyd in 1985 by my boyfriend of the time. I now have about 15 of their albums. Although The Wall isn't my favourite of their albums, I love Comfortably Numb. It is hauntingly beautiful, very moving and has poetic lyrics. I have loved the song for almost twenty years and never found a better song, which says a lot! Since suffering with depression, it has meant even more to me, as I can understand it on a deeper level too. ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ^~^~^~ Jens25 My favourite song of all time is Your Song but the Ewan McGregor version from Moulin Rouge; we had this as our first dance on our wedding day. We chose this as it reminds us of a great day we had going to the cinema with a group of friends to see Moulin Rouge and the only seats we could get were on the front row and it was a huge screen and we couldn't see half the movie as we were so close it was so funny (one of the times where you had to be there to understand), but the music sounded great! Jens ...

Drake And Josh 18/10/2004

Drake and Josh

Drake And Josh Drake and Josh is a television programme on nickelodeon Sky digital channel 604 or nickelodeon replay which is 1 hour after sky digital channel 605. It starts at 9am on channel 604 and 1 hour later on channel 605 then replays at 5pm on nickelodeon and 1 hour later on nickelodeon reply <<<< Characters >>>> Josh is a smart guy who is not a risk taker. Josh likes to obey all the rules well that would be an understatement. Since he is an anti-trouble maker adult’s think that josh is the greatest. Drake is the cool guy in this programme who likes to have a good time playing his guitar and kissing the girls he is also in a band he would rather do anything then his homework and always causing trouble. Megan The angelic little sister she gives a new name to the word mischievous. She likes to play practical jokes on her two brothers mentioned above. All she is trying to do is see where she fits in to the family. Audrey and Walter are the adults of Drake Josh and Megan. Walter is Joshes Dad and Drakes step dad Walter is a nice guy who thinks he is funny then he really is only his son Josh thinks he is funny. Audrey who is Drake Mum and Joshes Step mum who is cool and know how to have a great time with the kids. So far I have watched 6 episodes and they are all great but I will tell you which one I chose after I have given you a little guide of what the episodes are. <<<< Episodes >>>> 1.Worlds collide when Drake and Josh two very different kids discover that ...

Everything that starts with G ... 06/10/2004

In Loving Memory (1899-1997)

Everything that starts with G ... My great granddad was called Rowland Foster he used to tell me and my brother lots of tales from when he was in the war and what position he was in, in the war he once told me he was a messenger in the war and spent most of his time hiding from the flying bombs and then he used to tell me about the black outs they had and the sirens that went off for the intruders. I think the first time I saw him was when I was 3 years old and my auntie Colette got married and we had the party at his house. As I was growing up I tried my hardest to go see my great granddad as much as possible. Most of the time I was taken to see him by my parents or my other auntie. All of the family got along with him and told all of us different stories I once even got to see his coin collection from the 1900’s I always looked forward to see my great granddad whenever I was upset he would always come over to me and cheer me up by telling me jokes and playing games that he had made from wood when he was young. When I was about 7 years old I stayed at my great granddad’s house for a week to help him out with the shopping and things he needed for his dog. Oh sorry I forgot to mention he had a dog the dogs name was Blackie as his coat colour was black plus he told me that he had a friend in the war who’s nick name was Blackie. Right back to my great granddad when I stayed at his house my auntie was there too and I went to work with her most mornings. When I went to primary school I was in year ...

The Simpsons - The Simpsons' Film Festival (DVD) 04/10/2004

Movie Madness

The Simpsons - The Simpsons' Film Festival (DVD) After all this time of watching the Simpson’s I never knew how funny this video is I keep watching it over and over again just in case I missed anything. my favorite charecter in the simpsons is Bart Sinpson as he is always up to mischief and he reminds me how I was when I was younger the simpsons are an american family who live in springfield there is Homer simpson who is just like my husband works being lazy and snoring then there is Marge Simpson who is a typical housewife who goes shopping and cleaning and also looks after Maggie who is the baby of the family who never speaks and also once shot Mr. Burns and the mob Fat Tony Lisa is the most inteigent person in the family who is a straight A student Then there is Bart Simpson the Bad one Very mischiefous one he is my favorite one of the whole family there is also grandpa simpson who is a an old peoples home who falls asleep everytime he tries to tell a story I love the Simpson’s I think everyone can relate to then in one way or another take my husband for example he is like Homer Simpson goes to work and comes home and sometimes being lazy just watching television. Beyond Blunderdome --------------- ------------ Staring special guest Mel Gibson Homer is sat around watching television and decides to go out and by a car not an ordinary car an electric car instead of a gas car. Homer drives the car over the harbour and electrocutes all the animals and scuba diver’s in the water ...

10 Most Embarassing Moments 04/10/2004

I Can't Believe I'm telling You This

10 Most Embarassing Moments God My most embarrassing moments: Well here goes ............... ............... ............. 10. When I was in primary school I went to the toilet during play time first problem was there was no locks on the door some of the mischievous kids have taken them off so I had to hold the door shut but the worst thing was there were a lot of pupils in the toilets messing about as kids do. Then all of a sudden the toilet broke leaving me on the floor with wet trousers and the door swinging open and kids laughing at me I did not know where to put my face is was so humiliating. 9. When I first moved to a new High school and I was hanging around with some Pupils who were older than me well they were the same age as I am now. It started as soon as I walked through the gates. A part from being a new pupil there was not bad enough I had to fall over the carpet falling flat on my face in front of the whole class. 8. I was at a hotel on New Years Eve leading to new years day having a new years meal with my husband. He bought me a new dress just for this special occasion and then as I was getting up from my chair my strap broke nearly revelling what I have Fortunately it didn’t so I was happy then a women at the side of me said “your strap is broken love” as if I didn’t know and she said that in the loudest voice she could so I rushed up the stairs where my room was I got changed good job I had a change of clothes otherwise there could have been a big disaster. 7. I’d just ...

All About Me 04/10/2004

You don't Wanna know!!

All About Me 1.What time is it? 15:37 2. Name ? Donna Marie 3. What is your Ciao name and why? Donnamarie2004 because its one of my e-mail addresses. 4. How old am I? 18 years young. 5. Hair Colour? Blonde and Brown 6. Tattoos? Yes one on my left arm. 7. My Animals? One Cat who is a pain and a hamster that likes to wonder around the house. I also have an adopted cat Called Misty She used to live here but her owners left her and so she has been kipping at ours since we moved in Poor Misty : ( 8. A car I would love to have? Porsche they are my favourite cars in the world. 9. Car’s my family own? Husband – Hyundai Lantra 10. Favourite Colour? Blue 11. Hometown? Born in UK Leeds 12. Current Relationship Status? Married 13. Favourite food? I would go as far as saying jacket potatoes. 14. Been to Africa? No but may consider 15. Been to Camden? No 16. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes My Husband, My cat and my hamster 17. Been in a car accident? No Hopefully never will be but knowing me i will do as soon as i pass and got a new car. 18. Lilt or coke Got to be Lilt. 19. Favourite Movie? Most probably Dude where’s my car 20. Favourite TV Show? The Royal Family, My Hero, My family and the best one is Bad Girls 21. Favourite Toothpaste? Colgate 22. Favourite Flowers: Red Roses 23. Favourite beverage? Morrison’s Banoffeeade 24. Favourite ...

Big Strike Bowling (PlayStation) 04/10/2004

Another Great Game By Gotham Games

Big Strike Bowling (PlayStation) At last a game where you don’t have to spend money and braking your arms watch out Space Invaders here comes a better game then you. The game is called Big Strike Bowling from Gotham games. <<<<<<<<<<< Main Menu >>>>>>>>>>> Quick bowl – it starts a new game using a set bowler and lane. New game - Starts up a new game and brings up the game set up menu. Load – loads a game that you have previously saved on to the memory block. Save – saves your current game and stats (e.g.) Bowler, Names and changes you have made to the bowler <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Game Options >>>>>>>>>>>> SFX volume controls the sound effects in your game Volume controls the music in your game Language you can choose from 3 different languages, English, Spanish and Dutch Credits View Credits Note you can always go back by pressing the triangle button on your games control. <<<<<<<<<< Game Set up Menu >>>>>>>>>> After choosing a new game then you can begin to set up your game by going to the alley selection screen. You have a fantastic Choice of lanes there are 4 different ones <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Alleys >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rockin’ Lanes – Classic Atmosphere same as ordinary bowling lanes. Hula Bowls – It’s bowling set in a tropical setting the waves breaking behind the lane and sandy feet. Starlight Bowls – It’s bowling with a cosmic décor stars and spaceships this is what makes the ally attractive. Alley, Alley – Bowling in a back of an alley and instead of ...

Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour (PlayStation) 04/10/2004

what a game!!!!!!

Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour (PlayStation) This game is one of my favourite games for the exception of big strike bowling Everything about it is great I cannot think of anything wrong with this game. <<<<<<< Story >>>>>>>> It starts off with the firework show people know that beautiful fireworks illuminate the sky over Walt Disney world resort after seeing it on the adverts. In the magic kingdom park there is an enormous contraption firework machine. Suddenly the fireworks machine groaned to life and begins to rumble. <<<<<<< Racers >>>>>>> Chip and Dale Amanda Sparkle Baron Karlott Bruno Biggs Polly Rogers Oliver Chickly III Tiara Damage Moe Whiplash Otto Plugnut Plus there are 3 secret racers Jiminy Cricket Ned Shredbetter X.U.D. 71 <<<<<<< Menu >>>>>> Adventure -------------- Where you play, as 1 player and everytime you win 1st place in a race you will receive one piece of the firework machine after finishing each game it asks if you want to save it or continue you can only save it if you have a memory card. VS ------ It’s a 2-player battle against one another in one race of 3 laps note you must use both controllers to play Options --------- This icon is where you can change the sound, music and volume. Also you can turn the vibration on or off then after finishing all the settings go to done and you will return to the main menu Time trial ----------- This is a race all about how fast you can go through laps on this race you can use it as a practice ...

Hugo 2 (PlayStation) 04/10/2004

Hugo on another wild adventure!!

Hugo 2 (PlayStation) Hugo 2 for play station 1 is a fantastic game that is full of adventures. On the start up screen there are different options . Practice . Arcade mode . Play movie . High scores . Options . Credits The menu automatically proceeds to demo mode no contact has happened for two minutes. The demo mode can be exited at any time by pressing any of the buttons on the game pad. You may have to configure your games control to suit this game. There is a load and save setting only if you have a memory card in slot 1 or slot 2. Note: If you do not save the changes the high score that you have done will be lost when you turn the power off. To choose a game you can either go to practice or arcade. The practice mode has a selection of levels Names of the levels and a brief description about the game… . Snowboard – Hugo has to find his way along a labyrinth of tracks through the woods on his snowboard. On the way he has to avoid the snowballs, which come rolling out of the woods, and watch out for the beaver holes remember go over the wood provided otherwise you lose a life. Use the map by pressing R1 on the games control it cost you time to look at the map remember to collect the bags of gold on the way. . Sledge – on his way down Hugo must avoid the snowmen standing at the centre of the mountain and a beaver throwing snowballs watch out for the seagulls and bombs remember to collect the bags of gold as going down the mountain. . Ice cavern –in the ice carven ...

Columns (Mega Drive) 03/10/2004

where would we be without ...................

Columns (Mega Drive) Columns for the mega drive is a bit like playing Tetris except instead of getting a full line you have to match 3 colours you can connect the blocks in straight diagonally and vertically lines. It is really easy to play I still play on columns I think it has become one of my favourite games over the years. Some people say that mega drives are too old and should be thrown away but I love it and now you can get really cheap games for it too. The columns game came with another 2 games super hang on and a football game. The more levels you do the faster the blocks come down and there is a magical block with metallic colours. When you put the metallic block on another coloured block it removes that colour and creates a lot of space so you can continue playing without getting game over. At the start of the game it will ask you to press start and then a menu appears then you can play your game. You can also have 2 players just go to the options when you press start on the start up screen. This is a great game I have already recommended it to my friends and family it is totally additive when I start playing it I can never leave the game even if I want a drink. Some people may say that this game is really old and out dated but its really cool you would have to play it to see what I am on about. The graphics and sound are great quality and for me this game is the highlight of my day well from the exception of seeing my husband of course. At least you do you ...

Everything that starts with A ... 03/10/2004

A-Z Of Donnamarie

Everything that starts with A ... A-Z of Mrs Donnamarie A is for adventurous when I was young I used to go where my parents did not want me to go and I loved to explore the different area. B is for bravery I always do what my friends are too scared to do (e.g.) I spent one whole night alone in a house but my friends said it was haunted and totally scared me but I managed to stay there all night. C is for my cats who I love dearly Misty and Princess who love to run around the garden playing with little bits of string. D is for Donnamarie well what more can I say my “about me” review says all that E is for entertaining I love to entertain people with anything Especially with my hobbies and interests which you can find on my home page @ ciao. F is for Friendly well I try to be what? Does anyone think I'm not? G is for gosh I can’t think of one wow that’s a first for me H is for happy I'm always happy. Happy, happy me. I is for interested in everything people say and think and sometimes take it heart what people say and what they are thinking about me. J is for jolly that’s same as happy but you get the jest of it Ha, Ha K is for Kellogg’s my favourite cereal in the world especially rice krispies. L is for Love I love my husband so much and I also love my pets M is for Monster Munch my favourite crisps except the roast beef flavour N is for Nasty well everyone has a nasty side too don’t they? Hopefully I have never been nasty to any one on here. O is for ...

BT Decor 210 03/10/2004

Speaker Phone

BT Decor 210 My husband and me bought this phone just short of a year ago it cost £13.99 from tesco extra in Kirklees. Features that are on/ with this phone. 1. It has 3 memory buttons where you can store any 3 numbers at a time How to put the numbers in the memory buttons, lift the receiver then press store choose either m1 m2 m3 then type the number you want in a memory button then press store again and on the LCD screen you will see the word saved then you can put the phone back on the base. 2. Quick dial you can type a phone number in using the keypad then when you have made sure that the phone number is right you press quick dial then the hands free light will come on at the bottom of the phone and you will hear it ringing if you want to take it off speaker phone just lift the phone up and talk to the other person on the other line 3. Redial where you can phone someone back with out typing the number in again I use it quite a lot for my mother-in-law she is always on the phone to other people so I have to keep phoning her until she gets off the phone 4. As I said earlier about the hands free it’s a speaker phone where you can talk to people over the phone and not have the phone in your hand its also good for keeping people waiting which I got to admit I do it sometimes. 5. It also has a secrecy button which plays some tune I'm not keen on the tune any more but when I first got this phone I did not want to call any body I just wanted to play with the tune but now ...

Everything that starts with C ... 03/10/2004

Watch out Dogs here comes my Cat

Everything that starts with C ... My cat Princess is about 3 years old she is a tortoise breed. We got her from the cat’s protection league in Leeds on 13th July 2002 She was a year old when she was put in the cat’s protection We were originally looking for a kitten but the women we saw said to us that all the kittens have a home. There must have about 15 cats all caged up which I did not like it seemed horrible they were all meowing to get out I felt sorry for them all I wanted to take then all home but my husband wouldn’t let me but I got told I could only have one so we looked round for cat that looked like it needs a great home. It was really hard to choose one but in the end we chose Princess well her name was not princess at first it was sandy. Princess came with her own bed and cat scratch but that’s not why we wanted that cat we wanted her because she was cute and loving plus she had only just been neutered which I know is really cruel but I don’t want kittens as soon as she got home. We donated some money to go toward the other cats as well for my cat as well it think we donated £25 I know that’s not much but me and my husband were only just staring out in a new house and everything. We took her home in a cat box, which we got from the cat’s protection. We had to stop off at a pet shop for some food and stuff for her to play with. So when we finally got home from getting our cat she was really shy and scared she would not eat anything but she was rooming around the room ...
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